Do coaches use analytics?


Not all coaches are the same. Some value analytics more than others, but I’ve always wondered how much or little coaches use analytics.

The game is fast. It features numerous unscripted and unplanned events. Some coaches will look for matchups as often as possible, while others will only do so when it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game or their bench management, and having last change will impact their lineup decisions even more.

I’ve long believed hockey is such a fast game with so many uncontrolled situations that it is very difficult to look at one specific analytic stat, or even multiple ones, to extract the exact value of a player, but I wanted to ask a coach who could give an honest answer without worrying about it impacting his team.

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Coaches are always looking for an advantage and often they won’t give us the real answer when asking about specific matchups or players. I understand why the do this, and that’s why I asked a former NHL head coach his views on analytics.

Adam Oates is a regular on my show every Tuesday. We discuss a variety of topics and last week I asked him a few about analytics.

Gregor: When you
were a coach, how did you view analytics and how did you use them?

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Oates: It’s suddenly become the
rage. There are some good parts of it, and there are some bad parts of it. It
is data, and unfortunately I think that data should have been private for the
general managers and for the scouts in terms of how they measure guys, and it
became public, which I think is wrong.

As a coach,
there is not one second of the game where you don’t have your own internal
analytics going on. You’re changing lines, you’re watching the play, you’re
watching flows, and you’re watching guys, thinking, ‘Who’s having a tough
night, who is not?’ Y
ou know which line is up next and you want to give
this line a shift, but all of a sudden there is a face-off in your end, and you
change your mind because the face-off is to the right of the goalie instead of
the left. You put your guys on, but you’re not sure who he’s going to put on. Your
mind is constantly going. And it’s all the stuff that we’ve talked about.

What people
don’t realize is that sometimes you have a guy with a seven year contract.
He’s playing. He may be having an off night, but he’s playing. These are all
things that you factor in as a coach. That’s why I think some of these things
should be private. A guy might have good CORSI number, but there are
extenuating circumstances that lead into that.

There’s a
pressure with that, and players talk about it. One thing I don’t like
personally is when a guy is coming down the ice and gets it to the right winger
for example, the winger skates in and he’s taking wrister into the goalie. Okay,
it’s a shot on net, but I think that shot is awful. There’s not a goalie in
this world that’s letting that in, or else he’s getting demoted. You just give
the goalie the puck that he freezes. You may have been the first line out there
against a tired third line. You never know, right? Now you give them a chance
to get the matchup they want. How do you factor that into a CORSI rating?

**Coaches are very protective of information getting out as you can see in Oates first response. But I do agree with him that some players are influenced by the data that is out there. Some coaches are as well, and when an active coach starts discussing his individual player’s Corsi it can have more negative impact than positive.***

Gregor: How do you incorporate things that can’t be tracked by data, like
emotion, as a coach?

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Oates: Coaches don’t really
believe in Corsi. We have to talk about it, but we don’t believe in it for individuals. We have our own
internal thing going on for exactly what you just said. There are subjects that
don’t show up that we can’t bring up to the media. I met with a player a couple of
weeks ago, and I showed him a face-off where he lost the draw at his own blue
line, and because he lost it, they dumped it in and he spent forty seconds in
his own end and the other team had five shot attempts. The next time he got on the ice, it was in the offensive zone, he
won the face-off and they scored within two seconds.

Two totally separate entities. Because you lost
the draw the team spent forty seconds in your own end. You won a draw, and got
an assist in two seconds, but your Corsi will be worse because of shot attempts despite you helping in scoring a goal.There are so many crazy little things that go on,
you have to think of the big picture. It’s a little bit like plus-minus. That used to
be the old version of it. But it’s tough, because the data is important, but
you have to keep it in perspective is the best way to put it.

***To clarify, Oates did mention coaches look at team Corsi as a much better indicator than individual Corsi. Some players can have a less favourable Corsi because of matchups and zone starts, but team Corsi will give a coach a better overall view of his team.**

Gregor: What was one thing you
didn’t want to discuss when you were coaching because you felt like people
would twist the words, or wouldn’t understand the importance of it?

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Oates: There
would be a guy with a good Corsi rating, and what some wouldn’t notice is that I would
never let him take a draw in his own end. Ever. He was new to the position, and
I didn’t want to put him a position where he could fail. Anytime the face-off
was in the other teams end, he could go. That would never be factored into the
Corsi rating. Ever. It is why I believe you can never look at one rating to
evaluate a player. You have to combine all of them, and you still have to
factor in the feel of the game, matchups and what you see on the ice. At the very least you’d have to combine his zone starts and even look at where he took his faceoffs.

Gregor: Possession is discussed a lot in hockey. Can you coach it?

Oates: I’ll
give you the best example. We all talk about possession and how we want
possession, yet every single team in this league — with a face-off in their own
end — they will design a play so if they win the draw the defensemen shoots the
puck off the glass and out, and they try to get into a foot race for the puck.

It is hard to
beat five guys from an organized position. So you win the draw, but those five
guys are organized, so your defensemen goes behind the net and he’s got
pressure on him. It’s hard to come up the ice. Yet we talk about how we want
possession. Well, you have possession, yet you’re giving it away. Every single
team in the league does this. Sometimes the number is skewed because it’s hard
to beat five guys when they are standing right in front of you, so sometimes we
give them the puck and play a little counter attack. 

Wrap up…

I like to hear various people’s thoughts on different hockey topics. We all have our opinions on players, teams and certain statistics. We will agree on some and disagree on others. For me, it is interesting hearing from someone still involved at the NHL level and what he sees/believes.

Quick Tip…


Oates is an individual skills coach for many NHL players. He works with Alex Ovechkin, Steven Stamkos, Mark Scheifele, Teddy Purcell, Matt Hendricks and many others. He is a strong believer in using the proper stick.

He is adamant that many players are using the wrong stick, whether it is too long, they have the wrong curve, incorrect lie or the wrong flex. After speaking to many NHL players about their stick, I tend to agree with Oates. Most of us were never measured/fitted properly for a stick.

Think about it. When we were kids, our dad, or mom, would have us stand up and the stick was cut off somewhere between our chin and chest. It was not an exact science. Most of us never knew what lie the stick had — was it a five or a six?

Oates recommended less curve for kids because they can handle the puck better, but the most important factor is to have the proper length and lie.

I asked him for any tips on how to fit your child’s hockey stick.

“It is not easy, it really isn’t,” said Oates. First off when you go to the store your son or daughter is not in their skates so you are eyeballing it based on them standing on their tiptoes.

“Nowadays everyone uses the a composite stick. The composite stick has made everyone shoot it harder, but one of the things I think it has hurt is people haven’t focused as much on their backhand. Our generation grew up with wood sticks and we played on the street or in ball hockey, and most could move it on their forehand and backhand. Nowadays very few kids can handle the puck on their backhand effectively.

“My best way to measure a stick is this: Take your son or daughter to the store, put a puck in front of them and make them go to their backhand with the puck. Do they lose their balance? If he loses his balance, if his head goes down, then something is probably wrong with the lie. His head can’t go down, because that creates blind spots on the ice. You want to be able to go forehand, backhand under control.

“A great example is Patrick Kane on a shootout. He comes in, slows down and goes backhand to forehand ten times to freeze the goalie. It requires skill, or course, but also the ability to go from his forehand to backhand and back to his forehand without losing his balance or posture. He doesn’t have to put head down, because he has the right lie, and subsequently the correct posture, and that enables him to keep his head up. That is the kind of look you want in the store. Can your son or daughter do that controlling the puck? You need to look at their posture and head positioning,” Oates explained.

He also said in an ideal world you should bring their skates to the store and have your child handle the stick and puck while wearing their skates. He also mentioned this is just one technique, and there are other factors, but if your child has a properly fitted stick it will improve their ability to handle the puck, but it will not automatically make them as adept as Patrick Kane. 

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  • S cottV

    I wouldn’t mind a quick briefing from an analytics eye in the sky specialists, after each period and after a game.

    You would want to know what particularly stood out (as a team / with individuals)and whether or not there were any anomalies that skewed what the numbers looked like.

    Useful if kept in perspective.

  • .

    I bet Hall has a great Corsi. He comes over the blue line and fires a shot at the goalie which 99% of the time he does not score.

    He adds to his Corsi but not a serious scoring chance. Many times it results in a faceoff and the other coach changes lines and Hall is pulled off the ice.

    Other times he will get over the blue line, create havoc and the puck gets passed a few times with no shot towards the net but that play was more dangerous.

  • camdog

    If people are going to comment on this site, please make sure you know how to spell the name of the person you want to comment on.

    I have seen more spellings of the oilers head coach (it’s Todd McLellan by the way) than I can count.

    I usually disregard the comments that don’t spell names properly as people who don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Seanaconda

      Meh I think you’re making a big deal out of nothing. A person’s ability to remember the correct spelling of hundreds of peoples last names they mostly only hear or see in small print on the back of jerseys as they fly across the ice doesn’t mean they aren’t knowledgeable or have meaningful thoughts and opinions about hockey.

        • Seanaconda

          I meant more spelling random last names and not the basic grasp of the English language hahah. But it’s not like I can’t understand you even tho you’re doing it on purpose as a joke. Tbh some of the things newage says are less coherent hahah. …edit ps I still love you newage

  • The Goalie 1976

    Thankfully we don’t have a coach (Eakins) anymore who was coaching to zoom the corsi stats. I remember an interview with Eberle when he said they were told to shoot from anywhere, to increase their corsi stats.

    Players shouldn’t ever be thinking about their corsi. McLennan has then focusing on systems, scoring chances, and possession.

    Corsi is widely believed to equal possession, but it’s so flawed nobody should even be using it.

      • I dont copy and past my comments in every article,and you very well know it.Its called consistancy of perspective and it is something Gregor lacks in this article and you just may be lacking it as well.

        As I stated Corsi is imaginary,it is a con-job created online by a small group of like minded people,it is not tangible or real it is a myth.

        Corsi is a witches-brew of BS , it takes basic traditional stats and dances them around then says a majic word like Corgi …. and wha -la …BS is created….

        Corsi is in no way reflective of possesion ,it is rearrangement of traditional stats.It in no way reflects explains or contributes to the CAUSALITY of possesion which is what the Corsi-Con-Men have been trying to sell to everyone for years….lol.

        I happen to have a friend who has a friend on the inside who owes me a favor I have been saving for 7 years,Gregor just busted out one of my high end assets………I am going to have a chat with Adam and set him straight about the little advanced stats cartel/cabal.
        Next time you quote Adam you will be singing a different tune…bet you Gypsy Dollar on it.Y’all are about to find out how real this has gotten.Gregors first up to bat.

    • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

      Not that McLennan uses Corsi or even believes in it, but point of fact.

      His teams shoot!! They players shoot and they shoot a lot.

      He mentions this often.

      Corsi is a shot matrix and not so much possession.

      • Jason Gregor

        Oilers are 21st in Shots on goal/game at 28.8

        Yes, he does want them to shoot, but he also wants them to shoot with strategy. He likes shots from corners if on the ice and it will force goalie to kick out rebound. Does not like bad-angle shots that goalie can hold on to and not give out rebounds.

        They are in bottom 1/3 in shots/game because they still don’t have enough skill to hold onto the puck, or take it away from the opposition when they have it.

        Last year the Oilers averaged 28.4 shots/game. So they are up 0.4 shots/game this year.

  • '68 Fire Chicken

    I tend to agree with BDH. He used the word sensitive. But I’m tired of how Gregor treats his listeners and readers. He speaks down to people while putting words in their mouth. The way he speaks to a guest like Ray Ferrero is a lot different than when he addresses comments, texts or calls. I don’t turn his show on because of this and I love sports radio.

    • .

      If you don’t listen how do you know how he talks to Ferraro or others? I never saw him put any words in whiny BDH hand. BDH wrote them. Sorry dude, you come across as a needless complainer who fabricates the truth. You obviously listen to Gregor or you wouldn’t know how he treats anyone.

    • Gadgets

      This all day long. Every time some one disagrees with Gregor, no matter how small, he immediately gets his back up and acts like his knowledge should never be questioned.

      • '68 Fire Chicken

        I agree with you agreeing with Blair.

        Gregor is a president of the Hall’s Groupies Club, so it is no surprise him and they act the way they do. They put you down and act you, your family, and anything they can think of for not seeing what they want to see.

        • '68 Fire Chicken

          Wow. BDH is the aggressor here. Gregor defended himself quite tactfully.

          As BDH rants about english he misses a typo. He lost the whole petty argument right there. Before you go off about grammar make damn sure yours is bullet proof. Way to fail BDH.

          And so what if Gregor had opinions? Are you not mature enough to have people disagree with you? Gregor seems to handle that fine without getting personal as you imply.

          BTW, GJ referencing proof of Gregor attacking people. Maybe a source to said attacks instead of a lame groupie comment would work better next time….

          • camdog

            @ 68 Fire Chicken….. no one reads your lap-dog mini-trolls……stay out of it….you are flaming out and defending the aggressor here,you little gangsta….LOL….Gregor is a bully sometimes and doesnt handle online conflict well ,leave it alone,the guy has a right to project a little good with the bad online like we all do,someone popped one of my posts ,all good , but he sure doesnt need a devils advocate piping up ruining the flow of the thread,no ones saying he is the Dark Father for goodness sakes,why do you have to go all Molly Pitcher on us huh?Are you not mature enough to keep you nose out of it when other people disagree?You forced me by proxy of your flaming to make this comment so look what your flaming trollish behaviour does to everyones enjoyment of the normally friendly ON landscape.

            I would rather have you stretch yourself a little and type up 200-3oo-400 words with any kind of even vaguely topic or hockey related info that isnt flaming anyone or trolling the thread. Just my two-cents there little-bird.Kinda tired of your schtick 69 Fire Chicken.

    • Gadgets

      I’ve experienced this and agree wholeheartedly. Makes my skin crawl when I see him blow off opinions that differ from his own. Glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed this!

  • .

    To paraphrase Mark Twain paraphrasing Disraeli: I guess there are lies, damned lies, statistics, and analytics. A little analytics can be a dangerous thing; they’re kind of like Shakespeare or the Bible in that you can get them to say almost anything, depending on how you slice ’em.

    Without meaning to open a can of worms on the player, Oates’ example made me think of Taylor Hall. You can’t argue with the man’s passion for the game or his raw talent, speed and certain skills with the puck, but I would like to know what his stats look like with respect to how the puck leaves his possession, whether that’s a completed pass, a shot, loss of possession or give away.

    What frustrates me with Hall (compared to, say, Draisaitl or Nuge), is that he often seems to have trouble making the best play with the puck and too often (for me) he attempts a shot on net that’s either a low % play or that gives the puck back to the opposition–much like what Oates describes. Obviously he’s not doing this with every shot, but for my eyes too many of his possessions fall into this category.

    I’m not sure if this is a dimension of his game that’s still to come or if it’s never going to come. I’d have said the same thing about Kessel up until about 2011-12, but he’s changed his game a lot in this regard. I’d love to see Hall make a similar adjustment.

    • BDH

      I wonder what role maturity plays.

      His first few seasons, you’d see him go off on a solo effort. I’m sure that worked in juniors, but NHL defencemen are too good for that to be anything but a low percentage play.

      But you don’t see him try those solo efforts very often, and I think part of it is deferring to the system and to his linemates. Drai carries the puck into the zone much more often, for example.

  • notarealdoctor

    Data should be private? That’s the kind of attitude that has left hockey way behind baseball,football and even basketball in public perception. Injury data, analytics data – the media and the public should be flooded with it, by the league and by the teams. The more information that’s out there, the more the public will be talking about it – and betting on it, which is where the real drivers are for “major league” sports, of which the NHL is sadly not one.

    Oates seems more concerned with competitive advantage than with the health of the sport.

    • MorningOwl

      “Oates seems more concerned with competitive advantage than with the health of the sport.”

      well, let’s see, he was speaking as a coach… so, um, ya, it is only normal that he is concerned about competitive advantage. that’s the role of the coach.

      let the high paid NHL execs and team Presidents worry about the overall health of th4e sport.

      I really enjoyed the view and perspective of the coach this was awesome! this is one of the perspectives we see the least, because the coaches are often wise enough to keep their mouths shut. well done!

  • mithaman

    I’ve said it on these comments section a million times that Corsi is a flawed stat for measuring individual players and I love the examples that Oates pointed out.

    Great article Gregs.

    • Jay (not J)

      From the sounds of Oates’ examples, I am not sure he understands analytics much. Analytics don’t apply to individual events, they are a measure of trends.

      The real question should be, how many times is that player on the ice taking face offs that lead to his team running around getting shelled? Is this above the team norm, or below it? How often is the team scoring off his offensive draws, or getting good scoring chances? Is this above or below team norms? Do the results change if the centre is out there with different wingers? Different defensive pairs?

      Then you use the individual events to see what the player could be doing differently, if something needs to change.

      • '68 Fire Chicken

        Without an in-depth evaluation of the stats you can make some faulty conclusions. That’s all I read in Oates’ comments. You shouldn’t just look at raw Corsi numbers without considering quality of shots. Don’t look at Corsi numbers without also considering zone starts.

        There wasn’t a ton of space for him to critique FO%, controlled zone entries, etc.

  • Jason Gregor

    “One thing I don’t like personally is when a guy is coming down the ice and gets it to the right winger for example, the winger skates in and he’s taking wrister into the goalie. Okay, it’s a shot on net, but I think that shot is awful. There’s not a goalie in this world that’s letting that in, or else he’s getting demoted.”

    This is the push behind tracking quality of shots stats, as well as some advanced goalie analytics.

    Dubnyk is a prime example of this. If you evaluated the shots he saw as an Oiler and contrasted it with the shots he saw as a Wild last season, then it’s fairly easy to explain why he performed so badly as an Oiler and why he performed so well as a Wild.

    It’s also useful for analyzing the Oilers play or why some teams like the Coyotes have taken a leap.

    Great interview Gregor.

  • .


    I’d like to hear Oates view on Chicago’s possession game. I view them as a general exception to the dump-and-race game that you see so often now.

    It’s not that they don’t ever use it, but they’re as likely to employ a variety of breakout patterns that generally privilege possession through tape-to-tape passing. I think they have done this better than anybody at least since 2010, and it’s what contributes to their speed: the puck does the work.

    Among the greatest frustrations I have watching the Oilers is the number of times that break out plays are frustrated simply by bad passes that cause the receiver to lose time and space, even when they’re not tightly covered.

      • .

        I completely agree.

        I’d also include Hjalmarsson in the group with Keith and Seabrook–who take up essentially 80-90 minutes of D time combined–so, they got that goin’ for them.

        Keith is the best D man in the league (my own personal) and a lot of what I like about him when it comes to break-outs is the read of the field in front of him that he takes. He really is a QB back there reading receivers within two steamboats and able to throw anything from the stretch pass to the short lateral instantly–and right on the tape.

        On the other hand virtually every Blackhawk forward is able to take and make the next pass. I’d go so far as to say that when the D’s play is a short feed to the forward near the point, that player is still able to make the outlet into the neutral zone as well as Chicago’s top 3 D.

    • Jason Gregor

      They are one of our talking points for tomorrow. They have the skill to possess it, but yes we will discuss dump and chase. I think too often it is giving up possession.

      I will ask him about culture as well. How much or little does that impact their success.

  • BDH

    You can control corsi or fenwick for o-zone vs d-zone starts. Or just have those stats next to or adjacent to corsi or fenwick stats in order to put the players usage into proper context.

    • A-Mc


      Everyone will be better off when we can accurately tell who has the puck and for how long and in which area of the ice. Once those bits of information are nailed down (Either through sensors or video recognition/interpretation software) Analytics will take a huge step forward.

    • MorningOwl

      That’s literally the first thing them nerds set out to prove. You can use a watch to time how often a team has the puck and it ends up being the same as using Corsi. Lesson = let the NHL employees do the work. That way we have more time to drink beer and eat pizza!!

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Also, the Oilers HAVE to be using some sort of aynalitcs.

    There has to be something telling the Oilers that playing Schultz is bringing positive results somewhere.

    Everything Oates mentioned is exactly what we see in Schultz and not so much based on stats, poor give aways, poor passing, not hard on the puck or hard on the players, terrible battling for position.

    The Oilers see something and there has to be a stats that’s very positive for this player to be continue getting premium ice.

    • Jay (not J)

      I think that Schultz is analogous to Oats’ player on a seven year contract. Management has a vested interest and thus the kid plays. How much easier a ride it could have been in Edmonton if the Oilers could somehow hide the numbers which in a different scenario, would have him back in the AHL. I though that whole passage applied to Schultz, especially the part about keeping advanced stats privately, though that might not have been Oats’ intention.

  • camdog

    If you want to make an accurate interpretation of a play/game you need to be able to view the entire ice surface with one camera shot from up top. You can than analyse every play/player based on good or bad play and then further differentiate by good offensive/defensive play and on and on. I am sure some/most teams do this, however their results wouldn’t be released to the public.

  • WHH

    Very interesting take and another nice piece.
    I always loved watching Oates as a player. Kinda figured he should’ve been Canadian with all that selfless play.
    Everyone on the ice knew he was going to pass but nobody could stop it. Was a good Oiler for a minute too.

  • camdog

    I would hope that a coach would not need advanced stats, or really ant stats to tell him how the players are doing. Does a coach really need to look at the goalies save% at the end on the game to know how he played. Did Kruger have to look at the games stats to know Gagner has a good night when he got his 8 points?

    Stats, advanced or otherwise, are more useful to understand the opposition. The Oil are going to play the CBJ just after the break and haven’t seen them for about a year. I’m pretty sure they will be checking stats, even if its stats as simple as who is getting the most ice time or who is their leading scorer to help then plan for their game. When assessing acquiring a player in a trade stats based on a large sample size can be very useful. Usually when a player is being considered in a trade we here about so and so’s scouts watching a team for a handful of games. But we all know a handful of games might be misleading. I mean the Hawks should have swapped Kane for Gagner after the 8 point night if all they ever knew about Gagner was that one game.

    Stats are a tool like anything other tool. They can be useful when used properly but are not a cure all or end all.

    • camdog

      I am a diehard Oilers hockey fan posting what until proven otherwise is an entertainment value fictional persepctive and storyline.Make of it what you will….maybe fiction and reality will overlap if you look hard enough and dig deep enough,we all see things differently right?

      I am an Edmonton Oilers EveryFan who got injured on the job then JOBBED by WCB ending up shall we say “hindered” and housebound,so I began watching Hockey after about a decade long hiatus,I soon became bored watching the Oilers lose ,I am laughing my arse off having to say this but it is what it is,lol. I happen to be an Intuitive Empath and a didactic learner with …LMAO…an elite level competative sports background AND a multi-sport Coaching background I simply made a decision to change things and then simply concieved of conceptualised and then created a set of NewAge Philosophys concepts and tactics I packaged as a Hockey System designed to Ghostbust or destroy all of the Oilers Dynasty Records in THIS ERA with the current assets.I then gave sample sizes out online beginning in 2007ish.The rest is a long story which in bottle says the last 4 consecutive Stanley Cups have been won by the Kings and Hawks who in 2012 and 2013 respectively endorsed and began executing the NHS ,keeping in mind that in 2009 Pat Quinn had ALREADY INNAUGURATED THE NHS INTO THE NHL TOOL-BOX OFFICIALLY.

      My work transfers seamlessly to ANY COMPETATIVE SPORT OR OTHER SET OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS .Many early posts were made right here on ON .There exists a CONSTELLATION OF clear sequential chronological SIGNATURE STATISTICAL PATTERNS presenting as evidence of the NHSs REVOLUTIONARY-EVOLUTIONARY impacts on the Professional Hockey World begining circa 2007-08 not only impacting the NHL…in 2011 International Hockey also began to pick up the NewAge Trends and began following the NHS inputs as well,beginning an unseen before Era of International PARITY…much like the one the NHL is in the Process of growing into as we speak,with the impetus catalysing out of the Western Conference spearheaded by the Oilers,Kings and Hawks initially but now spreading quickly league-wide.I also decided to do a litmus test in another Professional sport where in the second season a CHAMPIONSHIP was added to the NHSs Resume which already includes the last 4 Consecutive Stanley Cups which were won by the Kings and Hawks since 2012 when they became the first two teams to fully embrace the NHS with all the focus and resources of a determined open-minded NHL organisation,Pat Quinn was the GROUNDBREAKING NHS PIONEER WHO STOOD WHERE OTHER MEN FEARED TO TREAD and he did not recieve the Organisational supports the men after him in fact did. Thats FIVE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIPS since 2012 on the NHSs Resume,and the Kings are going to win this year potentially making it SIX MULTI-SPORT PROFESSIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FROM TEAMS IMPLEMENTING THE NHS SINCE 2012

      At 14yrs old I was throwing Canadian Senior Javelin Records on a farmers field in a backwater Village within 1 week of SEEING A JAVELIN,at 17 in a Big City high school I was walking into the school after a Rugby practice and was what we called a Head Banger back then …lol..and I made what today would be a capitol offense comment towards the Track Team which happened to be also going inside,well the Track Coach
      overheard me and called me out ….he actually yelled at me to hold up which I did along with my Coaches and 1/4 of my Rugby Team…lol..then he jogged up to me and asked me if I thought I was a better Athlete than any member of his Track Team…..he was going to roast me….lol…so I simply said YES I am a better Athlete than ANYONE ON YOUR TRACK TEAM and then I said to him that if he would tell his student to pass me one of his Javelins I would prove it….lol….I honest to god had not touched a Javelin in years after only learning it for one summer….lol…he was stunned but took the bait because MY RUGBY COACH THEN GAVE HIM A PUSH OF HIS OWN LMAO…I was given a javelin with a huge crowd watching which I PROMPTLY WITH NO SET-UP drove over 55M and FLOORED THE TRACK COACH….who then politely asked me if I could do that again … I took another javelin and one-stepped the Javelin the same direction but about my max 70m where it was busted up in a wire batting cage …lol… ,I joined the Track Team on the spot on my way in from a Rugby Practice.No jokes.I only joined because I liked the Track outfits and one was a Trophy to me,just like I liked the Rugby Jerseys so I earned one….lol…I wanted the Uniform every time ,not the glory,that just happens on its own ,IMHO it should take you as much by surprise as everyone else….lol.

      I had Members of Canadas National Rugby Team come to watch me practice with my Rugby Team in High school along with 2 members of the All-Blacks{It was my first year of Rugby and I didnt know who the ALL-BLACKS WERE if you can believe it}.After watching 1/2 of practice #2 where the Football Coaches also unexpectedly joined them to watch my Rugby practice they jumped the gun on the Football Coaches who were just about to offer me a spot on their Team{which I did take them up on…i got to play DE and hit everything} ,lol,and came up and offered me a chance to be invited to a Team Canada Select Rugby Camp being run by the 2 All-Blacks…. they paid for everything.

      UBER-ATHLETES,just beasts everywhere,everyone 6’+ and 200lbs+ FAST FAST FAST ,all-Star type guys from across Canada just a nightmare for a 5’7 185lb Spud.

      I ended up crushing so many guys in scrimmages one of the All-Black Instuctors ran over and asked me to pull up…I declined and offered to sit out the scrimmages rather than allow myself to become vulnerable by pulling up on hits and playactions with All-Star SIZED MEN of which I was the SMALLEST…..he then asked me how much I would like it if HE hit me like that….to which I immediatly replied that I did not believe he had the skillset to hit me at all on the field any more than the other fellas could, never mind layer me,to which he replied…would I mind if he joined the scimmage…to which I replied please do…to which end I destroyed everyone I could dial in on including him relentlessly,to which end he was cursing aloud as I verbally herded him around the field by threatening to hammer the snot out of the weaker temmates he had…I was actually telegaphing my dynamic management intentions and rubbing it in because he could no stop me from engineering playactions wih MY TEAMMATES which allowed me to CONSISTANTLY TARGET and smash EXACTLY WHO I SAID I WOULD HIT… which very painfull and memorable end he gave my teenage arse its first taste of a Professional Rugby tackle….he at the end of the last Scrimmage caught me over-managing and reaching as I turned and he snuck into my wheelhouse and dropped a “hows it going Mate” Bomb on my young Canadian arse…hardest observable for a split second blind-side hit I ever walked myself in to EVER IN MY LIFE till THEN OR AFERWARDS ……I hurt him more than he hurt me and we went head to head even verbally the entire time,he was busted up worse than me…and later I regretted my behaviour after spending time discussing the Instructors Professional Careers with them when I realised tht I could have hurt his livelyhood by jacking him up on the field in a scrimmage…even though he assured me with few shots that all was good…I did feel bad…and I did remember to pull up on the smaller guys sometimes…..maybe a little I guess…lol.

      The All-Blacks took only me aside for private drills and playactions executed at max speeds which they were timing.I had made new friends .The next day I was also given private mentoring and the chance to help RUN some inside drills of my own creation WITH the instructors,the end game was I was asked to consider a meeting after the Camp with the Instructors which I accepted where I was offered an immediate opportunity to play professional Rugby overseas,immediate paying job,an extended invitation by the All-Black Instructors, full-ride and support, they wanted to meet my family that day,an opportunity which I could not take.

      I used to work on my sprinting one on one with a Canadian Olympic 4x100m Relay Competitor and didnt always lose ….lol…I was running 6.4-sec times on the 40 yard dash and pushing 190 lbs @5’7- a generous 5’7….lol.

      In a sentimentel moment long ago I named my Hockey System …”Moma2s NewAge Hockey System”…because lol..I was also the Most Outstanding Male Athlete in my High School…Moma2…get it?The message was intended to be revealed years later at times like NOW to simply say to Pro-Athletes looking for source validations that the creator of the NHS Philosophy concepts and tactics WAS A PEER,someone QUALIFIED to be teaching them…..not coming from some unemployed lawyer living in his parents basement LMAO..from the very first anonymous posts in 2007 the information being posted was coming from a source which was QUALIFIED.The late and respected Pat Quinn IMMEDIATLY DIALED IN AND RECOGNISED TRADE AND INDUSTRY VALUE in the embrionic NHS as NHL Players had already done individually,a philosophical path that as history evidences Renney,Krueger,Sutter,Bowman,Quenville,Nelson ,Hartley and many others now have also taken.

      I have had fun with the pundits,suppressionists and online pirates….simply because the NHS is so embedded over a decade with so many pre-planned waypoints{Thank you Sir} which 100% validate and illuminate its history that what else could I do but laugh….I mean I held back links to Pat Quinn/Oilers OFFICIAL NHL NHS use for 7 years….lol… and Sutter/Kings NHS use of the NHS data and Bowman-Quenville/Hawks use of the NHS data since 2012-2013 respectively…lol…..there is literally a mountain of evidence….and this is before we even consider the NHS SIGNATURE statistical patterns which began IMMEDIATLY MANY YEARS AGO AND HAVE RUN ABSOLUTELY CONCURRENTLY EVER SINCE WITH NO RESPITE.

      Many here and elsewhere VERY MISTAKENLY ASSUMED because Moma2/NewAgeSys/NAS did not provide evidence ON DEMAND OF THE MASSES FROM THE GET-GO YEARS AGO ….LMAO…that such evidence must not in fact exist at all…..who the hades could sit on their prime evidence for SEVEN YEARS….and endure the flaming and trolling….LMAO….maybe someone INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY A HOCKEY ICON who knew a little something about winning a fight with a dirty NHL SAVVY opponent..oh sweet jeezez nothing can be sweeter than a dish best served cold sometimes.

      When I was a pup I practiced with a pretty good young fast rising Football player named Palmer who couldnt quite best me ,they kept me and my big hits away from him cause he was an “All-Star” with at the time a bit of a bum knee….lol…and I peripherally knew a few guys who played in the NHL.

      Thats a little bit of entertainment value fiction about who I am…

      • chickenStew


        NAS was a high school athelete with small man syndrome, who failed when he found out that bullying wouldn’t work.

        Later in life got hurt on the job. Spent years fighting WCB to no avail (see above).

        After years of pain killer (ab)use (as mentioned in older posts), decided to create a fictional alter-ego, and with delusional mind in tow, now spends his days writing War and Peace length nonsense about what he wishes were true FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT.

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          Lol…well at the very least you did pick a suitable handle for yourself there chickenStew…spoken like a true coward……

          I was a little man…lol…and I was your Daddy as a high school athlete and in your Drama class and in your Shop Class lol…everywhere you went lol…but no credit gained because it sounds like you rolled over and licked your bag for almost everyone when they booed at you huh? …lol..fighting might not be an accurate word for what I am currently doing with WCB….LMAO…remediating the Global Insurance Money Laundering Cartel one piece a a time is closer to being accurate why did you really think I was talking hockey for this long and changing an Industry with a management structure like WCB implements ,LMAO,for live-fire practice silly-boy….no pharmacutical painkillers taken but many offered…not sure where you are trying to go with that one, you are misrepresenting older posts…lol..because you see Lobsang, pain is simply a phisiologiclly catalysed stress management program which you can easily re-wire and by-pass as long as you consistantly monitor for ESL gradient changes as a precautionary measure …a split-tail like you might not be able to grasp that large of a concept when you are so used to grasping at much smaller things… sure you shouldnt change your name to little- chickenChoking?….lol.

          I was never a bully….but I might have peripherally remediated someone like you quite generously within the relative Peer group you dwelt in had I encountered your nasty litle perspective….lol….actually I was the shortest guy in most of my classes…lol…and I was empthetic to the underdog which is how I became Daddy to introverted weaklings like you are who dont even know how to bully properly…LMAO.. as evidence shows by proxy of your behaviour,you see Lobsang…I used to be Captain a lot and I ALWAYS picked the best players for my teaam,,,the most overweight kid….the tllest skinniest kid…the coke-bottle glasses kid…the un-coordinated all-thumbs kid….the shy intoverted kid,the twitchy try-to-hard to be like Daddy but just cant do it kid{like you chickenStew lol}…the over-sensitive dont yell a me kid ….anyone who has a peer group imposed HIGHER THAN NORMAL LEVEL OF SELF-WARENESS WHICH HAD BEEN ARTIFICIALLY SKEWED ON THEM well those were my Teammates…EVERY TIME AND WE WON MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE CONSISTANTLY.I needed teammates fighting for much bigger causes than the game….I needed teammates fighting for their true identity and looking for a way to project that intention in a venue they werent used to mastering….chickenStew do you know what a dupa is,if you do not just go find a mirror and gaze into it intently for a few minutes ok,it will come to you eventually….lol.

  • camdog

    I think these advanced stats are giving a false sense of security to teams. Hockey is not a game like Basbeall where the only thing not being predictable is the swing of the bat. Everything else to do with fielding can be skewed by the stats. There is one simple reason why I think these stats are pretty much useless, the shape of the puck. The hockey puck is one of the more baffling objects in pro sports right up there with the football. The thing bounces so wildly most nights and the amount of buildings in above average temperatures causes that thing to bounce so wildly most nights. Remember the old Reunion Arena in Dallas and how that puck looked like a ping pong ball? The ice was total crap and it made for interesting nights for opposing teams that had fair to good ice at their own arenas.

    The whole Corsi argument came into play for those who love the baseball type stats. If said player is making this amount of x shots in the offensive zone as opposed to time on ice shots against. All of it gives me a headache, one thing those stats never account for is how the puck is bouncing that night. The hockey pucks shape makes for interesting plays some nights. You can have a perfect Corsi night and wind up losing. Eakins tried like hell to use these advanced stats for a better game. The Oilers main problem is that they have a culture of losing and that they’re simply not engaged in enough puck battles to compete and contend. With the being said Corsi and the other stats if they want to be totally legit should take into account how the pucks bouncing and where it winds up. Just my opinion.

  • Seanaconda

    Question about Clendening… Is it fair to say that Pittsburgh could possibley be one of the very few teams who’s defence is as bad if not worst than the oilers?

    Didn’t Clendening spend a lot of time as a healthy scratch in Pittsburgh?

    That makes me wonder why…

    Just noticed Rundblad has 6 points and is a plus 6 in 5 games in Zurich… Just saying

    • Seanaconda

      Type of player and skillset is irrelevant. Character and passion for the game would be a better metric. Clendening brings a right shot to a completely left shooting defense at Bakersfield Condors.

      Every loss brings their critics, often pointing fingers at individual players who are deemed responsible for the loss. Take Schultz for example, a fine offensively gifted individual who has been pigeon-holed into a Doughty. Schultz will never be the hard hitting defenseman as fan want him to be because his talents should be focused towards his skating, balance and transitioning abilities.

      Maybe the current system needs to be overhauled so Schultz is in a position to succeed.

    • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

      The Pens were going to lose Sidney because they were falling far behind the NHLs evolutionary curve, and to keep their Team in one piece they have begun using the NHS…Sidney has been thinking it his entire career,he just had no methodology for teaching everyone exactly like Adam Oates and both of these men like EVERYONE ELSE are working with very limited specificlly engineered data,the REAL NHS IS NOT ON BOARD WITH ANY OF THEM nd they are only able to play monkey see monkey do . Immitation with no possibiliy of innovation.

      Stamkos is also ready to book…..because Cooper refuses to comply with NHL evolution and Steve knows with 100% certainty no one is winning the Stanley Cup in this Era without the NHS managing their System.

      Both Sidney and Stamkos need the NHS not some cheap counterfeit version of it.

      You see EVERYONE is working with the same NHS material the exact same material and nothing new has been added in very long time,the fellas need the SOURCE to gain the real-time edge and simply walk to the Stanley Cup.

  • BDH

    Well you are now being invited to the very first NHS Seminar being held in Edmonton .You will recieve a 5K gift of 2 days of cutting edge Systems Management data.

    Only 100 seats available….well now 99…lol.

    Stay tuned we are working out preliminary details now,we will be looking for dates compatable with Southampton F.C s schedule,I am a big Ralph Krueger fan and wish to share my Newage Soccer System with him,it is time to rock soccer.

    There is just a little unfinished hockey business to be completed,the Kingsmen must win and the Hawks must be plucked and the Copper Rain must fall.

  • chickenStew

    I can assure you that I am not MSM or Dellow because I had the years of patience to comprehend everything. It is not very difficult to understand NHS if you use intuition and visual-spatial skills.

    No information has been provided to the Oilers or any other professional sports teams as of yet. However if the Oilers reject NHS, I would consider releasing a translated NHS to the other 29 NHL teams for free. This way the Oilers can gut their core and share the wealth with the rest of the NHL. If copper rain is the only choice left, then let it be.

    In the mean time, I am working on a system that is 100% compatible with NHS since no statistical methods are being used. The model is focused on team composition and line combinations so it can expand on the dynamic nature of IDA and IDM. While the model incorporates EveryMan into the system, it provides the basis for tactical adjustments.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Holy S.O.B….you are smart as a whip….EXCELLENT….I just came out of surgery 8 hours ago and this is just the boost I needed ATM…..

    You have illustrated EXACTLY…why NHL teams have NEVER been able to evolve the NHS data they have been using….and never will unless the Autodidactic Intuitive Empath who created the NHS makes it happen…..they may find the data, they may parse the data and then they may apply the data within the parameters possible.But they cannot do the impossible and evolve the NHS influences beyond a specific pre-determined point without genuine original source proprietary impetus.

    Officer Frank Murphy ….you have just graduated Magna Cum Laude.

    P.S….”and let the Intuition take over” this is my Grad present to you OFM……everything you are doing to that point has been intuition catalysed.Everything in your final exam is correct but for one small detail and I must grade you at 99%,congratulations Sir,and here is your Grad present ,It is in the form of a question,a keystone one,as we know Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is catalysed from 100% Intuition with ZERO Stats inputs…….so the most pressing EveryMan question for neophytes and Students alike should naturally be …how can you possibly conciceve of conceptualise create maintain and functionally apply the NHS without NATURAL BALANCE…without balancing Intuition and Numbers optimally and if the NHS is 100% catalysed from Intuition and rejects all things stats,well how are the numbers replaced…what fills the void how is BALANCE REPRESENTED IN THE NHS EQUATION when we know it MUST BE THERE?

    Hint…it IS IN FACT THERE which is why intuition doesnt take over it simply passes the baton.

    Officer Frank Murphy ,thank you for your bold visionary focus and you are welcome for the roadmap question Graduation gift .

    I dont know what you do or who you are , but if you havent been ripping off the NHS and have the cojones or lady-balls{we are an equal opportunity entity} to fight for it as a friend to the end…well the NHS IS LOOKING FOR A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD.

    Unless you are Dellow in which case we shall be seeing you in several different venues none of them online sooner than you may believe…lol.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Who r u ?Simply ….because your adherance to NHS protocals is simply beautifull to read…….you would fit in perfectly into the Kings or Hawks process or in Southamptons process or into a Pro-Football process which chooses to endorse the NHSs core value process pillars. You have put in the work…jeepers….you deserve some rewards for that. Why you dont come out of the closet…there is work to be done.

  • Seanaconda

    IDA and IDM are only a component of the entire NHS. If a team incorporates level of IDA and IDM, they can at best achieve adjusted hybrid status, and that is being generous.

    To be honest, the result is what we see with the Oilers today. Their IDA and IDM process promotes a system focus each game with Myles Fee in the video review room, communicating with Jay Woodcroft on the bench, then to Todd McLellan. The focus is then relayed to the players. This is a good secondary IDA and IDM process.

    The primary IDA and IDM process must be a part of each player on the ice and on the bench. Get the puck to the driver, follow and support his lead. If that is unavailable, become the spear tip of the play and let intuition take over.

  • Seanaconda

    You are absolutely correct that Ralph Krueger has been quite an innovator in terms of his work with Southmpton in the Premier League…Ralph has a special skillset and he displayed in when he was an Oilers Head Coch on many occasions…..IMHO losing him was one of the biggest blows to the Oilers in several decades as IMHO he was poised to break things wide open in Edmonton,and there is plenty of evidence to prove this out.I am always excited to hear about Ralph Kruegers endevours,he is an innovator and a groundbreaker bold and confident and 100% Players Coach.

    The things Adam discussed as per your post are ALL PROCESS POSTS within the NHS…Adam IS DISCUSSING SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT…..I understand his unwillingness to tread in those deep waters with NHL Players….however I am afraid as we can see it is sham to say he does not involve himself in Systems discussions because the things Adam is promoting ARE all critical parts of any Systems management focuses hence they have tangible tactical values and applications.

    Adam doesnt need to worry about exposing any of the NHLs deep dark Systems secrets…because since Moma2 entered the equation in 2007-08 every last “trade secret” has been drug out of the closet and paraded round then disenfrnchised.

    Anyone who fails to openly discuss the NHS is not being dilligent and doing even basic homework on the Systems which now define current Eras NHL evolutions as exemplified by the Kings/Hawks who have monopolised the Stanley Cup since 2012 when the Kings began using the NHS and 2013 when the Hawks also began abandoning convention and using the NHS …Adam is splitting hairs here and he very well knows it…he is using IDA and IDM to evluate and then put together templates for individual players….he is using NHS data sets and this is clear to me.IMHO failure to aknowledge credit and lend Industry valuations to the NHS is not only derelict but extremely misleading to NHL Players and everyone else.Adam IMHO should come clean now….he didnt just come up with these methods he is using and he did not evolve them from his NHL career either….we all already know how often elite Plyers FAIL AS COMMUNICATORS AND AS COACHES…..Adam has an obligation to disclose where his intellectual property he is claiming by proxy as proprietry and is earning money off of really comes from .

    Adam is doing what others have done….he is simply trying to re-format the NHS and its System Mangement Programs make money off of it while excluding the NHS and its creator from the equation,Adam did NOT CREATE ANYTHING NEWAGE….he has a clearly documented career nd business history himself to do homework on….LMAO…just look it….prove out the evolutionry history of his methods he is using now if you dare.

    No benefit of the doubt goes to Oates here.None.

    But yes Officer Frank Murphy Adam Oates is quite obviously using IDA and IDM and is building functional Tactical Dynamic Templates to use to help NHL Players improve their results….yup IMHO he is pirating the NHSs Industry value because he is excluding it on all levels and has given no open disclosure of this process .

    Adam is no different than Gretzky,if Wayne began using the NHS data sets it would be just as obvious as it is when Oates does it…EXCEPT I DO NOT BELIEVE WAYNE WOULD EVER STOOP SO LOW AS TO TAKE CREDIT FOR ANOTHER MANS WORK ON ANY LEVEL HE HAS TO MUCH CLASS.

    Adam didnt just suddenly come up with these innovative ideas and applications and considering he is an NHL insider it is not very realistic to accept that he hs no knowledge of the NHS and its evolutionary path of NHL domination.

    Sorry Frank but Adam couldnt put together a grilled cheese sandwich without using the NHS data and Programs gleaned from the NHS….or he would have evolved the NHL himself long ago ….he is just trying to legitimise Industry recognition of the NHS under different banner supported by his NHL history and reputation,big darn deal Movie-Stars shoplift all the time….LMAO……..hey tell Adam this…..just because there aint a rope round it dont mean it doesnt belong to someone else.The term “scalping” as pplied to the pirating of others proprietry intellectual data online is not recognised in the new legal landscape …lol…nor is “data-mining” what was done to the NHS has not been openly considered in the proper venue YET….just consider the words retroactive remedition and remember that traditional MSM which are being crippled as we speak as entities were the power-point for litigtion and as everything shifts online so do the hungry POWERFULL LAW FIRMS because everyone follows the money right .I advised Adam to keep everything on the up and up to allow him the chance to make nice….but nope…no chance huh?The NHS did not give permission for its data to be used to make money by anyone.

  • Seanaconda

    Interesting, after listening to the segment with Adam Oates and Gregor:

    “Adam Oates, former hall of famer now skills coach for various players around the NHL and he joined us from Tampa Bay because he’s going to have a little meeting with Steven Stamkos who is one of his clients. For those who have maybe have listened to Adam for the first time we always reiterate he works with Purcell and Hendricks, he’s an individual skills coach…they never talk about the system that the team runs. That’s in his contract actually he doesn’t want guys to come to him to ask him about their system (I don’t like this) because he feels that would be detrimental to the head coach (being a former head coach) feels like that’s the last thing you need is having an outside voice telling you what to do.

    So they only talk about:
    – Skill development
    – Stick, lie
    – Positioning in offensive zones that have nothing to do with the system per se.

    I talked to Teddy Purcell about it, even Matt Hendricks…like one of the things with Matt Hendricks he talked about was he instructed Matt Hendricks not to leave his feet as often..and if you’ve noticed this year, you don’t see Matt Hendricks going down on the ice as often to block shots. Oates feels like you put yourself out of position way too often…and for a guy like Hendricks, you know it’s not like someone talked to Teddy Purcell about Purcell who’s not a guy who’d be doing it…but Hendricks was. Small little tweaks in their games…”

    Nothing new to NHS, but only marginally effective at best. The entire process has to be applied top to bottom. All players, coaches, management and support staff must embrace this in order for success. Ralph Krueger seems to have done this with Southampton in the Premier League…spooky!

  • Gadgets

    The NHS was designed to optimise every man on the ice for 60 minutes producing overwhelming offense.You are correct and this is why I created the NHS,to provide a more optimal environment conducive to producing unseen before record levels of offense,I found that in 10 minutes I could break down any NHL System or process from any Era EXCEPT the Dynasty Oilers,so I spent day on it an cracked it wide open did an autopsy then created something NewAge and superior using some of their schematics{PPmostly} combined with some vintage Lord Bacon and a few other things,I bested Waynes Brains which is what ran the Dynasty System.

    Pro=Basketball would take 1/4 the work it takes to manage a hockey game using the NHS …simply volume issue.

    The motion offense is a good paralell….just close your eyes and imagine that all of the seemingly fluid creative river-hockey movement you are seeing are Procees or System catalysed,now simply figure out how to make it so for your own team….its easy using the NHS.

    There are some really unique aspects of NHL Hockey which set it apart from ALL OTHER COMPETATIVE TEAM SPORTS….this situation makes NHL Hockey the single biggest challenge from an overall management perspective….lol.

    I am sure we will hear all bout what Oates is saying in Gregors next article.No disrespect to Adam but having contributed to the last 4 consecutive Stanley Cups and another non-Hockey Professional Sports Championship in the last 5 years makes me Adams Teacher….this is unknown territory for Adam not for me.What Adam is tying to reproduce was already built in its OPTIMAL FORM a decade ago…he is simply following old data because it is what has been driving his Industry forward so hard he HAS TO LEARN IT so he can sell his wares….lol….but seriously Adam needs the NHS not the other way around….so its his dime right? In a perfect world he would out it on air and ask for a meetup,nything else is transparant.Think about it this way YOU COULDNT NOT KNOW ABOUT THE NHS IF YOU ARE A STATS PROFESSIONAL…it woud be IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS the unique signature stats ptterns in sequential chronological order perfectly mating with the NHSs evolutionary history … COULDNT NOT KNOW about the NHS if you were an NHL GM because your JOB is to know what is driving the NHLs evolution…and since 2012 IT HAS BEEN THE NHS DOING EXACTLY THIS IN A NEWAGE SIGNATURE MANNER…..unmistakable…so when I say Honesty is required I bloody well mean it,no negotiations,zero,full disclosure.

  • Seanaconda

    Adam is not current or cutting edge in his perspectives IMHO simply because since 2012 there is only ONE DIRECTION the NHL has been evolving towards and that is the NHS direction.

    Adam IMHO has NO OPTION BUT TO AKNOWLEDGE AND CREDIT THE NHS ,rightfully,any Hockey Industry individual who hopes to be taken seriously MUST HAVE A CLEAR ND ACCURATE NSIGHT INTO HOW THE LAST 4 STANLE CUPS WERE WON IN A PING-PONG MANNER BY THE KINGS/HAWKS…..if you cannot even do your homework well enough to find your way to this nasic waypoint in the Leagues evolution you CANNO BE A PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY MANAGER.


    Professional Vanity and Industry driven elitism supported by fluid mllable statistical excusatory supports forces the Hockey part of the equation into the drivers seat,and puts the MIND part of the equation in the back seat with the kids….resulting in PURE UNADULTERED DERELICTION.

    You see if you want to win at anything in todays world you need to be MORE HONEST than in yesteryear….dum-dums….the internet forces honesty by proxy of results…the better man wins the job,except HA HA HA HA….you have to get off your hass and get online and make solid evidence based decisions on what data sources are valid and potent….no one is trucking out of their parents basement or anywhere else to put on a suit and tie and hand you a Resume and a formal business plan like the Oilers requested or “suggested” NAS do decade ago with the peripheral threat of blackballing FOREVER encouraging you to hop to it….unless hey are desperately trying to sell you something….LMAO…heck I was even told flat out I had zero Industry recognition or valuation or validation so I was powerless to negotiate any crumbs thrown my way….lol…well they did help me orientate my internal compass huh,and in a reciprocal action Mr.Quinn shortly therefter very quietly and skillfully PERMANENTLY POINTED THEIRS AT THE NHS.If you really wish to get to the heart of the matter the Oilers lost out on any of the last 4 consecutive Stanley Cups BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT DILLIENTLY VESTED IN ONLINE RESOURCING and had volunteers manning this critical conduit to the emerging online business world and its many complicated newly evolving dynamics, when the NHS gift horse knocked on their door they didnt welcome it in,they poked the Pony in the eye then hid behind a misinformed Kevin Big-Daddy Lowe who mistakenly took their side with 100% of his being as he does with everything and in this misunderstanding the Oilers created their very own NHS Trojan Horse out of a perfectly good gift-horse……LOL.

    Basketball is 1/4 the work to manage compared to Hockey,hockey has some unique challenges in keystone areas which other sports do not project.But Basktball is an excellent paralell when discussing the NHS nonetheless.Just consider the motion offense being driven and managed by a PROCESS{NHS} everyone is tuned into 100% so what LOOKS TO THE UNINITIATED LIKE RANDOM FLUID CEATIVE MOVEMENTS …are really finely conducted and orchestrated notes of one single song.

    I saved your middle paragraph for last….this “challenge” of finding a method by which one may OPTIMISE a unique skill laden roster leads an informed mind directly to the Dynasty Oilers with 100% surety….then IF YOU ARE NOT A VISIONARY…statistical myths misconceptions and con-job presentations which SATURATE THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY TODAY …will assuredly tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO EVER GENERATE THIS LEVEL OF OFFENSE IN TODAYS NHL…poppycock….lol…they simply hadnt hear about the NHS inspired Tactical Shooting Plan{TSP} or learned where the elbow-bone is located or how to chicken-wing Goalies …lol…or to properly MANAGE A GOALTENDERS TRANSITION POINTS OR vulnerable points via PROCESS, because some types of NHL goals are easier to score that ever.

    I couldnt reproduce the Dynasty Oilers System…the Habs,Islanders,Bruins,Penguins,Hawks….any of them I could break down in 20 minutes or less….BUT NEVER THE DYNASTY OILERS…so I GAVE IT AN ENTIRE DAY OF MY TIME AND CRACKED IT WIDE OPEN…then began finding ingredients to put HUMPTY bck together again stronger and more explosive offensively than ever,I dissected the Dynasty Process and I found some very very very interesting things inside of it….things I mixed with some bacon and few other unlikely things to create a newAge Philosophy concepts and tactics projected as Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and its System Management Programs IDA and IDM.

  • Gadgets

    I’d like to hear what Adam Oates has to say on Gregor’s show today. Should be airing soon…

    What baffles me is that the Oilers have an unbelievable amount ways of creating offense when compared to other NHL teams. Most teams can only catalyze off a single set of playactions like a booming slapper, sympathetic rebounds, or throwing the puck to the net in hopes of good fortunes. The Oilers have the roster to develop offense from their entire 19 players. All four forward lines, all three defensive pairings and the goaltender.

    While similar in principle, professional basketball teams may choose to employ a motion offense where the players must use their intuition to get the points. Gregg Popovich comes to mind…