The Nation Goes to Stony Plain

Oh you have a hot date planned tonight? Cancel it. The Nation is going to watch Ryan Smyth and the Stony Plain Eagles destroy the Bentley Generals in game four of the Provincial Final, and you’re invited to join us.


No Playoffs in Condorstown?

If the Bakersfield Condors don’t make the AHL playoffs, and it’s looking a little bleak now, they will look back at Tuesday night’s game against the Ontario Reign with a lot of disgust.


Crossing The Rubicon

The other day Steve “Dangle” Glynn of Sportsnet (and Nation contributor) asked a very fair, open question about whether or not the Oilers would be better off drafting in the four or five spot so they could rightly draft a defender. I think that’s a natural question to ask of a team with a draft…