The Oilers Trade Taylor Hall to New Jersey

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait… let me compose myself. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *faints* The Oilers have reportedly traded Taylor Hall to New Jersey straight across for Adam Larsson.

Taylor Hall has been traded to the New Jersey Devils straight across for Adam Larsson. From where I blog, I’m going to go out and say that this has to be one of the worst Oilers trades in the history of the franchise. As a straight up deal this is absolutely terrible. Taylor Hall is one of the best left wingers in the NHL and Adam Larsson is currently a second pairing defenseman, and, frankly, there’s no way to spin this in the Oilers favour. Chiarelli grossly overpaid for a right handed defenseman. Full stop.

Aside from writing hate filled letters to Chiarelli’s office I’m trying to hold out hope that he’s not done yet — it’s the only thing that will keep me from thinking that Chiarelli has lost the plot. Even so, Adam Larsson isn’t a top 20 defenseman in the league and Chiarelli felt the need to move one of the best left wingers in the league for him. The pressure on Larsson coming in to this season will be astronomical, and I find it hard to believe that he will be able to live up to the billing of being the guy they traded Taylor Hall to get.













Upon first glance at his numbers, one might not be overly impressed. But there is much more to Larsson’s game than numbers. He is a workhorse, capable of logging major minutes in all situations. He has played with uncommon poise for a player of his age in a league against men in the Swedish Elite League the past two years. Simply put, there aren’t very many holes in Larsson’s game. He is the complete package, capable of taking over a game with his size, skating and elite two-way skills. He’s likely not going to ever contribute elite offensive numbers from the backend, but he is more than capable of rushing the puck end-to-end, making great stretch passes with his superb vision and unleashing a hard and accurate point shot.

From Last Word on Sports

Adam Larsson’s situation is very much a lesson on how to develop players. The young gun stepped into the NHL at the age of 18 after two solid seasons playing in Sweden’s top league. Confidence is always crucial, but to a youthful player, it’s everything.  Newcomers to the NHL are going to make mistakes, and they are especially glaring if they are playing defense or goaltending. Punishing players for every single error is counterproductive, especially in the modern NHL where teaching and communication are key.

For New Jersey, their defensive core is shaping up nicely thanks to Larsson, Merrill, Gelinas and Severson. If all goes well in their development, the Devils have the makings of a very good blueline. Adam Larsson may not be the flashiest guy, or put up the numbers that some expected him to, but his game has become so much more than that. Being trusted to play big minutes every night against the top players in the game is no small feat, and teams crave individuals like that. The 22-year old defenseman has the tools, and now the confidence, to be a top defender — now it’s time for him to prove it.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2011-12 New Jersey Devils NHL 65 2 16 18 20 -7 5 1 0 1 4
2012-13 Albany Devils AHL 33 4 15 19 24 -1
2012-13 New Jersey Devils NHL 37 0 6 6 12 4
2013-14 New Jersey Devils NHL 26 1 2 3 12 -1
2013-14 Albany Devils AHL 33 3 16 19 16 2 4 0 0 0 2
2014-15 New Jersey Devils NHL 64 3 21 24 34 2
2014-15 Albany Devils AHL 1 0 2 2 0 1
2015-16 New Jersey Devils NHL 82 3 15 18 77 15
NHL Totals 274 9 60 69 155 5 1 0 1 4

  • Dr.No

    On board with the trade. Getting a solid 22 minute guy, +15 p/m on the lowest scoring team in the league, against the best players, and has future to develop. Why hasn’t Hallsy become captain yet (indicative of dressing room issues). Great player, yes, but I’ve thought there was more me than team with Hall. There was such a massive gaping problem with the D – this directly addresses that. Reducing the keystone cops routine in our d zone means a ton. Good D are at a premium, that’s what we paid. Net effect, not player for player, we are better off.

  • Oiler Al

    Not so much that Hall got traded, like many many fans on here, question is who they got in return.

    Hall was worth more than Larsson, who the Oilers could have picked up for free in 2011, instead of the Nuge, who supposedly was a shinier marble at the time.

    Bit of a fleece job here. There were many comments prior to today that Chia was desperate and was not going to win any trade here .

    I think Hall was a chip in a Suban and Peitroagelo trade, but Larrson?

    Now we know why Katz is keep the three stooges on the payroll. Couple more of these and Pete is a goner. You loose and draft for 7 years for this?

    My dog could have pulled off this deal.

    • oilerjed

      Im on the fence about the trade as we got a very good defencemen that is locked up for another 5 years. I would rather have shipped out Ebs but what are ya gonna do?
      Your comment(ok not just yours but the most prevalent on ON) about Hall’s worth is funny though. How do any of us have any clue as to Hall’s worth on the market?? WHat have we seen year over year in the NHL, a player is worth what someone else is willing to pay for them. Chia shopped Hall very hard so has the best idea as to value. I would thin that we would give Chia the benefit of the doubt on this one as he filled a giant need for the Oil and seems poised to fill the hole that he created on Friday.

  • I am Batman

    I was irritated by the trade and still am, even though I did not mind trading Hall if we were to get a real NUMBER ONE D….

    ….Now, after hearing Hall’s interview in TSN, it kind of confirms that he is a pouty prima donna, he sounds entitled (as I feared), and he says he is “a proud person”… well, I wish he had shown that pride when he was an Oiler and we were losing all those games, no pride there cause he was getting paid I guess…. He came across entitled, the interview confirms it.

    we will never know, but maybe Chia did it to change the character in the room and address a need… yes player to player, not even close, but, this is a team sport… proof? How many stars do we have and we still finish in the bottom of the league?




    Ebs, pack your bags, I bet you end up in Colorado for a pick and an AHL player.

  • Up North

    Hall went from a .94 PTS. per game to a .57 PTS. per game after he was told to go to the end of the bench by TMAC.

    That’s why he was traded, the guy was frustrated for sure but you still need to hold your chin up and not whine

    • Serious Gord

      At the time that happened I remarked that I thought halls days were numbered. I think tmc wanted him gone – considered him uncoachable. And I think that was the scouting report that the other teams had on him as well. Six years and still screwing up on fundamental stuff.

      And one wonders what chia could have got for that fourth pick plus other assets – or had time run out and had he left it too long leaving laarson as table scraps?

      Further one wonders how long chia has wanted to get Lucic. Did he have it as a goal since the day he joined the oil?

    • Gravis82

      no matter how much money you make, no one is a perfect human.

      Players are out there putting it all on the line and it gets emotional. I thought it was bush leauge for MacL to treat him like that publicly. I would have wanted out as well.

      At the end of the day you as the coach are just changing the lines and hall is dragging the team along for 1/3 of the night. If this was about a hall/macL power struggle then I wish we would have kept Nelson.

    • RJ

      For the last ten years the Oilers have needed an elite puck-mover.

      After trading the team’s top asset (McDavid is untouchable), the Oilers end up needing an elite puck-moving defenceman.

      But they now have a surplus of defence-first dmen that figured so prominently in the Cup finals….wait a minute…

  • So I guess, Conner for captain now?

    Team in 2010 – 2011 when Hall was drafted:

    Hemsky, Horcoff, Penner

    Hall, Gagner, Eberle

    Paajarvi, Cogliano, Omark

    JF Jaques, Vandeveld, Macyntire

    Reddox, Brule

    Whiteny / Gilbert

    Smid / Petry

    Strudwick, Peckham.

    Tell me after the trade happened today, even without Lucic or Demers, today’s team isn’t unequivocally better.

  • fran huckzky

    If anyone thinks that Chia could have got more for Hall but turned that down for aworse deal,give your head a shake. I don’t blame Hall for the past 5 years but what do we hace to show for it other than top 5 picks. Something drastic had to be done and it is being done. It’s about time.

  • Alsker

    Holy sh^t, would Hall have gotten more if we weren’t trading for a RHD…He^l yes…BUT…we weren’t trading for a forward/goalie/draft picks, we were trading for the rarest commodity in the league. The MacKlowne era had far too long to draft + develop the guy we just traded for but they still collect paychecks and walk around like peacocks with thier plume standing tall like an 18yo @ the bar. Chia did what he had to, plain + simple. Am I pleased..f*ck no, BUT it is what it is, so get over it and lets move on already.

  • crackerjacksregular

    Now I really know how an England soccer fan feels, I am gutted at losing Hall but wish him well. I would of rather seen Ebs or Nuge go but I take this a sign that we will sign Lucic. Bottom line is through no fault of their own the old core didn’t get it done. The new core is Conner, Jesse, Darnell & Leon. Lets get some D, draft picks and enjoy the ride. Oil to be over .500 this season!

  • pkam

    This trade tells us one thing, we will not get a better defenseman than Larsson via trade in the near future unless we are willing to part with McDavid.

    Since there is no true top pairing defenseman in UFA, so unless you think Klefbom or Larsson is a true top pairing defenseman now, we don’t have a true top pairing defenseman to start the coming season.

    • I do indeed think Klefbom and Larsson are a true top pairing. Elite? no. Top pairing? Yes.

      Klefbom is 6″3 and 215, 22 years old, signed to 2022 with a cap hit of 4.167mill, Swedish, had 12 points in 30 games dragging around J Schultz.

      Larssson is 6″3 and 210, 23 years old, signed to 2022 with an identical cap hit of 4.167mill, Swedish, had 18 points in 82 games playing top pair min in NEW JERSEY against top competition.

      New Jersey goal differential last year was -20. Larsson was +15.

      • pkam

        You believe these two players are top 60 defense in the league starting next season? I’ll be happy if they are top 60 by the end of next season. Top 4? No doubt. But top 2, I doubt it.

        • Just had an interesting look at Larsson’s stat lines, and compared to some others like Doughty, Hamonic, ect. I’m finding Larsson played with much better players, but also played against much tougher competition.

          It depends on what your metric of ranking D men are. Simply put, the Oilers give up more goals than they score. I think Klefbom and Larsson as a pair will deny more goals and scoring chances than the Oilers will generate when that pair is on the ice.

          I cannot think of the last D pair the Oil had where I could say that. It’s a bit of optimism for sure, but I will be curious to see what a healthy Klefbom can do with a partner that isn’t J Schult. Especially given Sekera and Fayne did well in a tough minutes role.

          That team minus -20 but player +15 over the whole season has to jump out at you. Only other player that high was Camalleri but only over 42 games.

          I know +/- is a line stat but when an individual player stat is in direct contrast to rest of team, you have to think something is up.

          By comparison highest +/- on Oilers (with team -48GA) was Davidson with +7. But he played against significantly weaker competition.

          • pkam

            I agree this is probably the best defense pair we have since the rebuild in 2010.

            But I am not ready to qualify them as true top pairing defense. If we use the Flames for comparison, do you think they will be ahead of Gio and TJ? I think at best they are about the same as Hamilton.

            You don’t think there are 60 defensemen in the league ahead of them at this moment?

          • That’s a good comparison. Not that Larsson stacks up, but if you compare certain integral stats, some interesting results appear.

            Calgary, was the worst in the league last year for goals against. The worst. No other team was worse.

            New Jersey was 8th. If you figure Gio and Brodie are the top pair on a team that had the worst goals against, you would have to say either the rest of the team was unimaginably bad, or that Brodi and Gio weren’t very good at preventing goals while helping score them.

            By comparison Larsson was on the top pair for the 8th best team for goals against. So you would have to think he did help. Combine that with the fact New Jersey’s goal differential was -20, but somehow Larsson had a team leading +15, while still playing every single game, and the only conclusion I’m drawing is that Larsson, defended against opposing goals very well, while still helping his team score them. You may draw different conclusions and please let me know what those are.

            By the way, Calgary and New Jersey were very close in Goal differential last year at -20 and -28 respectively. Brodie was + 4 compared to Larsson’s + 15. I will say Brodie faced tougher competition. But also played with TJ Brodie.

            In specific answer to your question, yes, I think start of the season, Klefbom and Larsson will be on of the best D pairs in the NHL, especially if you measure by Goals against and differential.

          • Fair point. But if you think there isn’t a coorelation between poor defensive play and poor goal tending, then our argument is at a stalemate.

            Was Dubnyk a bad goalie, or did he play behind bad defence? Does Montreal have bad defence, or just a really good goalie?

            I don’t think you can always say its a one way street, but in the case of Calgary that also had bad underlying shot and possession metrics, as many points as TJ, Gio, Hamilton, and Wideman put up, I don’t think as a team they play a system designed to prevent a lot of goals.

            See Eakins ‘swarm system’ for other examples of bad defence making bad goalies.

            Also, Hiller and Orito were bad, but Ramo was .909 compared to Schnider’s .924. I don’t think those percentages would swing those stats quite so far. Likely its a combination of both good D and good goal tending.

          • pkam

            You don’t have to dig too deep, just look at their individual stats in the past 3-4 years. Look at the norm instead of the exception.

            Just like Eberle, excluding his rookie year, he has one exceptional good year at almost a ppg, he has one bad year (this year), the other 3 years he is pretty consistent 65 pt player. I don’t think he is a 80 pts player becasue he did that in one year. And he is not a 50 pts player because of his performance this year. He is a 65 pts player because he did that in 3 of his 5 years.

            Don’t just compare their stats this year when the Flames had terrible goaltending. Compare the previous 2 years, the two teams had closer SV% (although the Devils had slightly better), TJ and Gio were better than Larsson.

          • pkam

            You know what is funny, if Larsson was an Oilers before, we probably already call him a bust.

            He struggled the first 3 seasons. Was demoted to the minors in the 3rd season.

            His 4th year was average. At the end of that season, the Sweden National Team selected Klefbom instead of him to form a group of 6 LHD and 2RHD to represent Sweden in the WC.

            So basically he has one good season out of 5. That is enough to believe he is a top pairing defenseman as good as Gio and TJ?

          • Well, I said I believe Klefbom and Larsson will be among the NHL’s best defensive pair if ratings based on metrics outside of individual player points.

            Even still that doesn’t necessarily mean better or worse than Gio and TJ. Who I do not underrate. I think they are both stellar D men, especially TJ.

            I agree Oilers would have called him a bust, likely helped bust him. A couple people touched on him having a break out year this year related to how he was coached and handled in comparison to previous years.

            Again, I think Chi lost the trade, but looking at the numbers, I really do not think Oilers got absolutely fleeced when all factors considered (contract, age, market, size, ect.)

            You have to be at least impressed with Stapled finding he played hardest minutes against toughest comp in entire NHL. I mean, that’s not an unimportant stat.

          • K.Pal

            60…. hmmm… outside possibility but would guess probably not. Definitely not if you factor age and cap hits in. And in this new age nhl, cap hits a huge factor.

            And why do people insist on comparing our defence to Calgary. The Flames have a very good defence. That’s a fact. Now lets compare their forwards to our forwards even after losing Hall…Want to trade ???? Thought not……..

      • ubermiguel

        Exactly. I don’t get this “Larsson’s not a top pairing defenceman” thing. He was literally a top pairing defenceman on a team that’s better than the Oilers.

        Is he an elite #1 guy? No. Is he top pairing guy? Absolutely. People seem to thing there are only 20 top pairing guys out there. They should go take a look at the top 60 guys for TOI, those are the league’s top pairing defencemen.

        • His offence isn’t great, but he’s only 23 and has been playing in New Jersey, which is the league worst in GF. He gets to pass to… no one. In Edmonton he gets to pass to McDavid, Lucic, Eberle, Draisaitl, Nuge, Pouliot, Yak, Maroon, Puljujarvi, ect ect ect.

          Also, if they pair him with Klefbom, he doesn’t really have to be the offensive guy. Klefbom, up till now, has had to be the responsible one being paired with Schultz. Imagine what Klef will be able to do with another big young Swede who can actually defend?

          I know I’m coming at this with high hopes, and in no way do I think Chi won the Hall trade, but I also don’t think Larsson is complete crap. He is a top pairing guy. Klef and Larsson together are a top pair. Big, mobile, smart, young, cheap. I mean, if they work out and develop further, this could end up looking like a brilliant trade.

        • pkam

          You can’t just use TOI as the key to determine the top 60 defenseman.

          If TOI is the key, then JSchultz is also a top pairing defenseman in the league when he was an Oilers.

          And I search for the top 60 TOI/game defenseman, I find this Leafs defenseman name Matt Hunwick. Perhaps you know this top pairing defenseman, but I admit I don’t have a clue who he is.

          • ubermiguel

            TOI is not a perfect method but it shows you who (given their rosters) the 30 NHL coaches trust the most and want on the ice as much as possible. In other words, their top pairing defencemen. Naturally as rosters change some guys in that list change.

            But of course you’ve chosen the two worst teams in the league for your counter-examples. I’m sure Mike Babcock and Todd McLellan would love your input on who they should have played instead of Schultz and Hunwick. Oh wait, they’re two of the best coaches in the league, so maybe they know what they’re doing.


    It’s obvious RHD are highly coveted in the NHL and we paid dearly for the privilege of adding one.

    Was Hall really the cancer in that Locker-room? Previous teammates threw him under the bus. Could there be somethin there? Will you believe he was the problem if we suddenly make a run for the playoffs next season?

    Could management see McDavid putting himself in the shadow (out of respect) of Hall?

    Yes, on paper this trade looks crappy, but only time will tell. Now McDavid runs our team, him and him alone.

    IF we get Lucic McDavid wil be sourounded with massive size and grit and we may just make a run to the playoffs. If this happens, I for one will be happy someone had the BALLS to end the freak show and Decade of Darkness once and for all.

    Let’s all be 100% honest, we don’t care HOW we win our 6th Stanley Cup. We can have an entire team of 3rd liners…as long as we win, right?

  • Halls points last year: 65 pts in 82 games.

    Oilers goal differential last year: – 43 (28th worst int eh league).

    Larsson and even Lucic will not replace Hall’s offence, but maybe they will cut down enough goals to make it a net positive.

    PS, lowest GD in western conference to make the playoffs was Minnesota with + 9. Offense is great, but do not kid yourselves on how badly Oilers needed D.

  • NDOilersfan

    I feel like my afternoon was summed up perfectly by the immortal words of Freeza:

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m usually far more composed. I’m just a little bit absolutely livid”

  • Mr.Ulanov

    Even at the end Taylor Hall was whining and pouting if you caught his TSN sound byte.

    He can feel slighted all he wants but the fact remains the solution to our problem is defense.

    We need more team chemistry and players who stand up for each other. I seem to recall hall leaving the ice fast during scrums and didn’t show any intensity after the whistle blew.

  • Masma

    I’m comfortable with this trade . Chia said at the draft that we value our players more than teams around the league. no Larsson does not put up as many points as Hall…. that’s because he is a defenseman people . We Oilers fans actually I mean you , value our players way more than you should from a 29-30th place team. Yes we lost the trade because Jersey got the better player(for now) but Halls points can be replaced with the talent we have , and our defence is improved with Larsson . how much improved? we shall see. but please stop your tears for the loss of the leader of a 29th place team

    • You have good point. We saw Hall as a world-class top tier LW and our possible future captain but other GMs might’ve saw him as a streaky scorer who has an attitude. That is what Yzerman clearly saw him as when he snubbed him off the olympic team

  • camdog

    As much as the Oilers were trading for Larsson, they were trading to get rid of Hall. That’s what this move says to me. Otherwise the trade makes absolutely no sense, but then again with PC you never know, he just likes to make bold moves once in awhile just because he can.

    • herb

      I think you’re partly right but you have no comprehension of the player we’re getting back.

      The new administration stated they would take last year to evaluate personnel and identify need. So they do so and because it goes against everything you believe to be true you and others attack.

      I’ve been calling for this type of trade for more than two years and have taking a ton of flack. I was the first to my knowledge to take that position.

      I could simply write until my fingers were sore and outline why this type of trade makes sense but it will contradict much of what you believe.

      This is the day the Oilers pivoted towards becoming a contender again.

      For 20 years I’ve been openly critical of the Oilers GM, scouts etc but today they have given me confidence that they will again be a team all of us can be proud of.

      • camdog

        “I could simply write until my fingers were sore and outline why this type of trade makes sense but it will contradict much of what you believe.”

        Please expand I’m not a “Fanboy”. I have nothing against trading Hall and think PC wanted to move him to change the culture in the room. Don’t think that really contradicts what you have been saying for the last 2 years at all…Still would have liked to get a couple of draft picks out of the deal.

        • herb

          What almost all fans & media that watched Hall bought into was that he was ‘the driver” which couldn’t be further from the truth. If Hall played a more traditional leftwing he would be a much more efficient player imo. The saying “less is more” describes exactly what Hall should subscribe to.

          What I saw in Halls play, almost no structure, irresponsible, difficult for line-mates to play with, a 100 foot game at best without grit, and an immaturity that defied leadership.

          Hall bought into the hockey analytics that Eakins preached and that imo is what impaired his development. He began playing the game to drive his corsi etc.

          Lack of Hockey IQ is an attribute that is undervalued by many and it has consequences. If you believe Hall made Leon better last season then we probably won’t agree about anything Hall related.

          Having said that I’d like the Oilers to start Leon on rightwing with McDavid and Nuge would centre the 2nd line, A good start for these three players is extremely important.

          If NJ had valued Hall higher than Larsson straight across we might have gotten a draft pick. Believe me when I say we win this trade, NJ needed to get a name offensive player and they paid dearly for that.

          Sorry for the brief reply but I’ve had a few beers celebrating today’s transaction.

          • camdog

            Fair response. I believe that Leon got tired near the end of the season and that’s why he slowed down. I do believe that both Hall and LD made each other both better. Hall has the wheels and yes LD does have an ability to think the game.

            The misrepresentation of LD’s season by some members of the analytics community was a bit silly.

          • Cowbell_Feva

            I couldn’t agree with you more herb. As compared to other elite players in the NHL, I don’t know another forwaRd that turned over as many pucks or fell down more than #4 did as an Oiler. The hockey IQ was almost non-existent. He is a natural specimen and elite athlete but relies on physical atributes with little mental alertness on the ice.

            The leadership issue is more of a question mark now.

            #97 is the leader the second Daly held up our logo. Now he has a good Dman with huge upside on his blueline and hopefully Lucic on his wing….

            Who knows? Maybe another move is in the works??

          • Slippedshot

            Honestly who cares if another move is in the works. What would it be Mcdavid for Dan Boyle? Siging lucic to a ridiculous long term deal?

            The fact that Chiarelli bought into this left handed, right handed D shows why he made so many bad trades in Boston. He should have ignored that nonsense and gone for the best player.

            This deal is questionable at best. When you trading a player like Hall go for something or equal value today not based on what you think could happen in the future. The expectations on Larsson are too high for him to succeed.

  • since79

    Started typing a comment then remembered how many times I could just cut and paste the same one of untrustworthy management bumblings… Been a fan along time it’s just getting tiring. Until I hear the team is finishing in the top ten playoff standings I’ll start looking elsewhere for entertainment!

  • Jaxon

    Now, did Demers know about possibly playing behind Larsson when they were courting him? Will this change his mind? Was he even hoping to play top pair minutes or is he more confident in his abilities as a 2nd pairing D? I guess we’ll find out Friday morning.


    Looks pretty strong.

    Will they still try to unload Fayne and grab a 3rd pair player like Zach Redmond for cheap?

    I’d also like to see them grab RHD Michael Paliotta and Morgan Ellis to play in the AHL and for callups. They should only cost around $800-900k.

  • Dirtski

    They break down metrics and find Lasrsson to be the #1 Dman NJ. Consider that NJ was ranked #1 in goals against and #30 for goals for. By almost all accounts Larsson was the best D-man. Your not going to get a lot of points on the least scoring team in the NHL – BUT he still faired relative to Letang and Lindholm in PP60 5×5 while facing the toughest competition and getting about 20% offensive zone starts.

    This is the #1 guy on the #1 defensive team in the entire NHL. Hmmmmmm…..

  • Can people stop being soo damn ignorant? It isn’t his fault he was traded for Hall. Just because he was overpaid for doesn’t make him a bad player. I bet of we traded Eberle+Yak for him you guys calling him an AHL no name would be calling him a 2nd pairing defensemen and a future Hall of Famer.