Top 10 Tuesday: Worst 2015/16 Oilers Moments


In last week’s Top 10 Tuesday we looked at the positives from the season that was and this week we’ll talk about the not so admirable Oilers moments of the past season. I think we put up with enough negativity by simply having to watch the Oilers try to play hockey, but I’m going to attempt to spin these moments into a positive light to save your eyes from forks and livers from more alcohol…


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Got a scoreless streak you’re looking to break? Want to set an NHL or franchise record? Look no further than your next game against Oilers! The Oilers have made it a habit to allow teams to “boost their bubbles” as Chris the Intern would say. Remember the Flyers’ offensive slump from 2013 (including Giroux’s first goal of the season in November) and Mike Smith’s shutout debut despite missing the previous 40 games, among others. 

Fast forward to last season and 22-year-old Garret Sparks made 24 stops on November 30th to shutout the Oilers, breaking a Leafs franchise record by becoming the first goalie to record a shutout in his NHL debut. It was also the first time in almost a year that the Leafs managed to shut out their opponent. Happy day!

The video still makes me a little teary-eyed knowing that the Oilers were able to help this rookie goaltender break an NHL record.

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The positive? We’re the good guys of the NHL: helping everyone out and giving teams a chance to redeem themselves. 


From OT winner knee slides across centre ice, to waving goodbye… 

It goes without saying that Yak’s 2015/16 season was less than stellar, especially after a the late season push he had after finding chemistry with Derek Roy. Expectations are always high for a guy that is drafted first overall, but things never seemed to settle for Yakupov. He lost the centerman he felt comfortable with, got another new head coach, suffered a freak injury as a result of being tackled by a linesman, and never was able to gain any traction. His confidence was at an all time low resulting in little production from Yak-City. 

Yak asked for a trade prior to the trade deadline, and we can’t really say it came as a surprise. 

The Positive? This is probably going to be one of those cases where a player gets moved along for a fresh start and succeeds on his new team. There’s no telling if he’ll join his former teammate with a Stanley Cup ring next season, but at least he might get his groove back. 


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This has to be one of the most cringe-worthy goals of the Oilers season, and of Talbot’s career. It certainly didn’t help that the goal was allowed against those guys down south and there were only 8.7 seconds left in a tie game. This goal was obviously a confidence-killer for Talbot, who would’ve faced a lot of heat for that goal on any team but much more so from a goalie-sensitive fan base. 

The Positive? It did happen on Halloween, so maybe Talbot just decided to dress up as Scrivens for the night? Considering he made a strong case for himself as a starting goaltender for the remainder of the season, an homage to Scrivens is likely the case. TAL-BOT!!! 


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.48.08 PM

For the gajillianth year in a row, the Oilers finished in the basement of the league standings. The disappointment was far more real this year, though, with Oilers fans’ hearts full of hope and trust in our saviour. What would’ve happened had the season not been plagued with typical injury problems? We’ll never know… 

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I apologize to all of the men who had to watch that again, despite almost being over the initial horror from the first time they watched it. That being said, I’ll now remind you of the aftermath:

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.24.12 PM

Yeesh. Because I don’t think as a woman I can truly appreciate the extent of this horror, I asked the dudes at ON what their first thoughts were:

Baggedmilk: “Kill me. OMG just seeing the picture again makes me want to cry. Are his balls dust?”

Chris the Intern: “ooooooOOhhHHooooOoOOhHH.”

Jeanshorts: “I cracked up laughing because he fell hilariously.”

The positive? It might have ended in near disaster, but it was all for the good of the team! That shot probably would’ve found it’s way to the back of the net had Hendy’s balls not got in the way.


Here in Edmonton we know a thing or two about winning… draft lotteries that is. The excitement about the possibility of another first over all pick was huge, not only to get another franchise player or bargain with the first overall pick, but to feel like winners once again. As much as I wanted to hear the collective sound of all the other NHL fans’ heads exploding — especially Toronto’s — when the Oilers were once again the kings of the draft lottery, we were severely let down when the 4th pick had our name on it. 

The positive?  Again, being the nice guys of the NHL, we’re giving other teams a chance at something we’ve been great at for years. You’re welcome, Toronto. 


This scene was all too familiar to us this season… If you need more explanation than this then you clearly didn’t watch any Oilers games this season and I envy the shit out of you. 

The positive? He may be donning a Stanley Cup ring, but at least he’s not donning the orange and blue anymore? Regardless, we’re happy that he’s moved on and wish him the best. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.45.14 AM

For better or worse (but mostly worse), richer (from free tickets) or poorer (from overpriced tickets), in sickness and health (but mostly sickness), to love and to cherish (and oh boy, did we ever) all the days of our lives as Oilers fans… UNTIL REXALL PLACE CLOSES AND WE DON’T HAVE YOU ANYMORE, SWEET CRACK BEER. 

RIP, our saving grace through these awful times.

The positive? Rogers Place will still have beer. It may take double the amount and triple the money, but it will be there for us in times of need. 



RIP Klefbom’s finger, then his leg; Yak’s ankle; Ebs’ shoulder; Nuge’s hand; Davidson’s knee; Ference’s hip; Gryba’s knee; Pouliot’s shoulder; and the real kicker… Connor’s clavicle. 

The 2015/16 season did not see the dreaded Oilers injury curse bury its ugly head, instead it reared its head in full force. The Oilers never once featured a lineup that saw all of their key players healthy at the same time. The problem speaks for itself. 

The positive? The happiness we all felt in our hearts when members of the walking dead returned to the lineup. CC: Connor McDavid. 


THE HORROR. Just when you had the memories of that night suppressed far enough down that they would never resurface, I went and ruined all of the hard work your therapist had you do. My bad. 

The positive? The goal he scored against Columbus in his return was absolute magic. Full stop.