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Edmonton Oilers fans should see a few prospects recalled at the deadline, as veterans are sent away for picks and futures. There is also a chance we see actual NHL players as part of the return, as there are names in the mist who might be useful to the 2016-17 Oilers. Who is out there? Should Edmonton add at the deadline?

The Toronto Sun has two articles up from Mike Zeisberger, and Lyle Richardson from Spector’s Hockey has been collecting trade rumors forever. Elliotte Freidman is known to all. These three gents are the source for all you will read below.

  • Mike Zeisberger source here and here.
  • Lyle Richardson source is here.
  • Elliotte Friedman source (latest 30 Thoughts) is here.
  • Anaheim Ducks: If the Ducks are willing to part with Sami Vatanen in the interests of adding scoring, then Peter Chiarelli has his trade equation. What forward would he deal? I would tell you but Wanye may be reading this post. 
  • Boston Bruins: Loui Eriksson is most often mentioned, doubt the Oilers grab a winger now or in free agency (unless they offload Eberle for a defender).
  • Chicago Blackhawks: With Teddy Purcell rumored to me of interest to Stan Bowman, I wonder if Edmonton might have interest in Jiri Sekac. He brings some size, offense and is a shooter.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Scott Hartnell has three years left on his deal and is 33, but he does fit the style of player Edmonton may want to bring in. Could he flourish with Connor McDavid?
  • Florida Panthers: Brandon Pirri was mentioned by Elliotte Friedman in his recent 30 thoughts, apparently the Oilers are interested in the player. Interesting in that we have all assumed Edmonton would be pursuing RH defensemen. Question: If the Oilers are pursuing Pirri, who is he replacing? Pirri is a skill LW, not a big player, and shoots a lot. Interesting. Oilers current LW depth chart is Taylor Hall, Benoit Pouliot, Zack Kassian and Lauri Korpikoski.
  • Los Angeles Kings: Recent acquisition Luke Schenn may be of interest to Peter Chiarelli, although signing Eric Gryba for next season is a less expensive option for Edmonton.
  • Minnesota Wild: I wonder if the Oilers might be interested in Thomas Vanek as part of the solution moving forward. He is 32 and a consistent scorer, even in a year like this one where he is struggling.
  • Montreal Canadiens: Dale Weise is available, he is a big winger (6.02, 205) with 14 goals, skating ability and can play a physical style. Although a pending free agent, Edmonton may want to see if there is a fit (unlikely they would overpay for him as a playoff team might, but I wonder if SC contenders see a fit).
  • New York Islanders: Travis Hamonic is as close to a perfect fit as Peter Chiarelli is likely to find, now or at the deadline. Suspect Edmonton may not land him, but it won’t be for lack of effort.
  • Ottawa Senators: Patrick Wiercioch has been sitting of late, interesting player but LH. No idea if they would ever trade Curtis Lazar, but the Oilers love those Oil Kings so you never know.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: Jonathan Drouin is a fine prospect, he does not fit the Peter Chiarelli template for heavy players. Then again, neither does Pirri.
  • Winnipeg Jets: Although a free agent this summer, I bet Peter Chiarelli would be interested in Andrew Ladd if a contract for next season and beyond could be worked out prior to the deal.
  • Zamboni Driver

    Also I keep thinking Lowetide is a ‘pundit’, when really he’s a fanboy obsessed with math.

    If that was ever demonstrated better it was suggesting the Oilers interest in VANEK?!

    Good god.

    As if what this team is a soft, small swinger who doesn’t have a clue (or doesn’t give a rip) where his own end is.

    I’m PRETTY sure we’re up to the limit in ‘sick dangles’.

    • Seanaconda

      At first i thought lowetide was a serious oilers blogger, but the more i hear him defend this team and keeping status quo with guys like Hopkins, Hall, etc, with mindless corsi numbers, you are right hes just an oiler apologist fanboy hoping all these no 1 overall picks will just become winners. Its so obvious this teams needs serious changes, and it starts with dismantling the core, they can all go and be replaced, just keep Mcdavid, everyone else is expendable. When you are this bad, thats reality.

  • bleedingcoppernblue

    I think Chia would be nuts to trade from our center depth (ie RNH) as it is clearly evident from the time McDavid has come back that the shelter RNH provides allows more success for McDavid and Drai. If it becomes apparent that all 3 centres need to be playing top 6, then put one of them on wing. Putting up with Letestu on the PP and playing with skill the past number of games has pained me to watch. AAny of our wings can go before RNH, including Hall who I love.

    • Spydyr

      It wouldn’t be nuts if you replaced RNH with a more proven veteran centre FA like a David Backes. Tough as nails and plays the game hard, the way it was meant to be played. Sorry Nuge, you play like you look (too young and soft), and often seem outmatched. I thought RNH’s best year was his rookie year. Ever since his shoulder injury, he has looked like a different player, hesitant, lost confidence, predictable. Even his slick passing skills has all but left his game.
      Backes would be an excellent mentor to McDavid and Drai, nose to the grindstone work ethic may rub off yet. We need more role players who have been around the league and know what it takes to win at the NHL level. Kids can’t do a man’s job. Nuge, if you want to elevate your game and be a true 1st or 2nd line C, you need to practice the weak areas until you get good (i.e. faceoffs). I’m sure he has the skill and ability, but where’s the desire?
      To Hall and Eberle: to be true leaders, you also have to work harder than everyone else in practice. You cannot be gliding to the bench on a line change, turn the other cheek when guys get in your face, and for God’s sake please learn from your mistakes. I find it hard to believe that coaches are not ripping into them enough that they should have learned by now. You are not rookies anymore and cannot continue to make rookie mistakes.
      For once, I want to be proud of my team when they stand up for themselves and each other in the face of adversity. I am sick of watching our players cower to other teams and whine to refs when they should be rubbing their smelly mitts in peoples faces. The game has an inherent “don’t F$^% with me” attitude that is often demonstrated by 29 other teams but the Oiler “stars” have managed to pussify the game at every opportunity to turn and fight.
      I have not paid to go to any games this year because I am taking a stand. I will not pay to watch the pussification of a sport I love so dearly, no matter who the players are on the ice. One day, I would love to watch McDavid live but they need to get their sh#* together first. I work hard to earn my paycheque and so should they if I am to spend my hard earned money on them. It just makes sense!

  • I’d expect a busy offseason from Chiarpete this offseason. Swapping a few soft players(like Eberle) for heavy, mean players. Maybe dumping some defensemen like Fayne for screw and nuts. He needs to tear down a few walls to change the team’s structure

    • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

      I also think there will be huge changes. I don’t think Katz wants to open a $500 million dollar arena and have a losing team . I would suspect that he wants results for his new playground.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        I don’t think he really cares. He keeps MacT, KLowe and Howeson around in spite of the reputation with the fans

        The place will fill up anyway and he will once again make a profit.

  • The idea that a teams best players are to blame when a team is bad is one of the dumbest ideas possible, yet sports fans eat it up.

    “Hey guys, sales are down this year so if you don’t pick it up we’re firing the top salesman!”

    “We aren’t digging coal fast enough, so if you don’t meet quotas we are going to fire the top coal digger in this mine!”

    “Too many people are dying in this hospital lately so I’m afraid we have to let the most effective doctor here go because this hospital can’t seem to save enough live with him here!”

    The only potential saving grace with this singular type of idiocy is that it’s the kind of thinking that could theoretically convince a team to trade away a guy like Subban.

    • Spydyr

      “Hey guys, sales are down this year so if you don’t pick it up we’re firing the top salesman!”

      If the top salesman are not selling that is exactly what you do.

      “We aren’t digging coal fast enough, so if you don’t meet quotas we are going to fire the top coal digger in this mine!”

      If the top coal digger is not working hard enough and shoveling the amount of coal he is paid to shovel. That is exactly what you do.

      “Too many people are dying in this hospital lately so I’m afraid we have to let the most effective doctor here go because this hospital can’t seem to save enough live with him here!”

      Perhaps the people are dying of cancer and your top Doctor is a heart surgeon. Would you not trade the heart surgeon for a oncologist?

    • Spydyr

      The problem is their best salesmen can’t sell the product and also ship/package/deliver. They have too many salesmen doing the same thing, but desperately need a quality shipper.

  • Spydyr

    At the end of the month my shopping list says ‘everything but champagne’

    Oilers’ list should say ‘everything but McDavid.’

    Seriously, every single year since 2010 the team, coaching staff etc. have changed enormously, but the results haven’t. Who/what is left from 2010 I ask myself.

  • CMG30

    To me you can’t blame the players we drafted, you have to blame the scouts who thought they were the best draft picks. It’s seems our scouts are not looking at the importance of the size of the man, and the size of his heart. All you have to look at is the guys we have, and they are consistently undersized and lacking in heart and or attitude problems…ie: Hall. How can these things not be seen by professional scouts? That’s the question I ask myself every day. I can see it immediately, why can’t they?

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      Hall led his team to 2 cups in junior. He produces lie an elite LW on a team that isn’t built to win.

      I’m sure you have some magical power that can determine how much heart someone has though and you would have picked Seguin and then we’d be in the playoffs..

      • CMG30

        He didn’t his lead team to two cups, he was part of the team that won two cups.

        He isn’t an elite player, and the team doesn’t win because it is build around, and caters to him.

        Yes, it is not magic-it is called vision and non bias thought process.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Exactly. All the talk about this “core” is nonsense. People just started copy/pasting that word here like we actually had a plan.

            Now that we have a GM with a plan, people want him fired after only a year of being here.

          • Seanaconda

            I understand he can’t turn things around over night. But results matter. If he doesn’t show progress within the 1st half of next season he should be sent away.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            What else does he have to do? everyones focusing on the negative.

            He brought in our best d-man in Sekera.

            He brought in Gryba who has been solid for us.

            He brought in Talbot who has given us competent goaltending.

            He fired Semenko.

            He traded Ben sievens for Kassian who has been a solid addition to the bottom 6.

            People hate on Letestu and Korpikoski but I can’t remember the last time we had bottom 6 players on pace for 23 ish points. Letestu wins faceoffs so he’s basically Gordon but with some offense.

            He did this within a couple months without really knowing the team.

            If he brings in another player of Sekera’s caliber, ill be pretty damn impressed.

          • Seanaconda

            It doesn’t help the fans view of him and todd that we are on pace for a better record this year … or we were last time I checked … but cuz the rest of the league is so close together this year even with a better record we can finish in a worse place in the standings. So we may win more but fans won’t look that far and just see our place in the standings.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Yeah we have 5 more wins than we did at this point last year and 6 more points.

            Not to mention all the 1 goal games we’ve had this year, the 3 games we’ve been screwed over by good goals being called off or all the injuries we’ve had.

          • Seanaconda

            In case you didn’t realize it the Oilers are in last place. Again.
            All this is on Chiarelli.
            His inaction and ineptness.
            Did you forget the Reinhart disaster?
            Failing to buyout Ference and Nikitin?
            His retaining Schultz?
            His failure to get a Nashville defenseman?
            His doing nothing to salvage the season!
            He is an abject incompetent!
            Expect nothing over the next week.
            More useless picks and never will be prospects, along with the same rotten core.
            Why rationalize for the incompetent?

        • Spydyr

          Hall won the The Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy two consecutive years with the Windsor Spitfire. The two years they won the memorial cup. I would say that would qualify as leading them.

          The Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy is a Canadian Hockey League (CHL) trophy, awarded to the most valuable player in the Memorial Cup. Leon Draisaitl was the last person to win it. Do you even think before you type your nonsense.

          The Problem with the Oilers is defense. There top 4 is hardly a top 6.

          • hagar

            You’re that guy!

            Do you have any idea how long ago Hall was in the CHL, talk about living in the past.

            I detest listening to guys like you that never played the game. I’d wager four/five years ago you were the same guy saying the Oilers were going to make the playoffs.

            The problem with the Oilers for a very longtime has been lack of quality d-men, leadership, vision, and management etc.

            If I had the power to change one player in the organization today/yesterday it would be Hall. I’ve advocated for him being traded for the past two years for a d-man.

            I’ve been around the game for a very longtime and there isn’t any 1st pick overall that I dislike more….

            Defend Hall all you like but remember 5 years from now were you sided. Lots of slow-learners in this town.

          • Seanaconda

            ….he said the problem was defense herb. He was replying to a post about how hall was along for the ride and not leading the team when they won the memorial cups. Like hall or not you can’t deny he lead those teams. Settle down. Also who has and who hasn’t played hockey is irrelevant and a childish argument.

          • Seanaconda

            Hahah I have my opinion you have yours. Just don’t give a guy grief for referencing someone’s chl time when he was responding to a chl question. Lots of coaches have never played the game. Lots of players have no hockey sence. Did you play or coach in the nhl? Non of the bloggers here played in the nhl exept for struds? Don’t use the have you ever played hockey line to judge someone’s hockey knowledge is all I’m saying.

          • Seanaconda

            Did you mean “hockey sense”?

            Next time the toilets plugged I’ll call you instead of a plumber because know-how, experience, been there – doesn’t mean much to this generation.

            I guess someone that “never was” is the expert, stick with that…

          • Seanaconda

            Oh sorry I misspelt a word. Also with your plumber bit are you saying you played or coached at the nhl level then? Hitchcocks never played hockey would you listen to him?

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Your that guy. “I played the game man I played the game.”

            I played junior. I played college hockey after that. I still play twice a week. When I had the time I used to coach.

            If that qualifies my opinion more so be it. My comment was in response to another moron, like yourself, stating Hall did not lead the Windsor spitfire teams to their championships. Can you comprehend that chief. If you want to measure packages next. Mines like a tuna can*

            Or a button on a fur coat.

        • Dwayne Roloson 35

          He led the spitfires in goals and points in the regular season and playoffs 2 years in a row.

          If that isn’t leading your team to 2 cups, I don’t know what is.

          • ChillyPepper

            It’s pointless to try and point out any positives about Hall. His hatres are just going to hate. Taylor Hall is an exceptional hockey player who has had the misfortune of ending up on the Oilers. Hall has led a team to championship, he was relied upon to win… And he did, twice. As far as I can google, McDavid never won a Memoial Cup. Maybe I am wrong, but I can’t google well.

            I am probably the only person who hasn’t hopped on the McDavid love train. I see a great kid with some amazing skill, but so far he’s only been super amazing against the worst teams. Ya he’s done some amazing moves, but I rememeber a younger rookie named Hall doing some amazing things too.

            You don’t trade Hall or McDavid. You build around them. Hall is your proven point producer, against the toughest teams he has proven he can put up points.

  • HockeyRulz

    Since Pronger Oilers have not had a legit #1 D on the team. Till they get a legit Number 1 and 2 defensemen this will never change. Oilers D now (after injuries) are pretty much a all start AHL D, but a bottom level NHL D.

    Oilers can not be a playoff/winning team with this D. It is IMPOSSIBLE. So then no change of forwards, upper mgmt, lower mgmt, Owners, Scouting or anything else will change were the team stands till then. nothing…

    They are so close yet so far away. 2 players… 2 legit D and they are a playoff team.

    And if one of them was a leader too.. would be perfect!

    • Seanaconda

      I would say visnovsky could be considered a legit number one also souray was pretty good before all that drama happened. And Whitney before his foot died was a legit number one for a month or two. Not Hall of fame generational defensman like pronger good but they were pretty good

      • Spydyr

        Get out of my head.

        Talbot deal had been worked out under MacT. The Sekera deal was a good addition. He was the best free agent available.
        Still more to do. If he can add Yandle via free agency and trade for Hamonic. We may be OK. Still no elite #1 defenseman but Yandle and Hamonic would be a solid off season.

    • toprightcorner

      Souray and Visnosky would both have been considered #1.As would a healthy Whitney. Two of the three wanted out. One developed a horrible physical alignment that ended his career. Now none were at a Pronger level. But each would have been considered a #1 defenseman.

  • Seanaconda

    Just gonna say this, I feel like there are other players that should be talked abouT. If we are expected to trade a rnh or eberle we shouldn’t be looking to get spare parts back. If we make a deal with the jets the player we should be talking about are trouba and wheeler to address the weakness of right defense and skilled right wings now that we know that yakupov is not part of the core going forward. The oilers are better served talkin about big multi player deals the small ones. Obviously I say this thinking that hamonic already penciled in for next year. If the oilers can make a big trade and pick up a young RD that can play on the second pairing the oilers should do it because it, because it seems that if we needed a LD we could easily find a partner so if thats the case we need to stack the right side asap because its a position where the oilers have success at both developing and acquiring through trades/free agency. Also the oilers to my eye still lack top6 physical play and until they get 2 physical players in the top 6 or 4 in the top9 they will continue to suffer in the cycle as they are very poor at playing physical in the offensive zone so they don’t get the same type of scoring chances that other western teams get

  • HockeyRulz

    Pouliot reminds me of the french star forward in the movie, “Goon”. The French star forward in the movie did not care about whether his team won or not. He only cared about making money and himself. Time has come for Chiarelli to get rid of the, “I’m intitled to it” attitude type of player (ex. yakapov) and to get rid of all of the small type’s of player’s for their position (ex. eberle, Shultz), and time also come to get rid of the selfish type of player (ex, pouliot), and to get rid of the no play making ability type of player (ex. Purcel). What the hell was that on Saturday night against the avalanche? Note to management, “PLEASE FIX THIS CHRONIC INFECTION OF NOT HAVING THE RIGHT PEICES IN YOUR LINE UP BEFORE YOU TURN MCDAVID INTO A ZOMBIE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!. I’m pissed off so I’m gone!

  • camdog

    We actually might finish dead last again. Unbelievable lol. The old core is rotten. Trade at least 3 of ebs, yak, jultz, nuge and hall. Preferably keep nuge and hall but I wouldn’t be sad to see them go. Dead last, big changes are needed. We have a lot of good players but we are a horrible team

  • Fatbob24

    If we lose next home game I want to see a jersey on the ice. The sh!t weasels need to know this is unacceptable. If the sh!t winds swirl we need to let the sweaters fly

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    All the Canadian teams missing the playoffs whilst teams like Florida Tampa San Jose Anaheim and Dallas are thriving? I’m I missing something? If the any of these teams had a losing decade like the Oilers they would have folded the tents years ago. The success of the NHL is based on non hockey markets surviving year to year by results whilst us hockey crazed Canadian’s would pay $1000 to watch Oilers vs. New Jersey.

    I love hockey but I think it’s time to stop the madness. Mr Katz will not see a dime from this fan until there is someone held accountable for this train wreck. Carpet bomb the whole team until you have McDavid standing alone and build a team with heart. The Lack of hockey sense baffles me. Talent is one thing but knowing how to play the game is another.

    This mystery surgery for out old captain is the biggest bunch of BS I’ve seen from this organisation. How did the injury happen? How come he hasn’t had the operation yet? Is he on a waiting list like us mere mortals? The talking heads in the Edmonton sports media are just puppets working for the man. Every question is predictable, almost scripted. I’m sick of it

    • Seanaconda

      Idk why you’re upset about the surgery. It saves us money on a player we weren’t playing anyways. And I could believe he’s actually injured considering how far off his mobility dropped. I read an interview the other day where ferance said he will prob be done with hockey if he’s bought out at the end of the year and he said the doctors think it’s a 95 percent chance he has to have surgery for his hip.

  • Seanaconda

    The logic of I’ve played a higher hockey level than you kind of defeats the ability of being able to judge hockey players. Cuz if you haven’t played in the nhl guess what shultz can come over here and call himself amazing and use the same argument against you.

    • Seanaconda

      The funny thing about Shultz (though I believe he needs to go) is he’s a much better player than the clowns here know.

      Likewise Hall isn’t nearly as spectacular as many here believe.

      And finally – when you gain experienced at something, you might then understand it means something..


      • Seanaconda

        I’m a journeyman hahah and I don’t hate shultz he’s just an easy person to use as an example. Most of us have played hockey most of us that live in edmonton have anyways. don’t use ‘ have you ever played ‘ as an insult when someone doesn’t agree with you is all I’m saying. Say something to actually try and change their opinion.

        • Seanaconda

          This is what you wrote “Most of us have played hockey most of us that live in edmonton have”.

          And you’re telling me how to communicate effectively? lol

          Do you hear yourself?

  • Seanaconda

    Yakupov is in the nhl so are we not allowed to call any play he does stupid cuz he’s played a higher level of hockey than us herb? ? Like he plays in the nhl so his opinion about hockey must be better than ours right?? Right??

  • Seanaconda

    I’m estatic over the Oilers chances at getting the number one draft pick once again. It has become a tradition that young Oiler fans greatly appreciate. Sure those leafs are doing an amazing job of tanking but us Oilers have the experience when it comes to tanking. We want that number one pick like we do every year. TANK OILERS TANK TANK OILERS TANK.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    The best asset to trade for a r.h. d is our first Rd pick or one of our top forwards . That would have to be for a signed player, minimum 2-3 years remaining . I still feel a good G.M. Should have his own players valued both on $ value vs his play,age,ice time,position. I have heard you can trade all except McDavid but I feel you need a top 15 even if you end up 30th. This team has been mismanaged and coached for years with a couple of exceptions over Ten years.No balance right now.we still don’t have a number1 goalie or a top 1 or 2 D. I think I have written for ten years we need D. HELP .