Capilano Rehab Centre Injury Report – March 15, 2016

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One would think that there would be a time during the year where guys would just stop getting injured. There’s no science behind this, just a general thought. How in the world is it possible for so many people from one team to get injured in such a small period of time? The season is winding down now, with just a few more weeks of hockey left, and for some strange reason I thought that the injuries would stop happening by this time. I was wrong. 

Before I get to the bad news, let’s touch quickly on some good news! Ryan Nugent-Hopkins returned this past week after being on the IR for far too long with a broken hand. The kid had a big smile on his face and was pumped to be back on the ice. Though he hasn’t tallied any points since his return, Nuge fired a shot off the post in one of his first shifts back. At this point of the season, instead of dreading on all the losses it’s fun to look at the bright side of things. Eh guys? Eh? Here’s the bad news. 

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Newly acquired Oilers defenceman, Adam Pardy is out of the lineup on a week to week basis with a hand injury as a result of blocking a shot against Minnesota. With only three weeks left in the season, depending on how Pardy’s hand heals, a week-to-week timeline could mean Pardy will be out for the rest of the season. 

Did somebody not warn Adam Pardy about how injury prone the OIlers were before we scooped him up on waivers? I imagine Pardy’s agent warning him on the flight over, but Adam continuously saying ‘it won’t happen to me.” WRONG ADAM. I’ve got some news for you, it happens to everybody. Welcome to the Oilers!

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It has been an ongoing theme this season about how my injury report has jinked the Oilers, causing nearly all of their players to have some sort of long term injury. One thing I never thought of until today, is how the injury report has probably jinked my own health, and all of those around me as well. The reason I say that is cause I am currently writing this article from my bed at home. Day-to-day with the flu is what some would say.

I’ve been sick more times this winter, than any other winter in my life. AND the Oilers have had more injuries this winter, then they’ve had in the past decade. There’s only one common denominator, and it’s the Injury Report. OR maybe cause it’s the first year in my life I never got my flu shot (Team Flu Shot), and this whole thing is pure coincidence. We will never know, until the same thing happens again next year. 

The Other Guys

  • Benoit Pouliot remains on the IR with his long term shoulder injury after crashing head first into the boards, a couple weeks ago. No timeline on his return. With only three weeks remaining in the schedule, you have to wonder if he’ll even return this season. There’s no way you rush back any injured player with our circumstances right now.
  • It has been just under one month since Eric Gryba injured his knee. His initial timeline was a month, but as of now he is out indefinitely. 
  • Brandon Davidson is still out with a lower body injury and has no timeline on his return. The fact that no one is even talking about it makes me think he won’t return at all this season. 
  • Andrew Ference has not played with the team in a very long time, and will not in the future either. If you are just finding this out now, you should probably go back and read all my articles. 
  • We still have no word on when Oscar Klefbom will return this season, if he will even return at all. I’m sure he’s dying to get out on the ice again but Oiler’s staff will not rush him back, being this far out of a playoff spot. 
But seriously, have injury problems? Our friends at Capilano Rehab Centre will gladly help you out. You can contact them through their site, or call (780) 466-1104.

North x NorthGretz Podcast

This week we were joined by Flamesnation super-blogger Mike Fail! Mike tells us just what exactly has gone wrong with the Flames this year, what he expects for next year and he espouses his love for Taylor Hall! Next we talk about the Nurse suspension, and I play a game of rapid fire with Mike before we answer your hard hitting Ask The Idiots questions!

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    • Sorensenator

      I don’t care how many fantasy forward combinations people come up with, our entire D core is decimated with only Fayne and Sekera and they are a 3rd pairing on most good teams.

      It boggles my mind how so many people look past this and think the top end talent of first overalls is going to win us a game.. yeah except for one thing, none of them are defensemen.

      • Namudi

        Ok ok your right our d core blows. But that doesn’t explain why we are not scoring or winning the 1 goal games. No goals = no wins no matter how you look at it. Nashville been having this problem for years very solid backend but can’t get enough goals to win

        • Sorensenator

          It’s a team game, unless you expect McDavid to go end to end all the time the scoring will not come unless you have proper support from the back end. The D must be able to dish the puck quickly from the point or be available for support with puck battles along the boards and get pucks through to the net, something ours have never been able to do all season.

          It’s all interconnected.

          • btrain

            Exactly! It seems lost on some, what a legitimate NHL blue line means for a team not only defensively but especially offensively. Offensive opportunities often start and are maintained with defensemen. Klefbom being out for half the season has arguably been the biggest loss of all, even more so than McDavid, given the absolute lack of depth on D.

            As for Nashville, they have been in the playoffs 7 times in the last 10 years. look what they have been able to do with a solid D core and a below average top 6. Johansen was brought in to be their first legit top center in franchise history. Riberio is their top scoring center this year! Offense is a team responsibility but even a lack luster forward group can still have a winning season with an elite blue line. I would think there are few examples of it happening the other way around.

          • btrain

            Completely agree. I was not trying to suggest that Nashville was a contender over the last 10 years; I was just trying to show that they put up playoff bound seasons, despite having a weak top 6 forward group. There is no doubt that cup contenders have balanced scoring from both groups. The other main point I was trying to make is that a talented D group can make up for a below average forward group. Whereas, I can’t think of any examples where a solid group of forwards pulls along a lack luster Defensive group (the Oilers being the bench mark of such groups).

  • Explicit

    I hate you Chris the Intern (if that is your real name)

    You bring nothing but misery and sad news to my interwebz on a weekly basis!! Why don’t you do something useful like preform miracle healing spells on these guys instead of telling me they’re all out 4EVAR!!!

    This is somehow all your fault!!

    • socaldave

      Jesus, right? I mean, who does he think he is? Acting all grown up, “Ooooooo look at me, I have a real last name!”. Insanity. You need to have a word with him, I think. Next thing you know he’ll actually want to be PAID for today. Pffffft.

  • 2Oilers4

    Dear Chris,

    Having the flu means you have influenza, if you are at home puking and such that is a gastrointestinal illness, often incorrectly called the flu. Therefore, getting the flu shot does not help stop you from the upchucking and peeing out of places you shouldn’t…it protects against influenza, a resportory illness.

    Ps: Getting your flu shot will not necessarily protect against influenza either.