GDB 59.0 Wrap Up: Wild @ Oilers

They probably played good enough to win, but Oilers enough to lose. Final Score: 5-2 Wild

Remember when the Oilers and Wild played each other eight times per year? What a nightmare. On the bright side, seeing the Minnesota Wild eight times meant eight nights where you were likely lulled to sleep at a reasonable hour. All that is obvious, though — as obvious as saying that the sky is blue and that you shouldn’t pay a hooker with a personal cheque. These are things that the people know. At the end of the day, all you can really hope for is that something interesting happens and that you fend off being lulled into a crippling boredom that leaves you drooling and questioning life in general. 

Potential boredom aside, there was a game to watch. So I parked my ass on the couch and made some coffee made myself a rum to make sure that I got through this thing like an adult. One time the Oilers were playing the Wild and I spent two full periods looking up places to take a calculus class because I thought it might be a valuable skill to have. I’m not a scientist. What the hell am I going to do with calculus? Besides, it was the “generally recommended: math skills” part of the requirements threw me off me in the end. I’m not saying that that was a good story (it was a terrible story), but the point I was trying to make is that watching the Minnesota Wild play hockey can make your mind wander. It’s boring, alright? 


Despite all my dread and moaning, this might have been one of the better Oilers/Wild games that I’ve ever watched. There were goals. Breakaways. Momentum swings. Pretty much everything you would want from a hockey game except for the win. Speaking of which, the Oilers probably played well enough to win this hockey game but they couldn’t bury some prime chances, couldn’t score on the power play, and when they made mistakes Talbot just couldn’t bail them out. From where I sat, the Oilers should have put points up in the standings but they ended up beating themselves in the end. Sure, the Wild scored four goals but they were lucky to get there, quite frankly. A tighter defensive hockey team wouldn’t have allowed so many easy goals against, and the Oilers were not that tonight.

In the end, the Oilers lost a game that they could have potentially won. Life moves on. One game closer to draft day. 

We wrap.



  • Connor McDavid. Always Connor McDavid. He scored his 10th goal of the year by putting the puck into an empty net created on a nice passing play by Benoit Pouliot. 
  • Solid Pou tonight. Todd McLellan wanted him to have a bounce back game and he did. 
  • Nail Yakupov played his best game in a long time. He was driving to the net with the puck, firing away, and generating chances rather than doing not much of anything. He was rewarded for his play with his fifth goal of the season on an absolute snipe on the short side shelf, and he should’ve had more. 
  • Andrej Sekera was was an even +/- and played a team high 23:18. He’s been a bright spot on the back end. 
  • I really like the way Darnell Nurse can rush the puck up the ice. Give him some time to marinate and he is going to be a megalodon.
  • Shout out to all the people that ignored the fire alarm. Hockey or death. That’s metal.  



  • The Oilers took too many penalties again. They had two before the first period even ended. To make matters worse, the Wild scored on both attempts because of course they did. 
  • Not a great start for Cam Talbot. He allowed two goals on six Wild shots. To be fair to Talbot, both goals were scored on the power play, but we’ve seen him make those saves before. The rest of the game didn’t get much better as Talbot finished the night with 22 saves and an .842 save%. I don’t blame Cam Talbot for all of the goals, but I think even he’d admit that he could’ve had a couple of them. 
  • Taylor Hall should have had a goal in the second period but it was disallowed. The refs claimed that the Wild player had possession of the puck on the delayed penalty. He didn’t.
  • It’s odd how the coaching staff is willing to bench forwards when they make a mistake. That is a precedent. That being said, why doesn’t the same apply to the defense? Jultz? C’mon, man. 
  • The Oilers badly lost the special teams battle. They couldn’t get anything done on the power play and allowed two goals on the penalty kill. Not good. 
  • Oilers were 48% in the faceoff circle. 



09:30 Minnesota PPG – Jason Pominville (8) ASST: Mikael Granlund (25), Thomas Vanek (19) 1-0
09:58 Edmonton Connor McDavid (10) ASST: Benoit Pouliot (21), Jordan Eberle (16) 1-1
13:16 Minnesota PPG – Matt Dumba (8) ASST: Zach Parise (18), Mikko Koivu (29) 2-1
17:19 Edmonton Nail Yakupov (5) 2-2


04:48 Minnesota Thomas Vanek (16) ASST: Mikko Koivu (30), Mike Reilly (1) 3-2
15:37 Minnesota Mikael Granlund (6) ASST: Matt Dumba (11), Mike Reilly (2) 4-2


19:57 Minnesota EN – Charlie Coyle (18) 5-2


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The boys are back from Jasper and still licking their wounds! This week they talk about McDavid’s five point night, if McDavid has a legit shot at the Calder, what could have been for McDavid this season, and other, non-McDavid related things!


  • R U Kidding Me!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend we win the lottery again and play where does Matthews fit?

    What do you do with McDavid, RNH, Draisaitl and Matthews as your top 4 centers?

    What do you say after coming in 30th again with 5 first overall picks?

    This is really depressing.


      If we get Mathews we would have yet another lefty! Guess how many lefties on the Oilers? Hall,Dr.Drai,McDavid,Hendricks,Korpikoski,Nuge,Pouliot,Lander,Sekera,Nurse,Klefbom,Davidson(not including Condors)!!!

      Mathews would give us 4 #1 lefthanded centres..ridiculous. Our defence is left strong also.

      Move Mathews & Nuge to the LW, we would then have back-up for centre depth when needed vs LW trying to play centre.





      D-core Sekera/?Trade?



      Chiarelli would have Hall,Reinhardt,Davidson,Gryba,Ebs,Purcell,Korpikoski,Yak,Nikitin,Nillson,Shultz,Lander to shore up our D-core and RW.That’s alot of bulletts to get a deal done. I like Shattenkirk and Okposo.

      You instantly change the lockerroom and culture.Make McDavid the captain and send the whole team the message that this is a new era and a newer, bigger stronger team.McDavid will be the example to follow just Like Gretzky did.

  • #1 overall waivers pick

    I would like to see how the Oilers defense looks with Klefbom before making a move for Hamonic. Maybe Klefbom will fill some holes and give Chia some bargaining power at the trade table. I can’t imagine how bad Garth Snow will own Chiarelli if the whole league knows that the Oilers are absolutely desperate for a complete nhl d.

    I can already imagine Chiarelli at the draft table begging Snow for Hamonic. And after Snow hoses Chia on another Reinhart style deal, the camera man will pan over to poker face Snow making big winks to the Islanders management…

    • Seanaconda

      Harmonic is appealing cuz he plays the right side. All the decent oilers defensman prefer left and none of them have shown that they can be decent on their offside yet. Snow is kinda handcuffed by harmonic wanting a trade tho so I’m hopeful the oilers won’t get hosed if they do trade for him. The rest of the teams in western canada are pretty set on defense so I doubt there will be a bidding war.

    • Can somebody explain why everybody is so high on Klefbom?

      What has he won?

      Why is he a part of the solution?

      For starters, hast he been injured half or more of his career? But let’s leave that out, what, in concrete terms make you guys think that he is Duncan Keith?

      Now on this last post somebody thinks he can fill “holes” in plural! So he is not just very good, he is magical and can play several positions in simultaneous times!

      Hammonic for starters is more durable and he is an important part in his team. We should have traded straight when we could. I don’t think Snow does it anymore. And after Nurse’s steep learning curve, he doesn’t do it for Nurse either. Hamonic will end up in Winnipeg but we will keep all our prima donnas. Happy times.

  • Because that Russian kid is a much easier target even thought he makes 2.5 Mill and has spent most of his career playing with plugs while Hall is the good old hard working Canadian boy who is selfless and always puts the team first.

    We could never question his character, he who has never spent more than a few shifts his entire career with 3rd and 4th line grinders and was never asked to make them “better”

    No we need to set those expectations on the bad Russian kid who is selfish and can’t make letestus and Landers better when that’s what all first overalls do lol

    Kid makes a turnover and you get people calling it a defining moment in the end of his career as an oiler.

    Fact is, its a lot easier to call out the Russian than ever note any faults of a Canadian.

    Sorry folks, just because he’s Canadian doesn’t mean he shares the same qualities as Toews.

    Call it the Don Cherry effect.

  • Colin M

    That was a great fist period! And Jared Stoll was kept off the scoreboard too. And the alarm had a strong third period and should have been the fourth star.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Devils need offense ?

    Yakupov & Shultz for Larsson

    Jets Trouba behind Buff & Myers on depth chart ?

    Purcell, Fayne and 2nd round pick for Jacob Trouba


    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Reinhart for both Ladd & Trouba

    Re-sign Ladd & Trouba with RNH, Yak & Shultz MONEY!!

    • Seanaconda

      I could see the Hopkins trade maybe happening but no chance they trade trouba for Purcell and fayne plus a second. Purcell is a ufa at the end of the year. And trouba actually looks like he could be good. Ladd is a ufa at the end of the year too so we would just be trading for a chance to sign him early.

    • DoubleDIon

      Counter offer. Jersey doesn’t want Yak and Schultz, they want offence so Hopkins or Eberle for Larson. Winnipeg wants real players for a young top 4 right handed def. So, nurse and a swap of firsts for Trouba. You want Ladd too, then, Trouba and Ladd for Hopkins and Nurse contingent on Ladd being signed to an extension.

  • DoubleDIon

    Went out for my men’s league weekly tilt tonight. I stepped out on the ice slipped and fell, broke my skate lace, gave away the puck 12 times, fell asleep in front of the net and just basically Jultzed all over myself.

    For shame.

  • DoubleDIon

    Anybody else find it CRAZY that Snow roasted Charelli not once but TWICE!!??

    just last year he gave him Johnny Boychuk for a lonely 2nd round pick

    Then has the nerve to pay 16th and 33rd overall (two first round picks in a so called deep draft) for a AHL Dman (Reinhart) which Bob Green should be fired for!!!

    Is Chiarelli a secret Islander fan or whaaaaa…..

    • Seanaconda

      Boychuk was a rental at the time wasn’t he? Maybe he made it clear he wouldn’t resign so he got what he could for him. Players that are ufas at the end of the year never bring back much more than picks or weak prospects. The reinhart trade doesn’t look good yet tho. Also the boychuk trade was for 2 seconds (one in 2015 and one in 2016) and a conditional third. And Boston was in cap hell.

      • CMG30

        It was a cap-related trade.

        His mis-handling of the cap is part of the reason he isn’t in Boston.

        Unless Reinhart makes a huge leap to become a top-pairing defender, they lost the trade. The only question is how badly.

        • Seanaconda

          True he was in charge when boston had its cap meltdown but it does seem to happen after a team wins the cup. Heck we overpayed half our players when we lost in 06. Chicago has the same problem they have tossed so many good players.

        • Seanaconda

          I spose so. I think it was more him not picking boychuk as a member of the bruins key core tho. What all did Chicago get for buff and ladd? (Not much) but with the cap that happens boychuk got double what he was making when he extended with the islanders so keeping him away from ufa would of been pretty hard for the bruins

    • CMG30

      What’s really crazy is that everyone who was calling for an end of treating magic beans like gold ’cause ‘we’ve gotta win now’ got their wish when Chirelli traded picks for a more NHL ready D man and now they’re roasting Chirelli for it.

      Get over it already.

  • Seanaconda

    But wasn’t boychuk an ufa at the end of the year or did the islanders just extend him a year early ? I honestly can’t remember. Just curious cuz a players contract is a big part of his value in a trade.

  • giddy

    At this point, could we keep McDavid, and just do an expansion type draft for the Oilers line up? That would probably result in playoffs faster than what we’re currently looking at.

  • DoubleDIon

    Relax folks we can all calm down now and enjoy what’s left of the Oiler season. I heard Nicholson say between periods tonight that Oiler fans need to remain ‘patient’. Apparently the team will be better next season. I know for my part that is just great news and a huge relief.

    The remarkable thing was he said it with a straight face. The only way this D gets better is if they are allowed to carry military ordinance as part of their overall defensive strategy as a deterrant against opposing forwards.

    I hear that familiar sucking sound coming from the direction of Kingsway.

  • #1 overall waivers pick

    The Oilers may have problems greater than losing?

    This Club already knows ways to lose.

    This week The Bishop of Rome (Pope) challenged THE DONALD.
    McLennan has to keep challenging the Oilers.

    Nicholson suggests fans should remain “patient.”

    Maybe The Pope can also address the Oiler culture?

    THE DONALD responded — would the Oilers?

    It may take some “Spiritual” Assistance?

  • Seanaconda

    Sorry I just think he’s a weird person to use as an example of a bad hockey person choice when comparing the EIG vs Katz as owners when he had a big role for both ownership groups. Unless you’re actually complementing him and I completely missed your point.

  • Seanaconda

    Just heard on the radio and twitter that the Habs were listening to offers on PK. Doesn’t mean he will be traded but perhaps the Oilers can offer up a package that MTL cant refuse?

    • MorningOwl

      definitely, something like Hall, this years 1st and the best defensive prospect you have not in Edmonton… could start the conversation… probably have to add Nurse though also to get it done.

      • MorningOwl

        the cost of elite defenseman…

        SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Bergevin trades Subban, it’ll be the worst move by a Habs GM since Rejean Houle dealt Patrick Roy to the Colorado Avalanche over 20 years ago. That trade set the Habs back for over a decade. As a Habs blogger recently observed, unless the return is Connor McDavid or Erik Karlsson, trading Subban will have the same effect.

        LeBrun also spoke with a hockey executive who suggests it wouldn’t be surprising if the Edmonton Oilers shop their first-round pick for a top defenseman. If they got the first overall pick again, would it be possible they offer that pick to the Arizona Coyotes for defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson? The Coyotes could then use that pick to select Arizona native Auston Matthews.

  • #1 overall waivers pick

    Has anyone seen the price of Canucks tickets? The team sucks, ticket prices drops, people get fired and changes happen.

    Perhaps Oilers fans should stop being so loyal as well. Especially to this core that has won nothing. Imagine playing a game with 10,000 fans. Maybe it’s time for fans to revolt.

    • Good Night Jim Kyte

      Would NEVER ? Why did they re-sign him then ..

      I’m sure they would consider reuniting Galchenyuk & Yakupov

      Yakupov, Purcell, Shultz and 2nd round pick for

      P.K Subban … You have to consider he is the HIGHEST Paid Dman in THE LEAGUE !!

      So we’re freeing them of that cap space for a player they DONT want anymore

  • What I said yesterday pre game article:

    “Thus, if the Oilers are going to break down defensively, expect the game to be a loss. But, if they can give just a bit of effort and be responsible on the puck, then I think the high end guns can go to work.”

    What bagged milk said post game:

    “A tighter defensive hockey team wouldn’t have allowed so many easy goals against, and the Oilers were not that tonight.”

    Are the nation writers cribbing off my comments? Of course, they’d be stupid not to.

    Does it bother me?
    No not if I can get some kind of oodle noodle royalty situation out of it. Do the right thing Bagged Milk.

  • Oilers4Ever

    Vote with your feet and your $’s. Did you see what the Liverpool soccer fans did to protest a ticket price hike while they sit in 8th place??

    10,000 walked out on mass at the 77 minute mark of the game. Message sent and loudly received by the owner.

  • Seanaconda

    Couple of notes:

    Glending, please go directly to the Bus Depot.Your one way ticket is in your stall.

    As for the rest of the game Nurse and Talbot cost us the game. Nurse was on the ice for 3 goals, and Talbot let in 2 softies.

    Its unfortunate that Nurse did not spend this season in the AHL,but that’s spilled milk.He will be there one day. Look a Hedman, he was atrocious the first couple seasons, and he too played NHL right out of junior.

    Talbot cant seem to track the puck when its in the blue paint, always a big scramble. Maybe he needs eye glasses, or might help if the D-men cleared some loose pucks once in while.

    • S cottV

      I think harsh on Nurse and somewhat harsh on Talbot.

      First two GA’s were on pk. For both of those goals I didn’t like the pk alignment. Too much pk overplay on the shooter from the high left side. Not not enough emphasis on the backside by our supporting forward. Purcell on the 1st and Letestu on the 2nd. To me they were the weak links on these goals.

      You couldn’t blame Talbot on the first rebound – he had a Wild guy completely screening him. Maybe – a little rebound blame on the second.

      As for Nurse – he wasn’t on the 1st and really could do nothing on the second – any better.

      The 3rd. Eberle must have been asleep on the change, or whoever he replaced took his sweet time getting off – probably a combination of both.

      The result though – was the main cause of the 3rd GA. Oilers were temporarily defending 4 on 3 and McD was frozen 2 on 1. McD couldn’t close in and contain the puck carrier in the corner. The Wild player was able to round the net without coverage and put Nurse in a very difficult situation. Leave his man and address the puck carrier – coming around net or take his man. OK – the correct split second solution for Nurse, is take away the pass but a situation that he never should have been placed in. I blame the change more than Nurse for sure. Talbot – no blame.

      The 4th – Wild have a 2 on 3 rush. Sekera backs in when he should have aggressively stood up – much sooner. He had the forward back track support to do it. Schultz 100% makes a play for the puck, instead of a correct 80 / 20 play to the man. Dumb and Dumber. Don’t blame Talbot.

      The 5th? Well didn’t matter, but to infer that Nurse had something to do with it? C’mon Oiler Al….

      • Seanaconda

        I am sure wondering about our special teams coach.

        Power Play doesn’t score.

        PK let’s the other team pass the puck around till something opens up. Has anyone ever seen such a passive PK?

        How many goals have gone in off Oiler players? Would this happen if they were more aggressive on the puck?

        There’s just too much backing off and letting the other guys play with the puck.


    Imo,anyone who wants to keep this team together and not trade EVERYONE not named McDavid is delusional. If Subban,Stamkos,Shattenkirk, Hamonic among others are available, put your best offer on the table and hope we land them. Lord knows we can’t get any worse than 30th place 10 years running. Give McDavid the reins of this team and run with it.

  • It’s hard to cheer for this time sometimes (seemingly all the time), but holy f*@# there are some outright morons who comment on this site. Fire the coach and GM, incompetent, wah wah wah. Don’t support the team if you hate them. It’s very simple. Besides that, if all you are gonna do is whine all the time, STFU.

  • Johnny Zylon

    I am no coach or anything like that but whoever scores the most goals wins right? So if some of your guys are consistently on the ice for most of the opposition’s goals I would just stop putting them guys in the game. Just saying.

  • DoubleDIon

    Darnell Nurse is not very good. Reminds me of a lesser version of Phaneuf. Plenty of athletic ability, but not a thimble full of hockey sense. Trade him now before his value plummets.