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Don’t ask me why, but every season when the calendar turns to January, minor league prospects seem to sort themselves out. The arrows for some Bakersfield Condors have been going in a very good direction since January 1, and for others it is another year without a spike.


  1. L Josh Winquist 7, 4-5-9
  2. C Andrew Miller 9, 3-5-8
  3. R Tyler Pitlick 7, 3-4-7
  4. R Matt Ford 9, 4-3-7
  5. L Ryan Hamilton 11, 4-3-7
  6. C Jujhar Khaira 6, 1-3-4
  7. C Marco Roy 10, 2-2-4
  8. C Josh Currie 11, 0-4-4
  9. R Zack Kassian 6, 2-1-3
  10. F Kellen Jones 10, 1-2-3
  11. C Phil McRae 7, 0-2-2 
  12. R Greg Chase 4, 0-1-1 
  13. C Kyle Platzer 5, 0-1-1
  14. L Kale Kessy 8, 1-0-1
  15. L Mitch Moroz 9, 0-1-1

Josh Winquist is healthy again and delivering impressive offense. Although he remains unsigned (he is on an AHL deal with the Condors), his performance (22 shots in seven January games) is impossible to ignore. At some point, if the Oilers don’t sign him, look for another NHL team to come calling. MOST point-per-game AHL forwards, certainly those who are 22, have an NHL contract.

Tyler Pitlick waited until January for his annual tease, I saw him last night and he looked as good as I have ever seen him. Fast, effective, great passer and the play didn’t die on his stick one time. PLEASE stay healthy Tyler Pitlick, and we should probably brace for a recall after the deadline if he continues to perform at this level.

Ryan Hamilton has performed well this month, I could see him grabbing some NHL time before April. Jujhar Khaira had a suspension during the month, but has been effective when in the lineup and I wonder if he sees the NHL again this season. Based on performance, he probably gets the call.

Zack Kassian belongs in a higher league, but you knew that, and the Oilers have to be pleased with his performances in both leagues.

oesterle williams


  1. Jordan Oesterle 11, 2-6-8
  2. Joey Laleggia 7, 3-3-6
  3. Brad Hunt 2, 1-3-4
  4. David Musil 11, 0-3-3
  5. Griffin Reinhart 9, 1-1-2
  6. Dillon Simpson 11, 1-1-2
  7. Martin Gernat 7, 0-1-1
  8. Niki Nikitin 8, 0-1-1

A very nice run for Jordan Oesterle, in a normal year we might see a recall. With the Oilers having 500 lefties on the roster, he may have to wait awhile or perhaps he will find his way in another NHL organization. Certainly worth another look should the opportunity arise.

Joey Laleggia can create offense, although he has played forward so this point total isn’t pure and he might be getting a push here. Brad Hunt continues to rip sheds out of my theory that any man who can perform at an impact level in the minors can be a useful NHL player. David Musil is a rock on the blue, but Griffin Reinhart blocks him for the next decade. Something has to give there.

Dillon Simpson continues to matriculate, and as he did in college, takes on more chores with each passing month. His PK work in Bakersfield has been solid to my eye and he does have a pulse offensively. Many miles ahead, a name to keep in mind in the coming months.

brossoit williams 4


In terms of callups, I would suggest (aside from Zack Kassian and Griffin Reinhart) we may see Jujhar Khaira and Tyler Pitlick among forwards, and Jordan Oesterle plus possibly David Musil among the blue. Laurent Brossoit is a strong candidate to see NHL action based on merit, he has been the MVP in Bakersfield to my eye this year.

All photos by Mark Williams.

  • Krusher

    “PLEASE stay healthy Tyler Pitlick, and we should probably brace for a recall after the deadline if he continues to perform at this level.”

    I actually feel sorry for this guy for that very reason. Hope he can stay off IR and start gaining some traction.

  • Krusher

    Allan I was wondering about Tyler Pitlick and his injury this time around…… there one thing that keeps him out, or is he just injury prone due to his style of play?

    Every time I see him play, I can’t help but wonder why this guy is not a regular……somewhere?

  • The Soup Fascist

    What is the biggest reason (other than up against the 50 man roster) keeping the Oilers from signing Winquist?

    Lots of deficiencies to chose from. He is small, an awkward skater, not a factor physically – a long list.

    But …… He can put the puck in the net and seems to have “it” when it comes to putting up points. It’s the old “can’t teach that” argument. Personally, his skating scares me a bit – but heck, Luc Robitaille couldn’t skate either.

    * Definitely not saying Winquist is Robitaille. Just an example.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Reinhart has been average to mediocre and last night he was atrocious. Musil and Osterle have out performed him since his return this week. Since being here in Bako he is inconsistent on his physical play and his defensive work does not stand out. His first outlet pass is usually to the other team.

    Pitlick is a force to be dealt with. I think it is this wrecking ball forechecking which while extremely effective leads to his injuries. He plays 110% every game when he is healthy

    • Oil City Roller

      I’m really hoping Chia learned a lesson about taking advice from the dumbest most incompetent clowns in hockey. I get that MacT and the boys will never be fired because of Katz’s deluded fan boy dreams but Chia should have them sitting in the mail room sorting flyers, not giving hockey advice.

  • Oil City Roller

    I think the Oilers will offer Pitlick another two-way contract, if he stays healthy for the rest of the season. Magic has to happen to him, eventually.

    Khaira has been more physical since returning to Bakersfield. Three fights, including one last night. No points last night, but he had 4 shots on goal. Khaira may start next season with the Condors, but he has the potential to be a good bottom-six centre (which he is playing again) or winger for the Oilers at some point next season.

    Moroz is sitting out now, at the most important time of the season. Not a good sign in the second year of his ELC. Maybe he would be better off in Norfolk; he would be playing, anyway.

  • oilredemption

    My ten thoughts:
    1: trade deadline will see Schultz, purcell, klinkhammer, nitktin, lander and Hendricks gone
    2: shortly after gryba will be resigned
    3: khaira will get called up with pitlick, Hamilton and musil. Musil shortly goes down and Reinhart up.
    4: nilsson will be sent down, LB up for 10-15 games.
    Off season=
    5: oilers draft chyrurun with the 6th pick
    6: oilers don’t land hamonic. Instead trade eberle(retain salary) 3rd(2016) SLEPY and nilsson and get vatanen and ritchie
    7. Mark fayne trade for a 4th with salary retained. Also ference bought out and added to the front office.
    8: Josh winquist will be signed in June once their 50 contracts get figured out
    9: oilers blow their brains out and sign byfuglien, okoposo. Also sign Kevin miller, 4th line vet center and a backup goalie
    10: pitlick, kassian, pakarainen, gazdic, clendening, musil and kessy re-up on 1 year deals. Davidson and LB sign 2 year dealS. Oesterle, gernat, Miller, hunt, Hamilton walk.

    • oilredemption

      I sure hope they don’t add Ference to front office.

      If anyone, I would sooner see Smyth. He would add emotion and the need to win.

      Ference was a veteran and he should have been a leader and mentor to the your guys, Hall RNH, Eberle, etc. Didn’t seem like a leader of a team to me.

      • oilredemption

        Not saying these are good ideas. Just get the feeling this is what’s going to transpire or something along these lines. No inside knowledge obviously just a feeling. I Would definitely not trade eberle and would want Hendricks and fayne to stay. Just Chia wants to have a big lineup and these moves would make sense for that. As for macT he would probably retain the guys he likes/signed. As lowetide says gms like their guys even if they fall out of flavour.

  • Klam

    Heading to the game in Stockton tonight.

    Hoping for a great show by the Condors.

    Also hoping to see a smiling, healthy McDavid somewhere in the stadium before he heads to the Great White North with Kass, and possibly Reinhart.

  • oilredemption

    Great to see some nice performances in CA. Minor question: are they getting better crowds than OKC?

    The biggest question must revolve around the biggest star: LB. Do you keep him there garnering big ice time (& Ws) or move him up to the SHOW? I would like to see him get the move up but then AN would have to be gone by the deadline,…..

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    i keep hoping there is still something there with Pitlick but as has been mentioned here, every time he shows something he gets injured. i have a feeling that Pitlick, Gernat, Musil and Kessy, all RFA’s, may not be re-upped after this season.

    • Oilerz4life

      One of the strongest drafts in 12 years, the 2015 draft maybe the best in 2 decades or more and Oilers give up 16 and 33 for a non NHL players as of yet.

      I’m surprised more teams don’t want to deal with Edmonton. They are the weakest minds in the NHL.

      If you don’t believe me look at their record for the last 10 years.

      Only reason there is some hope by fans is McDavid which they won in a lottery. Imagine there is no McDavid.

      • Oilerz4life

        McDavid is our guy but even without him we would still be trending well. We certainly wouldn’t be striving for mediocrity for the next 15 years like mini rebuild teams often do. (Cgy, Nsh, Tor, etc.)

        As pissed as we are I think we can all agree on one thing. Once our long mistake magnifying rebuild is over we will be set up as a contender for a couple decades. McD is just the icing on the cake.

  • oilredemption

    For some reason I am getting the feeling that the Oilers mastery of the Draft Lottery will continue. By that, I don’t mean they will necessarily win the first overall draft position. It feels more like they will win the second overall drafting slot.

    If this happens, the Oilers will be faced with some very nice options.
    1. they could draft Laine or Puljujarvi.

    2. they could draft Chychrun

    3. they could trade down in the draft but stay within the top 5-10

    4. they could trade their draft choice and additional assets for a player they really need, such as a top pairing RHD.

    In any event, the Oilers are set to continue their draft dynasty. Can’t wait until they establish a Stanley Cup dynasty.

  • oilredemption

    Can we move on from Pitlick already. In the time he has been with the Oilers he has proved only that his body cannot handle the rigors of the NHL and that he is at best an AHL player. Hopefully finds a nice soft landing in Europe next year.