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Speaking Of… Connor McDavid: International Stud

With Canada’s back-to-back gold medals at the World Hockey Championships this year, Connor McDavid has become the youngest player in the history of the universe at 19, to win a World Championships gold medal, a World Junior gold medal, and a U18 gold medal. He becomes just the fourth ever to win all three.

McDavid, who refused to score a goal all tournament unless it was the golden goal, finished the tournament with nine points in ten games. One could argue that Connor was fairly quiet throughout the round robin, but I’d like to think that these people arguing didn’t watch a game all tournament. Though Connor wasn’t scoring goals, as usual, he couldn’t be stopped in all other aspects of the game like making end-to-end rushes and cycling down low. He’s proven time and time again that he doesn’t need to score goals to make a difference on the ice. His game without the puck is still far above many others in the NHL. He doesn’t need to score points to prove himself.


I would also like to add that whenever the tuft is out, the McDavid is hot. This bad boy isn’t sticking out of Connor’s helmet all the time, but when you spot it, you know things are going down. It was proven again during the gold medal game.

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What did Connor have to say about scoring the golden goal? “It doesn’t really matter, we’re world champions, and gold medalists, and that’s all that matters.” It is literally impossible to be any more mature, and have more leadership skills than Connor already has. He continues to blow my mind every single time he plays. I may have to re-write my article on captains to say that Peter Chiarelli should name Connor the captain this summer and get it over with. Who cares about his experience and age, he’s one of a kind.

McDavid has another chance to add to his international resume this coming fall in the premier of the World Cup of Hockey. Team North America a.k.a the U23 team has a serious shot of winning the whole thing, which could very well mean another gold medal for Connor McDavid. With this being the first ever World Cup tournament, no one really knows what to expect out of the U23 team. I’m a little torn on whether I’d like to see Team North America, or Team Canada win. North America will be a very fun team to watch, and I’d kind of like to see Connor win another gold.

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  • McRaj

    I think it is fair to say that Connor McDavid has no ceiling. And to think, he is all ours…MUAHAHAHAHA.

    Now, imagine McDavid with some competent D-Men that can pass him the puck instead of shooting it off the glass and out.

  • Hemi

    Not sure how one goes about thanking the Hockey Gods for the damn fine luck of having this young man on the Oil.

    There is no other like him in the league at this time and yes, there are some greats out there that we all know but regardless of those players, “McDavid” is as advertised and only 19….Sweet Jebus!

    Reading some of the trolls who post on the this site and on their own site (Flames), badmouthing the Oilers on Team Canada, one has to wonder just how jealous they must be to spew such garbage in the face of all the hockey world to see just how damn good our boys played for Team Canada.

    Too bad that the invited Flames players (4 of them I believe) turned down the honour…go figure!


    Connor McDavid, is there anything he can’t do?

    Go OIL!

  • @Hallsy4

    @baggedmilk @McRaj I’d support McRaj’s hiring 100%. One of the rare posters that always has well thought out posts that make sense. Knows what he’s talking about and presents it in a smart and very respectful way.

  • OilCan2

    Wayne was sure fun to watch back in the day. Connor has been a delight all year. In his first shift he had TWO grade A chances against the Golden Bears.

    I love the Aw Shucks about the golden winner goal. The C is all but his.

    I think he got Putins signed Ovechkin card for his own #97 Rookie card in a trade after the cup ceremony.

  • madjam

    Madjam’s trade proposal to Columbus : Columbus needs to shed money to probably sign Jones , and they also have no 4th or 5th round pick . They might try to move Johnson or Tutin to open space , but they are lefties we probably would not want . So here is my proposal if Clarkson will move to Oilers from his MNT contract .

    To Columbus : Oilers 4th pick , Yakupov and one of our extra 5th , or if necessary a third rounder .

    To Oilers : Columbus’s 3rd (Puljujarvi) and Clarkson .

    That would certainly shore up our RWING weakness in a major way . The thought of Puljujarvi and McDavid would be enticing and perhaps even a trade of Eberle might then become a reality for defensive help . Mind you i’d like to keep all 3 and have a solid right side .

    Should we go for a trade up to third with Columbus ?

    • pkam

      You know the Ducks had traded a 0.23ppg player with one year left at 2M for a 4h rounder and they had to retain 0.5M. Right?

      You know the Oilers had resigned a 0.22ppg player for one year at 1.5M. Right?

      You know Clarson scored 30 pts in 144 games in the last 3 seasons, that is 0.21 ppg. You know his 5.25M contract still has 4 years left, right? And you know he is 32 so he is not going to get any better, right?

      And you want to package our 4th overall, Yakupov and a 3rd rounder, plus taking that horrible contract of Clarkson to move up just one spot to get Puljujarvi?

    • @Hallsy4

      I would do that trade, but I don’t think CBJ would. And do you know how much longer Clarkson is signed for? I’d like to have him on my team, just not for what he makes.

      • madjam

        4 more years @5.25M/season for Clarkson . Would also allow Draisaitl to stay as a center . Mind you , Clarkson only played in 23games last year , so maybe he is injured and my trade would not be such a good proposition .

    • pkam

      What do you think Yakupov’s value is at this moment?

      I think he worth a 2nd rounder. And we may get a late 1st rounder if we are very lucky that someone is high on him.

      So a late 1st rounder (more like a 2nd rounder) plus a 5th rounder is not going to get us the 3rd overall.

      I think our 4th overall plus a 2nd rounder (or Yak) is about right. But it is just my opinion.

      More importantly it depends on how much the Columbus value Puljujarvi compare to the prospects available at 4th overall.

  • Harry2

    Once again Chris you show why you are an intern and have a completely shocking lack of hockey knowledge.

    This is not the first World Cup of hockey.

    Be better

    • Thanks for finally clueing in that I wasn’t hired as a blogger but as a marketing intern.

      Was hoping you would also figure out that I meant it’s the premier of the World Cup in their new format with new teams. Everyone else seemed to get it.

      Either way, thanks for giving it a read dude.

    • Jack Dupp

      I was just about to mention the same thing.

      The 1st World Cup was in 1996, (USA won on the strength of Mike Richters goaltending, BOOOOO!). The second in 2004, (Canada won, Lemieux, Sakic, Brodeur, WOW!!!).

  • Bucknuck

    What is with the picture of Mike Modano. It gives me the creeps. I still have flashbacks from the nineties as it is.

    And Yeah Connor is awesome. He should be captain. Just make it so.