Top 10 Tuesday: Best 2016/15 Oilers Moments

Introducing TOP TEN TUESDAY!

Now that the 2015/16 NHL season has officially wrapped up (with Jultz hoisting the Holy Grail high above his head), it seems like a swell time to discuss the highlights from the 2015/16 Oilers season. Today, we start a new tradition with the first ever Top 10 Tuesday! This week’s countdown is dedicated to the best moments from the past season, which is a nice change from the memories that would cause most of us to jab a fork into our eye than look back on (keep those forks handy because I’ll be reminding you of those memories in next week’s edition of Top 10 Tuesday).

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TEN: Jersey-less Ice

Not one jersey was thrown onto Rexall Place ice this season! *applauds fans* As it turns out, this was probably a good thing considering Scrivens wasn’t around to toss it back. It’s not much, but I’ll take this lack of jersey tossing as a successful moment in Oilers history.

NINE: Attack of the Nurse

Blood. Blood everywhere. Roman Polak could’ve used a different nurse after this altercation. After another season full of pundits questioning the Oilers’ toughness, it was nice for fans to have something to cheer about. From where we sat, Nurse’s beat down of Roman Polak got as many cheers as Polak’s face received punches. Sorry about your white jersey, Roman. 

EIGHT: Brandon Davidson

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In a world full of defensive problems, Brandon Davidson was a very nice surprise for the Oilers this season. While Davidson’s road to the Oiler’s blue line wasn’t easy, it was a nice change to see some development on the Oilers back end. Unfortunately, in typical Oilers fashion, things must have been going too well for Davidson: RIP Brandon Davidson’s knee. 

SEVEN: Ebs’ First Hatty 

Jordan Eberle hit a surprising milestone this season when he scored his first career hat trick. It was a good night, as we raised our beers in celebration of Ebs’ hat trick. Not to mention, his hat trick was even sweeter considering it was against the Leafs. Eberle and McDavid both had incredible nights with a hatty for Ebs and a five-point night for McDavid. It was a rare yet wonderful night in Rexall Place for the boys in orange. 

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Patty Maroon. Full stop. He came into our lives from Anaheim in a trade for Gernat and a fourth-round pick in 2016. I don’t think anyone found themselves disappointed by this trade. Maroon came up big for the Oilers on multiple occasions this past season. His size and physicality helped amp up the grit of the Oilers’ play and his smart play added to his productivity on the ice. 

FIVE: Tal-Bot


After far too many seasons of goalie woes for the Oilers, it was a welcome sight to witness a goalie playing, well… like an NHL goalie. Though things started off a little bit rocky (need I mention the OT Flames goal or nah?), Talbot finished the season strong and left fans confident in at least one of our goaltenders. Not to mention his outstanding play with Team Canada, alongside McDavid & Hall, to bring home the gold at the World Championships.

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FOUR: McDavid OT winner vs. Eichel 

When it comes to McDavid plays, I’m not sure there’s much explanation necessary for why they’ve made this list. Take a look at Eichel’s reactions on both of these goals and you’ll be even more satisfied with this timely two goal night from McDavid, including the OT winner. Sorry Jack, better luck next time. 

THREE: Return of the McDavid

As if we weren’t already excited enough about our knight in shining armour returning… THEN THIS GOAL HAPPENED. The lightning speed and sick mitts belonging to one, Connor McDavid are the only explanation needed for why this will be fondly remembered as a favourite Rexall Place moment for years to come.

TWO: Farewell, Rexall.

Though a bittersweet night as we said goodbye to a building full of memories and the best god damn crack beer you’ll ever get drunk off of, this night is one Oil fans won’t soon forget. From the boys in orange at Churchill square, the classy Paul Lorieau “Oh Canada” moment that blew pollen into everyone’s eyes, the win against the Canucks, to the closing ceremonies that honoured some of the greatest men to don the copper and blue, April 6th, 2016 was a night when we could all forget about the Oilers’ woes and look back fondly on the brilliant history of a building that fostered many people’s love for the game. 

ONE: This moment, am I right?!

KIDDING! Here’s the actual Number One:

This guy, though. It’s pretty self explanatory why McDavid himself has landed at the top of the list. While his finer moments this past season are highlighted earlier in the list, the best damn part of the Oilers 2015/16 season (minus the horrendous months of waiting for his return from brokeness) was winning this guy in the lottery and witnessing the very beginning of what is sure to be the brightest future in hockey… AND HE’S ALL OURS, GUYS!