Scouting report: Barrie


My Scouting Report series continues today, and the spotlight remains solely
on the biggest need for the Oilers: a right shot top-four defenceman. Today we look at the 64th pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Tyson Barrie. Barrie is an RFA, and he’s the latest young Colorado Avalanche player who seems to be in a contract impasse with management.

Barrie is coming off two productive seasons, and will be looking for a substantial raise. What is he worth salary wise, and what would it cost to acquire him?

The Basics:

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Turns 25 years old in June.

5’10” and 190 pounds.

Shoots right.

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RFA this summer.

Current salary: $3.2 million. (Cap hit of $2.6 million last two seasons)


2011-12 COL 10 0 0 0 -2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 15 0 0
2012-13 COL 32 2 11 13 -11 10 1 5 0 0 1 1 58 3.4 0
2013-14 COL 64 13 25 38 17 20 4 10 0 0 5 3 101 12.9 0
2014-15 COL 80 12 41 53 5 26 2 16 0 0 0 0 139 8.6 0
2015-16 COL 78 13 36 49 -16 31 3 21 1 2 5 0 172 7.6 0
Career 264 40 113 153 -7 87 10 52 1 2 11 4 485 8.2

Icetime over his NHL career.


19:33        0:30       3:07

80     21:21
    18:11        0:12       2:57

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  64     18:32    
15:39        0:05       2:47

2013   32     21:34     17:45        1:11       2:38

2012   10     17:38    
16:27        0:00       1:10

Barrie has been very productive offensively the past two seasons. He has scored the 11th most goals, ninth most assists and seventh most points among defenders during the past two seasons. He is among the elite offensive defenders in the game.

Only Erik Karlsson (148), Brent Burns (135), Kris Letang (121), Roman Josi (116), P.K Subban (111) and Mark Giordano (104) have more points than Barrie’s 102.

He’s been durable the past two years, playing in 158 of the 164 games, and looks to be entering the prime of his career. His size is the one concern. Very few top pairing defenders are 5’10” and 190 pounds, simply because it is difficult to defend big, strong skilled forwards at that size.

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David Johnson (hockeyanalysis on twitter) the man in charge of took a look at Barrie’s stat lines.

When I analyze players I generally like to
look at several seasons and situations and look for trends. I also like to look
at score situations differently as players can play different roles based on
the score. While I look at corsi stats to get a grounding on the player, I
generally put more weight on goals data, especially if there are consistent
trends over multiple seasons and score situations. I also look at RelTM (or
straight Rel) stats to factor out QoT.

Here are Tyson Barrie’s relevant stats over
the last several seasons.





























5v5 Leading




























5v5 Trailing




























5v5 Tied





























Barrie very consistently has a positive impact
on GF% regardless of situation. This is largely driven by having a positive
impact on his GF%, but more often than not he also had a positive (as in
reduced) impact on goals against.

He has not generally played against the
toughest competition (Erik Johnson has), but he doesn’t play with the best players
on his team either.

Barrie has put up good 5v5 point totals for a
defenseman – 7th in pts/60 over the past 3 seasons.

He has played a fair bit on the PP with
decent, but not spectacular, offensive numbers but hasn’t had a lot of PK ice

Overall he is a good offensive
defenseman who won’t hurt you defensively, but probably not a #1 guy or a
defensive shutdown guy. More of a #2 or #3 defenseman. Barrie would be a better
signing for the Oilers than Sekera was last year. Sekera is okay, but not worth
his contract in my opinion.



This week’s scouting report on Barrie comes from an active NHL player, a current scout in the Western Conference and Craig Button from TSN.

Here is the player’s assessment of Barrie:

Not very big for a D-man (190) and struggles defending big, strong forwards.

Big offensive upside. Very good puckmover and excellent on the powerplay.

Risky when making plays.

Very agile on the ice. Great skater who gets himself and the team out of trouble a lot in
their defensive zone.

The scout shared these observations:

An offensive puck moving defensemen.

Strong skater with ability to escape pressure in the
defensive zone and lead the offensive attack up ice.

Can beat players in one on
one situations with hands and skill set.

Will make things happen in the
offensive zone and is a player that can quarterback a first unit power play.

Pretty good sense of when to go and jump in the rush offensively, but defensively there is some risk to
his game with his natural focus being on offence. Surround him with a stay-at-home partner.

is not physical, plays more of a contain defensive game, but he has an active stick
and moves his feet well to keep body position. One of the better up and coming
offensive defensemen in the league.

Button’s thoughts on Barrie:

An offense driving defenseman. Not a #1, but certainly a top 3.


  • Excellent hands. Makes all manner
    of passes and when he has puck he’s dangerous.

  • Very good vision
    – eyes always up and alert to opportunity.
  • Good quickness
    with respect to making opponent have to confront an offensive thrust.
  • He’s quick and
    fast to beat pressure and get into the attack.


  • Great
    anticipation from anywhere on the ice to jump into attack and create chances.
  • Calm and poised
    with puck – like he doesn’t even feel pressure of any kind.

  • Really deceptive
    shot and it’s a threat and he uses it well to open up passing lanes & seams.
  • Can start rush or
    join rush.


  • He’s not a
    shrinking violet – plays under pressure and doesn’t give in.
  • With game in
    balance, he wants to make a difference.

Playing vs.

  • Defensively he
    can be overmatched vs. size and power.
  • Forcing him to
    play below the circles in the defensive zone takes him out of his greatest
  • If you are sloppy
    with the puck, he will jump the play and transition quickly.
  • Really alert to
    opportunity and he knows the foundation of his game.


  • This will be a
    significant factor for the team.
  • Excellent value
    now but when that number begins to move significantly higher, the value becomes
    somewhat muddied.
  • Adds the
    offensive elements but needs support on the defensive aspects of his game.
  • There are no perfect
    players and you like what he brings, but key is how do you support his game so
    that value is enhanced.
  • Phil Housley was
    a fantastic offensive defenseman and yet, he was constantly criticized for what
    he couldn’t do. I think this is a similar narrative for Tyson.

Celebrate him for what he is and be happy
with that or don’t acquire him. I don’t think there can be any in between. A team needs to find support mechanisms for him and realize
that what he brings offensively is unique.



Barrie would be a huge boost to the right side of the Oilers D corps. He’d instantly be their best offensive threat. He skates well, moves the puck quickly and accurately, but he is not a top-pairing defender in my eyes, because he isn’t great defensively. He’d be an incredibly valuable second-pair defender, who could play top minutes for short stretches.

The issue for me is what are his salary demands. He made $2 million in 2014/2015 and $3.2 million this past year for a $2.6 million cap hit. I would not pay him more than $4.5 million. I love his offensive upside, and if he is paired with Sekera or Davidson I think they’d make a solid pair, but if he wants $5.5 million I’d be leery.

Look at bluelines on the final four teams:

St.Louis cap hits: Alex Pietrangelo $6.5 million, Bouwmeester $5.4 mill and Shattenkirk $4.25 mill.
San Jose: Brent Burns $5.75 mill, Paul Martin $4.85 mill and Marc-Edouard Vlasic $4.25 mill.
Tampa Bay: Matt Carle $5.5 mill, Jason Garrison $4.6 mill, Anton Stralman and Braydon Coburn $4.5 mil. Their best D-man, Viktor Hedman, is $4 million.
Pittsburg: Kris Letang $7.25 mill, Trevor Daley $3.3 mill and Ian Cole $2.1 million. Brian Dumoulin and Olli Maatta are on ELC. Justin Schultz cap hit is $3.6 mill, but he Pens only paid around a 1/3 of that this year.

None of them have two D-men with a $5.5 million cap hit, and only the Blues have two making more than $4.9 million.

If the Oilers acquire Barrie, it would be difficult to pay him more than $4.5 million and expect to be a legit contender in the coming years.

What would it cost to acquire him? Colorado likely would want more because Edmonton is in the west, compared to trading him out east. But I’m not sold the package would have to include one of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Jordan Eberle.

But if it did, would you move Eberle straight up for Barrie? It is intriguing for both sides.

Looking at past history of some of the Avalanche trades, they might want two bodies instead of just one. The issue is, if they aren’t willing to pay Barrie $4.5 million, would they want Benoit Pouliot at $4 million? I’d say unlikely. So I’m not sure which forward you could package up with, for instance, Brandon Davidson to make a deal work.

I like Barrie’s skill, play making ability and his competitiveness, but I’m leery of what he might be asking for. I’ve heard rumblings he isn’t the biggest fan of Patrick Roy, and it might be as simple as wanting a different address, instead of an outrageous contract demand. The easiest way to get out of town is to ask for too much money, and that could be what is happening here.

He’d be a huge boost to the Oilers blueline, especially at the right price point.


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  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    I personally have issues with moving any core player for a 2nd pairing D-man then paying said D-man as if he’s a true 1st pairing D-man. Alex Pietrangelo is the player the Oilers need first. then we can talk about the Demers – Barries and Vatanen’s of the hockey world.

    On a personal note to Gregor.

    As a firefighter in Fort Mac, I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you put in for support, it’s appreciated and very welcomed.

    • 2centz

      I’ve been posting this on the nation forever now,and have been crucified for it,every time. But Pietrangelo IS exactly the player the Oilers need. He has the same point totals as OEL over the last 3 seasons,who the nation seems to love,and is FAR better in his own zone,than OEL. As far as all round RHD,Alex is top 5 in the league,and if you factor in his age,he is 2nd to only Drew Doughty IMO.

        • McRaj

          Not sure why anybody would trash you guys about this. Pietro is a beast, for anyone who disagrees just watch the playoffs. If it took Drai plus Eberle to get him, I would do it. If it took Hall straight up, I would do it. You can replace the production up front much more easily then acquiring a D-Man like Pietro. Pietro turns the Oilers into a playoff team. But after watching him in the playoffs, no chance St. Louis gives him up. But that is one player, I’d happily over-pay for.

          • a lg dubl dubl

            I like Pietro too, but if I’m shooting for the stars to get a top 2 dman I’m asking about Burns first for anyone other than 97.

            If San Jose wins the cup this year Burns is the Conn Smythe winner.

            Plus he’d be awesome to show the kids how to grow a beard properly!

        • @Hallsy4

          Fair enough. I don’t. Maybe if they wanted to keep Shatty and we gave up a lot to get Petro maybe they’d do it. I agree though, and any chance I think is being overly optimistic probably. They did trade Pronger

          • fasteddy

            They traded Pronger because they panicked at the new salary cap rules. And he, (along with a number of others), also panicked and signed his extension as fast as he could. It was a strange summer that fortunately landed Pronger and Peca in Edm.

      • ScottyPrime

        Actually… he’s not better than Ekman-Larsson at all.



        Pietrangelo is comparatively AWFUL defensively. Ekman-Larsson is WAY more solid defensively. It’s not even a contest. Pietrangelo belongs on the 3rd pairing, Ekman-Larsson is a top pair guy. Furthermore he’s also a better goal scorer. Pietrangelo puts up more first assists but there may be something to the difference between the Coyotes and the Blues forwards there.

        Further comparisons with other perceived top defenseman will show anyone who looks that Pietrangelo isn’t even in the top 30 among defensemen, let alone the laughable idea that he’s a top 5. Ekman-Larsson isn’t a top 5 either, but he’s way higher on the scale than Pietrangelo and would be one of the better #1 D’s on in the league on a good team.

        For what it’s worth though Faulk is better than both of them, though after doing more research I’ve decided I like Barrie more than I used to. He’s probably still not as good of a choice as Faulk, mainly due to contract and size, but he’s likely much more acquirable and frankly there’s less daylight between them than I gave Barrie credit for.

          • ScottyPrime

            Take it out of context all you want, the numbers don’t lie. Pietro puts up third pairing numbers as far as shot suppression goes, and that’s the best stat we have for judging defensive play, especially from defencemen.

            The truth hurts I know, but the numbers over a 3-5 year period are clear. He simply doesn’t put up the #1 D-man numbers, he just plays like a good defenceman on a very good team. Ekman-Larsson plays like a very good defenceman on a so-so team. They aren’t even in the same league, and the stats, taken all together (with no cherry picking), back that up. Not that either are of them are available, but the original statement that Pietro is better than OEL, or even a top 5 D in the league, or most certainly “second only to Doughty”, is literally absurd. That’s nothing but biased, agenda’d, eye-test talking, and it has no place in decision making in the modern NHL.

            Now, among available D, a guy like Barrie compares actually quite well to a guy like Pietro (Pietro is actually in that category). Faulk is better than both for sure, but like I said, the difference isn’t as big as I had assumed it was prior to digging into the numbers more.

            EDIT: And for whomever was talking about Pietro in the playoffs, the 3rd place Pacific team hasn’t minded him on the ice one bit 3 games in.

  • Great White

    When it all shakes out, Barrie will probably get the Dougie Hamilton contract: $5.75 x 6 years. As will Jacob Trouba and Seth Jones.

    Interesting to note is that young European defenseman seem to be underpaid in the NHL:

    Oscar Klefbom: $4.125 x 7 years

    Jonas Brodin: $4.165 x 6 years

    John Klingberg: $4.25 x 7 years

    Adam Larsson: $4.165 x 6 years

    Roman Josi: $4.0 x 7 years

      • Keepyourstickontheice

        And I’m assuming you use the term “injury prone” to describe Klefbom, and think that because a player gets a debilitating staph infection or a freak leg break in junior that it makes them more likely to miss games in the future.

        Klefbom is on an awesome contract and it will represent amazing value over the course of his 7 year deal.

        • #1 overall waivers pick

          Klefbom had a serious leg infection and concussion going back to 2011. Some athletes are iron men and some are not. Bad luck or maybe genetics.

          A long term deal was a smart move by Klefbom’s agent. Klefbom may never be healthy enough to finish out that contract.

          Young Klefbom has had multiple concussions, shoulder injuries, broken bones, serious infections…

          In 2011 Edmonton Oilers’ Swedish prospect Oscar Klefbom has had a less than ideal season so far. In September Klefbom suffered a cut to his thigh and subsequently a leg infection. Most recently, Klefbom suffered a concussion. Recently however, November 24th, Klefbom was able to return to his Swedish Elite Team (SEL) Färjestad BK.

          …This would be the second time this season Oilers second first round draft pick have suffered from a concussion like injury, or at the very least a heavy hit to the head and also the third time (see the scar on his thigh btw), just this season, Oscar Klefbom have suffered from an injury. Klefbom is an Oiler alright..

          …Bad news, I just managed to track down some official word on Oscar Klefbom and he did indeed suffer from a concussion in the game vs. Russia and with that put on “IR”. He won’t be following his team Färjestad BK on their coming roadtrip.

          …Things were looking up for Klefbom. He was a year away from joining the North American professional ranks when he hit a road bump after returning to Sweden. A season-ending shoulder injury derailed Klefbom’s plans for a strong finish to his career in Sweden. He played just 11 games in 2012-13 and spent the latter half of the season in Edmonton rehabilitating.

          …Klefbom has been shouldered with, well, shoulder injuries at various points throughout his young career. Any time he gets “dinged up” I go back to those injuries.

          • Keepyourstickontheice

            I’ll admit I did not know about the infection from 2011, but I’m still far from convinced the injuries young Klefbom outside the realm of what your average hockey player endures. Some are lucky enough to go without a break or a concussion, but it’s mostly just that, luck.

            When I watch him play for the Oilers, I don’t see the sort of risky, devil may care attitude that results in preventable injuries. For me, that’s the crucial determinant in whether someone is “injury prone”, my brother is injury prone, dude walks into doors and furniture all the time and gets hurt, if he kept his head on a swivel it might not happen.

            Anyways, here’s hoping Oskar has an 80 game season next season and he can put these injuries behind him.

    • Jason Gregor

      You are comparing Barrie who is 5’10 and 25 years old to Hamilton how is 6’6 and 23 and Jones who is 6’4 and 22.

      Sorry man, Hamilton and Jones have a lot of skill, but way bigger.

      Hamilton had 43 points this year to Barrie’s 49 and Hamilton struggled for the first 30 games in Calgary.

      Jones had prorated 42 points in CBJ after being traded and getting to play top minutes.

      Barrie does not possess the size of those two and no way he should be paid similarly to Hamilton. There is more to defenseman’s game than just offence. Barrie is great in O zone, but Oilers need help in D zone first. I’d gladly acquire him, but I don’t pay him Hamilton money.

      • Great White

        Yeah, but the market sets the price.

        In an ideal world, all $6.0 million dollar defenseman would be 6’6 and 220lbs. But teams don’t live in an ideal world.

        If Jared Spurgeon can get $5.0 million, Tyson Barrie can get $5.0 million. Someone will pay. I never insinuated the Oilers would.

        If Jeff Petry can get $5.5 million, Barrie can. He just needs to outwait management like O’Reilly did.

  • 2centz

    Also,if the Devils can acquire a stud goalie for the 9th overall pick I believe,then why is being said repeatedly that our 4th overall pick is t worth much? I believe Tkachuk and Dubois will both be better than Horvat,and I feel like our pick should/could help land us the RHD we so desperately need.

    • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

      Not really. You could get the Barrie deal but you’re not getting Faulk for just Nuge. A top 3 defenceman is worth more than a 2nd line C (Probably the best 2nd line C but nevertheless would still be behind Staal). Imagine if Klefbom hit around 40 points in the past 2 years and made the all star game. Would you trade him straight up for Little or Stepan or Henrique? Probably not.

      The Barrie deal seems somewhat fair but I’m sure everyone knows that Colorado, a team that has been searching for years for defensive help won’t deal a young top 3 dman without getting another defenceman in return. You guys would have to throw in Davidson for their to be a discussion.

      Those 2 offers aren’t bad but I think we all see who wins the trades by a fairly large margin.

      • Oilerman

        I would compare Nuge to Kreji or P. Bergeon, not Little or Stepan.

        I would trade a 40pt Klefbom if I had defensive depth, no center depth (Staal is UFA and in NY) for Kreji or Bergeron.

        • McRaj

          Ummm in no way is Nuge anywhere close to Bergeron level at the same age. I haven’t looked at Krej’s play when he was that age but I have researched Bergeron’s. Let’s not over-value our players to the moon.

        • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

          Jordan Staal still exists my friend. And he is producing at a higher clip with a similar level of offense. Nuge is nowhere near being a top 5 center in the league. His production is similar to Stepan and Little. Oilers fans are a sensible bunch usually but this dramatic over valuing of players you guys bashed earlier in the year is rough. Also, Carolina is not Nashville. They don’t have the leeway to trade their best player as Jordan and Slavin not excellent top 4 dmen. Faulk will require an overpay. And Nuge just doesn’t cut it on his own

  • Moe Sizzlack

    Bear is same height and 10lbs heavier …

    Not saying use him but whys everyone saying he needs to gain weight to play in a couple years …

    Juss saayyyn

  • I don’t think the problem is with Sekera. The problem is the same problem the Oilers D has had for years. He’s being asked to play above his head, tough minutes, inside the D zone, in a shut down role, against the top competition. Not sure he is that type of player, and could likely excel in a slightly different role.

    Barrie, would be good but like others here, not sure trading a core player for a 2nd pair D that needs to be paid like a top pairing D is a good move.

    If that’s what the team is going to do, why not trade for Trouba, as I don’t think he’d need as much money in his second contract, is bigger, has offensive upside, and will likely be that top pairing right side guy ala Headman for years to come.

    • Oilerman

      If they have a choice between overpaying Demers or trading and overpaying Barrie. I’d prefer Barrie. At least Barrie is a contract that could be traded if need be.

      If they over pay Demers, he’s an Oiler for life.

      • Gregor was saying on the show today that 5 mill or 5.5 mill is too much for Barrie. But to me, Barrie is like Hamilton. Hamilton is a bit younger and a bit bigger, but their point totals are similar and neither one is very good on the defensive side of the puck.

        While I think Barrie gets the points to justify being a little worse defensively, if we’re talking about upgrading the spot on the second pair where Schultz would play, 5 mill and one of our core players just seems like too much. If a core player is going then it needs to be for a guy on the top spot like Hamonic (even though that is off the table now). Or at least a guy that could be the top side Right D in a year or two ala Trouba.

  • Explicit

    I’m not on the Barrie band wagon. I have no fancy stats and I haven’t even watched him for a full season. But from what I remember watching him he’s not good in the Dzone, and I don’t think over paying average players just because youre desperate is a smart way to operate

  • daryl

    No way Peter gives up a core player for Barrie he is a 3-4 at best didn’t we just give Schultz away for a 3rd round pick he had the same defensive deficiencies as Barrie. Barrie would be OK at Yak and a 3rd round or Reinhart and a third but if he wants more than 4 mil he is just too expensive and save your money for a true #1. Would settle for Shattenkirk better defensively and more physical.

  • OilCan2

    PC must have a few irons in the fire. A trade down on the #4 pick would work if Colorado is keen on Dubois or Tkatchuk. It would give us a fair to middling D in Barrie and a swing at one of the top 3 D in this draft.

    If Roy has his arm behind his back from Barrie’s agent then maybe it could work to lube the pen on this deal,…

  • madjam

    No way you move top core players while also overpaying the addition as well . Trading route of top main core to replace should/could be not only harder to obtain and more expensive than the one you traded . Example : You do not expect a Kassian to give the value of an Eberle offensively . Meaning most likely the added offense provided by a defenseman other than a Karlsson or Subban would be negative with the loss of offense Eberle could/would produce . It’s not like trading a 6M contract for a 4.5M contract and effectively covering the loss of overall production of losing Eberle . We want to get ahead and an upgrade , not just create more problems with an offense now that is still not a top team. You want to trade upwards start using some prospects like Nurse , Reinhart , Davidson , etc.. Get contributors now over prospects . They have value and should get us those upgrades .

    • McRaj

      Hypothetical question because this trade would never happen. But would you trade Eberle or Nuge for Pietro from St. Louis?

      I am intrigued to know what you would be willing to trade Eberle or Nuge for.

  • camdog

    You could trade for Barrie and sign him for 3 years at 4.5 – that would be a fair deal. Problem is he’s a UFA after that. If you want to buy some UFA years, given the shortage of right handed d-man you will need to pay more for years 4 and 5.

  • BobbyCanuck

    5’10” and 190 pounds

    In the Western Conference?

    And you are suggesting we get another small defensively suspicious d-man?

    maybe pick up a D-Man like him if available on the waiver wire, I know it is a slow news day, but really 190 lb against the West? Does not make sense to me

  • camdog

    The more I read on other players and their value the more I cringe about the Oilers paying RnH 6 million dollars per season sounds like he’a 4.5 million dollar hockey player.

  • Wintoon

    Given the various rumors we hear swirling about the Avs, would this trade work?

    Colorado gets Nurse and RNH

    Edmonton gets Barrie and Duchene

    Would there need to be any sweeteners either way and would this improve the Oilers or the Avs?

    • Word to the Bird

      I’d make that trade. Frankly, I don’t know why this would be downvoted.

      Duchene > RNH

      Barrie > Nurse and its probably 50/50 that it will stay that way.

  • GCW

    If you trade Eberle for Barrie, then I think you have to go hard after Strome out of New York.

    Strome was healthy scratched repeatly by the Isles coach despite decent underlying numbers. See:

    Strome also had a down year offensively during the regular reason after a good year in 14/15. There is a buy low opportunity here to get a right shooting player that can play centre and right wing.

    Using the Connelly trade as a blueprint, perhaps the Oilers second round pick this year and a later round pick either this year or next gets it done. If that doesn’t work, maybe Yak for Strome works.

    • CLubhouse

      I don’t like Eberle for Barrie If we are trading for a young guy that wants a big contract Id rather go after Trouba or Myers out of WPG with Eberle.

      I do very much agree on R. Strome out of New York he was on my add to the trade list when we were talking Hamonic. I think that he is great and would be a good deal potentially for both teams straight across for Yak. RH plays wing and center. If we also pry,d Shaw out of Chicago for say Reinhart that’d be sweet same another RH center/wing.

      3rd line of Pouliot/Shaw/R Strome All three can play up when injuries occur and would be a scoring threat too.