GDB 50.0 Wrap Up: Predators @ Oilers

At least we get McDavid back. Final score. 4-1 Predators

Tonight was the last McDavid-less game that we’ll have to watch. I hope it’s the last time I don’t get to see him flying around the ice, taking the NHL by storm like he’s some kind of wizard. Frankly, this wait has been harder than waiting to see his first NHL game. We already know how good he can be. Not having Connor McDavid on the ice is a travesty, and I am pumped to get him back. Sure, the Oilers haven’t come out and said that he’ll play against Columbus but I would be shocked if that was not the case.

Actually, I kept finding myself drifting off from what was actually happening in the game and already fast forwarding to that first game back against Columbus. Connor McDavid is a game changer, and having him back on the ice could be the difference between winning and losing some of these one goal games. Not to mention, even if the Oilers lose there’s a high likelihood that Connor will do something awesome and make Oilers must see TV again. How could I not get distracted? 

As for tonight’s game, it was another night where mistakes cost the Oilers a chance at points in the standings. Despite the loss, it’s not like the Predators dominated the play. The Oilers just keep finding new and creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Edmonton was in this game, but mental lapses in their own zone resulted in pucks going in the net. When you combine the mistakes with an inability to score on Pekka Rinne then you’re not setting yourself up for anything good. At least I spent a good chunk of the night fantasizing about Connor McDavid and that soothed the blow of another loss. 

The wrap.



  • We’ll see you in 10 days, Connor.
  • Leon Draisaitl scored his 12th goal of the season on a nice drive towards the net. Draisaitl is a warlord and I bow to my German overlord.
  • To steal from Jonathan Willis, Zack Kassian does jerk things and I like it. He was running his mouth all night and pissing Predator players off. I like it. I also give Kassian credit for getting kicked out and finding a way to start his all-star break early. 
  • Andrej Sekera is a beauty. I feel bad for the guy that on some nights he seems like the only NHL calibre defenseman on the ice.
  • I liked Griffin Reinhart’s game tonight. He kept things simple and had a couple really good looks on net. He was also credited with an assist on Draisaitl’s goal. 
  • No more losses for 10 days! *puts hand up, waits for high five*
  • Did I mention that McDavid is coming back?


Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.41.35 PM

  • Do you guys still want to trade Nuge? Not pretty without the team’s best two-way centre, is it?
  • Shout out to Sportsnet for having us miss the first few minutes of the game. God forbid that we miss the Leafs/Habs shootout. 
  • Why is it that whenever the Oilers score, a counter goal is coming almost immediately? The Predators scored 90 seconds later.
  • The power play is gross. Like… making out with a cousin gross. The PP went 0/3 on the night. 
  • The Predators only had one power play on the night, but they scored. 
  • The first two Predator goals were goals that could only be scored on the Oilers. Why? Because they made no sense. 
  • Andrej Sekera had a wide open net, and a chance to tie things up, but hit the crossbar. If that was overtime that puck was in. 
  • Darnell Nurse got schooled on Mike Fisher’s goal (his first in 14 games btw). He was caught puck watching and Fisher skated right past him for a tap in. 
  • Actually, the Nurse/Schultz pairing was an adventure all night.
  • The Oilers went 26 of 59 in the faceoff circle for 44%. 


11:54 EDM Leon Draisaitl (12) Backhand shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (30), Griffin Reinhart (1) 1 – 0 EDM
13:36 NSH Mattias Ekholm (6) Snap shot – ASST: NONE 1 – 1 Tie
01:47 NSH PPG – Mattias Ekholm (7) Slapshot – ASST: Ryan Ellis (15), Filip Forsberg (17) 2 – 1 NSH
00:52 NSH Mike Fisher (6) Wrist shot – ASST: Shea Weber (19), Roman Josi (24) 3 – 1 NSH
19:24 NSH EN – Filip Forsberg (14) Snap shot – ASST: NONE 4 – 1 NSH


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This week Jason Gregor joins us to talk about the latest stretch of Oiler games, the debut of Zack Kassian, power play woes and potential trades in the near future. Then we play a spirited round of Ask The Idiots where we talk Making A Murderer, Gregor gives his dating advice and we find out what Chris The Intern’s favourite colour is.

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  • camdog

    This is hilarious. It’s always trade everybody until 1 gets injured then everyone says geez, I can’t wait until he’s back. It’s because we have a crap team in a crap division. Lay the blame on the Shultz’s and the landers. Not layers that produce goals

    • camdog

      It’s also hilarious that people want more grit in the line up to kill penalties, but don’t want to move a skilled forward to make room for said players in the line up.

      • RedMan

        I wa under the impression that abuse of an official was an automatic suzpenzion. Shows how little i know. Maybe it isnt suzpendaBle due to circumstances, i.e. “it wasnt fair”.

        By reading ON you get the distinct sense that refs arent fair to the oilerz.

        • RedMan

          Rule 40.4 Automatic Suspension – Category III:

          A longer list of offenses—including physicially demeaning, physically threatening, spitting at (as opposed to on) an official, or physically forcing himself free from an official—incurs an even lighter 3-game suspension minimum.

          • Randaman

            As pointed out last night on the panel after the game, that will depend on the report submitted to the league after the game.

            I personally think he gets a fine but that will be it.

          • BDH

            The Oil are so desparate to get toughness that they stoop to the level of embracing Kassian. What a laugh, the same POS player that humiliated not only Gagner but the entire Oiler team. Now the remaining players have to open the sacred Oiler dressing room doors and are supposed to welcome this clown with open arms? This was a big mistake by Chia. It’s not like the players will say anything publicly but I’m sure they do not appreciate this forced marriage. But yet media and groupies talk about what a great thing it is to have Kassian? Anyone embracing this low class POS is a fool. The Habs did the right thing buy not even letting him play on their minor league team.

  • Dan 1919

    Cheers to edHod. The constant trolling allllll year long about how a top 5 nhl scorer is useless pays off when the surrounding team is sh!t. Enjoy your cheers as they will be short lived you childish troll

    • Kr55

      You call it trolling, I call it pointing out the obvious.

      Top 5? What it is it good for? He’s only on a line with 2 people? One of the people is the reason Hall gets those Top 5 points. Hall plus/minus is not flattering, he is one the ice for most of the 5v5 goals, thanks to his awesome turnovers and defense.

      Being Top 5 in points means nothing. Here is a list of players who are not in the Top 5 who are better than Hall: Crosby, Toews, Kopitar, Stamkos, Malkin, etc. Hall is not a bette player than any of them, so being Top 5 or Top 10 does nothing but make you groupies feel good and righteous.

      Look at most of the points/goals that Hall has this season. Most of them are done off of Drai’s hard work and skill-not Hall’s, and none of the goals Hall has are not of “elite” status.

      Once again, nothing about Hall’s game is elite, and the only way most of you feel so is because the machines has made you believe.
      When you are gifted as much opportunity and ice time as Hall has been-youre bound to get points.

      • ChillyPepper

        All right Ed… I’ll bite. I went onto my app and went back to all the games since the start of December. Here are the numbers.

        Drai goals with Hall assist: 3
        Drai goal, no Hall assist: 1
        Drai assist on a non Hall goal: 2

        Hall goal with Drai assist: 7
        Hall goal no Drai assist: 4
        Hall assist on non Drai goal: 3

        Both Hall and Drai with the assist: 7

        Clearly, Hall is not piggy backing off of Drai. They have some great chemistry. Drai has only put 1 puck in the net without Halls helps in 2 months…

        * I want to edit and say that the last number for each player is without the other assisting. Drai assist on a non Hall goal without Hall assisting, and vice versa.

          • ChillyPepper

            Goals and assists don’t really lie. Hall drives the play a lot. Like someone said before, his motor never stops. To say he piggy backs off Drai and that’s why his numbers are so high is a blatant disregard for his play. You want to call him out for piggy backing but literally having nothing to back up your claim… nothing. He puts up numbers regardless of whose feeding him the puck or who he is feeding the puck to.

            His goals and assists are not a statistic that can be manipulated… They are pretty straight forward numbers,

          • MorningOwl

            No, Gagner was a golden child. A golden child just like Hall is. The Media and the Minions gave him praise and free passes. They kept telling us how good he was and the potential he had, and how all he needed was a better surrounding. Well, that hope had to be given up on and Gagner was traded, once he was on a real NHL team-he and his groupies had to face reality-he wasn’t that good or worthy of all that praise.

          • Randaman

            Blinded by hate? Oh, I’m sorry. You say you don’t hate Hall but you certainly must because you never slag any of the other slackers on this team.

            #14, I’m looking at you. Preferably not in that ugly sweater.

  • camdog

    How in the world do you expect to win hockey games when you only score one goal and your save % = .875.

    McLellan complained about too many passengers .
    Well its up to the coaching staff to make sure the team is ready to play every shift.The first line is the only ones driving the play…
    the rest are coasters .

    Shouldn’t be that difficult for Chairalli to weed out the heartless, lazy players… looking at you Eberle, Schultz,Pouliot,Lander.

    I would also remove Woodcroft… his power play scheme is worse than beer league.

  • Strottie

    No excuse this is still a bad team despite the high picks and new management and coaches. Doesn’t take a genius to recognize this team has very little depth and cannot survive any type of injury parade. So here we are again and the anger is so deep within the fan base there is very little to be happy about and we take it out on the players. At this point I can only hope for a rested team with important injured players returning that they can provide something we can cling to as this team finds a way out of the wilderness. Just give us something good to watch in the second half instead of the perpetual loser team we have endured for a decade.

  • Dan 1919

    30% of games with 1 or ZERO goals for. Watch out for that high power offence.


    Tell me again about #aheadoffscheduleConnor. Longest anyone been out with a dented fender. Imagine if he had a hangnail….out for season.

    Love Nurse. Fits in perfect. #mommywheresthecookies

  • DieHartOiler

    I been criticizing Reinhart a lot lately due to the reviews from the coach down in Bakersfield and his inability to dominate at that level. However, he looked like a first round pick last night, hopefully he can keep this up although. Most callups have that excitement and energy in their first few games then have a drop off, hopefully Reinhart’s game doesnt drop off significantly so we can send down Nurse for the rest of the season.

  • Spydyr

    ‘you still want to trade nuge? teams not pretty without him is it?’ -bm

    yeah we get it you have a boner for nuge. guys a stud no doubt but there are two other guys whose absence is affecting the oilers more.

    you also dont seem to recognize that what we get back for nuge could help the team more than we’d be hurt by his departure.

    the way you write about him youd think we were winning when he wasnt injured, or we werent getting back one of the greatest centers in the game right away.

  • BDH

    Ed Hod: “Show me how Hall is an elite player!”

    OilersNation: “Here are twenty eight ways that show how Hall is and elite player”

    Ed Hod: “Wahhhhhh, I don’t care what you say!”

    Its like talking to a petulant twelve year old