Another week, another round of injuries. We’ll weed through the week that was with the power of pollz. You’ve been watching the Oilers all season, and the report card is your opportunity to judge them accordingly. My friends, it’s time to take out the frustration of your failed NHL dreams in this week’s edition of the Nation Report Card.

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NHL Goalies

You’ll notice that I’ve been slipping in a few random events from the week that was to keep things fresh. I finally figured out how to make this report card my bitch and now I could always use more suggestions for events to vote on. The report card can always be improved, so if you have any suggestions about what should be included in next week’s report card feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter.

We vote!


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  • Grumpy OM

    I know this team has been hit by a crazy amount of injuries. Still, it would be nice for PC to come out and give a state of the union.
    Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
    Why does this team always finished at or near the top when it comes to injuries.
    I would like to see some big changes next year. Really tired of hearing , wait till next season.
    The core group will be heading into their 5th year next season, I think we have to lose the kids tag now.
    This teams future belongs to the younger players.
    Somehow PC has to remove the black cloud that permanently seems to follow this team every season.

    • Grumpy OM

      The Eberle, Hall, RNH, Schultz “core” are certainly not kids any more. Perhaps the greatest failure of the Lowe/Tambo/MacT regime was their blind spot wrt the “core”.

      • For Pete's Sake!

        The Core, according to me, is:

        Nurse, Klefbom
        Hall, McDavid, Draisatl, Eberle

        I’d move Sekera into that core, even if he is as old as he is, he’s got the contract. Hendricks should really be part of the core too.

        Guys who could play their way into the core are Nuge, maybe Griffin Reinhart, maybe Lauren Broissoit.

        • Only player that is untouchable on the Oilers team is McDavid. Everyone else should be on the table. Perhaps one could put Taylor Hall very close to the untouchable but everyone else PC needs to put on the table. Anytime you have a 3rd or 4th liner like Hendricks listed as a core player you will be missing the playoffs. The number of players you have listed as core one would think the Oilers are a good team

        • Jay (not J)

          THE CORE of this team is an interesting debate on this site. To me there are 4 guys that management will absolutely not trade. 1) Macdavid- generational talent 2) Drai- big center that every team is supposed to need 3)Klef-good young dman on value contract 4) Nurse- struggling young dman with loads of upside. Then there are the guys they want to keep but may be forced to trade to acquire a true number 1 dman 1) Hall- great talent, great season 2) Hopkins- good young center, best two way player on team. Then there are the guys they are willing to trade but may have trouble moving the contract right now 1) Eberle- 30 goal scoreer having an off season, soft defensively. 2)Sekera- teams best dman whos contract looks reasonable now but may be a real cap drag in 3 or 4 years. 3)Poulliot- solid supporting winger who is probably making 1 million dollars per year too much. I think everyone else is totally expendable depending on the return but I would be very careful about selling low on guys like Yakupov or Rheinhart. By the way, I also think Hendricks is a real leader on this team but I don’t think you can label a 34 year old 4th line/penalty killer as a core guy.

  • Grumpy OM

    Nurse seems to be struggling a bit more each game. I’m thinking a spell back in the AHL might do him good, but with Davidson apparently out I don’t think this is an option.

    Looks like we will need to endure Hunt back in the lineup for at least a game.

    • Jay (not J)

      Nurse does look like he’s swimming upstream a bit sometimes. I don’t know that we’ll see him sent down though the chance to reset a bit wouldn’t necessarily hurt. Really though they have bigger problems every time that Brad Hunt steps on the ice. The guy’s never going to be an NHLer and there’s no point in giving him the chance to prove it any more than he already has.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    With Nuge and Davidson now out, this team is done. I’m starting to doubt Chiarelli’s abilities. Maybe Verdad is right about him.

    His number one job to give this team a chance this year was to aquire a top pairing defenseman. He has not done the job. That’s why we are where we are.

    Maybe he’s waiting to win the draft lottery again so he can trade that for a number 1 D. But that’s a very sad and sorry way to go about it. Especially for this team with it’s long pathetic 10 year history.

    And MacT could of done it that way. What did we need Chia for? I’m sorry, but for this brutal season, Chia gets the biggest FAIL of anyone on the above list as far as I’m concerned.

    • Jay (not J)

      At this point in the season I think that we can look back and say that management was much more prepared to endure losses this year than the fan base. What has been most frustrating is that despite the litany of key injuries, the Oilers have managed to look like a team that is only 1 key acquisition away from being something. I am reminded of the 2014 Bluejays and the rage that was directed at Alex Anthopolis at the trade deadline not only from fans and media but even players on his team because he did not make any pickups to try and make the playoffs in a year where it looked like the wildcard was in reach for the first time since it was created. I can only hope that Chiarelli is demonstrating the same steel nerve as his former Bluejays counterpart because after years of the Lowe Cabal I am just not ready to get back into the ‘FIRE THE MALL!!’ frame of mind. Chiarelli would have been wrong to give up Hall for Seth Jones and it doesn’t sound like there were a lot of other names that Poilie would have bitten on. We don’t know the whole story on Hamonic- the one thing about that one is that the story is not finished yet. This season has been painful just because it has teased at the possibility of ending the pain, but the playoffs were only going to happen by abject fluke. That being said patience has its limit and if this is a deficiency that he’s still not managed to address by the draft, I’ll be the guy standing next to you with a pitchfork.

    • Grumpy OM

      I would have ranked goaltending as the No.1 priority and while I’m not ready to agree that Talbot is a proven No.1, goaltending is much improved.

      Sekera was a good acquisition on D, so there is improvement there. Is Sekera better than Hamilton? I don’t see Hamilton play enough to make a call on that, but Hamilton is not on the 1st pair in Calgary. My point being that PC is often criticized for not getting Hamilton, but then is Hamilton a true No.1 Dman in any event? Jones isn’t today either.

      Keep in mind the tire fire(other than the McD pick) PC walked into. No goaltenders, best defenceman a 21 year old folllowed by the likes of Ferrence, Nikitin etc. On top of this not a lot of cap room.

      Even the best case scenario (McD healthy and all world) the Oil don’t make the playoffs this year.

  • Jay (not J)

    Oiler’s have won 19 and lost 30.

    Only 33 games left.

    If they win 22 and only lose 11 they will only have won half their games this year.

    Only winning half their games won’t get them into the playoffs.

    Need to improve drastically to make the playoffs next year.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      we’re on our way to coming close to the win total of the 11/12 season when we had 32 wins and 74 points….then regressed again! oh the progress!!

  • For Pete's Sake!

    I’m not saying, “Fire Chia.” Not yet. I’m also sure that it’s very difficult to aquire a top pairing D.

    It’s a tough job but that’s why Chia was brought in. So far he’s failed to solve this team’s biggest problem. That’s why I say he’s the biggest “fail” for this season.

    Of course it’s not over yet. Maybe he can still pull off a good trade for the team. But so far all we’ve gotten from him is the same old sad, sad, lack of defense story that sinks the Oilers and their long suffering “core” every year.

    The team deserves better. It’s time for Chia to step up and show what he can do. I’m pretty sure that’s what they hired him for.

  • Chia is a great gm especially when compared to the other crap we had. He is not panicking when he came in. Upon his hiring he said he would take some time to asses the talent in Edmonton rather then do something hasty like trading a guy like Davidson + for phanuef… Chia is doing what he said and not panicking that is good management

  • For Pete's Sake!

    Man, they’re dropping like flies. and Hendricks almosrt joined a very exclusive Edmonton club of which Fred Stamps is the only member I can think of…
    What next? How to fill the holes?
    where’s Derek Roy when you need him?
    Maybe we can drag Smytty back for a month or 2.. Or Moose.

    • .

      Mrs. Hall? Is that you? Don’t feel bad about Taylor’s report card. It’s just for the week, he’s not being sent down and he’ll still be going to the All Star game. Here’s the break down:

      Math: Taylor had a lot of trouble with the +/- system lately, and was a -4 for the week.

      English: Taylor still has occasional problems with his pronouns and still to uses “I” and “me” when he should be using “us” and “we.”

      Art: There’s no doubt that Taylor can be creative, but this past week in Dallas and Tampa he seemed to be imitating H.G. Well’s The Invisible Man.

      Gym: Taylor still needs to learn to share with his team mates and not to yell at them in public when he doesn’t get his way in a game.

      Science: Taylor learned a good lesson about Newton’s third law of motion while playing against Gudbranson.

      With a little work, Taylor can be an A student. But if he’s not careful he could fall below the Oiler’s PK.

  • I just missed that this was based on the week. I don’t come here a lot, and hadn’t seen this report card thing before, so I assumed it was something more longer term (like the season to date). Makes more sense now then.

  • The more I think about it the more concerned I am that we don’t have an experienced center.

    Are my concerns overblown? Does it really matter? It’s just bizarre that a guy who’s played under 80 games in centering our #1 line. He’s great and all, but imagine the damage he could do against easier competition.

  • Grumpy OM

    Maybe a little late with my comments but you should add Gene Princeipa to you report card. That intro into the Dallas game was totally wrong and as Oiler fans we should be totally discussed !!! If he wants to be a comedian he should go work for the Comedy Channel . If I where Pete C I would tell Sportsnet to fire the clown. Most people realize he doesn’t work for the Oilers but this guy is an embarrassment to his profession and any true Oiler fan !!!