Monday Mailbag – Should the Oilers stop blocking shots?

Mailbag 3

Can you believe that tomorrow is the day when Connor McDavid finally returns to the lineup? It’s been three long months, but he’s finally coming back. Well… he’s coming back tomorrow, but waiting one more day is a lot better than waiting three months! Until then, we need to find ways to kill time, and the mailbag is here to help you. Enjoy.

1) Sharry asks – We have a coach in Todd McLellan that demands that every player block shots.  It has been well documented the Oilers have had zero games with their full roster. Given the injuries piling up, do you think this is wise? What is your stance on blocking shots?


I think blocking shots is part of penalty killing for sure, but we can debate its use at other times. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a complete player, and as such he is going to be killing penalties. I can’t speak to technique — maybe these young players need Jason Strudwick to come over for a session or two — but I have no quarrel with the idea of blocking shots. Injuries are part of the game, and Nuge killing penalties is just good business. I am less convinced McDavid should be a PK guy.

Jason Gregor:

I’ve never heard McLellan say he demands players block shots, but if you are on the PK then it is expected. I wouldn’t play my stars on the PK, because most don’t know how to block shots properly, and I wouldn’t waste valuable practice time teaching them that. They can excel fine without it. I think the new culture of everyone blocking shots is terrible for the game, but I don’t see it changing. It is just another aspect that makes hockey more boring than it used to be. I believe hockey is become less exciting every year and the NHL needs to eventually address it.

Robin Brownlee:

I don’t see unrelated injuries impacting a coach’s philosophy on shot blocking or his expectations on same. I’m not crazy about everybody diving in front of pucks, but that’s just me.

Jason Strudwick:

I think blocking shots is a part of winning. However I don’t think players need to put their hands out like goalies to stop the puck. Line up with the shooters stick — this makes it easier for the goalie to predict where the shot will go.


Nuge aside, they luckily haven’t really had anyone go down due to injury long term due to shot blocking. I grew up being taught that you basically do everything in your power to stop the puck from reaching your net, including throwing your body in front of it, so my gut reaction is, “It’s just part of the game” type of thing. But as guys get bigger and stronger, and shots get harder and harder, I do have more of a hard time justifying your top end guys going out there and getting in the way of point shots. And I mean what’s more valuable: a healthy Nuge playing every game and helping your team win, or blocking one shot that probably wasn’t going to go in anyway? And as we’ve talked about ad nauseam this season goalies seem to be getting better and better every year, so I think we’re getting to a point where shot blocking is not remotely as valuable as it was 10, 20 years ago. Long story short PLEASE DON’T MAKE CONNOR GO OUT THERE AND BLOCK SHOTS!

Jonathan Willis:

Blocking shots is an expected part of the job, and with good reason; it makes it tougher for the opposition to score. Todd McLellan has talked about the need to do it safely, and that seems like the key issue to me: making sure that when players go to block shots they’re facing the blast head on and standing up whenever possible so as not to expose less protected areas. 


Seeing Matt Hendricks get hit in the nuts with that puck made me think that they should not only ban blocking shots, but replace all pucks with foam pellets. And don’t even get me started on how bad I feel that poor Nugey broke his… cleaning hand. 

2) Duffy from Calgary asks – Is there an actual reason that can explain the obscenely jaw-dropping amount of injuries the Oilers are suffering this season (oh ya, and every other year in recent memory)? Like conditioning, playing a reckless style of hockey, etc. Or do we just chalk it up to plain old-fashion bad luck? (If you believe in curses, you are free to give that as a viable explanation I suppose)


I saw the Eberle injury and it looked like an everyday play. So that was a fluke for sure. Others, like Klefbom or Nuge, are part of the game and tough to avoid. Hopefully Edmonton has a change of luck for next year.  Conditioning? I can’t speak to that but skating in the NHL seems like a tough thing to do when you are not in shape.

Jason Gregor:

Conditioning has little to do with broken bones or deep bruises (McDavid, RNH, Klefbom, Hendricks, Korpikoski). Yak got tackled by a ref and Eberle’s was a shoulder issue — not a conditioning thing. They have bad luck and the organization seems a bit cursed. Since 2009 the Oilers are sixth in man games lost to injury. Having younger players who aren’t physically as mature as other teams might be a small part, but mainly they have terrible luck. If I was them I’d have a Shaman or someone else “cleanse” their room, or at very least bless their new rink before playing in it. I don’t see how it would hurt.

Robin Brownlee:

What does conditioning or a reckless style have to do with Connor McDavid’s busted collarbone or Nail Yakupov’s ankle sprain or a puck that breaks Oscar Klefbom’s knuckle/hand or a concussion from a head shot? Nothing. Frustrating that injuries pile up, but I don’t see any connection.

Jason Strudwick:

I do not believe in curses although I do believe in witches. Many of the Oilers’ injuries have been bad luck. I do think that players become more likely to become injured when they are tired. This doesn’t mean they are out of shape just means a lot of games and maybe too much ice time.


I’m going with curses. The Oilers are still repaying all that karma from the 80s dynasty by constantly being terrible, and I think the injuries are the bad side of the whole “use this monkey paw to wish for all the number one draft picks” thing that Katz seems to have gotten himself into. On top of that, now we’ve forsaken Rexall by building Rogers Place, so even it was like, “Oh what so I’m not good enough for you anymore? FINE THEN CHECK OUT ALL THESE RUTS IN THE ICE!!” No other explanation makes sense to me.

Jonathan Willis:

I think it’s overstated. Edmonton was below average in terms of man-games lost in 2012-13, according to They were sixth in 2013-14, but near the bottom of the league by that site’s quality of losses metric. They were 12th in 2014-15 and again near the bottom of the league by quality of losses. Every team has injuries, and prior to this year I don’t see a pattern of particularly bad fortune in that department.


I squarely blame the injury problems on Chris the Intern. Things really started taking a turn for the worse when he started writing the injury report. If you’re looking for someone to blame, make it Chris. 

3) Dale asks – How does Adam Clendening affect how Peter Chiarelli approaches the trade deadline? Does he even have an impact?


I think there is an impact, yes. For me, I would bet one of Justin Schultz or Mark Fayne are heading out of town. Schultz because Clendening duplicates his skill set, and Fayne because there may be value for Fayne in the marketplace and another righty (to add to Gryba, Schultz and now Clendening) may have been warranted.

Jason Gregor:

I don’t see it impacting much. He is third pairing depth, which they have a lot of. It helps he is a right shot and gives them a bit more depth on that side, but I don’t see how his appearance makes Chiarelli hungrier to make a deal. I’d hope he was starving to make one prior to adding him.

Robin Brownlee:

Don’t know the player well enough to know what impact he’ll have. Adding depth in an area of need is never a bad idea. For now, I see Clendening as that.

Jason Strudwick:

I think this opens up the right side of the D to trade options. I don’t know that Adam is a long term solution based on his NHL play this far into his career but he can fill a hole if someone leaves.


I think it makes Schultz more expendable, if that was even possible at this point. I still don’t know much about Clendening but from everything I’ve ready he’s in a similar mould as Schultz (high end offensive D-man in the AHL still trying to find his way in the NHL, similar in size, etc), so I can see Chiarelli looking at him as a stop gap in the very least to fill the hole left by Schultz at, or before the trade deadline. Best case scenario he’s a long term solution in the 4-5-6 role on the right side, which leaves one less hole for Chiarelli to fill, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Jonathan Willis:

I wonder a little bit if what Chiarelli was hearing from other general managers didn’t inform the Clendening acquisition. In a lot of cases, teams want to keep contracts neutral, so a warm body comes back when a rental player is shipped out. All the Clendening add means from a deadline perspective is that when Chiarelli starts making subtractions on the right side of the blue line he doesn’t need to bring a body in.


On the North x NorthGretz podcast I declared that Justin Schultz will be traded this week. I also predicted Connor McDavid would be back on New Year’s Eve, and again two weeks ago against Calgary, so you know I’m good. 

4) Brett asks – If you were having a fantasy draft and are allowed to choose three forwards, two defenseman, and one goalie, which current NHLers would you choose for your team?


Braden Holtby, Duncan Keith, Erik Karlsson, Jamie Benn, Taylor Hall, Alex Ovechkin.

Jason Gregor:

What are rules of the league? Straight up points, or are goals worth more? PIMs? Shots on goal? Depends what rules are. If it is just straight points and it’s a keeper league: Patrick Kane, Jamie Benn, Connor McDavid, Erik Karlsson, Brent Burns and Braden Holtby.

Robin Brownlee:

Kane, Benn, Seguin, Karlsson, Burns, Holtby.

Jason Strudwick:

Goalie: Lundqvist

D: Duncan Keith, Drew Doughty

F: Jamie Benn, Jonny Toews, Pat Kane


McDavid, Ovechkin and Benn up front, Subban and Doughty on the back end and Corey Schneider between the pipes.

Jonathan Willis:

I hate to say this, but it really does depend. If I’m reading your question right, we’re talking about fantasy hockey, though you don’t specify a keeper league or a one-year deal. If we’re just looking over the rest of this year I’d be super boring and go with Patrick Kane and the Dallas Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin duo (which gives you a nice LW-C-RW balance). On defence, Erik Karlsson is obvious and Brent Burns is scoring goals at a ludicrous pace. In net I don’t trust Carey Price to get back soon enough or Cory Schneider to collect wins, so it’s basically a coin toss between Corey Crawford and Braden Holtby. I think I’d take Holtby but it’s close.


Benn, Toews, McDavid up front, Karlsson and Weber on D, 1999 Dominik Hasek in net. 

5) Alex asks – Pretend that you’re trapped on a deserted island and you’re only allowed to have three luxury items. What do you choose?


What do you consider a luxury item? I will say swim-up bar with endless drinks (that is one), luxury hotel attached to the swim-up bar, Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island. Oh, and it is all comp’d.

Jason Gregor:

A chef — I want to eat well.

A masseuse…

A big screen TV with internet access.

Robin Brownlee:

A helicopter. I won’t need the other two.

Jason Strudwick:

1- Blistex Lip Medex

2- Body Pillow

3- Neil Diamond greatest hits


Some kind of solar powered generator so that I could power one of those TVs with a built in DVD player and a DVD copy of “How To Get Off A Desert Island” so I get could the hell out of there. And if that DVD is not available than a copy of Terminator 2 as it is the best movie of all time.

Jonathan Willis:

First item, no question, is my Kindle. I’ve got enough on there to read to last several years on a desert island, and maybe I’ll finally finish Moby Dick. Naturally I’ll need some kind of solar panel hookup for that. Finally, if I could arrange for a crate of Highland Park to wash ashore, that would just about do it.


Machete, fire stick, box of porn (assorted). A guy can get lonely, ya know?


Can you believe that we’ve been through 37 McDavid-less games since that horrible November night when he crashed into the boards and broke his angel wing? Three months have past, and we’ve all been left to pray for his return and find any means possible to pass the time until then. The wait is nearly over, and we’re throwing a charity shindig at the Pint Downtown to celebrate. 

What does your ticket get you?

  • A limited edition Nation shirt
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As always, 100% of the proceeds for the Connor’s Better will be donated directed to the Inner City Children’s Program in an effort to help “foster positive interpersonal relationships, self-confidence, resilience, and skills acquisition in inner city, at-risk, low income children in elementary and junior high settings through holistic, year-round programming and community collaboration.”

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  • MattyFranchise

    No, but maybe they should work on more puck possession so they won’t have to block as many shots. This is the bigger issue.

    Teams who block tons of shots obviously never have the puck. That’s a bad team.

    • mithaman

      Why does this comment have so many Cheers?

      -Most of these injuries happen on the penalty kill. Doesn’t matter how good you are, you’re a man down and will be blocking ton of shots.

      -Even if you do have better Even Strength possession you are still going to face 50+ shot attempts per game.

      Magically having more possession wouldn’t make any difference on the Nuge situation and have very little impact on future shot blocking injuries.

      • Your right, most shot blocks come from the penalty kill. Again, the main cause of getting called penalties against is typically lack of puck possession like I stated earlier. Overall, more puck possession will result in less penalties as the team without the puck tends to get called for more calls and better general 5v5 puck possession numbers will result in having to block less shots and putting players at risk.

        So yeah, the cheers are warranted.

        • mithaman

          FACT – Edmonton has taken 152 minor penalties this year. That’s good for 6 fewest in the league.

          FACT – Team’s block way more shots in the ~55 minutes of even strength than the 5 minutes they are on the penalty kill.

          FACT – I WIN

  • Serious Gord

    Jonathon that site only goes back five years. Go back to the lost season – I think that the oil are near the top in games lost for the ten years.

    As for quality of games lost – is it possible that bad teams have fewer quality players and thus skew lower?

  • oilredemption

    I am so happy that Connor is back that the idiotic questions and answers don’t bug me. I am so jacked that even Serious Gord moaning doesn’t bring me down.

  • oilredemption

    “I wouldn’t play my stars on the PK, because most don’t know how to block shots properly, and I wouldn’t waste valuable practice time teaching them that.”

    I’m sorry Gregor, but I cannot agree with this mentality. I understand not wanting to expose your top players to blocking shots, as it increases your chance of injury and the increased percentage would likely result in injuries occurring more often, but to not spend time teaching these young men how to properly protect themselves is wrong in my opinion.

    I understand the mentality of not wanting to waste any practice time on something that is superfluous, but I would argue wasting a couple practices to teach these men some safety is a better waste of time then reteaching some of the same aspects of your system over and over again due to you never having a full audience to teach it to.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    The Great Big Sea version of REM’s brilliant song keeps going through my head except with a slight lyric change: ITS THE END OF MCDAVIDS IR TIME AND I FEEL FINEEEEEE…

    So. Damn. Excited.

  • Sean17

    We went through this a looooong time ago in 2012 with Dustin “Pancakes” Penner ,who I still believe was one of the most talented big-dogs I have ever seen.I sided with Dustin in 2012 and I side with him today,Burke has it right to not expect his star players to block shots, and as pointed out so succinctly earlier in the article above NO ONE HAS PROOF McLellan is forcing anyone via process to block shots —ITS ALL CONJECTURE RIGHT BECAUSE WE ARE ALL TO STUPID TO SEE WHAT HE IS DOING SYSTEMICLY OUT THERE RIGHT???LMAO…this is the bullspit Oilers we are discussing here remember nothing but teflon-turds comes from them or their supporters,we are all BLIND OR DELUSIONAL RIGHT?LMAO….we cant understand the finer details of the TOP SECRET SYSTEMS AND THE PROPRIETARY DATA THE OILERS USE RIGHT?Jeezus give us all a break already lol ,and stop putting our star players in positions of higher than normal danger vi Process and do insult our intelligence by playing possum like Oates does when it comes to discussing NHL Systems pretending he doesnt discuss them with plyers when that is exactly what he is teaching them and gleaning from them individually in this teaching process.

    There are many many effective impactfull process adjustments which Coaches can apply to reduce the number of times their players are put in positions to be required via PROCESS to block shots ….exactly like there are an equal number of process adjustments which will FORCE your men into these positions….lets not pretend anything different ok?Especially you Strudwick….I would break this down further but last time we did that the Faceoff article I wrote my data was ripped off by Dellow and he parlayed it into a job in the NHL,so forget it,and Struds you are an ex-NHLer and should have a hell of a lot more to add to these types of conversations than you volunteer,step up you game big-dog people have expectations of you due to your NHL Legacy.

    I can name 10 very real very impactfull Process “pillars” and Process “posts” or for those unfamiliar with NHS terminologies “small details”, which force players to engage in very high risk dynamics encouraging shot blocking by proxy of process projection…..and then I can list another 10 which when applied to the EXACT SAME SYSTEM discourge these high risk behavious by proxy of Process.For an impactfull sample size of this type of awareness the Oilers may buy a single game ticket to the NHS show for 39,634.16 US dollars ,nice things are expensive.

      • wiseguy

        Boy would we ever love to get your big ginger arse out to the woodshed kiddo….belive it,you require a short walk down a long path out in the back 40…do you know this?I would be so happy to take you there,you would be worth the 90 days….LMAO.

    • Hi – I’m unfamiliar with NHS terminologies. Could you please name the 10 Process pillars and posts for me? I’d be interested to see how they can influence the same behaviour in two different directions as you describe.

      • mithaman

        Sure…just pony up your 5k and come join everyone at the NewAge Workshop coming to a city near you soon….all the hockey stuff will be a bonus value free of charge its not worth much really….LMAO.

        LOL….you wish me to teach you ten process details or adjustments which will force your Players via Process to put themselves at a greater risk of injury blocking shots to compensate for a weak System?Sure…thats 2500 bucks.You must need to neutralise opponents who are hammering an unusually high volume of shots at you huh so you WANT TO BLOCK MORE SHOTS ?MMMmm you have a bigger slower team you cannot effectively attack the incoming pressure in the n-zone and like to use solid structure… No problems.

        You wish me to teach you ten process details or adjustments which will force your Players via Process to NOT put themselves at a greater risk of injury blocking shots to create an optimal impact?That will cost you 2500 bucks.You must need to keep the high volume of 2nd shots catalysing out of a high volume of first shots{lol} out of your wheelhouse in front and to the sides of your net…MMmm you must have smaller faster team and a preference for the quick transition creative offense huh? No problems.

        You should just sign up for the NHS Workshop…only one EVER…in Edmonton…full Identity disclosure required at the door…we are picky about who we teach.LMAO.No video or radio recording devices and no mechanical reproductions or notes…nothing ….LMAO…sound like fun huh?Only 99 seats available now so jump quick when you see them come up.

        Nice things are expensive .

        • mithaman

          I can vouch for your faceoff article as it was the only formal post on It seems to have miraculously disappeared from the archived posts never to be found again.

          • oilredemption

            Oh it wasnt Airwolf….it was a fiscally driven Stakeholder Group of individuals who have colluded to illegally and artificially manage an Industry …lol..and in the process bitten off much much more than they can chew and who have been following some very very questionable legal advice for nerly a decade ASSUMING they would never be held accountable.Assuming the benefit of the doubt would always be on their side.

            Right now Moma2 is shopping around for the most impactfull vested source of legal impetus to go to war with….lol…..the potential rewards are now big enough to approach Big-Dogs…its just a matter of finding someone who has more to gain then Moma2 by setting he record straight.

            Recessons tend to motivate hungry Law Firms,and sometimes one must strike while the iron is hot .

            Something wicked his way walks…and it feeds on fiscally driven Stakeholder Groups comprised of thieves and con-jobs.

            Wait for it.

          • Oh it wasnt Airwolf….it was a fiscally driven Stakeholder Group of individuals who have colluded to illegally and artificially manage an Industry …lol..and in the process bitten off much much more than they can chew and who have been following some very very questionable legal advice for nerly a decade ASSUMING they would never be held accountable.Assuming the benefit of the doubt would always be on their side.

            Right now Moma2 is shopping around for the most impactfull vested source of legal impetus to go to war with….lol…..the potential rewards are now big enough to approach Big-Dogs…its just a matter of finding someone who has more to gain then Moma2 by setting he record straight.

            Recessons tend to motivate hungry Law Firms,and sometimes one must strike while the iron is hot .

            Something wicked his way walks…and it feeds on fiscally driven Stakeholder Groups comprised of thieves and con-jobs.

            Wait for it.

          • Thank you for your honesty Officer Frank Murphy…you are a standup individual.

            One day soon a forensic audit much more complete than Bob Nicholsons executed with greater resources than he had acess to will illustrate the truth we recognise ,its a work in progress.Keep the faith.

    • Randaman

      LOL…remember to drop by the Pint after the Oilers finally pay the Piper and cough up the dough they will be required to pony up for the NHS …there will be a bell rung if they still do that anymore and the House will have a drink to this particular brand of genius…..and a Charity will be helped on ON and will recieve 10% as promised many years ago.

      This is no Dellow con-job stats BS…and the NHS price tag is reflective of Industry value defined by every Cup since 2012 and another Pro Sports Championship as well….LMAO.

      @Paul Wodehouse….why dont you ask Struds about that Faceoff article Dellow pirated….maybe he will “recall” the original Moma2/NAS article and direct you to it,if he can find his cojones that is,they seemed to have ascended and hidden themselves somewhere since then .

      Dont believe in Witches Struds…..its your Moma2 who has been doing the spanking and you know it ….lol…..Moma2 doesnt ride broomstick lol.

      No BS here pal…….especially the price-tag for Katz and his Team because what Darryl really has to do is MAKE FRIENDS WITH an Autodidactic Intuitive Empath who his employees happen to have screwed in the ear wronged fisclly deprived and upset to the tenth degree….and arguing that point simply drives up the price of the NHS….there is no “business deal ” to be found here,never was.This is 100% cornered market , there IS ONLY ONE OF THESE INFLUENCES IN THE WORLD.Like there is only one Wayne Gretzky and one Air Jordan and one Elvis Presley.Its not such a hard principal to understand,LMAO….just hard to pay for because you have to COMPLY to all demands and become a friend before you pay AND there is NO NEGOTIATION POSSIBLE.

      Really the NHS and IDA and IDM and all of the data sets are SECONDARY IN VALUE to the real-time read and reacts an Autodidactic Intuitive Empath is able to provide to an NHL or any Team.Moma2 can simply become a fan and hold your hand and walk you there game by game right to Lord Stanleys Cup or destroy you at will from the other side of the road.So you may view the data releases as sample sizes designed to foster a greater sense of urgency from within the Oiler braintrust…..nothing was released to the Kings /Hawks/NHL which cannot be macro/micro managed by its creator…the panic and knee-jerk rections were overly-dramatic…LMAO….you only drove your own price up…history shows the NHS cost only thank you…then escalated to thanks and a coffee mug,then upped to that plus a job and an office…and well lets just say some of the Oilers mangers are not quick learners…good ones but not quick ones…LMAO….dont feel bad your opponents hve been specificlly denied back-to-back Cups and Dynsty Definitions and look at poor Hartley he did nearly everything right but lst seson when aknowledgement and thank yous were requested in the form of NHS hts being worn …well evidence shows he balked at payment and he was PUNTED from the Playoffs like yesterdays news as will happen again becuse he took things and when things were asked of him he became a thief and a pirate by proxy of denial,his re-pyments could go on for ten more years its up to him,when NAS is tired of the Kings/Hawks ping-pong they will be PUNTED AS WELL…..maybe we will work Vegas over again and bring the bottom feeder to the playoffs then Stanley Cup in 2017
      like we nearly did with the Flamers{Hartley you cost me a nice chunk of change refusing to wear those hats but principals are what they are you plick}…lol…guys gotta make his money somehow man…..the bloody NHL is soooo cheap you gotta moonlight…LMAO.

  • LibrarianMike

    I believe out “core” shouldn’t block shots. They already don’t hit, play defense, and play along the boards-so there is no harm in them not blocking shots.

  • On another note, I really hope the Oilers make the playoffs because this break has shown me I am not ready to stop watching and talking about hockey yet. The summer is soooooo long.

  • Jay (not J)

    The Oilers re-called Kassian and Reinhart. Is it possible that the Oilers will hold-off on bringing McDavid into the line-up?

    After the Columbus game tomorrow they go on a 4 game road trip and then return home to face…The Leafs.

    Maybe the team might consider not playing him until then and there could be strategy behind it. There would be 27 games left and with McDavid having played only 13 games, that means he would at best suit up in 40 games this year and if he plays in 39 or less the Oilers get to keep an extra RFA year (i.e. Leon last year).

    I hope that ain’t the case but would not be surprised if they do.

    • Jay (not J)

      If the Oilers do this they are REALLY STUPID.

      You don’t treat your franchise player like that.

      If McDavid plays the majority of the games next year and is in the top 5-10 in scoring I would tear up his entry level contract and give him an extension at 10M per year.

      That would show the NHL and all the free agents that the Oilers have moved on from the pettiness of the Klowe era (smyth, the Brick kid, etc).

      • Jay (not J)

        I agree with you completely. Connor is one of those rare players that at the end of next season the Oilers should be signing for the max 8 years at anything between 8 and 10 mil. The extra RFA year will do no good for a player of that stature. But honestly this is the Oilers and nothing would surprise me

    • S cottV

      Yeah – that’s interesting involving McD.

      No real chance to make the playoffs.

      PC wouldn’t want to upset McD and his handlers – too much for the long term, but – it’s a business and an extra RFA year would be tempting.

      • Jay (not J)

        The extra RFA year will not make a difference in Mcdavid negotiations because he should be handed an 8 year max. I am really hoping that we hear later today about McDavid being activated off of IR or else the Oilers have just slapped Connor and the fans in the face….AGAIN

  • Citizen David

    It’s incredible that Hall, Eberle, Nuge, and McDavid all had major injuries in their rookie seasons. The injuries our players have received are ridiculous. Hall falls weirdly in a fight, Hall gets his face stepped on, Nuge catches a rut and falls at just the right place and angle and force on his shoulder, Yak gets tackled around the face by a ref, Klefbom random leg infection.

    • Jay (not J)

      The injury situation is pretty simple to explain.

      Kevin Lowe

      Kevin Lowe has 6 rings.

      When Kevin Lowe won his Stanley Cup with the Rangers there were 6 other Oilers on the gteam – Anderson, Beukeboom, Graves, MacT, Messier, Tik.


      And we all know what that stands for ………

  • Off topic but

    I listened to the NBC feed for the ASG.

    Jeremy Roenic was on the bench and he was interviewing John Scott. Roenic told Scott that he was wrong to say that Scott should not have attend the ASG.

    John Scott said to Roenic “You are wrong about a lot of things”

    It was priceless.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Players should block shots, just not with their hands. Mackinnon was close to the top in blocked shots among forwards last time I checked and I doubt he’s putting himself at risk every night.

    We should ask Gary Roberts how many pushups you have to do before 100 mile an hour slap shots don’t break your bones…/s

  • Randaman

    I like the idea of different equipment for penalty killing. Gloves with more padding, longer sticks, strap on skate protectors (some teams use these in the playoffs) It would only take 15/20 seconds to add or subtract this equipment as a guy is skating to the box.