Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – January 26, 2016

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The Oilers are in the midst of the all-star break. To me this only means one thing, Connor McDavid is coming back and soon. Frankly Connor McDavid’s return is the only thing any of us should be thinking about. It’s pretty much the only thing keeping me from rolling over and dying from my monthly cold. It’s hard to believe we have been without McDavid for 37 games. That means you guys have had to read 12 consecutive injury reports with me whining about McDavid’s collarbone. I am happy to announce that this will be the final injury report that includes Connor McDavid, as he is set to return next game on February 2nd. 

My poor injury report has received a lot of blame for the Oilers catching the injury bug this season. I will gladly take the hit as we likely need something to blame our misfortunes on. On the bright side, the Oilers are actually in FIRST place in man-games lost due to injury. WHAT DO WE WIN? Granted this is not the type of standings we’d like to be on top of but at this point I’ll take anything. It’s hard to write about injuries week after week and not feel like you’re jinxing the team with every word you say. We have something to be happy about this week though, and that is the return of Connor McDavid! Moving forward, whether we win or lose, McDavid will be on our TV likely doing something amazing and causing lots of attention. 

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Don’t think for a minute that I made the table above. My skill comes from taking borrowing things that other people made from the internet – not creating them my own. Credit to the chart goes to reddit user, /u/CCORYY. It shows how unlucky the OIlers have been throughout the year injury-wise. Eberle started things off in the pre-season, and since then it’s been a roller coaster of disaster. The band-aid that has hovered above the Oilers this year is almost comical when you think about it. No one expected this to happen after we drafted McDavid, and hired McLellan in the off season.

When Yakupov got taken down awkwardly by Coburn in Tampa Bay last week, I almost threw my laptop at my TV. It’s hard to even fathom how unlucky this team has been. I was so angry, the guy is out for 46 days cause a linesman tackled him, and here he is spraining his ankle again falling down when the puck isn’t even near. Thank god he returned to the game. I feel bad enough for these guys that they’re losing, never mind if they don’t even get a chance to play the game and win.

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Brandon Davidson is the only new Oiler added to the IR. This is not a huge surprise, as he was just starting to shine after Klefbom got injured. It only makes sense that the guy stepping up from our top defenceman being injured goes down next. His injury was very odd. It seemed like a harmless play, colliding with Jamie Benn in Dallas. It is currently undisclosed, but he may have tweaked something in his back or hip. There is no timeline with Davidson’s injury. 

IR Updates

  • Nuge’s hand is still broken, and he had successful hand surgery on it last week. He can’t play hockey, but he is back to his regular self playing with cute dogs! 
  • Oscar Klefbom is still on the IR with a staph infection in his leg. Todd McLellan has stated that Klefbom will return shortly after the All-Star break. This means the infection wasn’t as bad as I thought, and we might be able to piece together a half decent team after all.
  • Andrew Ference will not return this season after it was announced he will undergo surgery on his hip. Make all the old-man jokes you want about his situation, he’s been involved in some great off-ice causes during his time off.
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