Speaking Of… Bears


Ethan Bear might have the best hockey name that I’ve ever heard. As you all read in Matt Henderson’s article this past week, Mr. Bear was a monster in the WHL playoffs (along with the whole regular season) for the Seattle Thunderbirds. Unfortunately, his season came to an early end this past week, but he has, without a doubt, made a name for himself in the eyes of Oiler fans. I’m hoping he becomes a stud NHL d-man just so I can have a jersey with Bear crested on the back of it. 

Ethan Bear tallied 22 points in 18 games during the Thunderbirds playoff run, and was second in scoring on his team regardless of position. Being a right-handed shot, it’s hard not to think about how Ethan could potentially fit with the team. We have to bear in mind that he’s only 18-years old and will likely play another year in the WHL before he goes pro. After a year in the WHL, the smart thing to do will have him play in the AHL for 1-2 years before notching a roster spot in the big leagues but that’s a story for another day. 

Finishing the 2015-16 regular season with 65 points in 69 games, and after watching a ton of highlights, it’s easy to suggest that Ethan has the bear-necessities to make the NHL. His play-making abilities, and ability to get the puck on the net, has earned him a spot on the top pairing in Seattle. Standing at 5’11” and weighing in at roughly 200lbs, he’s not the largest d-man on the ice. However who knows how many pounds he’ll put on in the next couple years? He may be on the smaller side now, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. In order for him to make the jump though, Ethan will need to work on his skating. Let’s just say he’s not quite breaking the sound-bearier yet with that speed. 

With the Oilers defence being so unbearable right now, it’s a very satisfying feeling knowing that we have somebody with his potential in our system. In a few years, he’ll be bearying goals with the rest of the Oilers in the NHL, and we’ll be swooning our way to the Stanley Cup. Until then, we’ll have to bear together and wait for Chiarelli to fill the gaps we desperately need filled on the back end. The best part about Ethan Bear, is that we drafted him in the fifth round. That equates to quite the steal of a 124th overall pick if you ask me. I would expect that the Oilers have plans to sign him this summer. Let’s just pray that we don’t rush him to the NHL. If the Oilers play their cards right with Ethan Bear, our future’s looking grizzly! 

P.S. What would bears be without b’s? 


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