Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – February 2, 2016

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“This article needs more McDavid” is what I shamelessly wrote in one of my first Injury Reports 17 weeks ago. In what seemed to be one of the most trashed comments in Oilersnation history, I arguably jinxed our saviour and the Oilers season in five short words. Obviously, I didn’t mean it in the way that everyone took it, but, unfortunately, you can’t reverse something like that. Four long months passed of me being being ridiculed and harassed, but the time has finally come where the hockey gods have forgiven me and returned the McDavid back to us. Connor McDavid will dress tonight against the Blue Jackets. Happy days!


Davidson, Klefbom, Nuge, and Ference remain on the IR still as the all-star break changed nothing for these guys. Here are some quick points on what we already know.

  • There hasn’t been much talk about Brandon Davidson’s injury lately. This morning, Todd McLellan stated that there is a chance he may return for our next game in Ottawa. We don’t even know what kind of injury he has! If it’s anything like all the other Oiler injuries this year, he probably broke two ribs and fractured his liver trying to fist bump Justin Schultz after a good shift. 
  • RNH’s hand is still broken. No it didn’t heal itself magically during the all-star break as we all hoping would happen. He will still be out for 6-8 weeks and nothing has changed. Hopefully we’ll get to see him again before the season ends. 
  • There is still no update on Oscar Klefbom at the moment. We are all still hoping Todd McLellan wasn’t lying last week when he said Klefbom will return shortly after the all-star break from a staph infection. For now we will all cross our fingers, toes, arms, and any other crossable body part we have, hoping he will come back to us ASAP. 
  • Andrew Ference will be out for the remainder of the season as he is going for surgery on his hip. Along with the free travel, money, fame, girls*, gear, and talent that you get from playing pro hockey, in my opinion one of the biggest benefits has to be the convenient health care. If Andrew Ference wanted a new funny bone, achilles tendon, or even some nice butt implants I’m sure doctors would be lining up to serve him. You can’t deny the awesome benefits. Unfortunately we’re stuck with normal-people doctors. FORTUNATELY, we have good people at the Capilano Rehab Centre available to tend to our injuries. Please contact them through their website, or call (780) 466-1104 for any of your injury needs.
  • Some news we just learned this morning is that Justin Schultz will be questionable for the Columbus game tonight. It sounds like the flu bug I started in Nation HQ last week found it’s way to him somehow. We must have mutual friends.

Nation News


We’ve got a crazy busy week happening in and around Nation HQ. We are all preparing our bodies for what is about to come with our Connor’s Better party tonight. Luckily I forgot Drinko at home. If you’re gonna be watching the game at home, you might as well come down to the Pint downtown at 5pm today and watch it with us! Tickets are $25 but you make that up immediately with the $25 Pint gift certificate included in the swag bag. Also in the swag bag are NEW Connor’s Better t-shirts, Oodle Noodle gift certificates, and other Oilersnation novelties that you don’t want to miss out on. Buy your tickets here!

Also in the works is our Nation Ski Trip which kicks off this Thursday afternoon! If you missed your chance to buy tickets for this weekend I feel bad for you son, cause I’ve got 99 problems but the lack of a Nation Ski Trip ticket to Marmot Basin this weekend ain’t one. Sorry about that, Connor McDavid has all of us feeling a little Jay-Z-ey today for some reason.

Did someone say podcast? No? Well since we’re talking about podcasts, this weekend we are going to attempt something no one in the history of the North x NorthGretz podcast has ever done. We’re taking it on the road! That’s right, the gang will be recording next week’s podcast this weekend while we’re in Jasper. After thinking about it, there are only two possible ways this thing goes. Number 1 – We are all too drunk to record the podcast, making it either very bad or very entertaining. Number 2 – We are all too hungover to record the podcast, making it either very bad or very entertaining. Either way, next week’s podcast will be a must-listen.