Is Lucic a fit for Oilers?

Will the Oilers sign Milan Lucic?

Should they?

Peter Chiarellli knows Lucic very well from their time together in Boston. He turns 28 next Tuesday, and he will likely be looking for a six or seven year deal in free agency, if he doesn’t re-sign with the LA Kings before July 1st.

Lucic currently has a $6 million cap hit, and giving him more wouldn’t make sense to me. I don’t see him being more productive the next six years, as he has been in the previous six.

He is a proven offensive player, and he’s a physical beast. He is a true power forward.

His last six years look like this.

2007-08 BOS 77 8 19 27 -2 89 1 3 0 0 4 0 88 9.1 50
2008-09 BOS 72 17 25 42 17 136 2 8 0 0 3 0 97 17.5 60
2009-10 BOS 50 9 11 20 -7 44 0 1 0 0 2 0 72 12.5 21.43
2010-11 BOS 79 30 32 62 28 121 5 14 0 0 7 0 173 17.3 38.89
2011-12 BOS 81 26 35 61 7 135 7 11 0 0 1 0 149 17.4 46.67
2012-13 BOS 46 7 20 27 8 75 0 2 0 0 0 0 79 8.9 48.57
2013-14 BOS 80 24 35 59 30 91 3 12 0 0 5 1 153 15.7 46.56
2014-15 BOS 81 18 26 44 13 81 2 8 0 0 4 0 141 12.8 44.74
2015-16 LAK 81 20 35 55 26 79 2 8 0 0 5 0 124 16.1 35
Career 647 159 238 397 120 851 22 67 0 0 31 1 1,076 14.8 44.2

If he played alongside Connor McDavid, he could top 60 points again. He is more proven than Patrick Maroon as a full-time top-six forward, but having both wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The Oilers already have Taylor Hall, Benoit Pouliot and Maroon on the left side. If the sign Lucic, one of them needs to go, and Pouliot would seem the most likely.

Adding Lucic would help, no doubt, but he doesn’t fill the obvious void, right defence. 

However, teams are allowed to talk to potential UFAs on June 25th, and if Chiarelli gets a sense Lucic is serious about coming here he could make some trades on day two of the draft to ensure he has space for Lucic.

I would only look at adding Lucic after they’ve addressed the defence issues. Adding another left winger, even one as proven as Lucic, won’t help them win if Chiarelli hasn’t addressed the defence first.

The other question is term and salary? As I said earlier, it wouldn’t be wise to give him a significant raise, because odds tell us the chances of him being more productive in the next six years than he’s been in his previous six are low.

Would you sign Lucic? 


The better question might be, who is a better fit for the Oilers, Milan Lucic, or right winger Kyle Okposo?

Over the last three years Lucic has scored 62 goals and 158 points in 242 games.

Okposo has tallied 67 goals and 184 points in 210 games. 

Okposo turned 28 in April, while Lucic turns 28 in four days. Lucic is skilled, but also has a physical dimension to his game very few skilled players have. Okposo isn’t as tough, but he’s a better skater and has been more productive.

I can see arguments for both, but right now the Oilers have more depth on the left side than the right, and Okposo at $5.5 million (he made $4.5 million last year with a $2.8 million cap hit) might make more sense.


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  • Reg Dunlop

    I thought we were through with whale hunting. As much fun as it is imagining Lucic tuning in Derian Hatcher and Robyn Regehr, we have to stop living in the past. And Lucic is the past. Speed kills, time to get faster.

  • OilCan2

    ML or KO would be an overpay and they will be diminishing returns on any length of term. The dreaded NMC. I thought we learned a bit on the Ference deal. Oh right; just one more year of kindergarden on that one.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    To be perfectly honest, I’d prefer the Oilers taking a run at Kreider instead of Lucic.

    Krieder can move around your line up, Lucic can’t.

    Kreider is very fast for a big guy, and he’s a little nasty, he can punch faces too.

    What’s more, the Pens are showing that speed and hard forechecking beats big slow teams.

  • Anton CP

    Will the Oilers have enough cap room to be able to sign Lucic? Lucic is currently sitting at 6m cap hit. He will be looking for a big long term contract for the up coming season, the question would be if Lucic is better than any of the current Oilers with 6m cap hit?

    The game plan for the Oilers is quite simple, get some real Ds and plug in anyone next to McDavid. With McDavid in the center that you really don’t need anyone that is getting paid for more than 3m next to him on the wing. McDavid himself will add another 4m extra worth of value next to his wings.

  • Hockeyfan

    Sign him to 8 mil over 8. Perfect fit. halfway will pout”i don’t have to listen to you”. nugget will be permanently injured cause he’s scared. Eggshell will really be injured when lucic insists on backcheck and solid play.

  • oilbaron

    I wouldn’t go after him, he’s gonna cost too much for what he actually brings to the table. But what I would do is trade for the rights to Stamkos, I’d give TBL a 3rd or 4th round pick and see if we can sweet talk him into playing here for a few years on McDavids wing. Trade pouliot to free up a little more Cap space to make it work.

  • Zarny

    No denying Lucic brings a physical presence unlike many in the league. I think he’s better than Pouliot although I think the skill gap is smaller than the dollar gap.

    The key point of fixing the D first is salient. Certainly not impossible that includes moving Hall or Pouliot. Lucic is a good substitute, at least in the short term.

    I’m skeptical about anything beyond 3 years. Many if not most players lose a step ~ 30. Lucic isn’t the speediest to begin with and there aren’t many 6’4″ beasts ripping it up in their 30’s. I think the risk of his contract looking like Brown’s for the final 1-3 years is real.. How real I don’t know. injuries aren’t a concern so a lot will depend on training and fitness and I can’t speak to that. Chiarelli can though. Knows him well. Could be an interesting summer.

  • If you know you can sign Lucic, then that opens up a trade scenario on the left wing side. Sure, Lucic is more money, but as long as he doesn’t sign a no trade, then you can always trade either him or Hall in a year or two to make room for Conner’s next contract. I think the right side remains strong as this would suppose Pouliot gets moved out for help on D. And maybe they pick up one more in free agency.

    Or, it could mean you trade Hall, and really get that key piece. Is Lucic better than Hall? No. Is Lucic and say… Faulk or Petriangilo better than Hall? Well I would have to probably say yes.

    But then again if you’re trading Hall, a lot more names can enter the conversation.

    I don’t want to see him go, and I don’t think he is part of the problem, but I do believe the return he could get would finally solidify the team, while leaving most of the core intact. It would also likely mean the Oilers could keep the 4th overall pick and grab a young LW to one day replace Lucic or Hall on that top line.

    Lucic / Nuge / Draisaitl

    Maroon / McDavid / Eberle

    That is one hell of a top six, especially if the top four D is something like

    Klefbom Petriangilo

    Sekera Goligoski

    And that doesn’t even mention the fact the team still hasn’t traded Pouliot or Yak. So the third line would be Pouliot, Letestu, Yak. Or you could still package them up in a trade, maybe for Vatanen.

  • 15w40

    Ship out Eberle for one of the right shot D that is req’d.

    I feel that Okposo will give more production than Lucic and has seen less wear and tear.

    Nurse, Kassian, Hendricks are all available for answering the bell if need be. Build a PP unit that the other teams will be made to pay repeatedly if they want to go to the box.

    Sign the other right shot D from the UFA pool or sign Seth Jones to an offer sheet.

    The chances of fielding a forward group that includes Hall, RNH, McDavid, Drai, Lucic, Brouwer, Okposo, and Eberle are zero unless the cap goes up by $15M

  • Petrolero

    Lucic would be the perfect bodyguard for macdavid. Lest we forget, temas are gunning for the guy, they already cost him half a season and it’s only going to get worse. I really think having a unique asset such as lucid would be as impactful long term as a top defender given the macdavid factor