GDB 65:0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Sabres

We told you Connor is better. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers in OT

Can you believe that there are only 17 games left after tonight’s stop in Buffalo? It’s almost the end of the season and we’re right back where we were a year ago, at the bottom of the standings. Same shit, different pile. Right? No! Well, not exactly. In this year’s trip down miserable lane we already have Connor McDavid in our pocket, and could get another (lesser) version come June. Mind you, there’s also the possibility that the Oilers actually trade that pick for immediate help. That’s change, man. I mean, it’s not a great change, but it’s change nonetheless. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic. 

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As for tonight’s game, this was the first time that Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel have ever played against either other in a National Hockey League game — I’m not sure if you heard. It was amazing to me how some people (media/fans) were making such a big deal of it that you may have thought that one of them was going to cure cancer. Think about it. We’re talking about two 19-year old kids that play their first game against each other and it is front page news on every hockey outlet on the planet. It’s crazy, right? And I say that as someone who is not even the one living it. I’m just sitting here pantless like the rest of you. 

As for the game itself, it was another solid road effort by the Oilers and it couldn’t have started any better. Connor McDavid scored the go ahead goal 22 seconds into the first period and they never really looked back from there. Apart from the last 15 minutes of the third period, when the game was tied, it was never really that close. The Sabres got excellent goaltending and he kept the score closer than it possibly should have been. At the end of the night, the Oilers iced a better lineup than the Sabres did and they won a game should have won. As for the Connor versus Jack storyline that went on all day? It wasn’t close. #ConnorsBetter

Wrap it up.


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  • I love how salty Jack Eichel is whenever he gets asked about Connor McDavid. From where I sit, you can tell that it bothers him and it’s funny to see him rattled when Connor doesn’t seem to get too rattled about the whole thing. 
  • Connor McDavid scored a highlight real goal (his 11th) only 22 seconds into the game before Jack Eichel had even had a shift yet. To rub salt into the wound, Connor followed up on his first goal with a coast to coast rush for the overtime winner (his 12th). Sabres fans were booing him all night. It was glorious. Connor for Calder. 
  • Nail Yakupov looks like a different person when he’s playing with Connor McDavid. He doesn’t have to worry about having the puck so much. He’s able to get open, look for shots, and wait for Connor to find him. 
  • Cam Talbot is such a relief. It feels like for the first time, in a long time, we don’t have to worry about some soft goal from centre ice. He brings a calm to the Oilers that they haven’t had since Roloson. Talbot was solid again tonight and finished the night with 31 saves and a .969 save%. 
  • I liked Adam Pardy’s game. He was solid defensively and threw the body when he had a chance. The Oilers need more of that on the back end. Pardy played 20:06 solid minutes in his debut. 
  • I liked the way Adam Cracknell takes the puck to the net, and goes to the net when he doesn’t have the puck. More that. 
  •  Andrej Sekera had a big game, and should have had a goal if not for the ridiculous coach’s challenge. He played a team high 23:06 and they were all tough minutes.
  • The Oilers were 56% in the faceoff circle tonight. Possession!



  • They didn’t show enough shots of Tim Murray during this game. I would have liked one right after McDavid scored his goal. Missed opportunity. 
  • I honest feel bad for Jack Eichel. Everyone is comparing him to Connor McDavid because they were drafted first and second, but Connor is clearly the better player. Not Eichel’s fault, but he’ll be hearing about it for his whole career. Is it wrong that I really like him as a player?
  • The Oilers outshot the Sabres 41-32 but Robin Lehner stood on his head. He made some big saves to keep the game close. The score should have been higher than it was. Great game by Lehner. 
  • I hate coach’s challenges. Sekera should have had his sixth goal of the season but it was called back on a challenged offside. Ridiculous. 
  • It’s too bad that Patrick Maroon wasn’t able to play tonight. He had a crazy long travel day so it makes sense that he would sit out, but I’m excited to see what he can do. He wasn’t getting many minutes in Anaheim and maybe a change of venue will do him some good. 
  • Adam Cracknell should’ve had his first point as an Oiler tonight, but it was called back on a stupid coach’s challenge. 
  • Cal O’Reilly didn’t have a goal in 20 games but he scores on against the Oilers. Surprised? I wasn’t. We’re the best slump breakers in the league.
  • The Oilers power play plan should be lit on fire and blasted off into space. The PP let them down AGAIN. It’s not surprising news, but it is news (0/3 on the power play).
  • Speaking of the O’Reilly goal, what was Eberle doing? He completely spaced out on that goal. 
  • Anton Lander played a team low 12:05 tonight and you have to wonder if he’ll be back next year?


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00:22 EDM Connor McDavid (11) ASST: Jordan Eberle (19) 1 – 0 EDM
09:06 BUF Cal O’Reilly (1) ASST: Sam Reinhart (11), Mark Pysyk (5) 1 – 1 Tie
03:48 EDM Connor McDavid (12) ASST: NONE 2 – 1 EDM


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In today’s podcast, the boys take a look at what will happen with the Oilers on deadline day and whether or not Connor McDavid should be given the captaincy. Chris also forces Jeanshorts and Baggedmilk to play a game that he put together only minutes before recording. 

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  • GK1980

    I actually thought lander had a decent game. He does everything right except score. I would hold onto this guy just a little longer.

    Eichel is a great skill. Real fast and what a shot! Love mcdavid but I think Eichel has the better shot.

  • toprightcorner

    Eberle was covering O’Rielly on his goal, but he never took a stride after the top of the circle. At least he read the play correctly that time but at least make the effort to take you man when he drives the net on the open wing. Those are the items PC was talking about when each player was given areas to improve on and some just can’t do it. If Ebs doesn’t figure that out, he will no longer be a core player in EDM.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    4 games now of Jultz free hockey and we’ve cut our GA in half. Weird.

    Oh and we picked up Maroon, signed Davidson and Brossiuot for what we were paying Schultz.

  • Sean17

    I like Hall but, after this long in the league why does he still try making 3 foot saucer passes from the half wall to his defenseman when an opposing player is there? They had a nice cycle going about midway through the second and he does that and the play dies. All he had to do was toss it back in the corner and hope you win the battle. Those were his two options and always chooses that dumb play. Yak does it too. Drives me nuts. Plus Hall needs to cut his stick and quit carrying the puck 4 feet straight in front. How many times do I have to watch dmen simply whack the puck away.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    I like opening my NHL app and seeing Connor’s serious face replace Purcell for 5th in Oilers goals scored.

    Tonight was nice start to rookie of the month in March too.

  • Why does it matter so much if Yak needs to play with top players to be effective. He’s not a driver of the play, he’s a complimentary piece.

    Some guys (not all!) flourish with top players and Yak with McDavid is worlds better than he is without him. Again, this is simply not true for all players.

    What happens if Yak produces at a decent clip with McD from now to the end, what then? Why trade him if he’s producing?

    Also, it doesn’t appear to be slowing McD down playing with Yak…

  • Namudi

    Yak wasn’t spectacular, wasn’t bad either.

    But ebs was lazy as hell on that back check.

    If that’s yak he would of been managing the equipment by the end of the game.

  • toprightcorner

    Oilers need a #2 heavy minutes, top line shut down guy and a PP QB.

    PP Points last 3 years that could be available:

    #2 – Yandle
    #3 – Shattenkirk
    #20 – Jack Johnson (suprised me)
    #24 – Wisnewski (missed all this season or would be top 10 for sure.
    #28 – Vatanen (played on 2.5 seasons)
    #41 – Sekera FYI

    I think the PP QB is findable, especially with cap may be going down and teams already tight to the cap have lots to resign or have bigger deals that kick in. Trading the pick is what can really get some of these guys.

    Will have to overpay for Hamonic but worth it casue it fills the biggest hole and NYI need wingers and we have wingers.

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    Move the soft as pillows down the road.Seeing heaviness in an Oilers game was almost to much to handle. Use first round pick for a top 2 d-man. Move what ever NYI wants for Harmonic. I’d even overpay for a young tough puck moving rear guard.

    We need one more Kyle Clifford, Dwight King type of player.

    Drai – McD – Eberle

    Poil – RNH – Hall

    Maroon – Backus – Kassian

    Jujar – Hendy – Use to rotate AHL call ups or Korpi Gaz Pakk

    Harmonic – Klefboom

    Sekara – Nurse

    Davidson – Gryba

    Use the pick for a big defence return. Eberle and first round pick for OEL

  • I’m really happy for the team playing very well during stretches of this game.

    We saw every single line with O-zone possession and great cycles that also saw their fair share of shots and chances.

    Every line played a responsible game and for the most part didn’t risk cheating for offense.

    When mistakes were made, other players helped out to prevent them from getting worse.

    So it was a great team game. While these Sabres aren’t the toughest of competition, it’s nice to see some consistency over the last 4 games where team has been playing the right way.


    great game tonight lads right? OH MY CONNOR, I have a message to the guy pictured flipping prince Connor. “And we have a winner…. the edmonton oilers”(gold card) you know the rest. Sabres must feel terrible watching 97 succeed but who cares. I really like pardy he was good. kevin quin made a comment in the game that was rather interesting. He was describing hallsy’s mood after his shot was saved by lehner, as if he was criticizing him. I really don’t get it. when you shoot, hit, throw, kick, whatever and if you miss your target you shouldn’t be happy that u missed the target unless you are playing the game for “fun”. Which obviously is not the case here. Onto the next subject.. Yak!. a day or two days ago I heard wilkins saying that Yak doesn’t check, I disagree with him, when Yak hits, you hear the collision even u were watching it on TV. I really hate it when pundits say we should trade yak. well if you are playing him on the fourth or third line he won’t score. just like 29,93,14 they wont produce as much if they are playing on bottom lines. playing yak on the fourth line or third and then criticizing his lack of production seems a bit hypocritical to me. give the man a freaking chance. he is a number 1 overall pick give him a chance to succeed. if he blows it then he blows it trade him for your lovely magic beans that you adore, but if you come looking for mistakes you’ll find them cz nobody is perfect. except you know who 😉 once number 10 starts rolling “it’s a wholenother level baby” . 17 games left and I hope we win all of them, but if we don’t win I want to see effort, desire, and grit. great win fellow citizens and I hope you all have a great Mcdavid Day!

  • Reg Dunlop

    Lots of things to get to. First, Eichel is seen by some as a ‘poor sport’. He is still just a kid. A kid under a lot of pressure. His post game interview is painful to watch but he gets through it to his credit. I think Hall’s antics after 5 years in the league are far more damning. Second, Yak. I can’t help but like his enthusiasm and because of his salary I think he should be kept. Instead of selling low on him, maybe trade the leader of the clique that excludes him. That would be Hall, by the way. I know we all choose to believe what we want to believe but the story about Hall and his droogs partying at the Cactus Club while Yak sits alone, excluded, seems so junior high. I am convinced that Hall is a big part of the problem here, on the ice it isn’t so apparent but comments by former team mates like Horcoff and Peron and Smid and even Ference, as well as rumors that I’m sure most of us have heard, I just have to think that where there’s smoke there is fire. Third, that was a solid road effort tonight, great job boys. And one last thing, an observation about Lowetides site. He and his minions support everything Hall does, unflinchingly. Comments are made, regarding the deadline deals, stating that the oil are moving toward having more size and less skill. Am I the only one who sees players like Gryba or Maroon or potentially Lucic as having a different skill set compared to members of the Hall cluster but a skill set that is at least as valuable to a winning NHL team? Man, I gotta quit drinking JJJolt CCCola after midnight.

    • Seanaconda

      I’m actually not so sure hall is so bad. He seems like a pretty good teammate when he does interviews.

      Why would yak even be sittimg at the bar when he doesn’t drink or does he do that now? Also are you friends with yak maybe he’s an introvert and likes to be alone. Or maybe he was waiting for a date. Too little to go on

      Idk I wouldn’t judge hall unless I was closer to the team. That’s chia and todds problem. He took mcdavid and gaz into his home. He always plays hard and has passion. To me it kind of seems more oilers fans looking for someone to hate.

      • Oilerz4life

        Just because Yak doesn’t drink doesn’t mean he doesn’t go out with friends. A lot of the public reaction to Hall has to do with his shananigans at the clubs around town. I’m a fan of Hall because he seems like a good teammate and always plays the game with a lot of heart, but you can understand why people get offended when he gets jack hole loaded and goes squirrels at the bar in his youthful exuberance.


          I seem to remember all the rumors about Hall when he was first drafted here. That was many years back now and it was all “He said,she said crap”. Just like TMZ, i don’t believe 99% of what fans “claim” as facts on here or in the media. Until there is video evidence it’s all rumors and assumptions.

          However, i would trade him ONLY if we could get equal value back. Hall tends to be very inconsistent and it’s killing us in the standings. The team seems to follow his lead and that has to stop. McDavid is our new captain and i hope the brass makes it so before next season starts.

          • Oilerz4life

            I respect your opinion, but don’t agree with your valuation. I believe he is valuable to the team and think you are placing way to much weight on Hall and not the team as a whole effecting placement in the standings, but think if he is traded, he better bring a damn good defenseman in return. I absolutely disagree with trading away our center depth though. People who are quick to discard RNH are off their rocker and need their meds.

            On a side note it is the defense that is effecting our goals against the most. Leaking goals against and sapping confidence. Shore up the D. Duh.

          • Oilerz4life

            Just rumors…I like Hall personally, if he got carried away at the clubs a few times I could really care less, just saying I can see how it may have effected some peoples opinion of him. Old gossip though. It is just my opinion and just an opinion, agree with me or not it doesn’t matter, that Hall works his ass off and is a valuable leader in the dressing room and on the ice.

  • Oilerz4life

    Great to see all the McHappiness vs. Buffalo, but it will be interesting to see how the McFans react if and when the Oil royally s#!t the bed against any real competition. Bipolar mood swings in Edmonton.

  • EZ76

    Another funny and meaningless fight between two underdogs. He said no play-offs in Rexall. Man said, man will keep his word

    Of course, Connor is McDiamond. In the dust. Both Connor and Jack deserve better destiny, than fighting for outsiders

    Anyway, many thanks Connor, Cam, Jordan, Andrej, Nail, Brandon, Taylor and other lads.
    At least you trying. Like McMurphy in the ‘Flying Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’

    • Oilerchild77

      Let me guess, you’re either a Canucks or Leafs fan. I guess this because only fans from those two markets would be dickish enough to constantly come here and make the same ignorant, idiotic statements day after day. Yes, we get it, the team isn’t good. What else ya got!

      P.S. It’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, not “Flying”.

  • Nojo

    Is there a possibility that the oilers keep there players and trade their pick? What if we win first overall?

    First overall, Fayne for OEL, Second

    Second, fourth to Monteal for Eller, third

    Then run





  • MrBung

    “Nail Yakupov looks like a different person when he’s playing with Connor McDavid. He doesn’t have to worry about having the puck so much. He’s able to get open, look for shots, and wait for Connor to find him.” – Wanye

    If it is about making Yak look good so they can finally move him, great. The bottom line is that there is likely a better player that can make Connor, the line and ultimately the team more productive. As much as Yak looked better, he didn’t get any points. They should be filling that spot with a player that won’t drag it down. The Yak experiment is over. It is time to maximize return for him in the offseason.

  • Keepyourstickontheice

    I thought Sekera had a heckuva game, they’ve clearly been practicing the ol “give the puck to Andrej for a controlled entry” maneuver.

    • tileguy

      I think Sekera has a heckuva game every game and is worth every penny of his contract. Watching Pardy last night reminds me of Gryba, some big hits, broke up a couple of plays and made a few mistakes. Will there be room for both of them on this team?

  • 916oiler

    “They didn’t show enough shots of Tim Murray during this game. I would have liked one right after McDavid scored his goal. Missed opportunity.”


  • Hey! so this was unpopular the other day, but now after watching Eberle make a mistake that would have banished Yak to the minors, maybe now it’ll get some traction.

    If the Oilers win the lottery, package that and Eberle for Brent Burns, on the condition he signs an extension before the draft.

    Pay Lucic 6 mill for 5 years.

    Trade Kelfbom for Hamonic. Now I like Klefbom, but there is too big a logjam on the left side. There just is. One of the lefties needs to go. Might as well make a lateral move.

    Sign Okoposo.

    This gives you a POTENTIAL (your combos may vary) top 6 of:

    Hall – Draisaitl – Kassian

    Lucic – Nuge – Okoposo

    Maroon – McDavid – Yak

    and a backend of:

    Nurse – Burns

    Sekera – Hamonic

    Davidson – Gryab / Pardy

  • This.Is.NHL

    The game last night was awesome, McDavid is one of those players that makes his whole team better just by being in the line up, Hall was driving the play, Talbot was hot, in fact I really like how the whole team played. Keep it up boys.

    • Oilerchild77

      There’s two problems with that. One: In a year’s time, Klefbom is going to be better than Hamonic (that’s right, I said it). Two: How do you know Chychrun is going to turn out like Klefbom? The Oilers are trying to get away from the crystal ball, wish upon a star thinking about the future and improve in the now. And right now, Klefbom is a better dman than Chychrun.

      • I agree with that. But, it is impossible to play Sekera, Nurse, Klefbom, and Davidson all on the left side.

        Sekera, while still good on the right, is muuuuuuch better on the left. Nurse – Sekera was getting destroyed. I don’t think you can play that as your top pair.

        So, why not keep the Sekera Fayne pair for the heavy lifting as they are now? Then give Nurse a right side mentor who doesn’t have to worry about playing on his off side to teach Nurse. They could even get sheltered / offensive minutes. Nurse, as high as his potential is, won’t get there without some strong mentoring, and Sekera on his off side is not doing that.

        Davidson Gryba was a pretty decent pair that is kind of able to play in all situations.

        And while I agree there is no guarantee Chychrun will end up as good as Klefbom is, and he certainly isn’t as good as Klefbom now, by trading Klefbom and freeing up the log jam, the back end actually looks and plays better than if you kept him.

        And as an added bonus, if you did screw it all up, well you have another left side top D prospect waiting in the wings.

        Make no mistake, if Chychrun played on the right, he would be going much higher in the draft. He’s like Nurse with more offence. This kid is going to be very, very good. Not Ekblad good, but Jones good I could see.

        • Oilerchild77

          Ok. I still think it would be better to trade one of the forwards (I vote Eberle) and a pick or two to get the defender. That way, they keep their depth and improve

          • Fair opinion. And really I hate the idea of trading Klefbom as much as anyone.

            But the fact is, we cannot play Sekera, Nurse, Klefbom, and Davidson all on the left. Not to mention one of Reinheart, Laleggia, or Leggason who are all right there for a bottom 6 job.

            I think we all agree, the team could stand to upgrade in a big way on the top pair and second pair right side position. Playing one of Klefbom or Sekera on the right doesn’t seem to be a good solution.

            So assuming they do trade a forward, what does the Oilers D look like next year. Keep in mind it’s unlikely they buy out Fayne. Because without trading one of the left side guys, the D looks worse by my eye.

          • Oilerchild77

            I don’t think they should buy out Fayne. He is (at least in my opinion) an NHL quality veteran dman, and has been playing pretty well for most of the last two months. I wouldn’t mind going into next season with him on the second pairing, and Gryba on the third. Besides, right-shot dmen that can play are so hard to find. So, all they really need is a top pairing right dman to round out the starting lineup.

            I know a lot of people disagree with me on this, but I don’t mind Fayne. Yes, he started out poorly, but ever since he got sent down and recalled, he’s looked steady back there.

          • who

            My two cents worth. I think the Oilers could get by with making one addition to their blueline. It would have to be a top pairing righty dman, maybe Hamonic would do. Next years pairings would be Klef-RHD, Sek-Dav, Nurse-Fayne. Seventh dman would be Gryba or Pardy or someone like that with Griff first call up from minors. I know Sek or Davidson plays his weak side under this scenario but it is not a perfect world. This would cause the least disruption to the forward lines. It would probably cost Eberle + or Hall but if you are drafting top 3 next year you will have your replacement. If you need to add another dman it can be done in season closer to trade deadline and then you could look at swapping lefty for righty if necessary. The last dman I would trade would be Kefbom. 7 years at 4 mil per year for a potential top pairing guy is great value and control. Even if Hamonic is equal you have 3 less years of club control at same salary.

          • Or, what about trading Eberle + the Oilers 1st round for Burns, and then trading Klefbom for Hamonic?

            Nurse – Burns

            Sekera – Hamonic

            Davidson – Gryba / Pardy

            Now that is a solid back end.

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            I like Brett Burns, but I do not see the Sharks trading him. Put him on a list with Keith, Weber, Doughty, Byfuglien and Subban, he’s the sort of player you build your lineup forward from, it’s exceptionally rare that a team would trade a Dman of that calibre this far into his career.

      • Randaman

        You say the Oilers are trying to get away from the crystal ball mentality and yet you predict that in one years time Klefbom will be better than Hamonic??

        I’m confused. How exactly do you know this and is Klefbom actually going to play a full season during the term of his extension?

        I agree that we shouldn’t trade Klefbom for Hamonic but I would trade Nurse for him if it speeds up the timeline to be able to be in contention while McDavid is on his second contract.

        • Oilerchild77

          First off, a year waiting for Klefbom is better than the 3-5 years waiting for Chycrun.

          Second, trust me, Klefbom will be better. Don’t believe me? Just watch and see. And I bet Chiarelli thinks so too, otherwise he would have made that trade by now, because word has it that Snow already asked for Klefbom. Wanna know why? Because Snow also knows he will be better!

          And trading Nurse for Hamonic!? Are you out of your f#$%ing mind!? If PC wasn’t willing to deal him for Dougie Hamilton, then he isn’t doing it for Hamonic. That’s the kind of decision that gets GMs fired.

          • Glass

            Lets be hypothetical here. Assume our top 6 core is Hall, Draisaitl, McDavid and Nuge. In terms of choosing a winger, I’m more in favor of Hall than Eberle.

            Here is a list of our current defensemen:
            Nurse, Clendening

            In my eyes, we need a couple 1st & 2nd pairing defensemen. Fayne is okay, but honestly I would rather find a much better defensemen to replace him.

            I’d start by trading Eberle for Hamonic + a pick or Cizikas (I’m not sure how much of a return Eberle gets, but I imagine it has to be at the very least a 1 for 1). This leaves a hole on McDavid’s wing.

            Next, we seek out an offensive D who can run the power play. I’m not sure exactly who that is… Shattenkirk only has one year left, Vatanen is asking for a lot, Tyson Barrie is signing with Colorado this off season.

            What bargaining chips do we have outside of the core that I labeled as off limits? I doubt that Yak & Fayne get it done, perhaps a package containing Pouliot does but then we have two holes in our top 6. The problem with that is, to replace them would be very expensive due to signing FA’s unless you go for low quality.

            Nurse would get it done in my opinion. Before I continue, I’ll mention that Sekera/Offensive D & Klefbomb/Hamonic will be a very effective D core. If you leave Fayne in than it is improved, but just okay. I prefer the effective one.

            Lets remind you all of their ages. Klefbomb 22, Hamonic 25, Sekera 29, and the three offensive D I mentioned (I’m certainly not limiting our options to those) are less than 28 years old.

            Sure, we’ll miss out on Nurse, but we’ll have a stable D core for years to come. By the time any of these guys ‘peak and begin to decline’ we’ll have new D prospects fighting for their spots.

            To fill Eberle’s hole we can go after Okposo. Yak would instead be a good trading chip for a solid 3rd line center.

            TL;DR Be open to the idea of trading Nurse if it means fixing our D core RIGHT NOW. I’m tired of playing the long term game. Klefbomb will develop into our #1 LHD with Davidson behind him on the left side by the time Sekera’s contract runs out.

          • Oilerchild77

            I don’t think you’re getting Hamonic + for Eberle. If anything, it will be Eberle + for Hamonic. Top pairing d-men are worth more than wingers are, that’s just the way it is now. But even so, it’s worth it because of the value contract that Hamonic is on.

            Just to be clear, I’m totally in favour of getting Hamonic, I just don’t think we should be trading one of our good blue chip dmen for him, because I don’t think we need to. However, if we’re going to trade one of our left side dmen, I would trade Davidson before Nurse or Klefbom.

    • Glass

      Eberle for Hamonic +
      Nurse + for top 2 RHD.

      Klefbomb is already so much further along in his development that I would hate to start over by developing Nurse. Nurse will garner a high return based on his high ceiling.

      I’d rather have a stable top 4 that we can be proud of than a hole in our top 4 and waiting for a prospect to get better. Davidson is a very reliable top 4 D who will be playing on the 3rd pairing, I’m fine with keeping him over Nurse.

      Besides, we have Bear, Jones, Reinhart, and Paigin developing… I wouldn’t be so sad to see Nurse go if it meant getting a reliable D man to fill the hole in our line up.

      Do all that and trade Yak for a solid 3rd line C & we’ve got a team that has a strong chance of making the playoffs imo.

      EDIT: I don’t know what the chances of getting a top 2 RHD are to be honest… but I believe Hamonic can become that.

      • Interesting.

        My reasoning for Klefbom over Nurse is that if the player coming back is indeed Hamonic, then you are basically getting a right side Klefbom in terms of the skill set Hamonic brings.

        Unlike Klefbom, however, Hamonic is already a proven top line D man. He’s in his prime on a good contract for a few more years. I would see him as the ideal guy to teach Nurse.

        I also agree that Klefbom right now is the better player than Nurse, and may even be a great top line D in his own right. But, Nurse brings things to the team Klefbom, and really no other player on the back end has.

        So my thought process is trade left side Klefbom for right side Klefbom, keep Nurse as his skillset is not one that can be duplicated, AND he’ll be cheaper longer.

        My gripe with your proposal is that you don’t want to create a hole on the back end, but are fine with trading Nuge, which I think the last month of games has shown creates a huge hole up front. Both McDavid and Draisaitl are great, but they are not as good of two way players as Nuge is.

        I’d rather trade a winger like Eberle as it’s way easier to find a top line RW in free agency then it is to find a top pair right side D.

        But great discussion points for what is turning into be a low day here at ON.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Judging by the comments looks like Yak is going to be the new whipping boy.

    That’s a shame.

    He had a good game, the line played well – give the kid a break.