GDB 79.0 Wrap Up: Ducks @ Oilers

That was probably one of the worst offside calls in the history of ice or whistles. Only three more games left. Three. More. Games. Final Score: 2-1

This really has been a strange year. Last summer, we were all flooded with positivity after the hiring of Peter Chiarelli, Todd McLellan, and, very obviously, the luck that landed us Connor McDavid. But now that we’re wrapping up chapter one of Peter Chiarelli’s first year as the Oilers’ GM, the narrative around Edmonton has moved from story of hope to a tail of despair. Now we’re three games away from what could be a total yard sale.  I know the day is coming where one, or possibly two, of our first overall picks get(s) traded, but it will still fell odd to process the news when the time comes. I mean, we already know that Nail Yakupov has three more games left to play as an Oiler but that doesn’t make it any less strange.

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This summer could possibly (hopefully?) be one of the wildest summers we’ve around here. It’s funny to see how passionate we fans can be about who should stay and who should go, but, in reality, who shouldn’t go when your team is perennially finishing in last place? In reality Connor McDavid probably should be the only untouchable that the Oilers have on the roster, but that doesn’t mean we won’t fight for our favourites to stay. As much as it will be exciting to see what happens I can also see how unbearable Oilers Twitter/Internet will be until next season starts. Trade winds they are a blowin’, and they seem to making their way right through the Nation. 

As for tonight’s game, it was definitely frustrating, but not so much because the Oilers played poorly, but more so because they made dumb mistakes that led to goals. Adam Clendening was the goat master general tonight, and he was the direct cause of both of Anaheim’s goals, with the second being the toast to his transformation into Jultz 2.0. Unfortunately, getting down by two goals to the Ducks was too much. That being said, the Oilers did keep up with the Ducks for the most part (MOAR SHOTS!) and could have, once again, taken points away from this game had it not been for a couple mistakes and their power play striking out worse than a mute at phone sex job fair.

I don’t know how many games the power play has cost the Oilers but I’d put money on several. Who would have thought that the power play would be such an issue on this team? Add it to the pile, I guess.

The wrap.

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  • Only three games left. 
  • Connor McDavid is an absolute pleasure to watch and I don’t care if I say it in every Wrap Up for the rest of my life. 
  • Nail Yakupov scored his seventh goal of the year on an absolute rocket of a snap shot from the slot. After news broke about his trade request there was a big segment of fans that understand and wish him well — myself included. I was happy to see him score tonight and will enjoy watching his last three games as an Oiler. 
  • Taylor Hall had a solid game, and he was buzzing around the puck all night long. He got an assist on the Yakupov goal and likely should have gotten more. I think he’s played better than his point streak would have some people believe. 
  • Darnell Nurse was solid and brought the physicality that we’ve come to expect from him. I especially liked when Darryl got in Kesler’s face. I would have loved to see Nurse hurt his face feelings. 
  • Jordan Eberle had a solid game and likely should have had a couple goals. He got set up a few times on the power play with good looks at the net but John Gibson was able to shut the door. 
  • Cam Talbot was also solid again, and it’s a relief knowing that the Oilers won’t  have to go out looking for a starting goalie this summer. Talbot finished with 23 saves and a .920 save%. 
  • For as bad as the Oilers power play is, the penalty kill is good. They killed off all four of Anaheim’s chances and the Ducks have a very good power play. 
  • The Oilers were 57% in the face off circle. Impressive when you consider the amount of experience on the other side. 
  • Outshot Anaheim 28-25 which would have been a win in lost seasons past. 



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  • Moral victories for everybody! 
  • Anaheim ended the McPoint streak!
  • Three more games left in the Yakupov era. I, for one, am bummed out about it. I’ll miss you, Yak. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between us, but a good chunk of that is our fault. The player is always the one that should look in the mirror first, but I can’t help but wonder about how he was handled along the way.
  • Adam Clendening has filled in for Justin Schultz better than anyone could have imagined. He makes the weirdest choices at the weirdest times and it’s not overly surprising when they end up in the net. He was on the hook for two tonight. Amazing how much of an impact he played in 6:27 on the ice. 
  • You’d have to think that Anton Lander is playing his last games as an Oiler, right? 
  • Corey Perry scored tonight and he is so annoying for so many reasons. 
  • Power Play = Garbage Fire Marshmellows
  • Does anybody else watch that kind of reffing and think that these guys got the job as a result of a contest? That offside call at the end of the game had to be one of the worst calls in an NHL game in the history of the world. 


04:02 ANA Corey Perry (31) Slapshot – ASST: Jamie McGinn (16), Rickard Rakell (23) 1 – 0 ANA
12:48 ANA Brandon Pirri (13) Wrist shot – ASST: NONE 2 – 0 ANA
11:40 EDM Nail Yakupov (7) Snap shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (36), Leon Draisaitl (32) 2 – 1 ANA


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It’s a special birthday edition of North By NorthGretz! We celebrate Chris The Intern’s birthday before talking about the Nurse/Haley situation, whether or not the Oilers have a shot at Oliver Ekman-Larsson, and if we’ve seen the last of Nugent-Hopkins in an Oilers jersey. Then it’s time for Chris to embarrass himself playing a movie quotes game before all of life’s mysteries are once again answered in Ask The Idiots! 

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  • Craig1981

    I’m going to get trashed for this, but when I slowed it down it actually looks like in the air it bounced of an Oiler amd was indeed MAYBE offside. Because it was in the air it looked worst than it was.

    I think Drew Remenda is going a little overboard on the amount he critiques the refs. Good and bad calls both ways.

    edit: I looked again online and and Connor made a great play to keep it in. I WAS WRONG

    • Connor's Better

      Theres no way it could have been offside though. The puck was nowhere near the blue line when it changed directions so if it didn’t even touch the blueline then in no way can you even considering calling the play offside.

    • Connor's Better

      Theres no way it could have been offside though. The puck was nowhere near the blue line when it changed directions so if it didn’t even touch the blueline then in no way can you even considering calling the play offside.

  • MorningOwl


    How many MORE games have the Oilers won this year as a result of McDavid, then they would have one without him? Has he really made a difference this year?

    • The Soup Fascist

      You do know that “won” and “one” are two (not too) different words, right?

      Or is it write?

      Honestly, it is a fair question. Truth is most nights McDavid has made unwatchable games watchable just because of his unbelievable skill set. He is worth the price of admission – and with this team God knows the fans deserve that.

      The kid is beyond entertaining – I almost feel sorry for the Flame fans who are deprived of his greatness.


  • RJ

    They didn’t score enough goals to win or play defence well enough to tie.

    It wasn’t a horrible game they just aren’t good enough to win these close games.

    Hopefully Chiarelli is half as good as his fans here make him out to be.

    Talbot and Maroon have been good, Sekera didn’t suck, and the rest have been meh or blah.

  • Oilfaninvan

    I’m having a hard time making it all the way to the end of the season guys. I’m now accepting your encouraging words on why I should actually watch the final few games…

  • Jeremy Ian

    Strange season?

    What a euphemism. Another new coach, more new goalies, another No. 1 pick, more UFA’s, more trades, more blaming the kids (first Eberle, now Yak), more throwing players under the bus, more shipping out the erstwhile saviors….

    I don’t call this strange.

    It’s a disgrace.

  • Hawk E. Pashyn

    The really unfortunate part is that Nail Yakupov has played the best games of his career in the past couple of weeks. He looks like he’s finally getting it – how to play in the NHL – and … NOW demands a trade.

    Great. We watched him be a train-wreck for years, then trade him when we he finally gets it.

    And then, Hall looks happy to congratulate Yak on his goal. Weird. This team is bi-polar, or something, but it all really goes to show you how important timing is to how everything unfolds.

    Justin Schultz and Nail Yakupov go onto careers elsewhere and become stars? Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants for this organization to go along with the Cogliano’s and Petry’s of the world? We always knew drafting was important, but maybe development is more important than we realized. But the old adage, “timing is everything,” that’s what has seemed to ail the Oilers more than any other aspect, which is a further indicator of a lack of foresight. Thankfully our new management team seems to have some of that. This still falls on previous regimes, as they tried to get Yak’s game up to par this year, but basically ran out of time because the player got tired of waiting. Timing is everything.

  • Prometheus

    On a night where the Oilers were surprisingly good at faceoffs, Letestu was 22%. Why is he still on the team, exactly?

    Aside from two mistakes by Clendening (that led directly to goals), the Oilers outplayed the Ducks tonight (IMO, of course). Note that Clendening only played 6:27, so the coaches certainly noticed.

    Patrick Maroon is an absolutely beauty. Methinks Chiarelli has earned himself half a statue already.

  • Oilerz4life

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m getting a little tired of hearing about next summer, draft picks etc. etc. Moral victories. When are the Oilers going to learn it takes a full 60 minute effort. It takes more than talent to win the cup it takes character. More players like Patrick Maroon. Like the 90’s Oilers who finally took a run at the cup 05/06. Not one McDavid on that team. A top line with Smyth and Horcoff. Character. You can take your core and shove it I’m sick of millionare teenybopper’s who don’t know a damn thing about playing a full 60 minutes, like McLellan says.

  • OldOilerFan

    I’ve got nothing. The Refereeing (sic) spoiled it for me.

    No wait, I’m watching mostly for what McDavid will do next. And now I’m wondering if we are experiencing déjà vu – remember how many experiments with line mates it took to find guys who could play with Gretzky?

  • Sation

    Can someone please inform Gregor that predicting the oilers to miss the playoffs yet picking them to win about 75% of their games is kinda contradicting himself?

    The amount of times he’s predicted an Oilers win and them losing is ridiculous.

  • Mr.Snrub

    Auston 20:16 says we just won the lottery!

    Hell even if we don’t, one of those 2 big talented Finns will almost certainly be coming our way which will make trading one of the $6 million dollar men a very easy decision.

  • Prometheus

    Are the hockey gods punishing the Oilers for winning the draft lottery, or gifting it to us to make up for our suffering?

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg?