GDB 57.0 Wrap Up: Jets @ Oilers

BOOOO power play. Final Score: 2-1 Jets in the shootout.

When the Leafs were in town the Oilers started out that game as though they had no interest in playing, let alone winning. They were lucky that their goaltending was solid and that the team they were playing was absolutely awful. If the Oilers were going to beat the Jets tonight they were going to have to be better in every single way, and they would have to get good goaltending. The Jets may be a bad team right now, but they’re not Toronto bad and Edmonton had a hard enough time with Toronto bad so, needless to say, tonight was going to be a challenge.

Thankfully the Oilers looked like they were actually expecting to play a hockey game tonight. Their start was night and day compared to the one against the Leafs. Though the Jets were able to sustain pressure at times, they weren’t able to get the puck to the slot for many high quality scoring chances. They found a way to bend but not break in the defensive zone. The bigger problem was that they weren’t able to generate many scoring chances of their own, both at even strength or on the power play. If the Oilers couldn’t generate a chance off of the rush their offensive game was basically non-existent. They couldn’t cycle the puck, and had a hard time entering the zone. 

In the end, I blame tonight’s loss on the special teams. Firstly, the power play couldn’t get it done, again, and this was another one goal loss that could have gone the other way had the PP been able to score. Second, the Oilers took way too many penalties and it took minutes away from their skilled guys. I don’t know how many times the power play has let this team miss out on points in the standings, but it doesn’t make sense considering the talent they can throw over the boards. And it’s not like the power play is getting truck loads of chances — they’re hardly able to get set up at all.

There was a point left on the board tonight and that’s a story that’s being replayed all season.

We wrap.



  • Connor McDavid makes me happy. There are no words to describe how much more I enjoy watching Oilers games with him in the lineup. It was a quieter night for Connor, but I’ll never get tired to watching him fly up and down the ice. 
  • Laurent Brossoit was rock solid in his first start since the end of the last season. He made a bunch of great saves, and you can’t help but wonder how much more time he’ll need (if any) in the AHL. Brossoit finished the night with 32 saves and a .970 save%. He was fantastic. 
  • Matt Hendricks came up with a clutch shorthanded goal (his third) to tie the game up and get the game into overtime. The Oilers could use five more guys like Hendricks.
  • Sekera played over 24 minutes of solid hockey tonight. He is easily the Oilers best defenseman right now. 
  • Taylor Hall was much better tonight than he has been over the past few games. He was generating more chances than he had in the three games prior. 
  • The penalty kill was great again, killing off all six attempts it faced. 



  • Why can’t the Oilers hit the net? Seriously.
  • The Oilers were dominated early in the second period. I guess the Oilers had planned on really testing Brossoit because they stopped playing early on in the middle frame. 
  • I wish I knew how many times the Oilers gave up the puck at the Jets’ blue line. It had to be close to 10 times. I guess it’s hard to produce offense when you can’t even enter the other team’s zone. 
  • I realized that I don’t remember the last time I saw the Oilers run a successful cycle.
  • The power play was really bad. You can’t help but think that the Oilers would have a few more wins on the board if they had a decent power play all year. How many one goal games has there been? How many might have gone the other way if they were able to score with the man advantage? The Oilers went 0/5 tonight. Gross.
  • Another really quiet night for Nail Yakupov. I love the guy but he’s not getting much done. To his credit, he hasn’t exactly been getting handed minutes where you’d expect him to be successful. 
  • I was really hoping Dustin Byfuglien was going to make it to free agency. Lame.
  • They didn’t test Pavelec nearly enough considering he hadn’t played a game in 12 weeks. 


07:15 WPG Blake Wheeler (15) Snap shot – ASST: Nikolaj Ehlers (13), Bryan Little (25) 1 – 0 WPG
11:00 EDM SHG – Matt Hendricks (3) Snap shot – ASST: Mark Fayne (3) 1 – 1 Tie
1 Matt Hendricks (no goal) Blake Wheeler (goal)
2 Jordan Eberle (goal) Andrew Ladd (goal)
3 Connor McDavid (no goal)


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  • Spydyr

    The team needs to simplify the power play get bodies in front and blast away from the point. This summer they must get a defenceman with a shot to play the power play.

    • D-Unit

      It is very hard to do that when they can’t even gain the zone. Over and over again they are turned away at the blue line. Then spend the next 20 seconds holding the puck behind their net while the forwards start skating out, then have to stop our double back while one penalty killer is able to pin the Oilers D in his zone.

      If they can get in the zone, they need to have more than 1 player willing to go to the front of the net. The only players they have willing to go to the net have no real business on the PP.

      • Spydyr

        Gaining the zone on the powerplay is easy if you shoot the puck in with speed having all three forwards full steam at the blueline then two go to where the puck is. Then win the battle.

        You should out number the other team in every battle when you have the extra man.

    • D-Unit

      not just a point shot but a dman who can control the blue line better on the power play. Montreal has PK, LA has Doughty, Chicago has Keith, etc… I could go on and on. The Oilers need someone who can handle the puck at the point.

      • Randaman

        Great point but it seems that Oilers Nation is not willing to part with Nuge & Hall to make that happen.

        You want a player of that caliber? Nuge and Hall would be the price we would have to pay. That is the problem. Nuge wasn’t enough to land Jones.

        Would Nuge or Hall be enough to land Myers? He isn’t in the category of the players you mention but he’s waaaaaay better than anybody we have. He’s very smart, mobile, can walk the line, has a great shot, can be somewhat mean at times and is on a very reasonable contract.

    • cityofchampions

      I disagree………what we need is a defenceman that is willing to shoot the puck.

      We have defenceman that can pass, defend, but we have no one who is actively willing to shoot the puck………that is on coaching!

      I’m sick and tired of watching guys pass the puck up when they have a clear shooting lane and players in front of the net………I’m talking about JS.

      If I were coach I would bench defenceman that refuse to shoot the puck when clearly, they have a lane available.

      • Randaman

        You say we have defenceman that can pass and defend when one of our biggest problems is breaking out of our own zone?

        Off the boards/glass and out is not passing. This is also the biggest contributor to our lack of offence!

    • camdog

      defense, all we needed was two goals which is the second easiest way to win a game after only needing one to win. It’s not just the defense our bread and butter hasn’t been getting it done either the exception being McDavid.

    • Seriously Bored

      There’s a difference between waiting and accepting the fact the trades you want aren’t there. We aren’t the only team in the league trying to fix their defense. And I didn’t say wait another year I said wait until this summer when he can make some trades. Again if fixing this defense is so easy tell me who he is supposed to trade? Playoff teams aren’t taking wingers for defense.

      • camdog

        And in the off season we won’t be the only team trying to shore up the defence. It’s a never ending cycle of let’s wait until we get a healthy line up together and see what they can do and then come November oh this team needs help on d, let’s wait until the off season because we can’t get a deal done mid season. The cycle of talk has been on going for 3 seasons now, it did not just start 3 months back.

  • camdog

    Watched the leafs Canucks game prior to the oilers debacle
    Leafs with their rag tag lineup were far more exciting and played with more heart than the sluggish oilers
    Marcobello scored two! Great for him heis one player that always puts in the effort
    Looks like oilers are destined to continue to vie for last place
    Still a mystery how they sell the place out when they deliver a product like last night

  • R-Dawg

    Hall took at least one very dangerous penalty last night when he almost went knee on knee with Myers. That is not the first time I have seen a little bit of slimy in his game. Granted, he takes some shots from opponents but he has to keep his game under control.

    Taking those types of penalties is not good for the team. In certain cases taking tough penalties can help the team. Taking these cheap slimy penalties is certainly not good leadership.

  • passenger

    It took Chiarelli 4 years to build the Boston D that won them the Cup. I understand why fans here are impatient, but these things take time. You can and should be mad at Katz for not putting this management foundation in place years ago, but it’s unreasonable to be upset with Nicholson/Chiarelli/McLellan for not fixing this team in less than one season. There have been several stories of trade talks that have fallen through, and I choose to believe the asks that Chia turned down for defensive help were too high. You certainly don’t have to, but I do.

    There are deals to be made at the deadline, but they won’t be big enough to help. The big stuff is coming in July…and it IS coming. It doesn’t matter one lazy lick if you claim to be NOT OK WITH LOSING or TIRED OF INCOMPITENT’S whatever other misspelled ALLCAPS declaration you feel like making. No one cares. Go ahead and piss into the wind. It doesn’t change anything. Open yourself to the gentle indifference of the universe. I’m just going to continue getting excited for game days, betting my friends stupid things like jugs of sled oil and soap dishes, and enjoying the fact that the Oilers are playing hockey. I feel for the fans that can’t be happy about anything, you’re making your own life far harder than it has to be. Maybe take up knitting? More pain is coming! Toughen up and like it, or GTFO. GOILERS.


      Great comments, agree 100%. You can’t appreciate or comprehend what Chiarelli is trying to do, unless you walk in his shoes.Some fans are quick to fire, trade or blow things up in the slightest turbulence.

      It’s as if those fans, thought getting Connor made us Stanley cup champs over night.

      The summer time IS the best time to make good hockey trades. The trade deadline isn’t looking very promising for D-men at the moment. The last few deadlines have kinda sucked anyways. Let’s hope our team at least plays stronger down the stretch even if it doesn’t equate to wins. It will up the value on tradeable players and give the team momentum coming into next season.

      • passenger

        hahaha it’s really just purging my frustration, just like everybody else. My frustration is pointed more at some of our fans, rather than at Our Beloved Oilers.

        I lost one bet to a Sh!ttytown Dumpsterfires fan that lives in Vancouver. I lost a whole lemon meringue pie from Acme Cafe in Gastown. Have you ever had a slice of lemon meringue pie from Acme Cafe in Gastown? I have as much reason to be angry with the team as anybody. Maybe even more.

        That pie dude.

        • M22

          You wagered an entire lemon meringue pie? High stakes, man. Hiiigh stakes. Gotta be a sure bet if you’re gonna do that. Been to Gastown, but not acme. Next time I visit Van, I’ll indulge.

          Frustration with some fans is as futile as, if not more than, frustration with the Oilers. At least the Oilers have the potential for improvement.


    You can tell the teams that focus on watching tapes of McDavid. Suban was McDavid’s shadow and the jets did a good job of containing him also.He will learn to switch up his play to keep the opponents guessing, just like all the superstars do.

    I am SOO grateful we have Connor in Oilers threads. He is one of the few lights in this dark tunnel.

  • MorningOwl

    rebuilding. again.

    trade the first rebuild parts for this rebuild. trade hall. trade Yak. Trade the next 1st round pick. Time is now… not 3 or 4 more years. Need two legit defensman – a top pairing and a 2nd pairing

    Poor Nurse should be developing in the minors, not have the collective suck of the Oilers placed on his shoulders.

    come on Oilers, get it together.

    the coach needs to start benching/taking ice time from passengers.


      I can see one of our young left handed D-men being traded. We are very overloaded on the left side. Put in a package with a core player will get us our #1 on the back end.

    • passenger

      To be fair, the rebuild is simply continuing and nearer a to a long-expected close, not starting again.

      And I’d love a seat on the bench, that sounds great! I’ll (reluctantly) surrender my ice time, but my knees probably agree with you. I heard one of the Niedermayers played for years without ACLs, but I might not be in the same tier as him. I can provide never-ending bench chatter, however.


    A few thoughts from Ffwd PVR game

    – not sure about you but I can’t watch the oilers on Saturday HNIC live. It’s too painful a special thing that was something I would always do with family or friends is now just painful
    – Hall takes bad penalties. The Myers one could have ended two careers. And the other you have a 4-3 in OT which you eliminated with a bad slash. You re not 21 anymore Taylor, and please don’t turn into the penalty happy Pou!
    – it seems other teams have figured out how to stop McDavid by “interfering” him when he’s winding up. We either needs to take a harder line so that the stick gets tangled up and he draws a penalty or the oilers should go see Bill Belichick and learn a pick play quick
    – great game by Broissoit, bad SO. When a player loses the puck off his stick twice and then in his skates next time poke check him, and watch him fall in a heap into the corner Boards, then start laughing. LB will get there.
    – Schulz …. Again no glaring Julzes but other than the give and go play he did with McDavid for a nice chance…..No one else knows what’s he going to do out there. No one. Take the OT 4-3 after they crossed the blue line he follows the puck in but then got trapped in no mans land when the right play would have to take body on the dman thus freeing up McD or Hall to strip the puck and then it’s a 3-2. But he gets tangled up in the play bumps into mcd and Hall takes a bad penalty. There is not enough storage space and video to show him all these weird plays he does. Not sure he will play in the NHL after next year.
    – Yak is Schulz as a forward right now, whirl wind of skating playing in no system, no purpose, nothing …. It’s sad really for a #1 overall….how can this be?!!!
    – if Kevin Quinn is calling that game Sekera scores on that OT chance because that’s what he does!
    – why is Davidson and his slap shot not on the PP instead of Schulz can someone please ask this question in the post game scrum just once …. Please. He’s earned this right.
    – that’s a penalty on Purcell splitting the d and that’s a suspension on Bufliens hit on Eberle while in his knees with his back to the play. Brutal.

  • Rem99

    Was it just me or is Taylor Hall pressing too much and is again putting himself in dangerous positions on the ice, he got hit a number of times hard, needs to be patient again and pick his spots

    • For Pete's Sake!

      We keep putting all the pressure on Hall, Draisaitl and McDavid.

      But the biggest problem on this team is a pathetic defense that gives pretty much zero offensive support to this team and a bunch of boat anchors on the third and fourth lines who contribute virtually nothing offensively either and are liabilities defensively.

      Letestu, Korpikoski, Yakupov, Purcell, Fayne, Schultz ….. Why are these guys even here?? They probably couldn’t make the roster of any decent team in the NHL.

      Get busy Chiarelli. It’s way past time to build a proper supporting cast for our young stars. Give them at least a fighting chance to win hockey games.

      This team has been let down by management so many times. When is it going to change?

      • Randaman

        “But the biggest problem on this team is a pathetic defense that gives pretty much zero offensive support to this team and a bunch of boat anchors on the third and fourth lines who contribute virtually nothing offensively either and are liabilities defensively.”

        Boom! Well said my friend! This is the absolute issue. The team can’t depend on the top two lines to be scoring 80% of the goals. Klefbom was starting to put up points before he was hurt. As for the 3rd and 4th lines, they need to step it up. Chia has a ton of work to do.

        I’m trying to figure out an alternative team to cheer for until next season. Islanders?

  • Rem99

    In a tight game like this the defense need to know when to pinch.

    Schultz pinched and this resulted in the first Wpg goal.

    Has anyone kept track as to how many games Schultz has made a pinch or failed to clear the puck at a most critical time.

    I would bet he personally has turned the tide of a game at least 10 times this year.

    15 days to be Schultz free. If the Oilers cant trade him at the deadline I would be extremely disappointed if he is not send to the minors.

    • Snelson8300

      I am not a Schultz apologist as I have never been a fan of his (or really any other dman MacT brought in). However, I was at the game and the pinch happened right in front of us. It was a decent play by Schultz as he kept the puck in. Eberle was at fault, however, as instead of taking the puck low where there was support he turned it up the boards where Schultz had just come from and lost it. We teach my son’s Atom team that you have to get the puck if your dman pinches and holds the puck in. It is a simple concept that 10/11 year olds can understand. That was a bad play by Eberle.

      That being said, later on Schultz made a bad pinch (or two?) that luckily did not result in a scoring chance.

      As a whole, Winnipeg’s D is way stronger than the Oilers’ and that was the difference in the game. It is too bad we did not have the assets to have landed Tyler Myers in the past. Having him on one pair and Nurse on another two years from now would have been awesome to watch.

      • D-Unit

        I was also at the game and also PVR’d the game and watched the replay several times.

        It sure looked liked Schultz’s pinch was a high risk play as his usually are.

        Having said that Eberle is not a defensive specialist.

        • passenger

          So the d-men should just back off and let the opposition exit the zone?

          Schultz won the pinch.

          Ebs lost the battle.

          McDavid didn’t cover.

          Other D-men made high risk pinches but they’re above criticism, well because Jultz.

          Just about every time a goal is scored it’s more than one person fault. ON needs to get over blaming a one goal error on a game. Oiler’s aren’t going to win games 1-0.

          • S cottV

            Agreed – as is often the case, more than one culprit on the GA.

            I blame McD – as much as anyone.

            The pinch was no problem. Schultz was 100% gonna get to the puck first. He has to go.

            Where I blame Shultz – is what often happens to him, you preserved possession – got it to Eberle, so put on the brakes and immediately retreat back to your point position. The game is in the balance. No need for an over cheat to offense.

            Ok – he doesn’t do that, should have but no huge problem if we adjust.

            But we don’t. Initially McD correctly covers, but he abandons what is effectively the d man point position – that he inherited from Schultz taking up his position.

            No way a d man on the point in that position, takes off through the middle toward the net, and neither should McD have done so, under the circumstances.

            Eberle is also at fault. When McD took off – for no particular good reason, other than cheating on offence. Eberle cheated to offence by risking a high end exchange through the middle, rather than protecting the puck and cycling it back into the corner.

            Game management – or lack thereof….

  • Snelson8300

    I think these lazy Oiler players who can’t muster the desire to put two hard games together back to back should understand that there aren’t a lot of other teams willing to take chances on players from the worst team in league history. It would be like inviting a cancer into your body, who’s gonna do that? Think about that boys as you make your NHL salary…that could easily come to an end when the Oilers release you, or your contract runs out.

    • passenger

      The lazy Oilers who do not put two hard games together are not going to worry about it.

      Not sure who you are referring to but the following players have already made millions or have long term contracts where they will make millions and will are set for life

      Shultz, Purcell, Ference, Hall, Eberle, RNH, Yak, Korpi, Klink, Gazdic, Sekera, Talbot, Nik, Klefboom, Fayne – the list goes on.

      Only a few have to work hard until their gravy train clicks in – Drai, nurse, McDavid, LB, Davidson and a few others

  • Spydyr

    Jets right hand defense men, Buff, Myers and Trouba, Oilers- Fayne, Schultz and their best one Gryba. Imagine the Oilers with even two of the three the Jets have.

  • Randaman

    I loved LB’s post game interview.

    “Yes, I believe I can contribute at this level.”

    I agree. He’s ready to come in next year as the back up to start. From there is all up to him.

  • BustedSoulO

    I wish the oil could play the jets evryday until they learn. The “core” spent most of their night peeling themselves off the boards…..and that’s what they need….welcome to the NHL cupcakes, nothing is easy. Winnipeg showed heart and desire against (on paper) a higher skilled team and they punished them……..I could watch the Jets play like that game in and out and not fault their results. Hall keeps up this kind of play and he had better get ready to throw. Kassian should have said something to Buff but oh yeah he’s an ex canuck and they won’t fight a hard fight. Hendo was luck the refs jumped in as quickly as they did or both his eyes would require stitches (did you take notes Kassian on how the big guys look after their team mates?)

  • Randaman

    I really like Gryba’s game. He has, in my mind become a leader back there and stands up to the opposition and looks after teammates. Sure, he won’t score 20 goals but we need him going forward in my view.

    Yakupov is unfortunately half way over the cliff it seems. I believe he needs a fresh start somewhere else or I see him going back home. I like the kid but he has lost his confidence and the confidence of the coaching staff.

    Schultz played well last night in spite of what the lynch mob says. That goal was on three players but how dare he try to create offence. Sad!

    I can understand why Purcell is not being removed from the second line with the deadline looming but I would really like to see Kassian on that line to give space for Hall & Drai. Kassian must have magnets in his pants because he goes straight to the front of the net. We need more of this.

  • Randaman

    Here is something I don’t understand, when a powerplay struggles why try Kassian in front of the net, he has hands, seems a no brainer to me.
    Another question I have, when we can’t score why not try Yak with Draisital or McD. If I remember right in preseason he had success there.
    Coach seems to refuse to give Yak the opportunity to succeed and in the end hurting the team.

  • Randaman

    Here is something I don’t understand, when a powerplay struggles why not try Kassian in front of the net, he has hands, seems a no brainer to me.
    Another question I have, when we can’t score why not try Yak with Draisital or McD. If I remember right in preseason he had success there.
    Coach seems to refuse to give Yak the opportunity to succeed and in the end hurting the team.

  • MrBung

    Let this sink in.

    Where would the Oilers be if they would not have lucked out big time and drafted Connor McDavid? Likely unwatchable and the fanbase would be in a hell of a funk.

    After 8 plus years of “rebuilding”, the Oilers are a solid lottery team.

    And last night, still unable to muster much of anything against a poor team. What an absolute mess.

    • MrBung

      How big of a bat do people need to get hit with before they’ll pull their head out of their a$$? They haven’t had McDavid ALL year, and they’re still a better team. We lost more man-gamea to injury than any other team in the league. And to more key players than I’ve ever seen. And we’re still on pace to be 10 points up on last year’s finish. THAT. IS. PROGRESSS!!!!!! (I say that while fantasizing about screaming these facts in your face while violently shaking you)

      • S cottV

        #lowstandards, if the team finishes in 29th or 30th would you consider that progress, even if they finish with 70 points. Im sorry but if they were rebuilding my house, i would be homeless.

  • S cottV

    Here is a list of LW better than Hall;








    Maybe only of two of the players named could be considered elite.

  • passenger

    Here is something I don’t understand, when a powerplay struggles why not try Kassian in front of the net, he has hands, seems a no brainer to me.
    Another question I have, when we can’t score why not try Yak with Draisital or McD. If I remember right in preseason he had success there.
    Coach seems to refuse to give Yak the opportunity to succeed and in the end hurting the team.