Report: No Subban for Edmonton?

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According to Darren Dreger, Peter Chiarelli hasn’t spoken to Montreal in regards to a trade for PK Subban and likely never will. Why rain on our parade, bro?

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If you were hoping for that PK Subban trade to go through this summer you could be disappointed. Darren Dreger appeared on TSN 690 on Tuesday and declared that the Oilers and Habs are not talking about Subban and likely won’t be, at least this summer. From the horse’s mouth:

“Specific to Edmonton, I mean Peter Chiarelli just told me point blank there’s been no conversation. Very likely wouldn’t be any conversation. This is all just industry fodder that you guys, and he’s talking to me, want to talk about when things are slow.”

My first question off the jump would be why wouldn’t they talk about Subban? There have been rumblings about him being on the outs in Montreal for a few months now, and you’d expect that Chiarelli would have, at least, picked up the phone and investigated a little bit. Frankly, anything less than checking to see if the rumours are true shows a Tambellini-esque level of incompetence. Is Chiarelli just keeping his cards close to his vest? You’d have to think so if he’s talking to a guy that publicizes rumours and NHL insider info for a living. 

“All I can tell you is what was the latest round (it was) Taylor Hall and something out of Edmonton for PK Subban. You know, when these things surface, as Insiders we have to get to a source who is either going to completely dismiss or verify that there’s at least the potential or if there’s a chance that Subban can get traded.”

To me, this quote looks like Dreger asked Chiarelli if he had spoken to Bergevin about Subban and ol’ Pete said no. My counter to Dreger’s point would be to ask why Chiarelli would just go ahead and volunteer that information in the first place when he knows full well that Dreger would talk about it? I can tell you this for sure, if I’ve got super sneaky secret plans I’m not going to go ahead and leak them to the guy with a megaphone in his hand. I’m going to keep it on the DL, ya know? This is some deep web kinda shit we’re talking about. 

So what else did Dreger say?

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“So I still think that long shot at best doesn’t even describe how far-fetched that might be, specific to Subban.”

Yeah? Tell that to August 9th, 1988. BOOM! Nailed it. 


It is worth nothing that PK Subban’s no trade clause kicks in on July 1st, and I think a lot of these rumours about moving him are likely to do with that deadline. If Montreal is actually dumb enough to move the former Norris winner their best odds of maximizing a return would happen before that date. Makes sense, right? We hear the same kind of thing every year about potentially moving player X before their bonus kicks in, or player Y because of a no-trade. 

As much as I would want Subban anchoring the defense around the Y-E-G it always seemed more like a pipe dream than an actually thing that could legitimately happen. Delusions aside, it is fun to dream and argue about ways to improve the hockey team and trading for Subban would certainly fit the bill even if it is unlikely.  


  • a lg dubl dubl

    For the people that say Subban is over rated and an ego maniac, please state your facts on how he is what you say he is.

    Sure the guy makes 9mil per year, but i see a hockey player who used his contract to give 10 MILLION to a Montreal hospital because he can. Does he make mistakes on the ice, sure, but so do every other player in the NHL.

    I’d hate to see what people say about McDavid when he signs a contract like Subbans.

    • Admiralmark

      Exactly just a bunch of garbage being slung around on this blog. PK is a top 5 D man in the league right now. At 9 million is it a heavy price tag? Yes thats what the price is for a player of this level of ability. If you wanna argue we are better off building a team with 4 top 4 D as opposed to one #1 D man and 3 top 4 … Then I can respect your opinion. But if you want a bona fide top 4 D then PK is one of a very few and rare options in the NHL.

        • RickT

          List them, I’m curious.

          As a Flames fan, there is no one on our D-core that I would want more than Subban.

          He is better than top 5. I would say he’s top 3, in my mind.

          • Seanaconda

            Off the top of my head I would rather have doughty peitrangelo hedman ekblad karlsson letang vlasic burns Keith oel suter.
            Maybe put subban around josi if you ignored contracts. And this list is ignoring ages and contracts

            It’s all about what you want in a dman tho I spose but offensively your mark gio put up more points than pk this year.

          • Seanaconda

            If age and contracts where part of it I’m not sure I wouldn’t want a parayko or a klingberg/faulk atm if you could manage to sign them to a roman josi deal.

  • Freewheeling Freddie

    NoNoNoNo to Subban to much money overrated.For the that kind of loot we could get two quality d men .Connors next contract wont be cheap.Have to put money aside.

  • Copper

    So? Why would Montreal even consider trading PK? Makes on wonder. Hmm

    If Trading PK automatically strengthens the Habs with the assets they bring back, would that automatically weaken the team they trade with? Hmm

    I have a number of friends who are Habs fans. It is close to an even split between “He’s a Superstar ” and “He’s an over paid Bum”. Hmm

    I believe the Oilers are better off getting 2 RHD for $9M (or less).

  • madjam

    Radar alert : If Pouliot is to be traded , Oilers probably looking at L Wing M. Tkachuk to replace him , unless they decide to take Chychrun . Fourth might be to valuable to Oilers future to deal away . Keep this years pick by all means , as there is several other ways to fix other problems !

    • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

      It doesn’t matter if Pouliot is traded because Tkachuk or Dubios are not going to replace him this year anyways. I’d like to see Pouliot stay as I think he is a good complimentary piece.

      • madjam

        Dubois certainly will not , but Tkachuk is much better than Dubois . Tkachuk might also be a better choice and further along than Laine and Puljujarvi , because he has much more experience on the smaller N.American ice surface . The speedy Tkachuk certainly shone with Matthews internationally , and might be an excellent mentor with speedy McDavid . Drawback with Dubois is he good/acceptable at most things , but does not excel at any apparently .

  • Mac07

    I agree that Subban would be very good in Edmonton. But you have to think that Chiarellis first plan is to go after two of the following first. Hamonic. Shattenkirk. Vatanen. Barrie. Any two would be a great addition and combined salaries would be the same as Subban. Then you would have to think that if he is going to target a top 1-2 with Hall, You would have to think it would be a Doughty, a Larsson, or an OEL. Same quality of Dman as Subban. Maybe better, but for a smaller Cap hit. Personally. I am betting on two out of the first group I mentioned.

  • Backburner

    There will be two top 4 defencemen available this summer: Hamonic and Yandle.

    If Chia doesn’t somehow make that happen, he should be fired.

    Also, I would be surprised if he doesn’t go after Lucic.

      • Backburner

        Yandle is a UFA, Hamonic wants to be close to Manitoba. Those would be hard to screw up.

        Shattenkirk might also be available.

        All I’m saying is remember when Leddy and Boychuk were available and Mac T did nothing?

        PK Subban is not available. Especially if the Habs have any chance of signing Stamkos this summer.

        Also, it’s no secret that Chiarelli loves Lucic.. and Edmonton needs to get tougher.

    • Druds

      if you click that flames nation icon at the top of this page you can sit and huddle with your other fellow trollers…I am sure they will be happy to hear from you.

  • Jay (not J)

    PK is not available, never has been. The Habs, Les Glorieux, have to be traditionalist and conservative. ‘Respect the game’, ‘the crest on the front, not the name on the back’, and all of that crap that the losing team usually pulls out after a shootout loss. ‘Planet PK’ is at odds with that and they have to make a show for a segment of their fanbase of their disapproval. I suspect that that disapproval is only ephemeral and that on the whole they are ridiculously happy to have him on their team.

    • RJ

      Their GM was quoted as saying that PK is not untouchable.

      I would say, however, that to land him would probably take a Lindros-type offer:

      Forsberg, Hextall, Duchesne, Ricci and I think two firsts, a second, $15 million and futures for Lindros.

      I’m sure if the Oilers offered Hall, Draisatl, Sekera and the #4, they’d probably be ok with trading him. Of course, that doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Oilers to do that.

      • Jay (not J)

        GMs say all kinds of things to the media for all kinds of reasons. I think that getting ‘the truth’ to the fanbase is the least of their motivations and believe that anything that they say publicly should be taken with a grain of salt. I’d love to see a PK to EDM deal, but I won’t believe in one unless it’s announced as done.

    • IronX

      The picture is more clever than we think…

      The real guy in the picture is (drum roll):

      Taylor Hall…..

      It’s the way of ON of being ominous and stuff, and then if it happened (but it won’t) a Hall- PK thing, then these guys would be like “see? We called it!”

  • fisherprice

    There’s a lot of reasons a PK to Edmonton trade will never happen, they’ve been gone over ad nauseam so I won’t get into it.

    One thing I’ll get into is people railing on about “overrated” and “ego” here.

    By every metric we use to determine who is a good defenceman – whether they are old-school traditional numbers or modern fancy stats – PK places easily in the top 10 of defenceman and in some cases top 5. So, I don’t really see the “overrated” argument. As for people arguing Hamonic is better, lol. Ok. Hamonic is a great defenceman, but he’s a mid to lower tier first pairing guy. Great value contract though.

    I guess we can talk about PK’s “ego.” You know, the guy who just literally committed $10 million to sick and dying children. The guy who only oozes positivity about his teammates, coaches, management, fans, and city every time he talks publicly. A guy who consistently went to bat for his coach during rough stretches, a coach who never hesitates to sell PK down the river whenever he has the opportunity either. But yeah, “ego”.

    I wonder what makes PK Subban different from the majority of NHL players in people’s perceptions? He’s got an “ego” and he’s “flashy”.. hmm, wonder these have been code words for historically in sports?

    • Jay (not J)

      That’s only 1 million dollars that he’s giving, not 10. He has committed to raise the other 9. This should not be dismissed, but it’s problematic that he’s allowed it to be a ‘PK gave 10 million’ story and it’s also problematic that he chose to make the announcement the day before the Habs’ previously scheduled announcement regarding team captaincy. You can make a veiled accusation that I am a racist, but PK has demonstrated a propensity to self aggrandize whenever the opportunity presents itself and that’s not something that everyone enjoys from their pro athletes. Personally I believe that his play on the ice outweighs his personality, but if I were his GM I would want him to tone it down as well and I would not apologise to everyone who simply reduced the situation to ‘it’s just picking on because PK’s black’.

      • fisherprice

        Where in my comment did I say he was personally paying all $10 million? Also, the $10 million is a minimum based on his personal contributions and fundraising efforts that occur directly through him and his foundation. If the fundraising efforts don’t get that high, who do you think covers the remainder of the minimum pledged amount? Let’s also not forget that although the actual estimate was not disclosed of what he’d directly pay, they have only said it’s “in the 7 figures”. There are literally no reports that state the $1 million figure you have here. And to claim the details of the donation aren’t reported is just facetiousness, the details of the donation are in the first few paragraphs of nearly every story on this.

        I think this points to the general attitude about PK I was speaking to. Guy pledges his personal money and time to literal sick children and you feel the need to point out that he isn’t personally donating every single cent Yes, we know, it’s right there in the stories and offical press release and statement from him and his foundation.

        I know that not all criticisms of PK are grounded in race, but he certainly gets a lot more flak for the “outsized personality” that plenty of white players have. Did you see any articles or complaints about Brent Burns being a distraction with his crazy suits, high-wire playing style, and flamboyant off-ice persona when the Sharks missed the playoffs last year?

        • Seanaconda

          Tbh I think most people have reservations about some of pks defensive lapses and contract over him being a good person.

          Maybe it’s just me personally but I could care less about how someone acts outside the rink if they produce.

          The relationship with players would be a bigger deal but that’s all rumours.

          • fisherprice

            Yeah and I think those criticisms can be fair, I was just responding to a comment regarding his ego/personality.

            I think the $9 mil cap hit is a bit larger than what you’d ideally want, but is somewhat mitigated that he’s a top 10 D in the league at age 25-26 and his contract doesn’t stretch into any years where you would be concerned about a significant drop off in performance (he’s 31 at the end of the contract).

            I think his defensive miscues are overstated. If you look at volume stats and the percentage of bad plays he makes, it’s actually remarkably low for someone who not only plays as much as him, but also has the puck on his stick that much. I think he just has such a high wire, fast skating style that when he does blow a tire it makes his turnovers look “worse” than other players. He does have flaws in his game, definitely, but I think his strengths outweigh them fairly significantly.

          • Seanaconda

            I would like subban that contract is awful tho. Should decrease his trade value a bit so if you can get a good deal I would take it for sure. He is entertaining tho so a team that has a harder time selling tickets may offer more.

        • Jay (not J)

          You stated that he committed 10 million dollars. You let the rest of the facts hang like you are working for the PK76 brand.

          Brent Burns is a bit of a goofball, but you don’t see him upstaging his own team and you don’t hear about every dollar he gives to charity and you don’t get a press release every time he visits a hospital. Does this mean he’s a selfish POS who doesn’t contribute or does this mean he doesn’t need to advertise his every action? I have yet to hear Brent Burns’ Don Cherry impersonation (I have yet to hear Don Cherry’s PK Subban impersonation)and I have never heard a peep about the guy during the offseason. PK’s PR team ramp things up during the offseason so that he is not forgotten. No one gives a whit about a suit or hairdo. People get tired of the constant ‘look at me’ crap though and really, why shouldn’t they?

          • fisherprice

            Well, he has committed $10 million. That is a fact. The details of how that $10 million will be donated are concretely stated in pretty much every article and public statement regarding it. The only misrepresentation of this exists in your mind where apparently me and PK’s foundation stated that he personally donated $10 million in cold hard cash right then and there. I mean, who cares if he never said that, his foundation never stated that, and I never actually said it. It’s what happened because you believe it hard enough. Interesting how you don’t respond at all to me noting you pulled out a personal donation amount completely out of your ass.

            Who cares what he does in the off-season? How does this hurt the team in any way? Chemistry and leadership issues in the locker room are purely speculative and no player has ever indicated that there is a PK problem publicly. The only people that have are people like you and certain subsets of Montreal media (I live in Montreal and the hockey media are just as bad, if not worse, than Toronto). In fact, the people who most strongly put forward this conspiracy theory that everyone resents PK in the Habs locker room are Quebec nationalist writers who would ideally ice a line-up of only French Canadians. Pretty much every actual Habs player indicates the opposite – that he’s well liked and respected in the room as a leader.

            You feel like PK has a ‘me first’ attitude, despite the fact that he often stifles his creativity and dynamic puck moving style to play Therrien’s ill-suited dump and chase method. He isn’t a leader, despite the fact that when the Habs are in rough, he’s usually the first guy to jump on his horse and try to change the flow of the game – it’s been remarkable to me seeing how often Pacioretty disappeared in crucial games this season and how he got maybe 1/5th the criticism that PK did. I might mention that anytime Pacioretty was being criticized, PK was usually right there, ready to strongly defend his captain. When people called for Therrien’s firing (hoo boy and did they ever) PK pretty much always came out in full support of his coach, despite Therrien throwing PK under the bus time and time again publicly.

            I think PK’s attitude is just fine. Every single thing about his “ego” and “attitude” has no basis in anything substantial and is complete speculation at best. That’s why Montreal isn’t going to trade him, he’s a genuine star and they’re lucky to have him.

  • Jehu23

    I think we all might be missing a fundamental reason why Chia isn’t acknowledging any PK talk: tampering.

    The NHL already tosses around needless penalties for hiring ex-employees (*cough* 2nd rounder for Chia, 3rd rounder for Coach Mac *cough*)… just imagine the penalty associated for tampering.

    If I were Chia, I would reserve comment on any trades until the paperwork was in at the NHL head office.


    There were lots of really good defense in MTL while Price was healthy.
    Seems they all disappeared when he got hurt.

    I heard Subban say “look at “my” numbers”. “My numbers speak for themselves”.

    If MTL kept $3M per year, but no other way.

    He never got much playing time in the Olympics because he was not as reliable as the people who did play, same reason he didn’t make the first litter of D for the summer series.