The Mid-Season Report Card by Print Machine



With the all-star break halting all things Oilers I decided to change things up with this week’s report card. This week, we’re going to take a look at the reasons why the 2015-16 season hasn’t been going as well as we would have hoped. Although there are many reasons that the Oilers find themselves at the bottom of the league standings, yet again, it’s up to us to pinpoint the main culprit. My friends, it’s report card time. 

Worst Hockey Coaches

Feel free to leave a comment as to which reason for failure you voted for, or also list any reasons that I may have missed. With games starting up again next week, we’ll be going back to the usual format but I’m always looking for suggestions on voting options. The report card can definitely be improved, so if you have suggestions about what could be better for next week’s report card feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter.

We vote!


  • Leaking5w-30

    I wasn’t going to but after viewing the voting options I’m raising a fist in protest. Can’t we focus more on hockey issues like zone entries, lack of physicality, d-zone coverage and face offs than superstition?

  • Natejax30

    I gotta believe that even though our defense is very fragile and flawed, that if Klefbom and McDavid would have been in the lineup these last 3 games, we would not be in dead last place. I think we would have at least 6 more points.

    I would say the reason we aren’t in a playoff spot is lack of defensive help, but the reason we are in last is cuz of our braken bones.


    Just compared our top 4 defence stats to the Flames as an example. Oilers our top 4 are,Sekera 16pts Klefbom/12pts, Shultz/9pts, Nurse 8pts. Flames have Giordano 31pts.,Brodie 25pts,Wideman 19pts.,Hamilton 19pts. No wonder we are still losing. Our best Dman is still not even close. I guess it could also be said that the Flamers should be ashamed as they have great D-man and decent forwards and they are only 2 points ahead of us. Just imagine if Chiarelli fixes our back-end. I truly think we would be a force instantly

    • Compare the flames top 6 with oilers though:

      Guadreau 47, Monahan 29, Hudler 24, Bennett 22, Backlund 22, um…Frolik I guess 18.

      vs. Hall 48, Drai 37, Nuge, 30, Purcell 29, Ebs and Pouliot 22. But of course Ebs only has 37 games, Pou at 41, nuge at 46, and Drai at only 40.

      So ya, they have better defence, obviously, but in terms of their top 6, there’s not much competition.

    • Fuzzy

      Before McDavid was injured, I believe the Oilers were scoring 3 goals per game on average. stats area is glitchy right now, maybe someone else can confirm this.

      Since his injury, they’ve scored 2.26 goals per game.

      That’s an incredible drop off!

      Had they kept that pace (which wasn’t there for the first few games mind you, McDavid was heating up, and so it’s not entirely unrealistic), they’d have 150 goals in the 50 games right now, it would put them 3rd in the league in scoring.

      (Of course, with the Oilers poor GA, they’d only be +1 at that point, but that’d put them in the middle of the league, and likely put them 10pts up in the standings)

      So if there’s any ONE story, it’s all about McDavid.

      He would have definitely made up for any shortcomings this team has, his absence has exposed the flaws in the makeup of this team. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for a new GM and new coach, because they’re seeing the individuals for what they are without a generational talent making them all look better.

  • it still irks me that 3 of our top 5 players are on their ELC. While no doubt our backend needs help and has for awhile . would like to see a a vet that gives a sh1t up front. Hendo is a beauty and if any of our 6 million first rounders had half the heart he has we would be ok. Eberle is worrying me, seems like he is pouting , i know he is coming off an injury but he seems to be playing like he is in a alllstar game every game.

  • Fuzzy

    Why is this season another wash?

    The Emporers New Clothes.

    I have never witnessed this kind of losing ever….not this long term and not in this absolutely disconnected manner.

    IMHO it would be impossible to lose so much over so many years without a consistantly projected philosophy pushing the river.

    Its not the players…it never is.

    You cant blame a bag of tools for a job poorly done.

    There is a massive disconnect between what the Oilers are doing philosophiclly and current Era NHL evolution as defined by the Kings/Hawks 4 combined SC wins.Katz has the money to spend on a winning system but he is not really trying to win.In fact he has been running from the cure….lol.

    Hint….Babcock hasnt won an NHL Championship since 2012….for one Gypsy Dollar more than he makes per year the Oilers could retain this Eras most cutting edge winningist System….he would have to pay this externally to his salary cap limits,and he would need to keep his Head Coach in place . This System does not come with a Head Coach like most do.

    Katz and the Oilers know the price-tag to win…. Katz and all NHL Owners and Professionals know PARITY is coming fast and this will break their Industry to pieces unless they can prevent this from happening .

  • Fuzzy

    Oops, I didn’t mean to reply to you OilFanInMexico. I originally was, to add that the Flames D are better at defending too, nevermind point production (which, for the Oilers, isn’t an issue with their offense. Without Gaudereau the Flames would have nothing from their fwds). But then I thought that was pretty obvious so I refreshed the browser to write up a different point. I guess it retained the reply thing even though it disappeared on my screen.


    • Fuzzy

      The Oilers need more offense from everyone. They are in the bottom third in the league for scoring again. It’s a myth that the Oilers are an offensive team. They have a lot of skilled forward players who fail to retrieve pucks for themselves. They need a defenseman who can hit the forwards with a pass at full flight. Eric Karlson does this very well. (Remember what healthy Whitney could do.) The forwards have skill in abundance, but they can’t score if the defense can’t feed them the puck on the rush. The reality is we lack the crash and bang in front of net scoring greasy goals type. (Smytty and Esposito come to mind.)
      They also don’t have defense who can break out of there own end with a crisp pass or hammer the puck from the point creating havic off the rebounds and deflections.