Connor McDavid’s First Practice with the Condors


Connor McDavid is officially in the nest. He won’t play with the Bakersfield Condors, but he will get into a series of practices and game-day skates just as he did on Tuesday ahead of the Condors game against the Manitoba Moose.

McDavid looked good and seemed to mesh well with his temporary teammates, in his first on ice session in Bakersfield. He’ll stay busy this week as the Condors play at home again on Friday against Manitoba. He’ll also witness High School & College Night on Tuesday. On Friday, it’s Princess Night. No word on whether McDavid will stop by the pre-game tea party in the role of King Connor the First, but we hope so.

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Most likely, McDavid will be gone prior to or just after Bakersfield’s game on Saturday night in Stockton as the Condors then move into a five-day AHL All-Star Game break.

But he’s here for now and re-establishing his on-ice groove with Condors.




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“The itch has been there since day one anyway. You want to feel good and play. I just want to feel good again, get on the ice, get some contact, and get back up there and play right after the All-Star Game. It’s hard. It’s not fun to miss games and when you’re not playing it’s hard to feel part of the team, but I’ve been very lucky to have the guys around me that I do. They’re good about making me feel just as much a part of it as always. There’s no real positive in being injured but you have to look at the bright side sometimes.” -McDavid

McDavid said he’s feeling better but noted that there’s still plenty of work to be done, especially now that he’s back on the ice and taking part in full-out practices.

“There’s only so much cardio can do. I want to take a couple hits and feel confident.” -McDavid

Though he hasn’t played a game since November 3rd, he has spent time in the press box and has been travelling with the Oilers, taking in what he can and learning as a rookie should.

Despite skating over the past few weeks, McDavid is anxious to get his season re-started and so is Oil Country.

“Everyone’s trying to share their advice and it’s all very much appreciated. I’ve tried taking in as much as I can. I’m very lucky to have the people around me that I do. We have great fans in Edmonton. They’re all very passionate. The support has been great as well just bumping into people on street. I hope it’s a nice welcome. The fans love the Oilers so think it will be OK.” –McDavid

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