Top 10 Reasons Not To Trade Taylor Hall

It’s that time of year again, where rumours flock to the internet like the salmon of the Capistrano. Where Twitter is a desolate wasteland of pranksters retweeting years old tweets about free agent signings while waiting for actual hockey news. And where Oiler fans fall into a hole of madness in which trading any and all current players would automatically make the team better by virtue of… reasons. 

One of the most frequent names floated around these parts lately is that of one Taylor Strba Hall. Whether he’s being traded for Cam Fowler, or packaged up in a deal to the Islanders, it seems a lot of people feel the Oilers would be better off without Taylor Hall. Well friends, I’m here to tell you why those of you who think that are DEAD wrong!

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1. He Brings His Own Bags To The Grocery Store


Not only is this a smart move (you can fit way more in a canvas bag than a plastic one) but it also shows that Taylor Hall is environmentally conscious! (Who says there wasn’t a veteran in the room that rubbed off on the young guys?)

2. Buys Coffee For The People Behind Him In The Drive-thru 


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I mean, who DOESN’T love a nice surprise like this in the morning? Make sure you pay it forward

3. Politely Engages In Conversation With Drunk Adult Son Bloggers At Bars


Not that anyone in this office would be speaking from experience here… 

4. Gives Out Full Size Chocolate Bars On Halloween


The dream of EVERY kid on October 31st is fulfilled by good neighbour Taylor Hall! 

5. Always Swipes Right On Tinder


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We’re all looking for that special someone, and Taylor wants to give everyone a chance, lest he miss out on that person who makes his heart flutter. 

6. Will Make You Breakfast In The Morning


Unrelated to that last point… A complete breakfast is an invaluable way to start your day, and Taylor just wants to make sure you’re fuelled up and ready to carpe that diem! 

7. Will Find Your Missing Sock


Scientists have yet to verify it, but we ALL know sock monsters exist and are a huge bane to human existence. Thankfully Taylor is here to make sure none of your socks ever lose their buddy. 

8. Remembers Your Birthday Without The Aide Of Facebook



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As someone who has a blackhole for a memory I’m very appreciative that Taylor wished me a happy birthday, unprompted by a reminder from Mark Zuckerberg. 

9. He Knows How To Play More Songs Than Just Wonderwall On The Guitar


We’ve all been there; someone at a party breaks out a guitar, and we all start screaming out that one verse we all know from Wonderwall. It’s fun until you realize that 15 minutes has gone by and you’re still singing the same song. Taylor has a plethora of hits he can bust out at any minute, AND he takes requests! 

10. He Nursed Connor McDavid Back To Health


There were reservations when word got out that our young saviour was moving in with alleged bad apple Taylor Hall. Thankfully it appears everything not only worked out fine, but you also have to give credit to Hall for making sure Connor’s wing healed fully, and he was able to fly to astounding heights! 

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  • Chainsawz

    Another thing is that there is already a “Top 10 Tuesday” on OilersNation so why do we have a top 10 on a Thursday as well? This piece can’t get any more Value Village.

      • Explicit

        I for one love this kind of stupidity, in fact I come here for it! It’s a nice break from all the numbers and math that hockey has become.

        Plus this article promotes good positive behaviour. After reading this I’m gonna start always swiping right on tinder, cuz if Hall swipes right, I can swipe right too!

  • Spydyr

    Ten reason to trade Taylor Hall:

    1) the team needs a top pairing defencman. Hall would bring the best return outside of McDavid and he is not going anywhere.

    2) Hall still turns the puck over at both bluelines way to often.

    3)Wingers are easier to replace than centres. Hall instead of Nuge.

    4-10) Only do it if the return is a number one defenceman in the right age bracket and signed for at least as long as Hall.Nothing less will suffice.
    Don’t make a trade because you feel you have to to .Only do it if you are getting a beast back because Hall is a beast himself.

  • Zarny

    I don’t expect Taylor Hall to be traded.

    Theoretically, Hall has the most value to trade for a D. The problem is there are maybe 12 D in the entire league you should actually trade Hall for, and I don’t think any of them are available.

    Packages for D like Fowler or Hamonic don’t cut it. If you trade Hall and are left with that as the return you lose and you lose big time.

    Many keep bleating on that wingers are easier to replace than centers. All things being equal that is probably true.

    The thing is…all things are not equal. Hall is considerably better than every Oiler save McDavid.

    Very good players like Eberle, Nuge, Draisaitl etc are easier to replace than elite players like Hall regardless of position.

    • The “maybe 12 D in the entire leagues” sounds a lot like what Chiarelli said as well. I wouldn’t trade Hall regardless – Oilers only have 2 players that force the play. Getting rid of one is not a way to build a Stanley Cup contender.

      • Zarny

        Trading Hall, even for one of those 12 D, wouldn’t be my plan A.

        My plan A would be to move the 4OV, followed by Eberle or Nuge assuming some GM doesn’t fall off his rocker and offer up a quality D for Pouliot + 2nd or something.

        But, if a team like Mtl or Ott is willing to move a Subban or Karlsson and Hall is ask you have to consider it. You’re 100% correct that Hall is 1 of 2 Oilers that can push the river.

        The thing is…Subban/Karlsson would play 25-30 minutes a game for you and they also push the river.

        If I was Chiarelli there are at least a dozen I’d pursue and consider. Hall for a #1 D would be part of that process.

        I suspect what Chiarelli has found is that trade isn’t there. At least the Oilers would have McDavid if they moved Hall. Ott/Mtl etc would simply be moving holes around. I don’t think their teams would be better so it would come down to management not like the person and I don’t think that is the case.


    I like to think that all the Nation writers work next to each other at a long desk, and Jonathan Willis sits next to Jeanshorts, who mashes loudly on the keyboard and laughs hard at youtube videos all day while Willis researches statistics, inching closer to the day he explodes