GDB 66.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Flyers


As Chris the Intern said, “MAROOOOOOOOON!” Final Score: 4-0 Oilers

The last time Connor McDavid played against the Philadelphia Flyers he fell, ran into end boards, and broke his collarbone. You know, just in case you hadn’t heard. By the time the game started I was tired of that storyline, but if there is one thing that MSM love doing it is banging home a narrative. I honestly felt bad for Connor McDavid for how many questions he had to answer about the injury considering it happened months ago. I felt even worse for Brandon Manning after finding out that was getting death threats on Twitter over Connor’s broken angel wing. Some of you people have no chill. It’s a game. Relax.

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Death threats aside, I did think that the Oilers were cursed, for a minute, when Taylor Hall went crashing into the end boards and was slow to get up. I don’t know what it is about the Philadelphia Flyers but they seem to hold some kind of death card that causes Oilers players to go crashing into the boards. We were lucky this time. Little did Ghost Bear know that Taylor Hall is NHL gumby and his limberness saved him from incurring any serious harm. Luckily, the Philly boards curse was as irrelevant as the Flyers’ hopes in this hockey game. The Oilers played another solid road game (penalties aside) and extended their winning streak to three games. This was a very good hockey game for the Edmonton Oilers. 

Speaking of said game, wasn’t it weird to see an Oiler player wearing #19 and not having a feeling of dread that things are likely to go horribly wrong? It was refreshing, and I honestly didn’t remember what that felt like. From where I blog, #19 is a fantastic hockey number and I am glad to see that it will have a new life with newly acquired mountain man, Pat Maroon. Maroon did his best to make #19 great again as he scored a goal and caused the kind of mayhem that Oilers fans have been missing for years. Now I’m not saying that Patrick Maroon will be Hulk McDavid, but it is nice to see the big man causing a ruckus.

If the type of game Maroon had tonight can be a semi regular thing I don’t think it will take long before Oilers fans fall in love.  

Wrap it up.

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  • This is one of the feistiest Oilers games that I’ve watched in a long time. For once the Oilers have some big men in the lineup and they threw their weight around. Not only were there hits, but the Oilers didn’t back down from the Flyers for one minute, and a lot of that can be attributed to some of the new guys. 
  • Connor McDavid has to be the fastest player in the NHL. Taylor Hall is very fast, and Connor is even faster than that. It’s insane to think that he may one day get faster. Lordy. 
  • Nail Yakupov scored his sixth goal of the season by driving to the net and banging home Connor McDavid’s rebound. Strange how Nail Yakupov (complimentary player) provides more offense when he’s playing with offensive players. ConYak is back!
  • Taylor Hall scored a huge goal (his 21st) tonight to put the Oilers up by two goals. Hallsy earned that goal by flying into the Flyers zone to pick up the breakaway puck, scoring while falling, and crashing into the end boards. Huge effort by Taylor Hall. 
  • I thought Patrick Maroon had a hell of a debut in his first game for the Oilers. He threw the body around, put himself in the tough areas of the ice, and scored his first goal (fifth of the year) as an Edmonton Oiler. Maroon was banging and crashing every time he was on the ice. Refreshing player type for this franchise. Great game. 
  • Lauri Korpikoski scored his seventh goal on a great shorthanded effort by both he and Mark Letestu. Those two, along with Hendricks and Lander, earned their pay tonight with some stellar PK work. 
  • What can you say about how well Cam Talbot is playing right now? He was rock solid again, and didn’t give the Flyers anything. Which is amazing considering how many power plays they had. It will be fun to see how good Talbot can be behind a competent (future) Oilers defense. Talbot was perfect tonight and finished the game stopping all 35 shots he faced. 
  • For as bad as it was to give up seven power play chances, the penalty killers — largely Talbot — were also perfect. 


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.49.56 PM

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  • What is it with the Philadelphia Flyers and our skilled players crashing into the end boards? Taylor Hall slammed into the end of the rink tonight and he was lucky to get out of unscathed. Not to mention, what was Ghost Bear doing diving for the puck and taking out Hall’s skates? 
  • I can’t be the only one that thought the refs made weird calls tonight, right? I could have sworn that Claude Giroux called a penalty in the second period. 
  • The Oilers took way too many penalties. They gave Philly SEVEN chances on the power play. Ridiculous. They were lucky that it didn’t come back to bite them in the ass. 
  • Todd McLellan briefly benched Jordan Eberle for a lack of effort in the first period. Eberle doesn’t have a great reputation among some Oilers fans for his effort coming back to the defensive zone. It seemed like the silver fox noticed the same thing in the first. 
  • It must have been weird for Sam Gagner to see Zack Kassian as an Oiler, right? I know Sam isn’t here anymore but you’d have to think it’s weird that the guy that broke his jaw is now on his former team. 
  • Speaking of Gagner, the Flyers had three former Oilers on their roster tonight. (Nick Schultz, Sam Gagner, Chris Vandevelde?. 
  • The Flyers were 69% in the face off circle. That’s ugly. 


11:20 EDM Nail Yakupov (6) Wrist shot – ASST: Connor McDavid (20), Jordan Eberle (20) 1 – 0 EDM
14:22 EDM Taylor Hall (21) Wrist shot – ASST: NONE 2 – 0 EDM
16:11 EDM Patrick Maroon (5) Snap shot – ASST: Adam Pardy (2), Brandon Davidson (7) 3 – 0 EDM
11:59 EDM SHG – Lauri Korpikoski (7) Snap shot – ASST: Mark Letestu (10) 4 – 0 EDM


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In today’s podcast, the boys take a look at what will happen with the Oilers on deadline day and whether or not Connor McDavid should be given the captaincy. Chris also forces Jeanshorts and Baggedmilk to play a game that he put together only minutes before recording. 

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  • R U Kidding Me!

    McDavid out getting some penalty kill time. Why not, he’s already good defensively, creates turnovers and shorthanded opportunities.

    I remember a certain #99 used to kill penalties too.


    Anyone else feel like the hockey gods are toying with our minds again? Trade a useless #19 and get back a Beast Mode cowboy in a new #19 jersey. Karma,Hockey gods or Mob Boss-Evil genious Chiarelli?

  • Freewheeling Freddie

    Where did Verdad go?Look what some toughness does for this team.Previous bozos couldnt figure it out.Cant wait to see what Chiarelli has up his sleeve for the off season.Hey Calgary 30th place wont be so bad.You will be there for quite awhile.WewinWewin yippee

  • Mr.Snrub

    Too bad we didn’t make some of these changes back at the beginning of January, we might have had a shot of making a run for the playoffs.

    Either way, i’ve liked what i’ve seen this past week. Let’s Finnish strong and still win one of the 3 draft lotteries!

    I want to see Brian Burke raging and Jeff O’Neill crying on lottery day!


      Hey our chances are even better for the lottery this year, even if we win a bunch of games. With three new lotteries we have another good shot at winning. Poor Flamers.

  • Oil4Brains

    Hall finally grew a pair tonight & stood up for himself after years of guys taking cheap shots. Helps when u got either Maroon or Kassian & PAardy on the ice. Instead of Ebs, Nuge & Jultz.

    Love the team PC is building. Finally excited about watching an Oilers game again.

  • CMG30

    I thought Chirelli said he was going to be a seller on deadline day? From what I’ve seen, he’s made the team better.

    Someone go ask Verdad what the opposite of ‘an incompetent’ is!

  • Wax Man Riley

    Ok wow. Mcdavid’s play on yak’s goal…. We’re going to see that for 10 more years!

    And other than McD… Is Maroon anyone’s new favourite oiler?? Wtf is this? Kassian, Marroon…. Grit??

  • The Perceptor

    I saw Craig Button ripping the Maroon trade apart on TSN, and I think we know why PC is a competent, top tier GM in this league and Button is a scout for a TV station. In all seriousness, Button isn’t often wrong, but this trade looks really smart after one game, and you can see some of Chiarelli’s vision coming through in the play on the ice. The skill is developing a wall of security and comfort (and courage, see Hall) with Kassian and Maroon, Pardy and Cracknell aren’t timid either. But the tenacity of Chiarelli to pluck big, tough, abusing guys like Kassian and Maroon from other teams, is creating space all over the ice. Both guys have skill, which was the key, and it seems now like the Oilers are having more offensive zone time for sustained periods because of their size and puck control. I like the early signs of Chiarelli’s moves and vision. Today, this team is already so different from the one he acquired.

  • TyeDye

    “I can’t be the only one that thought the refs made weird calls tonight, right? I could have sworn that Claude Giroux called a penalty in the second period. ”

    Some very weird calls. Especially the Claude Giroux, “Please even out the penalties good sir, even though our man was the instigator *pout* *pout *whine* *whine*”

  • M22

    Looking forward to seeing Chiarelli do a presser thanking Verdad for his guidance and input. That crazy bastard deserves all the credit.

    Also: hands up – anybody else can’t wait for the next Oilers/Flames game?

  • StephLee

    First time commenting ! Had to share how happy I am after watching a good game by these guys:)

    -in bugs bunny voice- “Whaaataa Marooooon!!!!”

    😀 gonna go crack a nice cold one now!

  • Kevwan

    Nicholson should make a deal with Bettman.

    The Oiler will stay out of the draft lottery. They will automatically move down 4 spots.

    But in exchange they get to play in the Eastern Conference next year.

  • BlueHairedApe

    This was indeed a great sight to see. Been a long time since I’ve seen the Oil stick up for each other like that. Hall better be buying Maroon and Kassian a couple cold ones tonight. Hopefully they keep it up. In a few games if we see the big guys start to skate away from scrums like that we will know who they want to stick up for and who they don’t.

  • Oiler Al

    Good win, you can thank Talbot and the penalty killers….. although we took too many penalties.

    Did well in the rough stuff department. Got love the big boys showing up..guys like Kassian and Maroon are big boys who can play the game both ways… something this team missed.

    Liked the scrum infront of the players bench.It was really started by Hall giving Ghostbuster and bit of a poke in the face, in exchange for that trip on his goal I guess.

    I am not a big fan of Yak the hockey player, but he played a heck of a game tonight…unlike the guy on the right side of his line.

  • OilCan2

    More ConYak please. Make it a double.

    PC has sure done well this week. His additions were effective with out having to make bold moves. His additions by subtraction were pretty good too. His finding and signing that Cam Talbot guy looks pretty good tonight also.

  • GK1980

    Great game, finally FINALLY the oilers were pushing back physically.

    I was ecstatic when Maroon was picked up. I’ve always liked his game and chia looks like a genius. He is big, neh, HUGE and has a nose for the net. Mcdavid looking great like always and hall pushing the river tonight.

    This team looks different the last week. Hopefully this is a change for the better. Talbot of course looking legit. I wasn’t so sure about him but I’m convinced now. He is a keeper! (Gene Príncipe quote)