The Nation Goes to Stony Plain – Eagles vs. Generals Wrap-up

Look at me with my first game wrap-up article! Sure it’s no Oilers game, but Baggedmilk had better keep his wrap-ups tight going forward because I’m coming for him. As you might have heard, the Nation crew ventured out to the Glenn Hall arena last night to watch the one and only Ryan Smyth lace up those senior hockey…


GDB 77.0: Sharks are circling

Will next season be any different for the Edmonton Oilers? The optimist in me says it has to, because you simply can’t be this terrible for this long, but the crushing reality for Oilers fans and the players is there is no guarantee. The fans have watched the lack of improvement in the standings, and…



The story of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ season has more twists than an ‘It’s Always Sunny’ episode, and I expect we could see some fireworks around draft day. If you add up all the rumors, what do they tell us?