GDB 66.0: A tough decision


While Peter Chiarelli tries to reshape the Oilers into a contender, he is also overseeing Team North America (U23) for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. He is one of many general managers wearing two hats this season, and when Ryan Nugent-Hopkins wasn’t named one of the original 16 members of team NA, many wondered what Chiarelli was doing.

He doesn’t have autonomy when selecting the team. Stan Bowman is the other GM, while Adam Graves is Special Assistant to the General
Managers; Pat Verbeek and Paul Fenton are each a Director of Player Personnel; while Ryan Jankowski is the
Director of Operations. Todd McLellan is the head coach, while Dave Tippett, Gerard Gallant, John Cooper and Jay Woodcroft are the assistants.

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The six members of the management team met with the coaching staff a few weeks ago to discuss the team. It was decided then that Nugent-Hopkins wouldn’t be on the original roster.

Chiarelli was on my radio show yesterday, and before I even asked him a question about RNH he addressed the isituation.

“I won’t dance around it. I spoke with Ryan a couple weeks ago and told him he wouldn’t be on the initial roster. I said, Ryan you are a valuable player. I like the way you play. You have a good two-way component to your game in addition to being offensive. I said you’ve been hurt, you’ve had a down year and get back to where you are capable of and you will make this team.

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“We talked about his game at length. We had a real constructive talk. He knows how I feel about him as a player, both as the GM of the Oilers and the North America team,” said Chiarelli.

Nugent-Hopkins will make this team unless he is injured on June 1st. I don’t think it matters much if a player is one of the first sixteen chosen, or one of the last seven. If they play well at the mini-camp then they will play in the tournament. Once management picks the team, the coaches will decide who plays. RNH will have a slight advantage because his head coach will know him better than the majority of the other players.

I took a few things from RNH’s absence on the original roster.

Chiarelli isn’t afraid to make a tough decision. Being a GM in the NHL isn’t easy, and sometimes you need to be ruthless. Not being named to the first wave of players is different than cutting a player or deciding not to re-sign them, but it showed me he’ll make the tough decision when needed. This is great, because this summer he’ll need to make a tough decision when deciding which of his forwards to trade to acquire a top-level defender.

Chiarelli might be using it as a motivational tool. He wants to see how RNH will respond when he returns to the NHL. This isn’t the same as MacTavish challenging Petry (not a great plan) by signing a one-year deal. The Oilers have RNH under contract for five more seasons, and he, like many Oilers, have been too comfortable. Adding a bit of adversity is a good thing, especially because Chiarelli said later on he fully expects Nugent-Hopkins to make the team. You can challenge the player without embarrassing him.

The other factor is not as flattering. It is possible the other members of the management team aren’t as high on RNH as many in Edmonton are. There is no chance anyone would trade RNH straight up for JT Miller, so I understand those questioning why he was named before Nugent-Hopkins, but I don’t think we can rule out the possibility opposing GMs and scouts aren’t as high on Oilers players. It doesn’t mean they are correct, but it is very plausible.

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Nugent-Hopkins is skating with the Oilers and seems destined to return to the lineup soon. The earliest return would most likely be next Saturday, March 12th versus Arizona. I don’t see him pouting over his omission from the roster, but I won’t be surprised if he feels he has something to prove, not only to his GM, but to the entire NHL.

I fully expect RNH to make the final roster, and I don’t view his initial absence as a negative, or one that impacts his trade value negatively. I was as surprised as you he wasn’t on the roster, but when I spoke to Chiarelli, I liked his response. He didn’t duck the question, instead he addressed it right away, and while we don’t know the entire scope of his conversation with RNH, I suspect Chiarelli used this more as a challenge to his young centre.

Nugent-Hopkins is a proud player, and I think this short-term snub will have more positive benefits than negative ones long-term.


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.20.42 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.20.58 AM

Patrick Maroon makes his Oilers debut on a line with Mark Letestu and Finnish World Cup member Lauri Korpikoski. Maroon was fourth among Ducks forwards in PP TOI/game last year (2:10), and was fifth this season (1:25). He is hard to handle in front of the net and I’d expect to see him on the PP tonight. The Oilers are in desperate need of a net front presence, and only Jordan Eberle (six) and Benoit Pouliot (five, but he’s injured) have more PP goals than Maroon’s three. Hall and Leon Draisaitl also have three. Maroon should take Pouliot’s spot on the PP.

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Cam Talbot starts again, and why not? He’s been excellent over his past four starts, stopping 133 of 139 shots (.957sv%). Laurent Brossoit will start tomorrow in Columbus.

Oilers lineup courtesy of

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.22.01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.22.16 AM

Flyers lineup courtesy of

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  • I didn’t expect Taylor Hall to be named to the original 16-man roster for Team Canada. I’d have had him on my list, but I knew he wouldn’t be on Team Canada’s. I don’t think it matters much in the long run. If Hall makes the final roster, which he should, then he could still be an impact player in the tournament, just like the fifth and sixth D-men named will make an impact.

    I spoke to Team Canada GM Doug Armstrong after the announcement and asked how they view Hall.

    “He is certainly in the mix of players we want to keep an eye on moving forward. You look at his point totals in the NHL — he is a dynamic skater and he went to the World Championships last year and played very well. Those situations are where you want to see players play well; when the lights are the brightest.

    “As a manager who has worked for Team Canada in the past, I’ve learned you can either be a really good player in the playoffs or at the Worlds and both show how you play under pressure. Hall performed great at the Worlds. We look forward to watching more of him down the stretch,” said Armstrong.

    Hall, just like RNH, should use this as motivation, and I fully expect him to play for Canada at the Worlds to show the management team he can play well “when the lights are the brightest”.

  • Seven of the nine forwards named to Team Canada are playing centre regularly. Steven Stamkos prefers centre, but he’s played the wing a lot, while Jamie Benn has played mainly wing this year. Armstrong admitted they will be looking for some natural wingers to fill out the remaining four spots. He didn’t guarantee all four would be wingers, but Hall, Corey Perry, Brad Marchand and Mark Stone are the top wingers still available. I believe Hall can punch his ticket to the World Cup with another strong performance at the World Championships in May. Claude Giroux, Matt Duchene, Ryan O’Reilly, Tyler Toffoli and Patrick Sharp are also in contention.
  • Armstrong also laid out his plans for the remaining three spots on the blueline: “Mike (Babcock) and Joel (Quenneville) are very comfortable with left/right. Today it looks like we will go with four righties and three lefts,” Armstrong said. The debates over defence will likely be more intense than the forwards.

    P.K. Subban, Alex Pietrangelo, Brent Burns, Brent Seabrook and Kris Letang will battle for the final two right spots. Subban and Burns would be my two choices, but Pietrangelo was on the 2014 Olympic team and it will be difficult to not take him. It is much easier to pick a player than it is to decide why you cut one.

    On the left side teammates TJ Brodie and Mark Giordano will battle Jake Muzzin for the final spot. I think Brodie will have the inside track and he’d be my choice.

  • I’ve heard and read a few rumblings recently suggesting the Oilers should look at signing Steven Stamkos if he is available July 1st. I like Stamkos, but signing him would be the wrong move for the Oilers.


From Broad Street Hockey

Five Reasons Shayne Gotisbehere is objectively better than Connor McDavid

1. America.

My favorite type of feverish national pride is vague and sometimes shameful sports-based feverish national pride. Why America over Canada? Because America is where I’m from, dammit, and we are better at hockey (sometimes)! Ooh, that’s right. Stings, doesn’t it? Getting owned like that? Better just delete your entire account now, Canada. Save yourself the pain later on.

Fact of the matter is that, in my experience, Canada beats America in two things: best Lay’s (thank you, All Dressed, for being there for me when I needed you most) and developing the most Claude Girouxs. They’ve developed one, and so far, we’ve developed zero. We’ve got them beat everywhere else. America over Canada, Shayne over Connor.

2. Dog of the “under” variety.

Connor McDavid grew up in the nucleus of the hockey world. Shayne Gostisbehere grew up about ten miles from a beach. The first time Connor McDavid stepped into a rink, he was probably skating circles around people. The first time Shayne Gostisbehere stepped into a rink, he was attending one of his sister’s figure skating practices. The closest ice to Connor McDavid was a quick walk down the block. The closest ice to Shayne Gostisbehere was on his neck, baby.

I think you get my drift. Shayne Gostisbehere wasn’t supposed to be a phenom. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go down at all. He was the darkest of dark horses. And yet here he is, all 75 South Floridian pounds of him, vying for the Calder.

3. The Streak™

Shayne Gostisbehere’s out here breaking league records for rookie defensemen and everyone’s like, yeah, well, who cares, here’s one single tweet on the matter. Then all of a sudden, Connor McDavid scores a pretty goal and everyone tosses Ghost aside! Like yesterday’s hockey garbage! Nay. We’re not gonna do that. I’m not gonna let it happen. We’re not gonna let the liberal Canadian media machine ignore Shayne Gostisbehere’s excellence anymore. I’m gonna start to inundate TSN with Ghost gifs and 140 character bits of analysis of his most spectacular plays. Someone has to do it.

4. Stats, or whatever.

I’m sure there are some weird, lesser known stats to support my thesis that Ghost is better. I am not a statistician, though, nor am I an analyst, so I will leave this point to your imagination. I don’t know, ask Charlie or something.

5. Flow/60.

Speaking of lesser known stats, this one isn’t even really a contest, but I do think it is worth mentioning. Everyone knows that hair is an important facet of hockey success. Historically speaking, all great players have had great hair at one point or another in their careers (just google “Wayne Gretzky glamour shots” if you need proof). A deeper look at the manes of these players certainly demonstrates another way Ghost is utterly superior.



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers win three consecutive games for only the third time this season, downing the Flyers 4-3 in OT. The Flyers have gone to OT in 11 of 31 home games. They’ve won four and lost seven.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: McDavid picks up two points. He has 21 points in 13 games versus the East, and he has 5-11-16 in nine games against Eastern teams not in the playoffs.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Patrick Maroon becomes the fourth active player to score in his first game with the Oilers. Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Luke Gazdic are the others.

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Gazdic scored EV on his first shift, 2:21 into the game versus Winnipeg on October 1st, 2013.
RNH scored EV with 4:55 remaining in the third period to tie the game versus Pittsburgh on October 9th, 2011.

Eberle scored SH 1:24 into the third period when Oilers beat the Flames on October 7th, 2010.

They all scored on home ice, but Maroon will be the first active Oilers to score on the road in his first game.

Recently by Jason Gregor:  

  • Heschultzhescores

    Here’s an idea for all the Oiler’s who might feel snubbed in missing out on being selected to represent their country or their continent…how about making their pick a little easier by leading your team out of the basement? Just a thought. Surely you’re not just entitled because you were a first pick overall? PROVE IT GUYS ON THE ICE, you’ve had plenty of opportunity to impress, and so far not so impressive.

  • Puck_In_Throat

    I have to admit that Broad Street Hockey’s flow/60 metric is probably why the Oilers have been struggling for so long. The Oil have no flow!

    Also we are too high on the Chiclet meter, I miss the days when Gator patrolled the blueline!

    • Jay (not J)

      Sheesh how about better hockey bloggers? All of his ‘objective reasons why Shayne is better’ were subjective reasons. Objectively you have stats. All that other stuff just rationalises the stats but rationalization is a subjective process.

      But hey, how can you get down on someone from Philly? It’s always sunny there I hear.

  • dougtheslug

    How is it that Oilers were sellers at the trade deadline yet their roster strikes me now as better balanced and less cringe inducing?

    PC, what strange alchemy is this?

  • Jiff

    Oilers have better not forgotten who put McDavid out of the lineup for far too long. If any Flyer gives McDavid an extra push or shove someone had better make an example out of him asap.

      • Will

        I was wondering when you’d start banging your stats for last drum.

        I distinctly remember last year you saying it could only hurt the Oilers to fall out of the top two picks, and that they needed to do everything they could to hit the bottom. Well, look how that turned out.

        Out of another failed season, a season which had Conner Mc freakin David prove that one player can not change the fortunes of a team, why on earth do you want the Oilers to finish lower than the Flames? Drafting Matthews will not help this team.

        You could say, trade the pick! fine, but there is no guarantee, especially this year, that finishing last will get you the first overall. So why not at least try and take a small victory by beating the flames in the standings?

        • dw

          We got Connor McDavid by finishing where we did last year. If you are basing the merits of that from the teams standing for this one season your reasoning is flawed. That would be the kind of reasoning that would lead to trading Doug Gilmour for Gary Leeman. Or a young Phaneuf for Matt Stajan. What kind of a moron would do that?

          I am hoping that we finish ahead of the Flames in the standings but still snag top pick. The hilarity of that moment and the look on Bill Daly’s face would be epic.

          • You lost me. I’m just calling Zarny out for harping about how winning down the stretch last year was going to cost the Oilers a top end pick, and that it was stupid for them to try and win.

            I understand how statistics work, but yes, my point is that tanking is never the right way to go, as demonstrated by last year.

            I’m also saying one guy won’t turn the team around, so which would you rather have, a higher standing over the flames, or another guy who won’t help the team win next year?

          • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

            I agree, stop the losing now.

            Further more, it doesn’t matter where you finish as long as you are in the bottom four you have a chance of winning a lottery place, even first.

        • Randaman

          Nowhere in Zarny’s post, did he mention that we should try to finish below Calgary. He just pointed out the obvious, which you completely missed.

          Geesh, comprehension around here is very weak.

          • I think you’re confusing comprehension with literal meaning.

            I comprehended Zarny was negative about ‘improving Calgary’s chances’, meaning he’s either saying the Oilers should lose to improve their own chances, or should lose to stop Calgary from getting a better player. Both scenarios are the same thing.

            Believe me, I didn’t miss anything he said.

            If you couple his negative stance on improving Calgary’s chances with his earlier posts last spring about how the Oilers should strive not to win, I comprehend a very clear picture of where Zarny stands on the issue.

            Hi thinks finishing out of the playoffs, but not getting as a high a pick as possible, is objectively stupid. I disagree as beating the flames is more important than a high draft pick.

            But, thanks for proof reading???? I guess…

            Are you on Zarny’s payroll? Are you actually just another Zarny? Wait…. is this the old DSB?

          • chickenStew

            ORIGINAL POST:
            Rooting for the Oilers to win this one.

            ZARNY’S REPLY:
            It would help Calgary in the race for last place.

            Sounds like a shot at Calgary, which I’m all for.
            But beating Calgary last year was not more important than getting McDavid. It was such a lopsided trade off that it will impact this team for a generation.

          • That’s a fair read, alternative to what I read. But my reading is based off his position last year. And you, and to an extent he was right, at the time anyway. In that we should have tried to improve our chances for McDavid because that is much better than a slightly higher finish.

            But his point was a bit more in depth in that Finishing 30th last year was kind of out of the question. Zarny was rooting for us to finish second last as a way to improve chances at first, or help guarantee Eichle, because only one person could win the draft lottery last year.

            Also beating Calgary wasn’t on the table last year, but I agree getting mcDavid is a much better trade off.

            But, it all comes back to a conversation where in Zarny’s opinion, not improving your chances for one of wither Eichle or McDavid was ludicrous. And yet, with the power of hindsight, it’s plain to see that tanking was truly the ludicrous decision.

            And so, with hindsight in mind, I say the same thing this year. The team has no reason to lose, including worrying about Calgary getting a better pick. But, ya, it could have just been a jab at sucky Calgary. I did not think of that. In which case, I’m all for the comment.

          • K.Pal

            Funny. I kinda of interpreted Zarny’s comment as a knock on jeff from lethbridge too.. But apparently you’re sooooo much smarter than the rest of us peons… whatever :))

      • THRNHJE

        This year more than ever I want the Oilers to finish above the Flames in the standings. I have a humiliation bet with a Flames fan buddy of mine. The guy whose team finishes lower has to put a picture of them in a sundress on Facebook and keep it up for one day.

        Connor and K-bombs long term injuries have really made this much closer than it needs to be!

    • CBK

      Weren’t you one of the many Flames fans that had Calgary as a lock to make the playoffs?

      My how a few months have changed this once “All Heart” franchise to a fan base cheering for them to be a bottom feeder

      • Hockeyfan

        At least Flame fans don’t do it every single year like the COIL. Coil sets new playoff futility record in new barn next year. McD demands trade after hall tries to fight him because hall is soft and mc isn’t. 12 year rebuild continues. HEHE. Another coilly year. HAHA. Coil 4, Flyers 1.

      • MorningOwl

        You’re criticizing a fan of another team for hoping for a high draft pick? Rich.

        I don’t know if i did or didn’t call the Flames a lock for the playoffs… it is entirely possible.

        Just as true were all the predictions of Oiler domination and Oiler dynasty. Remember them?

        I’m very happy with “my team” and where they are, in their 3rd year of rebuilding. Not only Elite talent and a young developing core, but they do play with heart and don’t quit.

        Are you happy with where your team is at, how they have played this year, their grit and never quit attitude? didn’t think so. 😉

        • Seriously Bored

          I’m confused so your team has more heart and grit than ours but is still losing? And you can take your high draft pick nonsense and shove it. Flames fan have been trolling here for years bragging about how they are rebuilding without tanking it and how only losers with loser mentality tank it for draft picks.

          I’d say Calgary has had a pretty disappointing season as well glad to see you are okay with it.

          The next few seasons will tell a lot about both organizations. I somehow think the flames and oilers will be rising around the same level. Here’s hoping we both make the playoffs in the same season.

        • CBK

          I’m making a point that your fan base have constantly pointed the finger at the Oilers for being a “tire fire”

          The Flames had one fluke year and all of a sudden they’re doing it right.

          It’s just nice to see you guys come back down to reality.

          Your rebuild isn’t as progressed as you all thought. With or without Dougie Hamilton.

        • CMG30

          I don’t give a rats behind if Flamers want to cheer for losses. They suck. At a certain point it makes sense that to try for the best draft position.

          It’s the hypocrisy of those individuals who were beside themselves when Oil fans were cheering for losses. They were incredulous that anyone would do this and demanded all kinds of rule changes that would punish teams that do this. Now that they’re in the same situation, what’s this? Now they’re cheering for losses? That’s rich.

  • Spoils

    If we had signed Petry to a 2 year deal, would we have got more value from him at the trade deadline?

    (for the record I cringe every time I see him in a habs uniform because I wish he was still an Oiler)

  • 99 NOW 97

    Its REAL Early , but i am kinda liking Pardy and Crack. I can see Crack replacing Corpse… if not someone else and Pardy , Gryba 6-7 not bad and pretty tough. At least for a year or two until we fill things out as they should be. Cant do it all at once.

    • toprightcorner

      I see Pardy as the #7 next year to move in and out of the press box. Much prefer than than a young guy that needs development like Reinhart. May even allow Nurse to spend some time in the AHL where we can better develop. Either way, Nurse should only be playing 15 min a night and protected.

  • I’ve always felt the Flyers were built in the way most Oiler fans wished Edmonton was built. And while Coturier’s stock has fallen a bit, for a while they were seen as the team that built down the middle, with size and skill. And yet, they struggle to make the playoffs.

    Although Mac T has said some dumb things, claiming that a cup winning team makes their make up in vouge for the rest of the league was not wrong.

    My biggest complaint for years with the Oilers was that they had no identity. But finally, with Chi, we can at last kind of see the team taking shape going forward.

    It’s a big shape.

  • how much better would this season have been if Oilers hadn’t insisted on playing Jultz for no reason other than to maximize his trade value! We would have been better off just walking away from him last summer.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    Just a few points.

    RNH will make the final NA roster.

    @ Gregor, as for the Stamkos article a couple things I might be missing maybe you can shed some light on it.

    If the Oilers go for Stamkos, they can trade RNH & Eberle and move Draisaitl to RW I believe that will solve some of the issues in your article would it not?

    Now you have potentially two players who’ve produced the same amount of points in the same amount of time on the same line….impressive.

    With no players moving the Oilers have 14 million in space, move out an additional two players in Fayne and Korp you have another 5 or so.

    Trading RNH and Eberle give you 12 million in which if the trade is right gives you a Hamonic at 4 and most likely another top 4 D man at the same cost.

    I think the numbers are there to do it.

    I’m not saying it will remotely happen, it’s good to look at these things, all in good fun.

  • McPucker

    It’s good that appears PC can make the tough decisions. I expect he is also willing to make adjustments to errors he’s made made himself.

    I hope TMac can make the tough decisions too. He’s got Jay Woodcroft following him around. In the meantime the Oilers Power Play is currently 28th in the league.

    • Randaman

      Just a few points on our PP.

      It’s not the coaches fault that our scoring centers can’t win a freaking face-off to save their life, causing loss of time in the offensive zone.

      We also have not had a shot from the point that gets through on a consistent basis.

      Nobody seems to be able to hit the freaking net! I’m looking at you Yak & Hall!

      It is the coaches fault that Letestu is on the PP (for who knows what reason)!! He doesn’t seem to be any better in those face-off situations either.

      Go Maroon!!!

      • McPucker

        I hope Maroon helps.

        I read the stats wrong. They’re actually 27th.
        Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto are below them. Calgary?? You’d think with their great D they’d be up there.

        As for face-offs and shots, adapt. If a plug is required to take a face-off, let him take it then get off the ice.

        Hall can’t hit the net. Take him off the PP for few games. He’ll learn. PP time is a privilege. Get some guys out there that will go to the dirty areas. Put two D’s on the point. Yak and Eberle aren’t a threat. Maybe Davidson or Nurse.

        I’m no expert but there has to be all kinds of options without going with the same crew all the time.

  • McPucker

    Oiler’s Power Play looked pretty against Buffalo. Didn’t score but they had some good possessions and chances.

    The other side is that Buffalo’s penalty killing looked much like the Oiler’s penalty killing. Too passive. Giving NHL teams that much time and space to set up is usually going to result in good scoring chances.

    it will be interesting to see how the PP does tonight.

  • 2Oilers4

    3 ex-Oilers in the game tonight, so Flyers will have at least 3 goals. McDavid in the game tonight, so Oilers will have at least 3 goals. I would love to see McDavid get his first career hatty vs the jerks that broke him. Oilers win 5-3.

  • Kurt

    Jason, there’s been many times this year on the radio where you said you’ve expected Hall to make the original roster. It just goes to show that point totals mean everything. It seems that a lot of higher ups were able to make the call to not jump at putting him on the top 16. He still has to prove himself to make the final cut. Yes he can skate fast and score but time and time again he proves the point that he still does the small selfish plays that put himself ahead of the team.

  • gerbero

    Regarding Stamkos, what is a good reason that we shouldn’t be interested in adding an asset for free? Especially an asset that has been to a cup final, won major NHL awards and is still young enough to fit in with McDavid for a long time.

    Is it a clinging notion that the Oilers need to win with as many of the current assets intact?
    Why can you not sign Stamkos and trade two or more other assets to acquire the defenders we need?

    Certainly a team that maintains 30th position in the NHL can’t be above adding assets for nothing.

    The Blackhawks are proof positive that you can have two high payroll players in your core and still ice a competitive roster. If you start winning, they will come. You can’t start winning until you ice a better team. You can’t ice a better team until you acquire defense and you can’t acquire defense without giving something up to get them.

      • gerbero

        How do you figure signing Stamkos effects signing McDavid?

        Would they be a significant portion of your cap, sure. Even if we call it $20,000,000 (A high estate) for the pair of them you still can build around that. The Hawks have dedicated $21M to Kane & Toews and have room to pay a goaltender $6M (Ours is less), Seabrook near $7M and high cap hits for Hossa, Keith etc.

        If we have to sacrifice an expensive 4th line and Jordan Eberle that’s not that much of a sacrifice IMO.

        If you had read all of my initial comment you would have read that you would be trading one or two forwards for that defensive depth after you sign Stamkos.

        • There’s just no need to sign Stamkos, though. It would be nothing more than a vanity buy….”look what we got!”
          Hall’s outscored him over the past 3 seasons according to Willis…or Gregor…or whoever it was. The point is, there’s no need for Edmonton to make him the highest paid player in the league when it doesn’t address the immediate issue. What if they can’t trade someone for a high end defenseman after they sign him? Better to get the defenseman first.
          Keith’s cap hit is $5.5 Million, Hossa’s is $5.2..those are pretty small cap hits comparatively speaking.

          • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

            This is nonsense

            Signing Stamkos gives you more options and another player to trade while picking up a superstar that can move around your line up.

            Signing Stamkos at 10 while trading Eberle & RNH gives you three centres or two dominate centres for a decade.

            Think RNH or Eberle won’t fetch a Defensmen? It’s an utterly ridiculous notion that ether one wouldn’t.

            So now you have both Hall & Stamkos on the same line scoring at the same pace.

            Again, this won’t happen but your argument is ludicrous at best.

          • My argument is that Stamkos is superfluous to edmontons needs. He’s superfluous to Tampas needs as well, otherwise they would have got a deal done by now. He’s a good player, but Edmonton doesn’t need him. The oilers have 3 good centres, and at least 3 good wingers. They need a defensemen or 2. If they can trade Ederle or RNH for a defenseman, do that first, then consider signing stamkos. Address the need first. For the past decade we’ve all been saying the defense needs sorting out, and now you’re saying go out and sign a player they don’t need, then hope to fix the ongoing problem after. It doesn’t make sense. Stamkos will become the highest paid player in the league, but over the past 3 seasons his production has been declining. Let Toronto have that impending albatross contract. Edmonton doesn’t need it.

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            The pain is just beginning over in Chicago, they’re going to be raked over the coals every year as they can’t sign their RFAs, I’d bet my lunch they lose players like Shaw due to lack of cap spacing.

            They’re prospect pool might also start to dry up, they’re mortgaging the future trading high value picks and prospects like Dano. It’s an enviable problem to have, but don’t pretend there are not going to be huge amounts of juggling and struggling in the Blackhawks front office in the near future.

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            “it’s an enviable problem to have”

            If the Oilers could trade situations with the Blackhawks I would do it without any regrets, cap situation and all. McDavid is freaking magic to watch, but I’d still rather have a cup contender going to the playoffs than 97.

        • toprightcorner

          Glad you brought up Chicago. That $21 mill didn’t affect them this year or maybe next but they will be in trouble within 3 years. They are lucky enough to have a bunch of players outplaying their contracts.

          Nest year only have 7 forwards and 4 dmen signed

          The following will be looking to cash in:

          Shaw – RFA this year probably $1.5 mill raise
          Kruger – RFA will be looking for a raise

          Panarin – RFA next year – huge raise
          Teravainen – RFA next year – big raise

          PIT can’t build any depth with Crosby and Malkins $18 mill and can’t compete in playoffs.

  • 99 NOW 97

    There is as we all know , regardless if he receives the little trophy. one true calder winner. Connor and its not even close. Just a crap injury prevented the award. This guy wants one , and it’s called Stan. Several of them. The rest are for ego stuff and he has none. Stan – Come home
    and sign a 5 year lease.