GDB LIII Wrap Up: Oilers @ Canadiens


Once again, those fools who run this website have left me in charge of the post-game summary. We’re going to do things just a little bit differently today, tracking the ebb and flow of the game with descriptions of all the chances for and against. As per usual, we include your tweets.

Of course, if you just want to revel in misery after a brutal loss to a terrible team, head to the comments section and cry your eyes out and/or burn Justin Schultz in effigy.

For our purposes here scoring chances are any shots from the home plate area in front of the net.

First Period

  • 19:12 – EDM – Of a scrambled offensive one draw in which all three forwards worked hard to win the puck, Eberle comes away with it and puts a good shot on net from point blank range. McDavid picks up the rebound and puts it off the side of the net. The McDavid line and the Davidson/Gryba pairing hold the zone for a long time.
  • 15:22 – MTL – Lars Eller gets a shot from the slot after a series of breakdowns. Eberle made a bad defensive zone turnover which the Oilers recovered from, but then McDavid lost a puck battle in the neutral zone a moment later. Montreal counterattacked, and Nurse made the decision to hold the blue line, leaving Eller to Pouliot; Pouliot tried to block the pass rather than staying with his man.
  • 12:33 – MTL 1-0 goal (PP) – With Gryba in the box, the Canadiens capitalize on the power play. Nurse did a good job forcing a dump-in, and Schultz retrieved it but then turned it over on his clearing attempt. Korpikoski and Pakarinen got crossed up by puck and player movement at the point, leaving a ton of space for a Tomas Plekanec point shot. Nurse wasn’t able to push Brendan Gallagher out of the way; he provided the screen and may have tipped the puck.
  • 11:48 – EDM – Eberle won the puck in the offensive zone, then had another point blank chance. McDavid made the initial zone entry before losing the puck inside Montreal’s end. Eberle had previously exited the zone. Edmonton got control of the puck after Pouliot forced the Canadiens to toss the puck away in the Oilers zone, at which point Nurse retrieved it. Eberle drew a penalty on the play.
  • 10:36 – MTL – Schultz made his second terrible turnover in the span of about 10 seconds, this one almost unforced, and Montreal took the puck shorthanded up ice. Letestu looked like a pylon as he tried to play the defenceman role and Talbot was forced to make a good stop on Tomas Plekanec.

  • 7:32 – EDM (PP) – With Edmonton on the power play courtesy of Eberle, Hall blasts a one-timer from the top of the circle that Ben Scrivens just gets a piece of. It’s the culmination of two quick passes from first Nail Yakupov and then Justin Schultz.
  • 5:28 – MTL – Letestu can’t control the puck offensively, resulting in a loss of possession. Sekera is aggressive along the boards and Yakupov loses his man leading to a two-on-one against. Fayne goes down and prevents the pass and nearly blocks the shot, but not quite.
  • 3:59 – EDM – Sekera forces a neutral zone turnover with a good defensive play, allowing Hall to gain the zone with the puck. He quickly passes to Draisaitl who just as quickly relays to Purcell for a decent chance.
  • 3:49 – MTL 2-0 goal – Montreal is on a 4-on-2 rush as both Draisaitl is knocked over and trapped after that Oilers chance and Hall makes absolutely no effort on the backcheck. Purcell gets back but overcommits to the puck carrier, reinforcing Sekera and creating a 2-on-2 on one side of the ice. Montreal’s puck-carrier passes over, leaving Fayne in no-man’s land trying to defend a 2-on-1 with both his charges; he gets in front of the shooter but can’t prevent the shot and ends up screening the goal against. Draisaitl has an excuse, but Hall’s lack of effort getting back was inexcusable and Purcell exacerbated it with a bad decision.
  • 2:05 – EDM – Sekera one-times the puck for a good chance off a nice McDavid setup. Eberle made the initial steal in the offensive zone.
  • 1:21 – MTL – Draisaitl loses the offensive zone faceoff. He then gets beat out of the corner by Sven Andrighetto, who tries to jam the puck in on the short side. He takes a penalty in front of the net a moment later.

Second Period

  • 17:54 – EDM – Gryba knocks his man over in the defensive zone, creating a turnover. Purcell outlets to Hall, who rushes up ice. Hall and Draisaitl give-and-go, and then Hall puts the puck to the front of the net where a pinching Davidson gets a great look.

  • 12:16 – EDM (PP) – With Edmonton on the power play courtesy of Gryba, Purcell exits the defensive zone, passes off to Hall and then gets the puck back. He sets up Draisaitl for a great look from right in front of Ben Scrivens.
  • 11:56 – MTL (SH) – Schultz whiffs on a puck, leading to a great shorthanded chance.

  • 9:42 – MTL – Letestu can’t connect with Kassian on his pass, and Montreal intercepts. Letestu lifts the stick of his man on Tom Gilbert’s wring-around, but Yakupov can’t get to the point in time to take the Canadiens’ second skater. Kassian is out of position, leaving Nurse facing a two-on-one; Nurse isn’t able to block the pass and Max Pacioretty gets a good shot.
  • 9:03 – MTL – McDavid loses a defensive zone faceoff. Montreal has possession for a while and McDavid intercepts a pass but promptly loses the puck. He’s just a little too far away from his man, who takes a pass out of the corner and gets a good shot.
  • 8:12 – 3-0 MTL goal – Davidson has control of the puck and turns it over as he attempts to make a long pass out of the defensive zone. Tomas Plekanec charges into the zone and the puck carrier just tosses the puck toward Brendan Gallagher crashing the net; it bounces in off Davidson’s skate.
  • 1:58 – 4-0 MTL goal – Nurse got his stick on the puck but couldn’t handle the pass out of the corner from McDavid in the offensive zone; he was trapped (along with Pouliot, who was hanging out at the side of the net) leaving Davidson and Eberle to fend off four Montreal skaters. Davidson can’t prevent the cross-ice pass and Eberle ends up trapped in no-man’s land.

  • 1:03 – MTL – an uncharacteristic defensive zone turnover by Hendricks leaves the Oilers exposed. Fayne comes off the bench but can’t cover both potential Montreal shooters; he takes the man on the inside and the puck goes to the guy on the outside.

Third Period

  • 18:09 – 1-4 EDM goal (SH)– Davidson helps force a turnover in Edmonton’ end. Pouliot gets the puck in the defensive zone and plays it to Purcell to start an Oilers’ rush. Purcell gets it back to Pouliot, who beats Jeff Petry one-on-one and then puts a nice backhand shot top corner.
  • 17:18 – MTL – McDavid turns the puck over in the defensive zone, leading to a shot from just outside the chance area which is redirected at point blank range.
  • 13:11 – MTL – Sekera gets trapped up-ice, leaving Fayne defending a two-on-one. Fayne takes the passing lane, but the initial shot gets through and creates a rebound, which isn’t put on net by Montreal.
  • 10:31 – MTL – Schultz makes a pass toward a covered Letestu, and then Letestu loses the battle. Montreal gets a decent shot from the slot out of it.
  • 10:01 – 5-1 MTL goal – Fayne and Letestu lose a battle in the corner, leading to a long Montreal possession. Tom Giblert pinches in from the point and Kassian does a terrible job of covering as he does; he tries to waterski as Gilbert goes through the slot and then when that fails he’s all alone in front to knock the puck past Nilsson.

  • 2:46 – EDM – Nurse lines up a Canadien attempting to exit the zone, allowing Hendricks to take the puck. Hendricks passes off to Korpikoski, who rushes the net and fires a backhand shot.
  • 1:00 – MTL – Nurse can’t prevent a shot in a one-on-one situation.

Final Thoughts

Justin Schultz

Todd McLellan has a difficult choice tomorrow. On the one hand, the Oilers are probably trying to trade Justin Schultz and won’t want to hurt his trade value by scratching him. On the other hand, a healthy scratch today probably would have done less to hurt his trade value than the game he just played.

And, in fairness, while Schultz is going to be the designated whipping boy in this one, he wasn’t the only player at fault. It takes a team effort to get blown out by the Montreal Canadiens these days.


  • Serious Gord

    The third line is often called the checking line, and is generally made up of more defensively oriented forwards and grinders. This line is often played against an opponent’s first or second lines in an effort to reduce their scoring, and physically wear them down. The third line adds less offense than the first or second lines, but generally more than the fourth.(Wikipedia)

    Yak don’t deserve to be on this line.


  • Zamboni Driver

    It’s me yak, namudi speaks the truth. I am Russian no one likes me on this team. I love the city of edmonton. Which is why I don’t ask for trade.

    Hall is bully not nice to me in dressing room.

    Hall is like a poison in the dressing room against me.

    I’m not a third line player I’m not shutdown I’m a sniper. It’s not fair even hall make draisatl not like me.

    I am Nail Yakapov I have been mistreated by selfish teammates. Please support me.


    Thank you

    Nail Yakapov.

    • Spydyr

      Hall is aleady so far up Conners alley they are like inverted Siamese wins….lol…No worries Fallsy Hallsy is on his way out for a gritty 60 point LW same general age similar pedigree better finisher, the Oilers will take a hit on him to move him,if not now sooner than you can shake one of his crystal-glass sticks…lol….YakCity is a perfect fit for McDavid and once T-Mc grows the cojones to tell K-Lowe to hiss-off and begins properly policing Conner BEFORE HE BECOMES Taylor My-Way HALL #2…we will see a deadly line 1A…..Benn-Nuge-Ebbs will be our #1 line IMHO and Hallsy will end up with Seguin….just saying.

        • .

          Why not? Hall is 2 years younger and gives them the Modano they miss……Benn might be the Leader the Oil need,and toss in a pick if the Oilers need to or maybe would simply be a texture change not a quality upgrade…Hall is still trending upwardly.

    • McDavid#97

      No support for you Yak. You’re a number one pick. You’re suppose to make your linemates better. You can’t even put up points against third pairing defensemen. P.S: Still like you Yak because you’re an Oiler

  • Serious Gord

    Well, we have all had our usual HNIC rant, but the good news is that we weren’t the biggest suckers – Leafs won that prize (just.) On to the next game, could it please be Schultzless tho? And a win???????? And perhaps Sens coach could let TMac know what he said to his team after we creamed them – it might just help, it certainly did the Sens no harm.

    • .

      Cool story bro, classic Oiler’s Nation, but BradleyPI simply collapsed on himself like a bag of out-dated Doritos.

      Don’t believe me? Just look around for any evidence of BradleyPI’s investigations. It doesn’t exist.

  • .

    I really wish this site would allow me to selectively block particular posters from wasting my bandwidth and my time by having to scroll past their treatises on hockey management and system speak. If what you’re saying is so important why don’t you have your own blog? Why don’t I see you getting thousands of hits for your genius? Your wasting everyone’s time. Thanks.

    • chickenStew

      Just close you eyes slappy,that will selectively block you from the reality you choose to abscond from ….lol…Whats a Blog?1000s of hits?I wish the Oilers would get 1000s of hits….lol…genius is overrated and is in the eye of the beholder but remember you want to sit on your hands and keep yours closed to escape reality so lets not go there…lol…”The way I see it Mr.Hand…its your time and my time so that makes it “our time”…and I dont see anything wrong with a little Systems talk on “our time”…..LMAO.

    • chickenStew

      Pop tarts are so good in the morning I really enjoy pop tarts. Pop tarts are amazing. Last time I was at no frills pop tarts were on sale I bought pop tarts pop tarts rule. I like pop tarts

      • Seanaconda

        Hey Chicken is that you looking up again?

        We all know you dont get acess to he internet where you are ?

        When did they give you a weekend pass?

        Have fun with it while you can.

        How did you enjoy the Habs game…. just like old times huh….I didnt have time to post-up….I was kinda busy .LOL.

  • hagar

    I tried to take a break from this site, but I always come back to the same every day losers talking over and over back and forth. You guys make canucks fans look like winners. I am going to spend as much time as possible making fun of everyone without saying anything to get banned. Hahahah

    A site full of wimpy fans that don’t know when to cheer or jeer. There are seriously like 30 people on this site that stand by their opinions about what they KNOW are the problems, and the rest just add spit to the lube.

  • hagar

    The same old management and owner grew two more snake heads in PC and TM while retaining the same body. This team is, and will be toxic until a total purge happens. Get used to it. Slam me with a million thumbs down, then talk about how true it is next year when nothing changes.

    I am done falling for this snake oil crap until I see an actual team improvement beyond visual.

    Hate away.. I would rather be hated than be a sucker like most of you fools. Justin schultz… is the team so incompetent as to not realize he is the worst dman on the team? Are they playing him because they are tanking? Both senarios are un excusable.

  • Anton CP

    Again since the Oilers won 2012 first overall pick that I knew it will be a disaster for Yak’s career because he doesn’t fit in with the Oilers at the time.

    I was following Yak’s junior careers and knew his type will not be what the Oilers need and he will not succeed in Edmonton.

    I was hoping that the Oilers won’t win 2012 first overall, but it happened.

    I was hoping that the Oilers will trade away the pick, that didn’t happen.

    I was hoping that the Oilers will not draft him first overall, but it happened.

    I was hoping that the Oilers will at least let him finish his junior career, that didn’t happen.

    Initially that Yak’s rookie career looks fine, he may still have a fighting chance then.

    I was hoping that the Oilers will trade away Hemsky as soon as possible to open up a spot for Yak, that didn’t happen.

    After that, the whole Eakins BS happened.

    After 3 seasons later a total wasted of time, everyone calling Yak a bust when he was never put in the position to success to begin with and some of you are sitting here wondering why that the Oilers sucked for this many years and became the punchline of a joke to everyone else? If Yak is failing in Edmonton don’t give me the BS of “he has no one else to blame but himself” kind of gimmick slogan, if anyone has been paying a little more attention to his entire career NOT only in NHL but his ENTIRE hockey career then you will know it is not for the lack of talent or the lack of desire that he cannot succeed in Edmonton. If everyone who has saying and control of your life that was doing the job that will set you to fail then what will be the chance for you to succeed? Yak would like to try what Drouin is doing right now but unfortunately that since he is a Russian which he will earn no pity from anyone since “they are all the same”.

    I’ve been really pissed since 2012 about the whole Yak situation and the decisions the Oilers made. I hated what happened to Krueger and the hiring of that plastic face Eakins. I do love this team but also very ashamed of what kind of hockey mess the team has been for almost 10 years. At the same time frustrated about due to the long period of sucking that some of you getting very narrow sighted and want to blame everything on daily bases and don’t really care about how the team got themselves into this gigantic mess. Some of the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard over the past 3 seasons such as “players are the one on the ice, not the coach” to excuse the horrendous job that Eakins was doing.

    “Fix this!” “Fix that!” always sounded so convenient but unless you set a dynamite to just simply blow everything up and start from scratch that you can’t just simply yell “fix it” will get the job done. Saying “trade this!” and “trade that!” also will not just magically happens when the other 29 GMs in the league aren’t named “McTavish”. Many trades suggested are just ignorant, some of them are just either mathematically improbable due to money issue or complete lack of concern of other GM’s intelligence.

    REPULSIVE EDITING: I’ve just a lot of frustration want to vend out, it has been a lot considering about how long the team has sucked.

    • sesame_oil

      I also hate it when i hear how great the 6 mill contracts are, they great value contracts. Now you hear the media saying 6 mill is not easy to trade to any team and it has to be done in the summer.

      I am not sure the deals are that great, would ebs or rnh be easier to trade if they made less.

      • Anton CP

        In actual hockey value that Hall is worth the contract. Eberle is however should be no more than 4.5m and Nuge should be south of 4m. Those 2 should only be offered bridge contract until they shown signs of worthy. Tembellini (Lowe) was so bad at contract talks and their pro scouts failed at their job to give a proper evaluation of their own players.

        • Jay (not J)

          The whole thing was pathetic. Get drafted by Edmonton and get 6m/year no question so asked. I’ll bet it was talk about writing Yak a 6/yr contract that got Nicholson ‘s review started. There was no negotiation, no consideration other than ‘that’s what we gave Hall and we want you to win us Cup after Cup so here you go Ebs, here’s yours Nuge.’ Your numbers make a lot more sense and bridge contracts would have made sense too.

        • Jay (not J)

          Looking at relative caps hits for Ebs and RNH by their position.

          Kane (could be a center) 10.5
          Perry 8.6
          Voracek 8.2
          Ryan 7.2
          Kessel 6.8
          Eberle 6
          Brown 5.9
          Callahan 5.8
          Ponnemville 5.6
          Wheeler 5.6


          Toews 10.5
          Malkin 9.5
          Crosby 8.7
          Giroux 8.3
          Getzlaf 8.2
          Spezz 7.5
          Datsyuk 7.5
          Stamkos 7.5
          Sedin 7
          Stasny 7
          Bergeron 6.9
          Kopitar 6.8
          Koivu 6.7
          Thornton 6.7
          Backstrom 6.7
          Stepan 6.5
          Zetterberg 6.1
          Oreilly, Coture, Stall, Duschene

          Centers get paid more than wingers and when comparing to their peers, Ebs is more highly paid than RNH. RNH is paid at about 20th in the league, which might not be too far off from where he would rate in NHL centers. There are some value contracts in centers which would rate above RNH (I can think of two on the Oil) but then you could argue RNH might be better than say Koivu, Stasny.
          This data might suggest that RNH’s salary might be less of an encumbrance in a trade than Ebs.

          I didn’t look at LW but I think the data would show that Hall is one of the best value contracts the Oil have.

      • Spydyr

        do you seriously know anything about hockey? if so you would see that Yak does nothing but skate around 100 miles an hour doing nothing. unless someone sets him up for empty netters he accomplishes nothing. we never should have drafted him in the first place. he is an incredibbly nice guy though.


    Hahahahaha. What’s so matter everyone? You came back crawling to reality? Where’s the playoff talks?

    Typical Coiler fans….jumping on the playoff wagon after beating two bottom feeder Eastern teams.

    Poor Connor…generational talent having to be the saviour at 19 years old because this ownership group is incompetent.

    And one more things Coilers….stop blaming Schultz for everything. There are 5 more players on the ice with him. Plus the coaches are the ones playing him….at the very least blame them.

    Good luck with your “playoffs” lol


    Looked like most of our players were missing their pregame nap. Not much tempo but Todd was outcoached. Seemed like Subban never left the ice and instead of shortening the bench late in the second (4-0) he waited and switched goalies(blame Talbot). Seems he will run four lines until we’re out of the game.

    Love the coach but last change does not look good on him.

    • For Pete's Sake!

      Their road record speaks to this. McLellan is terrible at player deployment, period.

      Why is friggin Letestu on the power play. He is a total boat anchor. He only wins face offs in the center ice area.His hockey IQ is lizard like.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    I don’t think there’s much of a conundrum about Justin Schultz at all. He’s so damn bad there is no way McLellan should keep him anywhere near his team if he wants any chance of turning this season around.

    Just waive him and if someone picks him up, good riddence. I’m sure Chiarelli has been trying to trade him all year so he’s obviously not worth much, so no big loss.

    If he clears and makes it to the AHL, great! He’s a superstar in the AHL. That’s the best showcase for him if you want to trade him. Either way, I really don’t want to see this guy play in Oiler silks again.


    I don’t remember ever seeing the Oilers Dynasty years team or the 05′ team ever playing this inconsistent.It does prove that there is something wrong in that locker room Imo. I guess it could be some of the players simply gave up because they think they have no chance at the playoffs(still not acceptable). Let’s hope Chiarelli figures out the problem.


      Agreed , there was no excuse for that effort for a team desparate to get points to climb back into the playoff race. At least Mcdavid showed passion on the bench in the 3rd period.

  • HockeyRulz

    Sorry but I’m gonna rant…

    This game proves how bad oilers D really are. That game was the most frustrating to watch for me all year. How many times did the D give the puck away in the worst position.

    Can it get any worst? I hate calling out names but Schultz? What the hell was he thinking… Davidson was a mess as well. Hell there was no good D in that game. We have some D that just suck and some young D that are great being played in a role that is too much for their level at this time. Which is bad cause now look at Schultz, over played and now no good.

    I don’t blame the forwards for the low scoring because how can they score if it is up to them to bring the puck up from there own D. It seemed the only time the oil had a chance of scoring was when the forwards starting bringing the puck up from their own D zone. (Now that I think of it this is the case all year too)

    Oilers are in a bad place. Till they get some really good first pairing D, they will never get anywhere… I mean the D last game where dumping the puck into the neutral zone! WTF is that? They turned over the puck from a one man pressure? MULTIPLE TIMES! They looked very slow and I’m not talking foot speed.

    We need some D that can move the puck up so that the high scoring forwards can score.

    Imagine how good McD, Ebs, Hall, Dri, RHN, yak could be if they had some D which could move the puck up quickly. Hell if we could swap our D with calgary D, this team would be in the playoffs… but… Now our forwards are playoff quality, our D are just above AHL… that is a huge problem to fix.

    I feel if we trade some of our highend forwards to get a D we will lesson our playoff quality forwards to get playoff Dmen which is needed but if oilers are not getting back a #1 D, then they shouldn’t do the trade. We need a top pairing D real bad nothing less. Doing a trade for less will just make fans more pissed in the long run. Imagine trading Ebs and getting another Sekera? That won’t solve anything. We need a Top D pairing. Nothing less.

    Oilers are in a tough spot… last game was the slap in the face on how bad oil are at D.

    All I can say is WTF was that?

    Thanks for enduring my rant. Not much thought in this just mad ranting…

    • ChillyPepper

      it was a good rant, lets face it, its been like this for years , basically since Pronger left, the fact is you cant get a 1st line top D, nowadays, unless you are willing to part with quality, and it seems like nobody wants to move any of the supposed core around here. you got media here drooling over the Halls, Nuges, Eberles, etc, claiming how good they are , how value there contracts are , when in reality, no top defencemen will sign here, and you cant get quality without sacrificing it in a trade.


      99% of us agree that we need Dmen. And talk of it won’t go away until Chiarelli acquires one or two bonafide #1’s. I could only imagine if we had a Pronger type Dman, that could get the puck up to McDavid, Dynasty 2.0. All he needs is a clean pass and he’s gone.

  • Zamboni Driver

    The Oilers have Reinhartmand Clandening.

    If they play Schultz today, they are tanking. Regardless of the result. Tanking for yet another high pick.

    What a sad day that would be

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    One of the many disappointing aspects of the Oil during the “lost decade” has been their predictably poor (even by their modest expectations) to perform on a big stage, it seems to bring the worst out in them. This tells us something about the players who have been here through most of this period. And I don’t think it is a good thing.

    One thing that makes great players is the ability to perform when it means the most. I would say the Oiler’s as individual players have consistently failed on this metric.

    • ChillyPepper

      yeah i heard a quote i believe was from Kelly Hrudey, that players have to be able to perform when the games really matter, ( start of season , in tight playoff races or in playoffs ) that there is less pressure when you are playing in garbage time. Many times in the last few years, guys like Hall, eberle, Nuge, are getting points in the last half of the season when the games have meant absolutley nothing for the oilers. its quite evident in the results here in edmonton, that the core is no good and needs to be changed.


    @ Hockey Rulz …. I agree with you that puck movement from the D zone is terrible. It bang up the boards, ice it, or dump to an open area.

    Players like Keith,Karrlson, Doughty, and many others tend to carry the puck out of the zone, at least to the blue lines. Oilers have a couple of guys [ not comparing to above] but could carry the puck out.. Schultz,Sekera,Klefbomb, Nurse., but is it possible that Oiler system would not allow these guys to do it, and consequently the hauling is left up to the forwards, who have go back deep into their own zone to often, particularly the wingers.??