Winners and a Brand New Pool at

Remember last week when I told you guys that someone was going to win a two-year lease on a brand new Ford Escape from Kentwood Ford? Well… The points have been counted, ties have been broken, and it’s time to reveal the winners. Roll the clip!


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.40.29 AM

Now that the All-Star Game is in the books, and we all developed healthy man crushes on John Scott, it’s time to look forward at the second half of the NHL season. As such, we have launched a brand new NationDraft to get you through the final months of the regular season and get you started on developing a playoff strategy. 

The rules of this draft are simple, you pick one player from each box of players and try to accumulate the most points possible (the rest of the rules are here). This will be the last time we do a pick’em style draft, as we will be incorporating trades into the playoff draft, but that’s a story for another day. The goal of today’s pool is to stock up on points like the greedy little point gremlin that you are. 

Since no good draft can exist without prizes we emptied Wanye’s bank account and put together a slick little stack of Uncle Visa’s money for you to spend. 

The Prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $1000 VISA Gift Card
  • 2nd prize: $500 VISA Gift Card
  • 3rd prize: Mystery Prize! (More details soon)
  • 4th prize: $100 VISA Gift Card
  • 5th prize: $50 VISA Gift Card
  • 6th – 20th prizes: $20 VISA Gift Card or $20 iTunes Gift Card

Most importantly, a portion of NationDraft entries will go to support our friends at Earth Group. Earth Group is committed to supporting the global fight against hunger by providing 250,000 school meals in developing countries each year. 

Sign up for the mid-season draft today and show the world how smart you are.