In an effort to keep fans aware of the comings and goings of the other teams in the Smythe Pacific Division… The fine folks at The Royal Half have created the Pacific War Room… a wrap-up of the past week in the Pacific from some of the best and brightest bloggers who cover Pacific Division teams. In order of the Pacific Division standings… we present the Pacific War Room!

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The Pacific War Room – 2.15.16

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  • Anton CP

    Ducks are grinding out point by point, they still suck at offense but they managed to score enough to just win. Gibson should get a nod for Vezina just for the way he carries the team.

    Kings are fair on the road trip, it may just be enough to play like this for the rest of the season to win the division.

    Sharks has been rolling lately and should lock the third place down the stretch.

    Yotes cannot have a consistent enough game to keep in pace with Sharks. They may not catch them for third place.

    Nucks are very good at losing. In fact that they are so good at losing that they are 7 points out of playoffs by winning 7 games fewer. They are the reason that NHL need to get rid of loser points.

    Flames on the other hand are really suck at losing, in fact if they lost the same way as Nucks do that they will only be a point out of playoffs.

    Oilers…well,at least McDavid is back.

  • passenger

    Shane Doan eats day-old filet’o’fish on the airplane.

    Shane Doan gives out raisins at Halloween

    Shane Doan wore a Nickelback shirt to a Nickelback concert

    Shane Doan starts construction at 6am on a Sunday

    Shane Doan thinks Clooney was the best Batman

      • markstromisgod

        your a fake fan u definelty dont watch a game cuz you woulda seen marky take five goals deep in his nasty arse

        miller and batkowski are carrying our nasty squadron to a mafkn cup

        • markstromisgod

          bartkowski may just be better than miller at helping our team lose. maybe the reason we are loosing is we are signing nasty ass old “vetrens” who do nothing but make mistakes and cost us vicotries. remember when miller had a “cramp” and was out 2 weeks. he couldnt even tell the fans what happened what a (female cat)

      • markstromisgod


        He was pumped. He was stoked. He felt great in practice. And then he was awful. There’s really no other way to summarize what impression Jacob Markstrom left Tuesday after being beaten on the first shot, allowing three goals on a total of four shots, then making a quick exit in favour of Eddie Lack.

        marky str8 boooooty

    • markstromisgod

      how many medals does markstroms nasty rear have

      hes so dog shizzle he aint even make the team

      well could be worse he could be catching 19-3 L’s and be happy losing “only” by 2 and “think” a 10-5 L was a close game

      but whatever

  • markstromisgod

    markstrom has a 2.44 GAA and a .921 save percentage on the year he also has a 9-6-4 record

    miller has a 12-16-8 record with a 2.59 GAA and a .915 save percentage

    marky also has to play all the 2nd half of back to backs with a tired team and still has much better stats

    stats dont lie you dumb troll where is your god now

  • markstromisgod

    thank god this season is just about done….they just got beat by the three worst teams in the league..these guys should go back to pushing groceries at the qwickie mart

    • Dirty30

      If Bartowski can’t get a rubber puck out of his own zone safely, he’s not touching my groceries. And do you really want him collecting shopping carts near your car?

  • Dirty30

    a lot of posters hot against Bartkowski? Lets not forget Boston did not want him and Benning chased him as a free agent when nobody else did.

    Sure trading for Baertchi seems ok, and our young forwards look promising but the term money spent on Miller/Dorsett/Sbisa/Sutter part of the reason we are where we are!

    Many say trade Vrbata and Hammy for picks,I concur. One big problem will Hamhuis waive his ntc? Sure hope so because another full yr. of him,Bartkowski,Sbisa, Edler on the left side presents plenty of problems.

    The brightest thing this battered team can do is fire Willy as soon as the regular season ends! Pls do not do it now,as the team may win a few more games under a much better coach and cost us a few draft spots?