The North By NorthGretz Podcast – Bonspiel Special


This week the boys talk about the Yakupov trade request, gush over Patrick Maroon, talk about the NHL Email dump, the Jimmy Vesey drama and more. 

Then Chris tries to make Jeanshorts and Baggedmilk seem old by quizzing them on internet lingo before another educational edition of Ask The Idiots. 

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  • Explicit

    I havn’t calmed down yet from the embarrassing performance in the final BOA in the coliseum. I kinda snapped after that game, Not sure I wanna listen to any oiler talk right now… Ah, who am I kidding, I still care.

    F!ST it, I’ll listen. Maybe you whack jobs can cheer me up

      • Explicit

        Just gotta say I’ve had my fill of fan shaming. It boggles my mind that anyone can question the fan support. 10 years ago the oilers went on a miracle run, pretty sure the fans of this team showed then that they are amongst the best in the league.

        How often does a perennial bottom feeding professional sports team continually sell out an arena 10 years later?

        I don’t want to go on a rant here, I did enough of that Saturday night drinking whiskey to calm myself down. But honestly, if you think people arn’t as passionate about a 5 goal victory as they are about a 5 goal loss, you need to readjust your perspective on the world and more specifically towards human nature. If the oilers were to ever get a 5 goal victory(can’t remember the last time that ever happened) people would be just as passionate, but instead of logging onto a fan site to vent their anger thru interwebz comments, they’d be out pounding shots and celebrating with everyone else. The number of comments on an ON post game thread is not an accurate measurement for fan passion.

        • Seanaconda

          Fair enough. It’s just everyone and their mother feels the need to post after a loss.(shouldn’t they be sitting there mad with everyone else??) Would be nice to be a community and cheer together when we win. I read other teams blogs and when they are winning it’s a beautiful thing. And when I’m at the bar watching the oilers win I can take two seconds to make a post.

          • Explicit

            Haha Good call, I remember it now, vaguely, I had a time after that one! Next time that happens I’ll be sure to come on here and post 400 comments so our fan base doesn’t get called out for being fair weather fans

          • Seanaconda

            I haven’t called us fair weather in a while. Not for at least 40 games or so.(back when we had a chance). It would just be nice if certain people didn’t only post when we lose hahah

  • Holy crap the podcast is almost 90 minutes long now? There better be some damn good subliminal messaging embedded in the sound track.

    Speaking of which, anybody find themselves with a huge Nation Gear order waiting at the front door about two weeks after you listen to one of these episodes? No?

  • Seanaconda

    I’ve said before that I follow Dallas because I like to follow hemsky and when they are winning they will have 500 plus posts of being pumped up and talking about the game. The only time we get a high post count is if we are losing. And didn’t we beat a team 7-2 this year

    • Explicit

      Now you tugged at my heart strings! I’m rootin like heck for Hemmer to get another shot at the cup!! 83 is the only oiler jersey I own! I’m not sure what Dallas Fanpage gets 500 comments after a game, but I’d love to see what type of attendance they would get for games after setting an all time, decade long record for suck.

      I’m more than confident in saying oiler fans are by far and away more passionate than Dallas Stars fans are! They just happen to have a team they can be proud of

      • Seanaconda

        Defendingbigd on sb nation. The fans on the site are actually pretty knowledgeable and passionate. May be less people than edmonton fans but who are we to judge/know.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Yeah, I miss Hemsky too, the good Hemmer.

    The one that did end to end rushes only to pass it to someone that misses the net by 10 feet. The one that went into the end boards only to get to Reghered. The one that never had a team mate stick up for him, as he was lying dazed on the ice after getting Kromwalled.

    The only player we had that when he touched the puck, you actually paid attention.

    Then he stopped giving a sh!t, cause the team did not have his back, so why put out the effort?

    I hate Dallas, I hate them a lot, going way back to the ’90’s. But with Hemmer, I hope they win the Cup