Looking For Help In The Sunshine State


This past week on his wonderful 30 Thoughts, Elliotte
Friedman had a couple of items about the Oilers and the trade market. It’s
becoming increasingly rare to hear anything about what this time might be doing
behind the scenes but it appears that they could find a trade partner in the
Sunshine State.

We should begin by looking at what Friedman wrote about the
Oilers in Thought number 5.

5. GM Peter Chiarelli would not confirm Eberle’s recent
availability, and similarly dodged two other rumblings sent his way. First was
talk about Justin Schultz and Tampa Bay. The defenceman needs a fresh start,
and it was rumoured the Oilers were scouting Anthony DeAngelo, the 19th overall
pick in 2014. DeAngelo had a few recent healthy scratches at AHL Syracuse. The
contracts do not match, so, if this was a possibility, the Albertans would have
had to take back someone or some salary. The other — and I do believe it to be
true — was interest in Florida’s Brandon Pirri. Unfortunately, he suffered an
ugly ankle injury last weekend and will be out a while. Pirri could be a very
nice fit with Edmonton’s forwards.

It is not a common occurrence to find a plugged in reporter
like Elliotte Friedman mention anything about Peter Chiarelli’s behind the scenes actions, let alone drop two names
that he believes have been linked to the Oilers. That both of those players
belong to the Panthers and Lightning isn’t overly surprising either.

Chiarelli has had success dealing with those two teams when
he was a member of the Bruins and now that he’s in the Western Conference it
might be a little easier to find deals with them now. He has had many key
interactions with both of those clubs, especially earlier in his time with the Bruins
when he was building up to a Championship.

Ference, also in photo

He acquired Recchi and a 2nd rounder from the
Lightning for Lashoff and Karsums in March 2009.

He picked up Seidenberg and Bartkowski from the Panthers in
exchange for Weller, Bitz, and a 2nd round pick in March of 2010.

He picked up Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell from the
Panthers in exchange for Wideman, a 1st rounder, and 3rd round pick in June 2010.

He made two minor league deals with the Panthers and
Lightning on the same day in December 2010.

He traded two 2nd round picks to the Lightning in
exchange for Brett Connelly in March 2015.

Perhaps there’s something to the rumours that he has some
more irons in the fire with the Florida teams now that he’s in the position to
be building a team once again (as opposed to maintaining a winner). I wouldn’t blame
him for wanting to go back to the well now that he no longer has to also
overcome being in the same conference as those clubs in order to complete a

As far as the two players mentioned by Friedman, neither
will likely be the missing piece that takes this club out of the basement, but
there’s still enough to like about them to think they could be additions.

Hey, a Quarter!

Brandon Pirri is listed is 24 years old, 6 feet tall, and
183 pounds. He He’s listed as a left-shot centre but the reality is that he’s 7th
on the Panthers in total faceoffs taken. He’s in the circle less often than
Jussi Jokinen. Dreams of him playing down the middle for the Oilers might be
premature, and that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that he destroyed
his ankle and will be out weeks.

As far as his underlying metrics, he sort of falls into that
middle-ground on the Panthers. He doesn’t create a lot of offense 5v5, but he’s
dragging along like a Dave Bolland. He’s also similarly placed as far as his
shot attempt numbers. He is right in the middle of the pack. He doesn’t appear
to be a drag on his teammates, although it’s clear the duo of Ekblad and
Campbell is the tide that raises all ships in that harbor.

I really should have found Beverly D’Angelo’s picture

Anthony (Beverly) DeAngelo is much more interesting name to
me. He’s a right shot defenseman with a history of creating offense. Depending
on what the Lightning are looking for he could be a much needed addition to an
Oiler system that is lacking in RHD.

He’s not a big kid at just 5’11” and 182 pounds, but this is
an era where kids with the right skills can get by on defense without needing
to be hulking giants. Of course, the fear is that if not developed properly
that players like DeAngelo become Justin Schultz 2.0 instead of contributing
and useful small defenders.

In any event, the Oilers should be pretty familiar with
DeAngelo since he was traded to Darnell Nurse’s Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds last
season. During that time he managed a whopping 15-36-51 in just 26 (!) games.
This is his rookie AHL season and he has 5-23-28 in 46 games played, which is
tied for 3rd in AHL rookie D scoring with Jordan Subban.

Considering Edmonton’s deficiencies on defense he’s
certainly a player that makes sense if the Lightning are looking to make a
change to make a deal in advance of the Trade Deadline. They are very tight to
Cap and would need to send back someone like a Coburn if they want to add a
higher ticket player. Not sure how it all gets done, but we shouldn’t be
surprised if on February 29th the newest Oiler player is coming here
with a tan and sand still between his toes.

  • CMG30

    Dear god, just what we need to break up the cycling that goes on in our zone, a 182 lb defenceman. Just trade jultz for the highest draft pick and go ahead and pick a coke machine on skates, it can’t be any worse.

  • Rocket

    If you can land a player like Anthony DeAngelo that would be great (based on stats alone). Although, there has to be more to his story if he’s getting bench in the AHL though.

    My worry is getting bogged down with heavy money/term contracts just to move Schultz. If that’s the case just let him walk in the summer and pickup a FA in the summer.

    • hitchikerforajax

      I was watching the game, Col. has the puck & saw Nurse on the defence, I say to myself, watch Nurse is going to puck watch AGAIN & get beat for a goal. Sure enough, it happened. I know my frustration is, these defensive mistakes happen game in & game out. If players(Nurse), are either not able to or refuse to get it right, then send them down or trade them. I know mistakes happen, but with Nurse, it happens every game & it seems the Oilers just don’t get it. If the same mistakes happen, by the same players, in the same situations, then this team will never get better & last place, is where this team, will stay. That’s why this fan, see’s no future for this team!!

    • Oilerz4life

      I don’t think there is any doubt that or changes are needed, but it won’t happen at the treading deadline. In the meantime, if you can find an incremental improvement, why not?

    • Oilerz4life

      I don’t think there is any doubt that big changes are needed, but it won’t happen at the trading deadline. In the meantime, if you can find an incremental improvement, why not?

  • Oilerz4life

    Are these actual comments or the nation pumping up the numbers, trade chatter amounts to zip all, we’re lucky to land something that amounts to a hill of beans now as the line-up gets gutted and it’s off to Oiler dream land again. Maybe there will be all kinds of dopey hope chat in the fall while Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish are whispering in Chiapet’s ear. Lucky day.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    No offence, but these moves or trades are crap, these are lateral moves at best!

    Trading our piece of ship for another piece of ship gets us nowhere but roster heavy.

    Thanks but I’d pass if I was ChiaPete.

  • I’m trying to understand a position regularly taken by many people on this site.

    Why does the team need to halt all trades unless they accomplish a complete overhaul and totally turn the team around in one deal.

    It’s ridiculous. Just because a trade of Schultz for Deangelo wouldn’t turn the whole team around it doesn’t mean the team should juts ignore it. There are no deals that would save the franchise and there is no reason not to make small trades while ALSO looking for bigger ones.

    Deangelo is very highly regarded as a scoring defenseman, and given that the left side of the D consists almost entirely of huge players I think Deangelo could fit in very well.

  • Hawk E. Pashyn

    Not unlike the highly-touted Justin Schultz, Anthony DeAngelo may be a younger version. This deal makes sense in so many ways, a now RHD with a confidence issue for a later RHD with what sounds like it could be either an over- or under-confidence issue. I saw a few clips of DeAngelo prior to the draft, and was highly-intrigued, so I say go for it. Question is how much more there might be to such a deal, since both Yzerman and Chiarelli have plenty of interim business to take care of, respectively.

    And I agree that both Tampa and Florida make good potential dancing partners for the Oilers.