NHL needs to adjust goalie interference rule and Brossoit recalled

The NHL actually overturned this goal claiming it was goaltender interference. Seriously. They claimed when Rasmussen’s stick touched Jones for a millisecond it was goalie interference even though it is obvious Jones was not disrupted on the play. Jones didn’t even complain, because he didn’t even notice when he was touched. Most  thought they were…


The #NationSkiTrip Recap

Last weekend, we bused 30 of the Nation’s hero-e-ist® citizens down to Jasper in a mountain takeover that will live in infamy. Well… at least as much of it as we can remember.  Livers were punished, slopes were shredded, and we can’t thank everyone enough for helping make this trip a reality albeit a blurry one.


Sekera’s PK Curse

Embed from Getty Images Sometimes you dig around some numbers and find things you don’t expect, like a pair of Oilers defensemen doing really well by some important metric. This is not one of those times. This is one of those times when you dig around some numbers and find things that confirm your belief…


GDB 55.0: Honouring Brodeur

Martin Brodeur will have his #30 jersey raised to the rafters tonight, and the Oilers will have the pleasure of watching the Devils honour the winningest goalie in NHL history. Brodeur only played the Oilers 18 times, finishing with nine wins, six losses, one overtime loss and two ties, which wasn’t very much compared to…