GDB 54.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Islanders


*farts loudly* Final Score: 8-1 Oilers Islanders

You guys thought you could get rid of me on the #NationSkiTrip didn’t you? You thought that my Wrap Ups were a thing of the past. Admit it! How dare you wish ill upon me. How dare you. Okay so maybe I made all of that up, but I do actually feel close to death. Nothing makes your body hate you more than two days on a mountain and two and a half days of drinking. On the bright side, my beer hydration index® is sky high right now. You can applaud me later.

As for the game itself, it was somehow even worse than yesterday’s garbage buffet. It reminded me of trying to put out a house fire with a watering can. All I could do was watch and wonder how and why this was happening to me. If the Oilers had a chance to make a mistake they’re were sure to take it, and Nilsson couldn’t bail them out. Actually… bail them out? Nilsson wouldn’t have found a bale in in a hay field (rimshot). To be fair, Talbot wasn’t any better. Regardless, the Oilers were out of this thing before they ever had a chance to put something together. No that they ever did.

It’s amazing how the team that absolutely pumped the Ottawa Senators, on Thursday night, can look so awful in the next two games. Saying the Oilers are a Jekyll and Hyde hockey team is almost an understatement. Not only did they lose this game, they were Washington General’d. It wasn’t even close or anywhere near close. They must have left the ballpark for close back in Ottawa. Quite frankly, games like this make me feel lucky that the NHL doesn’t have relegation. At least we all had an excuse to start drinking early?

We wrap.



  • The NHL doesn’t have relegation! 
  • Connor McDavid scored his 7th goal of the season by driving to the net and banging home the rebound. He’s not afraid to go to the net, and watching him was one of the only highlights of this game. 
  • It’s been said a million times but Zack Kassian gives the Oilers something that they haven’t had in a long time. He is one of the only Oilers that’s willing to mix it up. Not to mention, he got in a pretty good scrap tonight too
  • The Islanders didn’t get 10?
  • The game is over now.



  • Everything. Everything went wrong in this game.
  • How did Darnell Nurse get scratched over Justin Schultz? I mean… I may have been drinking yesterday, but I did watch the game. Anyone else?
  • First shot on net. First goal for the Islanders. *sigh*
  • Actually, Nilsson did not have a good day and that’s being more than generous. He allowed four goals on 11 shots for a .636 save%. 
  • Cam Talbot wasn’t much better in relief as he allowed four goals on 20 shots for an .800 save%.
  • The penalty kill allowed two goals on four opportunities. 
  • They had one power play and didn’t get anything done. 
  • Benoit Pouliot deflected a puck that was going wide into his own net. That play was today’s game in a nutshell.
  • I had to watch all three periods of this hockey game. 


02:57 NYI Johnny Boychuk (4) Slapshot – ASST: Nick Leddy (18), Cal Clutterbuck (4) 1 – 0 NYI
09:12 NYI John Tavares (19) Wrist shot – ASST: Ryan Strome (14), Thomas Hickey (6) 2 – 0 NYI
11:24 NYI Nikolay Kulemin (6) Wrist shot – ASST: Frans Nielsen (17), Kyle Okposo (26) 3 – 0 NYI
02:32 NYI PPG – Kyle Okposo (13) Wrist shot – ASST: Nick Leddy (19), John Tavares (20) 4 – 0 NYI
06:09 NYI Kyle Okposo (14) Wrist shot – ASST: Frans Nielsen (18) 5 – 0 NYI
06:50 EDM Connor McDavid (7) Wrist shot – ASST: NONE 5 – 1 NYI
09:36 NYI Josh Bailey (9) Wrist shot – ASST: Anders Lee (15), Nick Leddy (20) 6 – 1 NYI
16:04 NYI Cal Clutterbuck (11) Wrist shot – ASST: Casey Cizikas (11) 7 – 1 NYI
07:27 NYI PPG – Kyle Okposo (15) ASST: John Tavares (21), Calvin de Haan (8) 8 – 1 NYI


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This week the boys talk about Dennis Wideman and Shawn Horcoff’s troubles, their favourite Wayne Gretzky moment, Chris The Intern yells about traffic circles and much, MUCH more!

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  • Cain

    The decision to dress Shultz sucked all the air out of the room before the puck was dropped. If a player can have that bad a game and still be dressed with 2 spare defencemen on the roster it says volumes about the expectations and leadership management is giving to the players. That combined with what is probably Nillssons last start if not last game made this a useless matinee. If someone thought they would get any more than magic beans for Shultz they can certainly put that fantasy to bed, best bet is waivers and hope he gets claimed and if not pray he lights it up in Bakersfield cause he’s done here.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    The Oilers are a bad hockey team and against good teams they are always exposed. They can hold their against poor teams but when they play the big boys is obvious they are heading in rebuild four. Oh and news flash to Oiler faithful the Islanders will not trade Hamonic to the Oiler for Justin Schultz. Going take perhaps Klefbom or Nurse and Yak then it may get close to being a deal

  • MattyFranchise

    Oiler fans debating who should be traded, Nuge or Ebs. I might be time to consider trading both.

    Other teams want MacD, Nurse, Klef and Drai, who we can’t trade. The Oilers have some pieces that many teams would kill for. The goal for PC is to fill in the the support pieces.

    Here’s what I’m hoping for next year:

    * Jultz is gone (probably for nothing but what can we expect)

    * Yak City (aka: Blankapov is gone – hopefully for a second or third round pick)

    * Ebs / Nuge traded for Harmonic or Vertanen

    * Another top pairing d-man acquired during summer either through trade (Ebs/Nuge) or UFA signing or trading first round pick etc.

    * Nillson gone, LB starts season as Talbots backup

    * Still need another tough Kassian type forward (possibly through UFA)

    Oilers need to make significant progress next year, and need to squeak into playoffs. If they don’t, could be fan revolt. New rink is great, but with higher ticket prices, and 10 years of no playoffs (NHL record FFS) the organization needs to do everything it can to get this team to respectability. Another thing it could do is show MacT, Lowe and Howson the door.

    • MattyFranchise

      Add the incompetent Chiarelli and MacLelland to the list of the fired.

      He has made things worse.

      Wasted an entire season by failing to gut this team last year.

      We all knew what needed to done.

      Would love to see those tonight who criticized by persistent proposal to trade Hall for OEL.

      OEL and MacDavid would always trump the heartless and dumb, Hall/RNH/Eberle/Schultz

      • Klimas helmet

        Completely disagree, MacT and Chia are fine. They bought a piece of s$$t car and need to figure out how to fix it. Its broken pretty bad as we can all see.

        I’m praying and hoping Chia has a plan. MacT is fine, he is a good coach.

      • MattyFranchise

        I don’t comment too often but I’ll feed the trolls I guess.

        You say always seem to come back to the point of knowing that we needed to gut the team.

        Yes as fans we’ve been watching this car crash on repeat for 10 years now. But here’s the thing Chiarelli hasn’t. He knew the team was in turmoil when he was offered the job but do you honestly think he had watched more than a single game before anyone approached him with the job opportunity?

        So you are offered a team that you know needs a lot of help but you have Mr. Connor McDavid coming in and on paper looks like you have a lot of youngish promising kids. Of course he came.

        Now what does he do come in and just clear house because of what, fan outbursts? Or does he clear house based on past management who are still in the organization who helped put us in the mess whispering in his ear??

        Or??? does he take a year and actually makes his own opinion on the course to take with the team and evaluate players on his own

        I’m hoping its in the latter and still have hope for this team, and I’m also hoping you are just looking for reactions

      • S cottV

        I’m definitely warming up to dealing Hall.

        Not reliable / smart enough. Entitled demeanor. Way too many turnovers. Not enough defensive response. Too attached to a losing culture. Unlikely to fully accept a McD led team. Probably a reason – why nobody ever comes to his defence upon getting pasted. Would fetch a high end defender.

        I would like to see Nuge play top 6 wing. If he looks good and can back up top 2c – great. Don’t like the $6mm 3c fit.

        Eberle – needs to be effective with McDavid vs the tougher teams. Verdict is still out.

        Yak – has to go. No – he is not worth $2.5mm, but some other team might think so. Has some of Hall’s traits. Time for a change – for the team and for Yak. Players bond around each other on reliability to execute – to be in the right places at the right times. Nobody wants to play with Yak – you can see it. It’s not good for the team.

    • Anton CP

      I agree, Hall needs to be traded, not for the team’s sake but for his own sake. Heck, the Oilers should just never trying to win and be like the farm team what they used to be. Trade away the best player from the team so they can win somewhere else like how it has always be.

      I mean, someone has to finish last every year so the Oilers should always be that team to fill the very bottom so no one else needs to feel the shame of being a last place. The Oilers are already a joke anyway so why not just keep on being one so it is a noble sacrifice by owning all the shame to make everyone else to shine. Bravo Oilers, bravo to all the arm-chair GMs that this proud(?) team have and supported them, and bravo to all the tier one fans by contributing to this endless suckiness with their hard earned money by making Katz richer.

      Hall should be traded, it is clear that he cannot win in Edmonton. He should go somewhere else that he can win multiple championships before the Oilers will ever see another playoff game. Hall has won on pretty much any team he has played for except the Oilers, he needs to redeem himself by playing for someone else.

  • Klimas helmet

    Speaking of Reinhardt, I remember the draft day trade & seeing Chiarelli staring dumbfounded with the 2 idiots on either side of him talking into his ear. It was Mac T & either Howson or Bob Green.

    I was thinking “hmmm, this doesn’t look good”

  • Klimas helmet

    Im pretty sure Hamonic went straight up to Garth Snow’s office after the game & begged & pleaded to NOT be traded to the Oilers!

    Any Western team, just not the Oilers.

  • Spydyr

    No matter how bad my team plays from time to time I always take solace in knowing it could be worse and that I could be an Oilers fans.

    Time to start throwing the jersey’s on the ice again to make a statement that the results on the ice are not acceptable. If 5-6 different coaches in a 7-8 year span, four # 1 overall picks, 6 years in a row of drafting in the top 7 and 10 years of no playoffs despite being gifted the best young talent on the planet through the draft cannot turn things around for an organization I’m not sure what can. Truly disgraceful.

    Not trying to rub salt on the wounds but its embarrassing and truly pathetic to watch this team once again underperform from the outside…I can’t even imagine what’s it like to cheer for this team.


    I understand all the frustration of fans and wanting to “blow it up”. However IMO, the only way that happens is if Chiarelli can get a player for a player (equal value). McDavid at this point is the only one worth his weight in gold(keeper).

    Fans on wanting to fire Chiarelli and Mclelland are living in a fantasy world.Don’t you remember the carousel we’ve been on the last 10 years?! The team needs a solid foundation and so far we keep blowing it up every year….so how’s that workin’ for ya? Seriously,HOW’S IT WORKIN’? A few bad trades now or firing management again will only set us back further(yes it’s possible).

  • You just got LITT up!

    Remember a couple of days ago and someone wrote an article about how the oilers were Canada’s best chance at the playoffs? Hahahahah – wonder where that person is now. Classic oilers. Just terrible.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Kevin is correct.

    He knows about winning. And he knows how to build, and rebuild, and build again, to make sure the team has profound appeal.

    Multi Game packs are on sale now.

    The fans need to be patient and understand these are development years. The team has a future Norris trophy winner in Justin and the best 4th liner in hockey in Yakupov. The pieces are here. I think we proved that when we awarded Ryan Nugent Hopkins his 6 million dollar deal. The 50+ points and 18 goals a season are proof that the Oilers got a discount on his services.

    • Klimas helmet

      It doesent matter what we put on the ice, the fans will still come, this job is so easy, sellouts, lineups, people on waiting list. Winning doesnt matter, its all about putting the butts in the seats.

  • Smytysmullett

    Thinking about dealing Hall for Louie Erickson and Joe Morrow. That is if Louie resigns for 3 years.

    And another trade in mind is the pending deal of the 2016 1st round pick and 2nd round pick for Haydn Fleury.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Love this idea. A columbus BJ alumni. Brule and Niktin might not have worked out… But Haydn is the Jack Johnson that the Oilers need. This is a true talent.

  • Smytysmullett

    I think Gadzic has more to offer than Lander, Korpi and Letestu. When Luke was on the ice they were always watching for him. With McDavid back Luke should be brought back up. I think Luke has a place on this team. Changes have to be made no doubt but the 4th line is not is not the 1st line I would start with.

  • ɪ̈амɗгяемüʟɑк

    Great to see the Oilers braintrust in here and sharing their thoughts.We are lucky to glean their pearls of wisdom and learn the inner machinations on how to run a successful franchise.