First Star, Worst Star: February 7th, 2016


Congrats to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on winning the Super Bowl! And congrats to those of you who managed to stay awake during the entire game! I think we ALL deserve to briefly touch the Lombardi Trophy before it’s handed over to a white collar criminal, who is clearly the one who REALLY deserves the praise for winning a championship! But for now you’ll just have to settle for another instillment of First Star, Worst Star! 


Welcome Back Connor indeed! I don’t know about you, but I fully expected Connor McDavid to need at least a few games to shake off the rust after being sidelined with a broken clavicle for close to 3 months. TURNS OUT he only needed 30 minutes. 

*Picks jaw up off floor for 200th time* ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Splits the defense, keeps the control of the puck with one hand on his stick, and to top it all off he somehow has patience to wait out the Columbus goalie AT FULL SPEED. 

And lost in the excitement of yet ANOTHER Goal Of The Year candidate from McDavid was this insane play which ended up as an assist on a silky finish by Jordan Eberle. 

Connor misses what easily could have been yet EVEN ANOTHER Goal Of The Year candidate thanks to a desperation save by Korpisalo (no relation to Lauri Korpikoski or Tommy Salo). Connor doesn’t give up on the play however, and FROM HIS STOMACH he corrals the puck, stands up and dishes to a wide open Eberle while the entire Blue Jackets team stands in awe of what is happening in front of them. 

So he finishes with three points on the night. Great, great return, but you could probably just chalk it up to him being jacked to just be playing again, right? WRONG! 

A couple nights later the Oilers rolled into a parking lot in the middle of nowhere in Kanata to take on the Sens and Connor picked back up right where he left off, chipping in assists on back to back goals by Jordan Eberle, who I assume is going to owe Connor some money at the end of the year for kickstarting the second half of his season like this. 

And even when the team is losing McDavid will pull something out of his Tickle Trunk that makes even the smelliest of bed pooing by the Oilers worthwhile to watch until the bitter, bitter end. 

This kid is NINETEEN YEARS OLD guys! And he’s already performing like this on almost a nightly basis. Someone on Twitter had an alarming thought saying that this will be the worst version of Connor McDavid we see in the NHL…. He’s gonna score 10 points a night by the time he’s 25, leading the Oilers to their 4th straight Stanley Cup!! I CAN’T WAIT! 

Welcome back Connor. Please NEVER leave us again! 


And JUST when we thought Connor was back to held spark the team to a legit hunt for a playoff spot, the Oilers happened… 

*Rubs temples in frustation* 

First it was off to Montreal, where the Oilers made all of my worst nightmares come true:

A former Oiler goalie who was run out of town for underperforming, starting for a Montreal team who is on the verge of being run out of town for underperforming. The same Montreal team that had only won 5 GAMES since December 22nd. And it was a horrible matinee game to boot! This was the perfect storm for the Oilers to play Slumpbusters® and boy did they NAIL IT! Oh did I mention that Tom Gilbert scored his first goal of the year? Yeah… 

“Thankfully tomorrow’s game can’t be any worse” a lot of us probably thought to ourselves. AND YET… 

You have to think that’s the last we’ll ever see of Anders Nilsson in the NHL, as the one time diamond in the rough (like 2 months ago) has now lost six straight starts, putting up a .840SV% and a whopping 4.90 GAA. Even Chris The Intern wouldn’t be caught dead putting up numbers that terrible! Not that Cam Talbot was much better in relief. The Oilers were probably better off playing with six skaters the entire third period, just to salvage some of Cam Tabolt’s numbers! He’s arguably been the Oilers best player for the last couple months and this is how they repay him! 

What’s that? Yes, Connor McDavid did score the Oilers only goal. Thank you for asking. 

I’ve maintained for a while that the Oilers still not being completely out of the playoff race was mostly smoke and mirrors due to the unfathomably terrible first half of the season by the Pacific Division. And games like the ones we saw this weekend show exactly why the Oilers are still a couple steps away from even being a bubble team, let alone a legitimate threat to make the playoffs. Now if you’ll excuse me we have to go start planning our “Snafus For Matthews” draft party this summer at The Pint. SEE YOU ALL THERE!! 

      • Oilfaninvan

        EXACTLY!!!!! I wish people would understand. Just because you don’t want someone doesn’t mean that anyone else will. Just the opposite, I think. What would you give up for Schulz? Is there something LESS than nothing.

        • CaptainLander

          There is, another teams bad contract. I am sure Clarkson is available from CBJ.

          If the Oil can take a bad but expiring contract back, maybe even a couple from a team that cares less about getting Schultz and more about reducing can space and roster spots they may be will to give up a draft pick.

          Unfortunately the Oilers current cap really limits this. Ultimately I believe the Oil will see what is available before the end of Feb. If there are no takers, Schultz will get waived and the Oil walk away from him at the end of the year.

          With him, Nikitin and Purcell off the Oil will have 12.9 in cap space. Mix in Talbot’s contract a couple UFAs. Buy out Fayne and Ference. The Chia works a little magic using the money and trade to get Hamonic and Vatanen.

          The D is:
          Klef Hamonic
          Sekera Vatanen
          Nurse Gryba
          Davidson Reinhard

  • Twitch

    How many more matinee games are on the schedule this year, I can remember one MAYBE 2 wins in their last ten afternoon games. I think Katz needs to line Bettman or Rogers pocket to keep the Oilers off the docket until at least 5pmMST

  • Anton CP

    Has anyone asked Connor yet if he has EVER been part of a more embarrassing any level of his life? I mean we all know Hall, Eberle and Yak have as they went through the ringer at Rexall in that 8-1 laugher against the Flames but Connor??

    Welcome to Deadmonton kid

      • Anton CP

        The Flames win has nothing to do with it, The Oilers giving up the Snowman however? Lol. Well that’s too good to be true. Nice work

        Poor Conner..I think he got a wakeup call to the gonghow that he is involved in.

        • MattyFranchise

          you know what’s too good to be true? flamer fans getting pumped about how awesome their team will be this year and already having virtually no shot at the playoffs. they may have won their last game, but they are supposedly in desperation mode and managed to lose to columbus who were playing a back to back in calgary against a rested flames team. also, remind me again who won the last battle of alberta. finally, his name is CONNOR, not CONNER. get lost.

          • Shameless Plugger

            Is your Lames team so boring you have nothing better to do than pay attention to the oilers? I want to hate you but the fact of the matter is I really feel sorry for a guy like you. Your life is so without any kind of excitement you have to look for it in Internet battles with people you don’t know. Must really suck to be you and for that reason I’m actually sad for you man.

          • MattyFranchise

            Nah dude, the Flames win doesn’t matter, we know how bad our team is. The Oilers losing however, that never gets old.

            Also, I see your “last win of the BoA” and raise you the BoA record over the last ten seasons.

          • CaptainLander

            The BoA should only matter in the playoffs. Since both teams (indeed the Flames have won the same amount of cups as the Oilers since the 80s) are mostly inept at doing this your argument is pointless.

            Picking on the one kid in your class that is dorkier than you does nothing to make you more popular. Really just makes you kind of sad.

  • BobbyCanuck

    If the Oilers finish 30th and win the draft lottery again, it will be the most embarrassing moment in franchise history – and there have been a lot of bad moments.

    This team needs to start trying to respect itself and its long suffering fanbase. There is no tomorrow, the time is now. Team must make playoffs next year and try to take a cup run in 3 years. If they can do that then it might make all the sh*t they put their fanbase through worth it.

    I’m tired of the organization telling its fans to be patient, respect the process, blah blah blah. That new building is going to mean squat it this team continues to suck.

    I’m tired of other teams and fans laughing at the Oilers. Whatever PC has got cooking it better be good, because Oilers fans haven’t got much more left to give.

    • BobbyCanuck

      Seriously just shut up ok?

      Shut up and go buy a jersey
      Shut up and put your name on the season tix waiting list

      Shut up and remember that there is a waiting list for season tickets

      Just shut up, we do not care what you think or want, we have a new rink, and it is already sold out for next year, just shut up, we don’t care what you think

      Most sincerely

      -on behalf of The Oilers

  • Anton CP

    After both of those beatings it’s hard for me to look and say it was any one player’s fault. Plenty of blame to go around. Trade this guy or that guy (not you Connor, you’re great). The problem is this team has a tendency to lose spectacularly after winning spectacularly. They have no balance and no work ethic.(except you Connor, you’re the only reason I still watch)

  • Oilfaninvan

    Oilers inconsistency comes to the fore again and raises questions apart from the need to improve the roster
    Signals potential attitude problems among the players
    Also calls into question coaching staff’s ability to motivate the players
    One bad game can happen but how did the mail in the next day happen
    Yes the early bad goals were a factor but the coach has to wear some of the blame

  • Anton CP

    Oilers inconsistency comes to the fore again and raises questions apart from the need to improve the roster
    Signals potential attitude problems among the players
    Also calls into question coaching staff’s ability to motivate the players
    One bad game can happen but how did the mail in the next day happen
    Yes the early bad goals were a factor but the coach has to wear some of the blame

  • It’s probably already been said, but they killed the opposition without Schultz, and got killed with him.

    I know it’s a team game, but when one guy is responsible for ELEVEN chances going the other way, that really tilts the ice in what could have been a much more even affair.

    Schultz is garbage, but what’s worse is somehow he’s being paid like gold.

    • MattyFranchise

      Honestly, rivalry aside, how Jultz worked his way up 4 million dollars is truly baffling. No one is gonna pay him more than that, management just needs to let him walk. Don’t even qualify him.

  • Anton CP

    The simple fact is if you are not winning you are losers. The Oilers are losers! Until Nicholson admits that to fans publicly this team will continue to spin their wheels.

  • Terrible Goaltending both games, Very even first period in Montreal except that Scrivens makes some saves and Talbot does nothing. 2 nothing Canadiens, their fans are going crazy, and our guys are embarrassed and pressing against an experienced team and it only gets worse. Next afternoon in NYC, instant replay! 2 nothing NY before the third line gets a second shift, same deal, game plan out the window gambling to get a goal and the game out of hand. Sure the goalies got let down in the games, but both goalies had already screwed the pooch.