The Connor’s Better Photoshop Finalists

Last week, I asked you guys to fire up your photoshop machines, kill some company time, and show the world how Connor’s busted clavicle has been repaired and upgraded. Not only is Connor better, he’ll be making his return to the lineup tonight and I could not be any more excited! The countdown is on…

To get the festivities started I’m rolling out a fresh lot of photoshop warlords for you to peruse and vote on. As always, the Nation stepped up and raised the bar to an outer-worldly level.  Although there were many fine entries, we had the tough task of paring them down to six finalists. It wasn’t an easy task, but judging heroes like you guys seldom is…

As always, I will load up the rest of the photoshops onto our Facebook page and Instagram for you guys to enjoy and share as you see fit. 



For 37 games, Connor McDavid was a lone wolf wandering the deserted plains of injury. Unlike Matt Damon, Connor will be the one that saves us in the end. I also like the idea of Connor wearing a full face covering helmet. Why? I like to look at him, but I also want to make sure that his beautiful face goes uninjured. 



Tell me something… How funkin’ awesome does Connor McDavid look with a salt-and-pepper moustache/goatie combo? The answer is really funkin’ awesome. This entry will surely resonate with everyone that may still be suffering from a subsiding Star Wars boner, and launch you back from six to midnight. May the force be with you, but mostly with me. 

3) The McTerminator


Connor McDavid is a sophisticated sex hockey robot sent back through time to change the world for one lucky hockey team. That team is the Edmonton Oilers. You will note that the artist upgraded not only Connor’s shoulder/clavicle area, but also his right leg which I assume means that he will be even faster somehow. 



“Oh great, this guy again.” If there was ever a downside to Connor’s return it will only be the fact that we’ll also be seeing those awful Rogers commercials again. Will Mark Messier ever be able to leave Connor alone? I have my doubts, but then again I can’t say that I blame him. 



What has been updated on Connor McDavid? Apparently everything. Not only was his humanly body replaced by an Ironman costume, but he also seems to have found a way to knock Kate Winslet off that door from the end of Titanic. Maybe if Connor had been there then Leo would still be alive? We may never know.



We all loved this entry. Why? Because there can only be one, and despite the fact that there are many high end rookies playing this season they all pale in comparison to Connor McDavid. Remember that scene in the Matrix when Neo started seeing the world in code? That’s how Connor plays hockey. 


As always, we will handle the voting in the pollz section on the right hand side of your screen. We’ll keep the voting rolling right through until Wednesday at midnight, or Thursday morning when I get into the office — whichever I remember first. Here’s what you’re voting for:

The prizes:

  • 1st place – ONAD sweater, a Nation tee, Nation ONAD Snapback hat, a Pint GC, an Oodle Noodle GC, and a sticker package.
  • 2nd place – A Nation tee, ONAD Snapback hat, a Pint GC, an Oodle Noodle GC, and sticker package
  • 3rd place – ONAD Snapback hat, Pint GC, Oodle Noodle GC, and sticker package
  • I’ll also pick 5 random entrants to win an Oodle Noodle GC.


Can you believe that we’ve been through 37 McDavid-less games since that horrible November night when he crashed into the boards and broke his angel wing? Three months have past, and we’ve all been left to pray for his return and find any means possible to pass the time until then. The wait is nearly over, and we’re throwing a charity shindig at the Pint Downtown to celebrate. 

What does your ticket get you?

  • A limited edition Nation shirt
  • $25 Pint GC
  • $10 Noodle GC
  • Nation collectors cup.
  • Memories that last a lifetime.

As always, 100% of the proceeds for the Connor’s Better will be donated directed to the Inner City Children’s Program in an effort to help “foster positive interpersonal relationships, self-confidence, resilience, and skills acquisition in inner city, at-risk, low income children in elementary and junior high settings through holistic, year-round programming and community collaboration.”

Tickets are available here and will also be sold at the door.