Connor McDavid to spend all-star break with the Condors

After the Oilers held their annual skills competition, Connor McDavid revealed that he will be spending the all-star break practicing with the Condors. He won’t be playing the game he loves, just practicing.

To me, having Connor McDavid go down to California to spend his all-star break with the Condors is a testament to his work ethic. Yes, I’m sure that the Oilers told him they wanted him to go down to Bakersfield during the break, but I’d also bet that he could have passed if he really wanted to. This isn’t Iiro Pakarinen that we’re talking about here. I’d think it’s fair to guess that Connor McDavid has more leash than other prospects. I like that he chose to spend his break practicing and I hope that inspired some of teammates, but that’s a story for another day.

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When speaking to the media, McDavid spoke a little bit about being back on the ice in front of the fans and what he’ll be doing down in Bakersfield as he gets ready for his (probable) return against Columbus on February 2nd.  On today’s skills competition and his nearing return, “I couldn’t be more excited to come back,” said Mcdavid who has been out since November 3rd, “today was a little bit of a tease.” I love how badly he wants to play hockey, but if he thinks HE’S excited he just try living in my brain for a little while.

Moving on…

When asked about what he’ll be doing in Bakersfield McDavid said that he wouldn’t be playing any games but he would “go down there for a few days, skate, and keep practicing.” The Condors play three games during the NHL all-star break and using that time to keep practicing rather than than going to Mexico for the week shows how hard this kid is willing to work. Actually, wouldn’t be surprised if the Oilers selfishly wanted McDavid down with the Condors to show some of their other prospects just how hard the best of the best work on their game.

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If you’re in the tinfoil hat crowd, Connor stated that he is able to participate in any battle drills that Condors coach Gerry Fleming has going on. Does that mean he was also cleared for full contact last night when the Oilers lost to the Predators, last night? Matt Henderson would tell you yes, and I would probably agree with him, but the Oilers wanted to be patient with him and I commend them for sticking to it. Anyway… “I’m cleared for full contact” McDavid said when asked whether or not he’d be doing anything physically taxing.

As for what he expects of himself upon his return the precious answered cautiously noting that “I’m basically starting over. It’s been three months.” McDavid is clearly aware that other teams are already in mid-season form (HOT TAEK), and that he will have a bunch of catching up to do, but will the impatient cesspool of the fanbase understand that? Despite stating the obvious, that he will need time to adjust to the game, I am already mentally preparing myself for when he comes back and people start calling him a bust in the comments section because he didn’t register 12 points per game.

When asked about what it’s been like being off the ice for so long McDavid put it simply, “it feels like a long time. It sucked.” You’re telling me, my friend. You’re telling me.


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    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      Eberle fell awkwardly into the boards during a relay race and needs shoulder surgery.

      Corey Potter stepped on Halls face again.

      Cam Talbot and Nilsson both pulled their groins.

      Draisaitl blocked a shot with his hand during the hardest shot competition.

      Everyone thought we had dodged a bullet with only 5 players injured. Too bad the hockey gods had other plans and in a freak accident, Corey Potter ended up stepping on Purcell’s, Yakupov’s, Pouliot’s and Sekera’s face.

        • passenger

          No, not at all, I know it’s true!
          You ARE a greasy little troll and you’re holding your breath and stomping your feet so somebody pays attention to you.

          We all get it.


        • Jordan88

          I love how your jealousy manifested itself into going to your computer, finding an Oilers fan website, looking for an article on Connor McDavid, seething at the news of his return, and then making some outlandish comment.

          Jealousy that burns so strong that you felt compelled to act on it, that’s remarkable.

          Like, you felt restless and thought, “I HAVE to do something! I can’t have them taking about McDavid’s return! I just can’t!”

          “Honey! It’s 8:30, it’s time for bed!”


    • Oilerz4life

      The leafs called they need losers like you on their sites. Oh yeah McDavid won’t be a RFA for 7 more years. So just hold your breath over in laughs nation until then.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    A lot of fun today. The one day of the year when the old barn smells more like snow cones than spilled beer. Those little kids in the fastest skater competition were crazy good.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    So in a couple years is RFA McDavid tempted to get away from this tire-fire? Looking at how bad this show continues to be, he’s got to be considering that as an option.

  • Alsker

    Connors return, Klefbom says he should be good to go after the break, what could be better..oh yeah, back to back losses by the fLamers…3-0 ‘canes so far….YES!!!!

  • camdog

    Word was Yak spent extra time on the DL (10 days) because they were trying to protect him. Apparently Klink came back from a similar injury and aggravated the injury and spent extra time on the DL.

    Problem with playing McDavid is quite frankly and literally he would have to carry this said sack team on his back. It’s one thing for him to come back from the injury it’s quite another to expect the teenager to carry the entire team.

  • Jordan88

    California news:

    “This just in a record number of panties have been dropped in Bakersfield. Experts are puzzled at what could possibly be the cause. More on this at 11 back to you James.”

  • Jordan88

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  • CornDogsBruh

    So the Oilers are sending McDavid to Bakersfield to practice but NOT PLAY.

    The team must be thinking of his future?

    It would be a BLIGHT indeed for Connor’s Record to have even played a Shift in the Minors.

    This type of LOGICAL thinking by the Oilers is quite revealing.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Due to his age, under league rules he CAN’T play in the AHL.

      Someone’s lack of logic is indeed being revealed. This time it isn’t the Oilers.

        • CornDogsBruh

          Buffalo tried to do this with Grigorenko and the NHL stopped them, so they can’t send him down for a conditioning stint. I’m actually fairly certain that sending him to practice in the AHL over the All Star break contravenes the CBA – s. 16.5(c) – (or, under another interpretation, contravenes the agreement with the CHL), but it doesn’t look like anyone has challenged it so far. I’m interested to see whether the NHL/NHLPA prevents it.

  • Jordan88

    Looks like I touched a nerve…

    Note to self: don’t point out how horrible the oilers are and speculate that it’s likely to continue. Oiler fans are sensitive and get real defensive when you tell them McDavid probably won’t stick around on a bottom feeder as long as Hall has

  • Chopsucky

    In the meantime…. Eberle going to disneyland. Enjoy the rides ebs, not that it is not the same as you are used to in the oil: just be a passenger and enjoy your 6 Mill ride!

  • The Soup Fascist

    So here we are once again effectively out of the playoffs. At least we made it to the Allstar Break. What I am hoping for during the remainder of the season is to see what this team is capable of when healthy as we have yet to see that this year. I am not even sure what players/combinations Todd Mc would field when the team is completely healthy.

    We are a month away (post break) from seeing that when RNH returns. Would they have made a run at the playoffs if they had had “normal” injury levels. Inquiring minds want to know. Even with RHN out, when Klef, McJesus and Davidson return we should get a sense of the level of compete this team has.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    As much as I’m a McDavid fanatic (*swoon*), the emergence of Leon has to be my favorite story so far. He’s burned so many defensemen this year, the NHL should install fire hydrants on the blue lines.