Sitting Down with Ryder from Hot 107


You’ve seen him on billboards and you’ve invited his sweet siren song into your ear holes, and today you will learn about the time that I had a sit down with Ryder from Hot 107. Here’s part of our conversation. 

Baggedmilk: We first met on the Nation Ski Trip where you did absolutely no skiing, snowboarding, or even making it to the mountain. What happened?

Ryder: Beer happened. We like to do what we excel at. Snowboarding is not on the list. Actually drinking is one of only two things. The other in synchronized swimming, and you must have missed that performance in the hotel hot tub. Your loss.

BM: Just to confirm… You do, in fact, know how to snowboard?

Ryder: Yes. I even brought all my gear. It didn’t leave the bus.

BM: One of the more interesting things that happened that weekend was seeing former 2000s pop hero Ricky J DJ at the Atha B. I’m wondering if you would ever consider cutting songs off about 30 seconds in the way he did as a potential tribute to Ricky J?

Ryder: The only songs I would consider cutting off 30 seconds in would actually be Ricky J songs, oddly enough. By the way, we booked him for my birthday party. $300 and he gets to make out with Lisa. Wicked deal. 

BM: That’s a good deal. It’s tough to get top end talent like that to perform on the cheap.

Ryder: You guys in?

BM: I read in a past interview that you felt that Edmontonians know how to take a joke more so than some of the other markets you’ve been in. Do you still feel that way?

Ryder: I 100% stand by this statement. It’s pretty awesome to feel like I could be legit friends with the majority of our listeners. Except for the guy that calls in everyday and yells “BANANA MUFFINS ARE LIFE!” and then hangs up. I don’t want to be real life friends with him, cause he always makes me hungry.

BM: What is it about Edmonton that fits your flavour of humour?

Ryder: Seriously though, most of the people in this city really understand how to treat each other right, and love to have a good laugh. Solid combo.

BM: If Lisa and Grant were both teetering on the edge of a cliff, and you can only save one of your co-hosts, which would you choose and why? Or would you maybe take this as a guilt free opportunity to kill them both, start fresh, and move on?

Ryder: I would definitely save Lisa, just because if by chance she survived the fall, and I saved Grant instead of her, we’d never hear the end of it. Plus Lisa smells way better.

BM: Last year you shaved #97 into your hair as an homage to Connor McDavid. Do you have anything planned to follow that up for his Connorversary?

Ryder: I said if we won the draft lottery again this year, I’d grow a rat tail until we made the playoffs. Mainly because I just really want to grow a rat tail. That, as you know, didn’t happen. I’m also considering a sexy oil drop tattoo over my belly button. We’ll see.

BM: What needs to get done for the Oilers to get out of their perma spot in the basement?

I feel we finally have an NHL caliber goalie, which was a definite need. Now if we could just somehow convince Brent Burns to join the team, I think we’ll have a real chance to get things rolling. Also, if the boys could figure out how to avoid getting blackout pissed at The Rack On Whyte 2-4 times a week, they may make some headway.

BM: If you were a gambling man where would you bet that the Oilers will finish the 2016-17 season?

I think we’re due for a competitive season, like one where we’re not mathematically eliminated from playoffs by Halloween. If we get a legit defensemen, we sneak in. If we don’t, we’ll land about 10 points out.

BM: Next year is the 100th anniversary of the NHL. If you’re Gary Bettman what are you doing to celebrate?

If I’m Gary Bettman, I’d probably throw a wicked little lockout party, and have a lockout. There will be tasty appetizers, board games, and a lockout.

BM: Where can the people find you?

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If you don’t listen to Ryder’s show then you’re definitely missing out. The best part about the Ryder in the Morning show is that all three of Ryder, Grant, and Lisa are just as awesome in person as they are on air. I want to thank Ryder for taking a few minutes out of his day for talking to me about life in Edmonton, the Oilers, and growing a rat tail. The man is a gentleman and a scholar, and you should all listen to him. 

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Tuxedo layout 

There are few certainties in life – we can always count on the sun coming up in the morning, Edmonton winters being dreadful, and the Oilers missing the playoffs. As such, we present the annual OilersNation Draft Party! It’s time to honour the the anniversary of drafting our beloved Connor, celebrate the rewards of another failed season, and raise some money for charity.

Here’s what you need to know…

The party is happening at the Pint Downtown on Friday, June 24th. The goal is to raise as much money as possible for the Red Cross and their efforts to bring normalcy back to Fort McMurray, and have a little bit of fun while we’re at it. For $30 you get a Draft Party t-shirt, a $10 Pint GC, a $10 Oodle Noodle GC, a draft party collectors cup, and a chance for prizes and eternal glory.

All proceeds from tickets sold will be donated directly to the Red Cross so bring your friends, get involved, and help us support a community in need. Tickets are still available here.

One day, the Oilers will be a good hockey team and we’ll all be able to laugh about this. Until then, we party.