The Oilers Trade Taylor Hall to New Jersey

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait… let me compose myself. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *faints* The Oilers have reportedly traded Taylor Hall to New Jersey straight across for Adam Larsson.

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Taylor Hall has been traded to the New Jersey Devils straight across for Adam Larsson. From where I blog, I’m going to go out and say that this has to be one of the worst Oilers trades in the history of the franchise. As a straight up deal this is absolutely terrible. Taylor Hall is one of the best left wingers in the NHL and Adam Larsson is currently a second pairing defenseman, and, frankly, there’s no way to spin this in the Oilers favour. Chiarelli grossly overpaid for a right handed defenseman. Full stop.

Aside from writing hate filled letters to Chiarelli’s office I’m trying to hold out hope that he’s not done yet — it’s the only thing that will keep me from thinking that Chiarelli has lost the plot. Even so, Adam Larsson isn’t a top 20 defenseman in the league and Chiarelli felt the need to move one of the best left wingers in the league for him. The pressure on Larsson coming in to this season will be astronomical, and I find it hard to believe that he will be able to live up to the billing of being the guy they traded Taylor Hall to get.



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Upon first glance at his numbers, one might not be overly impressed. But there is much more to Larsson’s game than numbers. He is a workhorse, capable of logging major minutes in all situations. He has played with uncommon poise for a player of his age in a league against men in the Swedish Elite League the past two years. Simply put, there aren’t very many holes in Larsson’s game. He is the complete package, capable of taking over a game with his size, skating and elite two-way skills. He’s likely not going to ever contribute elite offensive numbers from the backend, but he is more than capable of rushing the puck end-to-end, making great stretch passes with his superb vision and unleashing a hard and accurate point shot.

From Last Word on Sports

Adam Larsson’s situation is very much a lesson on how to develop players. The young gun stepped into the NHL at the age of 18 after two solid seasons playing in Sweden’s top league. Confidence is always crucial, but to a youthful player, it’s everything.  Newcomers to the NHL are going to make mistakes, and they are especially glaring if they are playing defense or goaltending. Punishing players for every single error is counterproductive, especially in the modern NHL where teaching and communication are key.

For New Jersey, their defensive core is shaping up nicely thanks to Larsson, Merrill, Gelinas and Severson. If all goes well in their development, the Devils have the makings of a very good blueline. Adam Larsson may not be the flashiest guy, or put up the numbers that some expected him to, but his game has become so much more than that. Being trusted to play big minutes every night against the top players in the game is no small feat, and teams crave individuals like that. The 22-year old defenseman has the tools, and now the confidence, to be a top defender — now it’s time for him to prove it.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2011-12 New Jersey Devils NHL 65 2 16 18 20 -7 5 1 1 4
2012-13 Albany Devils AHL 33 4 15 19 24 -1
2012-13 New Jersey Devils NHL 37 6 6 12 4
2013-14 New Jersey Devils NHL 26 1 2 3 12 -1
2013-14 Albany Devils AHL 33 3 16 19 16 2 4 2
2014-15 New Jersey Devils NHL 64 3 21 24 34 2
2014-15 Albany Devils AHL 1 2 2 1
2015-16 New Jersey Devils NHL 82 3 15 18 77 15
NHL Totals 274 9 60 69 155 5 1 1 4
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  • herb


    I’ve written many times that Hall wouldn’t bring nearly as much back as ON thinks he’s worth. This is good trade in so many ways. I’ve wanted him gone for years!

  • TDSM31

    Once the initial shock wears off I believe this will be the best thing for the Oil moving forward. Trust that Chia and McLellan had good reason for being ok moving Hall.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    FWIW I think Larsson is a damn good defenseman. He will be on your top pairing and that isn’t a stretch. I think he is better than Dougie Hamilton too. His offense will pick up and even if it doesn’t improve much, his defensive play is extremely valuable. The trade is bad but don’t lose sight of what you have. Larsson is legit

  • Jordan1126

    This was not going to be halls team. It is mcdavids. I don’t think he is ok with that. There is a vet who stated hall and ebs aren’t good in the room together. Apparently mcdavids parents moved him out of halls place as well.

    Let’s all join in welcoming captain mcdavid and hopefully one more addition to the defence.

    P.s. I’m sure Pete shopped around hard and this was the best he could get.

  • McDavid's Comet

    This trade has K. Lowe and Mac T shtank all over it. I never thought Peter Charrelli would come to Edmonton to be a marionette for those BUTT-F**KS. I guess money buys no integrity.

  • Bubba Train

    Idiot Oilers fans.

    We were almost there. But constant crying on here and everywhere has pushed Hall out the door. Now you regret it???

    Few voices had praise for Hall. Many had nothing but “trade them all”. Logic dictates most Oilers trades were losses, yet the roar continued, “how can we get worse” “we are in 29 place”

    Well, we just got worse.

  • FireScorpion

    And there it is, the trade and subsequent ripoff I’ve been waiting for from Chia since Reinhart. I have to say though…I could never have imagined it being this one sided


  • Oil City Roller

    But, but, Chia’s a Harvard Man. There’s no way he would get duped into making a trade this bad is there?

    It looks like Verdad was right. Chia is an incompetent. I would hope the moderators at ON remove Verde’s ban for a least one day so he can come back and receive his rightful props.

  • Moe Sizzlack

    Chiarelli you PIECE of $H!T!!

    Get taken for Reinhart now Hall???

    Yak and Pouliot woulda got you F’n Larsson!!

    That’s strike TWO …!!!!!

    FML… Duff Me !!

  • Gravis82

    If I were an Alberta boy like Hall, after spending my formative years here playing for the team I cheered against as a kid, then first thing I would do after being unceremoniously traded to a rebuilding outpost like the New Jersey Devils would be to request a trade to the Calgary Flames and play out the rest of my career in my hometown for the team I grew up rooting for. I am an Oilers fan, but I would actually not be shocked if this happened.

    Secondly, hall and McDavid were showing Lucic around Rogers place. Do you think that Lucic likely assumed that both would be playing here? I would have. I also would not be surprised if this trade changes his mind.

    This has the potential to go so horribly bad that they will never recover.

  • 24% body fat


    If he was an issue because of attitude they wouldnt have had McDavid move in with him.

    We need to find out when Taylors flight to NJ is and give him a hero’s goodbye and a thank you for your service to us.

    I am definitely going to the game when New Jersey is in town and going to be cheering for the bad guys.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Chiarelli should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself. One of the worst trades in NHL history. The entire Devils organization and fanbase should be ecstatic.

    I can’t believe a trade that bad can happen at this level. Absolutely pathetic.

    • madjam

      Still might get worse if he trades Hopkins and Eberle for Wideman , and Lucic decides not to sign here , wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass . Surprised Nicholson and Chia not canned after the Hall deal , before they do any further damage . Chia claims another victim . The trouble with Chia’s bold moves is he inevitably gets the donkeys behind in return .