Oilers fans are acutely aware of the problems facing the organization and the possible assets that will be used to satisfy procurement. You cannot read an article on the Oilers these days without reading about the team moving No. 4 overall, RNH, Jordan Eberle or any number of other options. It is also true the idea of an offer sheet—while it exists—feels like a distant bell for Edmonton. Also hanging over the offer sheet discussion: the Oilers owe a second-round selection—this or next year—to the Boston Bruins for the hiring of Peter Chiarelli. Or can they kick it down the road apiece? We have a development.


We have a development in the offer sheet world, courtesy the NHLPA (hat tip to PunjabiOil).

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Quoting the article:

  • Renaud Lavoie: The
    Players Association filed a grievance when the NHL decided in 2015 to
    impose a compensation system (choice of second or third round) in
    training who accepted a “leader” or a coach or general manager, is a new
    position elsewhere.
    In its complaint, the NHLPA argued that this had a major impact on the number of teams that could make unwanted offers (offer sheet) to free agents.
  • More Lavoie (on the agreement between NHL and NHLPA): Here
    it is: during the period of free agents this year and in 2017,
    Columbus, Edmonton, Toronto and San Jose will therefore be (like 26
    other teams) make offers to free agents, even if they don’t have more
    choices for second or third round.
    They may do so by giving them choice next draft or by giving them
    choice of second or third round they acquired through such transaction
    or a choice of the following year.

Who is impacted, among players?

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Sincere thanks to Robert Cleave (and Darcy McLeod) for handy link. What should we look for? Problems.

  • Aaron Portzline discussing Seth Jones situation: If the cap climbs to $74 million, the Blue Jackets will be OK. If it
    stays at $71.4 million, or thereabouts, the Blue Jackets will have
    issues. They currently have $66.5 million promised in salaries for 2016-17,
    and that doesn’t include Jones’ new deal or a new deal for pending RFA
    William Karlsson. It also doesn’t include defenseman Zach Werenski
    ($1.775 million cap hit, including potential bonuses), who could make
    the club as a rookie. Source

We have discussed Seth Jones as an option in the past, and trading RNH for him didn’t make sense to me then or now. Offer sheet? Totally different matter. Jones is just one of many candidates, and the new information gives Edmonton an opportunity to sign Jones (or other) and kick the Chiarelli ransom down the road.

Thanks, NHLPA!

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  • D

    Man. How can the Blue Jackets be in cap trouble and still consistently ice a non-playoff team? I hope the Oilers have a long stretch of playoff runs before the cap becomes an issue for them.

      • 15w40

        The Leafs own Horton’s contract now – that’s how they got rid of Clarkson. The Oiler’s are not that far away from being in cap hell if they don’t watch how they craft their roster.

        An offer sheet when McDavid’s ELC is up could cripple them – that’s only 2 seasons away.

        • Craig1981

          I’m well aware of that Horton is now on the leafs. But the only reason the Jackets made that trade was because Horton was injured and they don’t have the cash to pay a player who is injured. ..unlike the leafs

          Even though it’s now Clarkson counting against the cap,it was Hortons health that let to Clarkson being on the team and the Jackets cash issues

        • RTB

          This would be true if PC were to let McDavid run right to the end of his ELC. I would think that will never happen, McDavid will be extended some time early in the last year if his ELC, this would prevent the threat of an offer sheet. It will be a very large contract of course however that is two seasons from now and I’m sure the Oilers roster and contract situation will look somewhat different by then.

  • FireScorpion

    Yeah go on and offer sheet someone Chiarelli. How did that work out last year for you when you were talking all big man about how you were about to offer sheet Hamilton. OOPS!

      • Will

        I don’t know about that. I mean he’s still young and had a really good offensive season, but Hamilton is not great in his own end. He is big but not physical. He’s pretty slow, and couldn’t hack it on the top line with Giordano as a partner. It wasn’t until TJ Brodie came back and knocked Hamilton down a significant peg did Hamilton start to get going. But at a 5.7 mill cap hit, not entirely sure that’s worth it for they player they have right now. If he gets better and develops into that power house D, then absolutely it was a good get.

        At the moment, there’s better, cheaper D.

          • FireScorpion

            A slightly better version of Franson? Wow, no wonder that Oiler D is so messed up if you all think a Franson equals a Hamilton. Hamilton had a horrendous start to his Calgary career, which I can excuse for my afore mentioned reasons. However after that start he finished with 38 points in 58 games. And that ladies and gentlemen is the type of defenceman Hamilton is. At 22 years of age. And yeah I will lock him up for 5.7 mill per year every day of the weak. So yeah let me know what Franson’s season high for points is and get back to me.
            Jealousy is a nasty thing isn’t it?

        • FireScorpion

          Funny how no one in Calgary hates that contract isn’t it? Smacks of Oiler jealousy than in that case I would say. He is not pretty slow, in fact his skating is very underrated and you say he couldn’t hack it with Gio on the top pairing? Yeah man, he just switched conferences and was 21 with the pressure of a new contract..and had to start the season up top..which led to a poor 5 points in 24 games.
          Oh but Brodie knocked him down a significant peg, again, of course he did Brodie is one of the top 5 defencemen in the league that flys under the radar but I think deep down you know this is true Will. No shame in being knocked down the lineup by TJ.
          Oh and the 5.7 million dollar contract you think is outrageous? (What is good value 5.5 for Sekera? HAHA! ) Let me remind you Oiler fans were clamoring it would cost Calgary 7 after they all got jilted by Boston. Wrong again. 5.7 will prove to be outstanding value.
          Oh yeah Dougie Hamilton. Get used to it

          • Weird how you construct the narrative here. I aid I wasn’t sure if 5.7 mill is entirely worth it if he stays the player he is right now. Far cry from “a contract I think is outrageous.”

            No did I say there was shame being knocked down a peg by Brodie. I agree he’s one of the better defenders in the league, pretty clear that’s true because without him Calgary’s defense cannot stand on its own, as demonstrated when the team played without him.

            You may be right 5.7 turns into outstanding value, but as it stands at the moment, I don’t think the team is getting that for the player they have. If, as you say, no one in Calgary has a problem with it, well that just shows how little Calgary fans know about hockey.

            You asked earlier who was better and cheaper. Carlson gets paid 4 mill, Marc-Edouard Vlasic is 4.25, Faulk’s cap hit is 4.833, Shattenkirk is 4.25 cap hit. Really the list goes on and on.

            I suggest you don’t read into the comments and get all upset because someone accurately criticized one of the players on your precious flames.

            As for criticism for anyone on the Oilers, I think you’ll find fans are probably the most critical. In regards to Sekera. No I do not think the Oilers have a rediculous value contract on their hands with that one. Not even comparing Hamilton to Sekera as they are different players being asked to do different things. I think it’s an okay contract, not good, not terrible.

            I suppose time will tell if Hamilton becomes the top line player he was brought into be, stays as he is, regresses, or gets injured. For now, for the player he is, too much money in my opinion. Obviously they’re banking on him progressing. But if he doesn’t then that’s not going to be very helpful to the team going forward.

          • FlamesFanOtherCity

            Will, I would suggest some light reading. Look at totals by defense for NHL teams and see where the Flames and Oilers placed. Hint, the Flames were at the top and the Oilers at the bottom. The top 3, consisting of Gio, Brodie and Hamilton accounted for 144 points. Hamilton managed to up his game, especially after starting to get power play time.

    • Rysani

      ***Read this in the most sarcastic way possible****

      ***Yes, that is very sound advice, if something doesn’t work once, you should never ever try it again.

      You should be a motivational speaker to up and coming youth.

    • Randaman

      You never cease to amaze. I would like to see any video of where Chiarelli talked about offer sheeting any specific player. It was however used in generic terms as a possible option.

      Hamilton’s name was brought up by the media and fans but NOT Chiarelli.

      Facts are knowledge dumbass

    • McDavid's Comet

      Didn’t Calgary offer sheet Ryan O’Reilly, and if Colorado hadn’t accepted; O’Reilly would have went on waivers to the first taker….. other than Calgary? OOPS.

    • RTB

      Lol you make your self look like such a tool when you post like an immature fan boy.

      I get it, you were trying to be clever and witty. But you failed just like Calgary’s offer sheet for O’Reily failed.

      It was Ill conceived, poorly thought out and not executed very well.

    • RTB

      Lol you make your self look like such a tool when you post like an immature fan boy.

      I get it, you were trying to be clever and witty. But you failed just like Calgary’s offer sheet for O’Reily failed.

      It was Ill conceived, poorly thought out and not executed very well.

      • FireScorpion

        The ROR offer sheet thing was a joke. Just like Chiarelli letting it get out and the media run with an upcoming offer to Hamilton. Feaster was a putz in a lot of areas. So yes, both were ill conceived, poorly thought out and not executed very well and both GM’s screwed up royally. Difference is we’ve moved on, I look forward to Chiarelli’s next blunder. That Reinhart deal was magic however I’ll give you that

  • Scratch

    It still boggles the mind when you hire a fired coach/GM from another team they are entitled to compensation. Completely detached from any logic anywhere in the business world. Someone in the Oilers office needs to fight this one tooth and nail.

    • hockey1099

      this is not a foreign concept in the business world. imagine an individual with a non compete clause in their contract. If they get fired, they get paid out but cannot work in a competing business for a specified period of time, generally a year. Here a gm was fired by one team and moved to another to directly compete with the old team. Giving Boston compensation for this seems reasonable. Giving Boston a pic to allow chia pet out of his non compete clause is justifiable. This is normal for highly paid valuable employees.

  • Randaman

    Would Ceci be a good target for an offer sheet? We all know that Melnyk is running a tight budget team.

    I think Ceci could be a RHD anchor going forward. He is looking very good for Canada and is a RFA

    Just a thought

  • Jersey#67

    Imagie a NHL where players could actually be fired or cut from the team like everyone else gets to experience in life. No buyouts, just perform or get lost.

    Sigh… to get that it would be a decade long lockout.

  • OilCan2

    Hmmm. You fire someone. They get hired by someone else. They must pay compensation to the party that fired the employee.



    PC and the Oil can upgrade the back end through regular trades, RFA, UFA, Euro, College and free agents. The Buffalo situation with a load of RHD vs the Oilers stacked left side is the perfect situation for a trade of picks and players. Offer sheets are just too expensive,….

  • camdog

    Thinking “Big Picture” there are many teams in the league that are not happy with what the Oilers have done the last 5 years to obtain talent. Every team in the league would like to add a generational talent to their team. The NHL maximum salary available last season to pay a player was about 14 million. In 2 years it might be higher than 15 million per season. So how much is Connor going to get? If Edmonton wishes to stir the put again I am sure there are other teams willing to engage.

      • Not to mention they can get McDavid under a new contract before he’s even eligible to receive offer sheets. Players only get exposed when they have a dispute over their contract, then other teams can swoop in. I doubt Chi lets McDavid get to an offer sheet territory, nor would I believe McDavid is the type of player who is going to demand 11 mill on his second contract. I would bet it will be similar to the deal Stamkos got for his second contract. 7 mill, but for just enough term that he could go to free agency if it wasn’t working out.

        • McDavid's Comet

          I could see his next contract being in the 11mill+; because of the Kane and Teows contracts being 10mill. Include the fact that the Oilers value McDavid quite highly. They also won’t want another Aug, 8/1988 trade to happen again.

          • While I’m not really arguing if he’d be worth it or not. I just can’t see him becoming the highest played player on his second contract. The only notably gigantic second contracts that come to mind are Ovechkin and Malkin. Crosby was around 8, Stamkos was at 7, and even Kane and Toews did not have twin monsters for their second contracts.

            Maybe if MacT was still running things, but I just can’t see 11 happening. Moreover, McDavid, has not done or said one single thing up to this point that strikes me as greedy, or expectant. Not that he’ll take a pay cut or anything, and he’ll certainly be the highest paid guy on the team, but I just can’t see an extra 2 mill in his eyes as worth hamstringing the team cap wise to put together a cup contender. McDavid is not playing to become a gazillionair, he’s here to leave a legacy, and that only comes with cups. Lots and lots of cups.

            Now it’s not like we’re on a first name basis or anything, but if you were him, on your second contract would you be knocking on Chi’s door like, “Pay me?” He’s not Gaudreau for goodness sake.

          • McDavid's Comet

            I could be exaggerating however at the the time Crosby received 8 mill was also the highest pay at the time. Salaries escalated from there. I wouldn’t call McDavid greedy either it will just be the amount that he may receive because his Crosby alike accomplishments (that is IF McDavid accomplishes what Crosby did in his first 2-3 yrs.). Crosby had also a multiple of achievements that inspired the pay raise. It wouldnt be ridiculous to assume McDavid could do what Crosby did in 2 or 3 yrs.

      • camdog

        A few years back San Jose played the game with Chicago and Hjalmarsson. Chicago matched and then were forced to trade Niemi because they didn’t have the cap space. If the Oilers don’t have good cap space available they leave themselves vulnerable. Sure they would match and then be forced to trade somebody else, because they are capped out.

          • camdog

            I’m not worried about losing McDavid with an offer sheet. I’m worried about losing Hall, LD or somebody else because the Oilers put themselves in a vulnerable position. If the Oilers were to put out an over valued bid an RFA now, it messes with their overall cap structure for the length of the contract.

          • McDavid's Comet

            Very good point, I definitely wouldn’t be offer sheeting just to postpone a couple of yrs. to give Boston a pick for hiring Chia. If an offer sheet will aleiviate that then it has to be smart for future considerations or get it over with and get on with it.

          • camdog

            My mistake, the Hawks didn’t get anything for Niemi, they walked away from his arbitration ruling.

            At the time I don’t think Hawk fans were too happy about the scenario, but in the end it worked out really well, because the Hawks had depth at the time.

    • Gravis82

      Maybe the oil pay McDavid 12million. Oh look, someone offer sheeted McDavid for 15million. Sure, lets let him walk over 3 million dollars. Makes sense. You have a very valid point. Well done.

      • camdog

        Generally other teams offer sheet players on teams that are in a bad spot whether it’s economics (Webber, Vanek), cap (Hjalmarsson) or a player that has questions around their relationship with their franchise (O’Reilly).

        Offer sheets come when other teams see weakness and the Oilers are no different than any other organisation. If they go into the McDavid contract with 42 million tied into 8 players. The McDavid contract could quickly morph from a 8-10 million dollar deal to a 12-15 million dollar contract.

        • pkam

          So you now admit that other teams will try to offersheet McDavid whether we stir the pot or not?

          The primary factor for an offersheet to happen is the RFA and the team cannot reach an agreement. If McDavid and Oilers can agree to a contract (for whatever amount), the other teams will not have a chance. Only if McDavid and the Oilers cannot agree to a contract will the other teams have a chance to offersheet him. The Oilers and McDavid’s agent have one full year to negotiate before exposing him to offersheet.

          I don’t know why 42M tied into 8 players will change McDavid and his agent think how much he should get in his next contract. If they think he worths 10M, they will agree to 10M. If they think he is worth more than 10M, they will not sign for 10M. So I don’t see how his contract can quickly morph from a 8-10M to a 12-15M because we have 42M tied into 8 players.

          • camdog

            The Oilers Salary spent on the top players is problematic because they don’t have a stable of up and coming prospects coming up – they have no depth. Chicago during the glory years had prospects in the system – prospects the Oilers simply do not have. These prospects are generally value laden contracts. Right now the Oilers do not have many value laden contracts to fill out their bottom 6 and if they give away more draft picks these value laden contracts will not develop.

            Oiler fans alone think Kevin Lowe is arrogant, well every other team in the league thinks the Oilers are arrogant. What goes around comes around. It’s time for the Oilers organisation to take care of their own backyard, fix their drafting and draft some players. They won’t win anything with out some home grown, cheap talent on the third and fourth lines and on the back end. Right now is not the the time to make offer sheet.

    • Serious Gord

      I think it a certainty that some team will offer Connor the max at the nearest opportunity (if Connor lives up to expectations). A team in a weak market trying to boost attendance/profile would make that move. Think this era’s LA kings buying this era’s Gretzky.

      My understanding of CBa rules is not perfect, but I think that can happen as early as at the end of his elc – 24 months.

      And that EDM will have two options: sign him for the max plus one more year of term or:

      Take the compensation – five number ones (?)

      Neither is a fun choice but the former would mean a gutting of the roster to make room for years and a scuttling of any cup run and or team depth for the duration.

      Thus we may have to say goodbye to Conner in order to reach the only goal that matters.

      • Butters

        McDavid is the goose that lays the Golden Egg. No chance he gets even close to getting an offer sheet imo.

        It would be interesting to quantify his monetary value to the team. I suspect it is more than the Oilers will ever pay him.

        • Serious Gord

          Whether it gets to an offer sheet depends on whether Connor is prepared to settle for less than max money.

          I think he would be tempted – even wise – to demand it.

  • Moe Sizzlack

    Get rid of Yak, Pouliot, Fayne and Korpikoski (hopefully using Them along with 2017 draft picks and getting a RHD in return)

    Trade Reinhart to Chicago for Shaw..

    Sign Lucic with Pouliot, Fayne, Yak, korp cap space (obviously not all of it)

    Boom.. We have Lucic, Shaw, Kassian, Maroon, Nurse , Hendo.. And hopefully soon Drizzy (Drake) for The Big BAD West!

    • Moe Sizzlack





      Kleffbom- (New Guy)

      Sekera- (New Guy)

      Nurse- Davidson/Gryba /Oesterle

      (new guy targets)

      Barrie, Bogosian, Faulk, Myers, Severson, Stone, Larsson, Demers, Vatanen and I’d still like to think Hamomic (I’m assuming his trade request was taken off only due to the fact they would get less for him seeing how he ASKED to be moved but can still be had for the rite price )

      • Moe Sizzlack

        If yaks the odd guy out them bump everyone up one line and add Pakarinen or new guy Salinen to 4th




        Hendo-Letestu-Pak or Salinen

        I just don’t think we’re gona get much For Yak .. Unless he’s part of a Big Package then that’s fine with me, but if we’re getting absolutely nothing back for him then I think we’re better off keeping him and hoping he can find his scoring touch

      • Copper

        Ever hear of Salary Cap?

        PC should NOT sign Lucic. It will be a anchor of a contract. You will be paying big term and big dollars for a declining asset.

        Lucic has been a fantastic player but, you will be getting the player of the next 5 years not the previous 5 years

        • Moe Sizzlack

          He prolly worth less then Pouliot and Fayne combined ..

          Not to mention Yak, korp and Reinharts combined 7-9mill with bonuses

          Lucic would be a body guard to McDavid and easily bury 25+ goals

          2-3 year deal wouldn’t be the worst idea the Oilers had

          But your free to your opinion as I am free to mine

          P.s there’s nomore copper

          • Copper

            2-3 could still be a hurt to oilers cap but, if you can spin unwanted players into top 4 RHD, please do.

            Lucic is rumoured to be looking for a max contract at $7M +. That’s why Boston traded him in the first place.

            BTW my name has been my name for close to 40 years now.

          • Moe Sizzlack

            Oilers should target Russia’s #87 Center Vadim Shipachev

            He had 16pts in 8 games for Russia before today, hes 29 years old & if we can sign him to a entry level deal then him and Draisitle can battle to center the 2nd/3rd lines and it makes Nuge’s salary cap/hit expendable for the best return in a trade for our RHD we so badly need ..

            Habs are trying to ink him rite now so Chia has to GET ON IT!!

  • camdog

    If the Oilers were to keep Hall, Rnh, and Eberle and then sign McDavid (8) million and LD (4) million which I don’t find to be unrealistic. That’s 30 million. Sekera, Klefbom and Talbot are 13.8 million. That would be a total of about 44 million on 8 players. Spend another 5-6 on an RFA this season at it’s close to 50 million on 9 players to start the 2018-19 season.

    That’s my math, maybe I am being overly conservative, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic. The Oilers do not have an abundance of cap space.

    • Rock11

      You are, of course, forgetting about cap inflation which will soon render the $6mil contracts as significant value. By the time 2018-19 rolls around the cap could be at $80+million thus alleviating some of the pressure.

      • RJ

        The only way they become value contracts is if their performance outstrips their pay. Hall is a value contract.

        Eberle scoring his second-worst ppg pace of his career is not, and he only avoided his career worst thanks to McDavid.

        Nuge was also near his career worst for ppg. Not really seeing value there.

        Maybe someday they will be value contracts, but they aren’t now.

        • pkam

          If you understand a little about investment, you know the best time to buy is at the lowest price of a product, or when the performance is at the worst and you believe they will bounce back.

          Unless you predict Eberle and RNH are going to be as bad or worse, it is the worst time to trade them away.

          Since you believe they may bounce back and be a value contract someday, then it is the best time to acquire them.

          But it looks like your strategy is to sell low and buy high.

          • RJ

            By all means, let’s hold onto our over-valued players because they had career years right before their RFA years and keep holding out hope they are going to eventually develop to become value contracts.

            It’s theoretically possible they will become value, though Eberle has been in incremental decline statistically. They should move him before everyone else finds out he’s in decline.

      • The Whispererer

        Just for fun you should look at the Chicago payroll for next season. They have 6 forwards and 3 defencemen counting over $54 million against the cap. That doesn’t include Panarin or a new contract for Shaw; those 2 will surely add at least $7 million more.

        That’s why Shaw is an attractive trade target (to replace 1 of our $6 million forwards if we trade one of them for a RHD). A couple of days ago Jim Matheson suggested in his Journal column that Shaw might be available for a 3rd round pick if we agreed to take on Bickell’s contract.

      • camdog

        So instead of paying our third/fourth line UFA’s 1.5 million per season we can pay them 2.2 million per season. The Oilers can continue to waste money on below average third or fourth line wingers or they can draft and develop their own 850,000 dollar players. The amount of money sacrificed on the Oilers third and fourth lines because they have no home grown talent is a detriment to the entire team. If they can’t find a way to get cheap players they will never win anything. Trading away numerous draft picks is not a winning formulation when you have very little up and coming prospects.

    • madjam

      That statement is old school . Because of the cap more and more teams are going the offer sheet role where they never were before . Quite common part of the market now and is actually expanding . Other clubs will use it on us just like we might do the same to them .

  • KMA

    Let’s get real. McD will command a double digit salary in a couple of years. If he is as good as fans believe then they need to understand what he is worth in today’s NHL.

  • RJ

    It’s true it doesn’t make sense to trade Nuge for Jones: you don’t trade young top-4 RHD, unless you’re the Preds who had the depth to make that trade. Columbus doesn’t have the depth to move him.

    Perhaps it’s just me: when I read how Oiler bloggers repeat as nauseum how untouchable Nuge is, he should rip off a half-dozen Selkes in a row. When should expect that to happen?