Your Trade Ideas Could Mean Free NationGear


If there’s one thing the Nation is good at it’s coming up with trade ideas that would help the Oilers climb out of the depths of hell that we’ve been living in for the past decade. Today, I present you with a chance to table your ideas and maybe even win some NationGear for your troubles.

Part of the fun of Interneting is that it gives you a chance to voice your opinions regardless of whether they’re smart, stupid, insane, or otherwise. From where I sit, coming up with trade ideas is part of that and could be considered a birthright around these parts. Not only is this article meant to stimulate your creativity as an arm chair GM, I actually plan on rewarding one of you for it.

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Who says your mastery of the ‘Be a GM’ mode in NHL 16 wouldn’t pay off? Pfft.



So what am I rambling on about here? Trade talk. Actually, trade ideas/scenarios to be specific. We all do it. We all like to think that we know what would be best for the Oilers and how we’d make it happen so I’m looking for the 10 best (PLAUSIBLE) scenarios that you think would improve the Oilers come deadline time. From there, I will take the 10 best ideas and plug them into a poll (like I do for the Friday Report Cards) and let citizens of the Nation vote on who’s idea is the best.

I will warn you that any stupid trade ideas that are completely unrealistic have no chance of being included. What I mean is, try not only come up with an idea that benefits the Oilers, but also be realistic for the opposing club as well. As much as I’d like to trade the rights to Alexei Mikhnov for Drew Doughty it’s never going to happen, your plan will be excluded, and you’ll never win you any NationGear.

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Whoever ends up winning the vote in article #2 will score a NationGear package to end all packages. We will shower you with gifts until your closet explodes. No wardrobe will be as sexy as yours. These are facts.



The rules of this contest are simple. Put your best trade scenarios down in the comments section and we will take the 10 most plausible ideas and put them up for a vote. The winner of said vote will then receive a NationGear package that would make even the snobbiest fashionistas envious. The bragging rights will last a lifetime, and your style points will make you irresistible to anyone within eyeshot.

The deadline to put down your best idea will be February 17th and from there we will commence the voting. The voting will run until Friday, February 26th, and I will announce the winner in my Trade Deadline live blog on deadline day. Additional prizes will also be made available if you hit your trade idea dead on.

Seems easy enough, right? Good. So go on and get started on throwing out ideas for all the moves that Peter Chiarelli hasn’t even had a chance to think about yet, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll find yourself decked out in all the fresh threads that you’ve been dreaming about.


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  • cberg

    My first trade would be Eric gryba or justin Schultz and a 3 or 4th round pick for Jason garrison has big shot from the point and would help slumping power play and capable of playing defence

    Nugent Hopkins and a late pick for Travis Hamonic

    Jordan Eberle and 3rd or 4th for Kevin Shattenkirk

    Teddy Purcell/ yakupov and a 2nd for Jacob trouba and Blake wheeler

    Schultz and Purcell for Tyson Barrie and pick

  • cberg

    Trade deadline Eberle straight up for Stattenkirk

    At the draft nurse and a second for hamonic.

    Didnt read the rules whatevs.

    Parts may move but both will be oilers!

  • Capt.Ship

    3 way trade between Edmonton, Islanders and Rangers:

    Edmonton trades Eberle ($6mil) to the Islanders and a 3rd round selection in 2016 to the Rangers.
    Islanders trade Hamonic ($3.85) to Edmonton and Okposo ($2.8) to the Rangers.
    Rangers trade Yandle ($2.6) to the Islanders.

    Edmonton ends up with Hamonic to better their defensive core.
    Rangers get Okposo to help them on offense for the post season run and a pick for their troubles.
    Islanders get Yandle to replace Hamonic for the post season run and Eberle to potent their offence for the long term.

    Cap hits work so that each team can afford the trade and each team wins on upgrading positions of need.

  • Morgo_82

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little surprised by the dislike for Barrie. He is the perfect fit for the Oilers. Top 4, can produce on the PP, and play competent defence. A pairing of him and klef would be sweet, beautiful music

  • Keepyourstickontheice

    Trades for pending UFAs need to stop BTW. What value do they provide? Sure let’s give up assets (no matter how minimal) for someone who isn’t gonna sign here. No matter how optimistic you are, even if we “push” for the playoffs, we’re not contenders. Next year people, push for next year.

  • Morgo_82

    Yakapov to Anaheim for Vatanen to Edmonton. Similar $$, gives Anaheim a potential scorer and gives Edmonton a right defenseman. As Vatanen has had only one good year in NHL there is no guarantees either way but potential is there to help both clubs and is doable as far a salary cap goes. Vatanen could be a good fit with Klefbom, Nurse and Sekera while Yakapov could get a chance to play top 6 with Anaheim. Then trade Schultz to what ever team will give best return. He gets a change of scenery, team that gets him can evaluate him till end of year and Oilers move on. Use prospects or what ever pick get from trade and try to package it at the draft to move up or part of other trade. Oilers can’t afford to qualify Schultz as the money is way too rich for what he brings.

  • TY89YAR

    J Schultz + Ebs to NYR for Chris Kreider and Keith Yandle provided the Oilers could talk to agents about extensions first. Toss in picks one way or another to get the deal done, maybe even retain a little of Ebs salary to sweeten the deal. Oilers get a proven D whos at least compitent with the puck plus a solid 20+ crasher banger that other teams hate to play against.

    • stangconv

      Trade 1: Trade 1st rounder for Shattenkirk and STL 1st rounder. (STL gets a wicked draft pick and sheds Salary)

      Trade 2: Purcell for 2nd (purely rental dump)

      Trade 3: Eberle + Davidson + 2nd From Purcell Trade for Hamonic and Franz Nielsen (Franz is upcoming UFA, but I am guessing they want to keep him. Might have to have RNH instead of Eberle)

      Trade 4: Schultz for picks( I think he would be a better Dman in the east but I want to shed his salary… even if he has to walk)

      Hall – Draisaitl – RNH

      Pouliot – Mcdavid – Yakupov

      Khaira – Nielsen – Kassian

      Hendricks – Lander – Pakarinen

      Sekera – Hamonic

      Klef – Shattenkirk

      Nurse – Reinhart



      I am dreaming I know.

      Leaves room for re-signings, also gives us Tremendous depth down the middle in the event of injury

  • Morgo_82

    Pick up David Backes on FA market and sign him to a 4-4.5 M contract for 2 yrs. A Michael Peca type player/leader but younger and better. Mentors McDavid for captaincy.

    Trade Nuge for Byfuglien. Jets get some offence and a centre and don’t lose Byfuglien for nothing. Oilers get their coveted improvement on D, potential minute crunching #1 D. And he shoots right.

    Trade Eberle, Klefbom, and Purcell to NYI for Harmonic, Nielsen, and Okposo. We can take on another contract to balance things out, or ask for a 2-3rd round pick to counter the one we are losing for Chiarelli.

    I like the idea of pursuing Shattenkirk from the Blues. That would fix our D immediately. Byfuglien, Shattenkirk/Parayko, Hamonic, Nurse, Sekera, Davidson, Reinhardt/Musil/Laleggia. Would the Blues do a trade, Shattenkirk + picks/prospects for Hall? For a lesser trade, I’d take Parayko for picks going back the other way.

    Losing Nikitin, Shultz, and Purcell contracts frees up about 12-13 M in cap space to fix any other holes in the line-up. Dangling Hall at the draft for the #1 pick might be a way to restock the bare cupboards in terms of prospects, while shedding salary. While I don’t have a problem with him on the Oil, I don’t see his stock being any higher than it is now, and I just don’t see him helping us to win a cup, but that’s just me. I’m fine if we keep him too. Still leaves us ample room to secure Andrew Ladd as a LW if Hall is moved.

  • Benny Botts

    1 – Trade Teddy P to Chicago for a 2nd rounder
    2 – Trade Eberle (sorry Wayne) + JShultz (balance of salary for 2016 retained by Edm) + the Oil’s 2nd 2016 and Oil’s 1st in 2017 (would turn into a 2nd round pick if Okoposo does not extend) to NYI for Hamonic and Okoposo (Oil need to extend Okoposo ASAP) + NYI 2016 3rd round

    Edmonton trades their 2nd in the hamoinc deal but keeps one from Chicago in the Teddy Purcell trade. Edmonton replaces Eberle with Okoposo (more rugged winger). Edmonton gets their RH workhorse in Hamonic and gets rid of the Jultz.

    Side note – I would deal Yak for an Adam Larsson type dman in the summer and shoot for Milan Lucic in the off season. Okoposo and Lucic as your 1-2 right wingers, now thats a bigger more aggressive look.
    Give me the LOOT!!!

  • LuckyLex

    I have four individual trades for the Oilers:
    1) To Detroit:
    To Edmonton:

    Reunite Lander and Nelson and a change of scenery for Schultz to Detroit could do wonders.
    Oilers get Nurses Junior D partner, they are comfortable, he’s bigger and has some offence. Sheahan is a bigger center and can do a lot of the same things with a touch more offence.

    2) To Arizona:
    1st in 2016 unprotected
    To Edmonton:

    Tank is on for Arizona to get Matthews, an additional entries always helps. A Legit 1st line center till Matthews is ready in Nuge. Two promising D men to grow with the group.
    Oilers get a legit 1st pairing D in OEL, Domi to pair with McJesus and Hanzal for a big heavy 3rd line center.

    3) To Tampa Bay:
    To Edmonton:

    TB gets a productive and clutch winger and a sturdy 2nd pairing D man. Also they dump Callahan’s salary.
    Oilers get a big strong top 4 D man and a rugged winger that has lost his way, betting on a change of scenery and a lesser role will rejuvenate him.

    4) To Winnipeg:
    To Edmonton:
    2nd in 2016

    Winnipeg gets a couple of left shooting forwards as they are light on left wings. Korp also adds more speed to their lineup. Sekera is a puck moving veteran for the playoffs and is signed to a similar reasonable deal.
    Oilers get a bigger defenceman to pair with Hedman making a capable tough pair to play against. Also a 2nd round pick to compensate the loss if they surrender theirs to Boston this year.

    New Lines would be:
    Hall Drai Purcell
    Domi McDavid Kassian
    Pouliot Hanzal Callahan
    Hendricks Letestu Pakarinen

    Extras: Gazdic, Sheahan, Klinkhammer

    Klefbom OEL
    Hedman Myers
    Nurse Sproul

    Extras: Reinhart, Clendening, Gryba

    Salary Cap:Right around 69m

  • Theboon83

    If we win the lottery I would trade to Ari

    our 1st (Matthews)+ whatever player to make the contracts/money work for example Fayne for

    Oliver Ekman Larsson + Their first pick which would still be quite high.

    Arizona gets Matthews who is from Arizona and we get Larson and their first which can be used to draft one of the wingers Laine,Tkachuk,puljujärvi

  • Natejax30

    To Edmonton:

    Tyler Tofolli
    Erik Cernak

    To Los Angeles:

    Nail Yakupov
    2nd Round Draft Pick 2016

    Edmonton gets sandpaper winger for McDavid that can score and a minor league Right D-man, LA gets extra 1 million in cap space to use to get Lucic, as well as a pick in the low to mid 30’s.

    • toprightcorner

      Pouliot alone is not enough to get Vatanen and you want them to throw in a pick?

      Vatanen takes at least Eberle, ANA needs scoring wingers and Vatanen is a top pairing PP QB.

      These trade suggestions need to at least be realistic.

  • toprightcorner

    These are draft table or summer trades or UFA with a goal of a much better 3rd line, with ability to move up in case of injuries, add more size and grit with some veteran experience.

    To Edmonton: Tyson Barrie

    To Colorado: Eberle, Fayne ($1 mill retained salary)

    Brings Oilers top pairing dman who QB the PP 50 pts a season. Colorado gets their top line RW, depth and a veteran 4/5 dman.

    To Edmonton: Dubinsky, Rychel

    To Columbus: Nuge,

    Oilers get a big gritty veteran centre better suited for 3rd line than Nuge and can move to 2C or 1C if required. Rychel is a big high scoring prospect with 9 pts in 21 games as rookie.
    Columbus gets the 1C they have been looking for sid Johanssan was traded.

    Oilers add size and more veteran leadership as well as a stud dman with 4 more years of control.

    I, like Chaireli would go after skilled size and Lucic is that guy as LA won’t be able to afford him and he will likely cost less than his current $6 mil hit. I would also try to sign Brower, another physical winger that can score 15-20 goals.

    This lineup has a 3rd line with skilled depth that can all easily move up in case of injuries.

    Also gives us a more solid defense without Schultz and Fayne and a true top pairing #1 dman

    Lucic – McDavid – Yakapov
    Hall – Draisatl – Brower/Backes
    Pouliot – Dubinsky – Kassian
    Hendricks – Letestu – Pakaranin

    Klefbom – Barrie
    Sekera – Nurse
    Davidson – Reinhart/Clendenning

    • Natejax30

      So you want to give Colorado 8.5 million in salary in exchange for 1 player?

      If you trade Nuge, you better be getting more than a “wannabe” and a “might be” back.

      And how do you fit a Lucic under the cap in 2 years when it’s Connor and Draisaitl paying time…Lucic will get paid in term and dollars.

      These trade suggestions need to be realistic at least.

  • Morgo_82

    The Oilers trade Yakupov and Schultz to the Sabres for Eichel, now the endless debates between idiots who say Eichel is better and realists who say McDavid is better will end because we’ll now have both.

    Then we trade our 1st round and… who gives a $hit to the Stars for Seguin so we can stop listening to that crap too.

    Then finally we trade Kevin Lowe and MacT to the Cincinnati Bengals for AJ McCarron’s wife (her name is Katherine Webb if you want to Google her).

  • Natejax30

    Oilers Offer Sheet Tyson Barrie at 12:01 EST June 30th, 2016 for 6 Years at 6 million per year. Surrender 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft pick in the 2017 draft (Same as trade I think…)

    Oilers trade Andrej Sekera and a third round draft pick in 2016 to NYI for Travis Hamonic. Oilers Retain 500,000.00 per year for 4 years.

    If the Oilers sign Eric Gryba to a 2 year deal, and extend Brandon Davidson to a 2 year deal defense 2016 looks like this.

    Klefbom – Barrie
    Nurse – Hamonic
    Davidson – Gryba