The Oilers Trade Taylor Hall to New Jersey

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait… let me compose myself. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *faints* The Oilers have reportedly traded Taylor Hall to New Jersey straight across for Adam Larsson.

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Taylor Hall has been traded to the New Jersey Devils straight across for Adam Larsson. From where I blog, I’m going to go out and say that this has to be one of the worst Oilers trades in the history of the franchise. As a straight up deal this is absolutely terrible. Taylor Hall is one of the best left wingers in the NHL and Adam Larsson is currently a second pairing defenseman, and, frankly, there’s no way to spin this in the Oilers favour. Chiarelli grossly overpaid for a right handed defenseman. Full stop.

Aside from writing hate filled letters to Chiarelli’s office I’m trying to hold out hope that he’s not done yet — it’s the only thing that will keep me from thinking that Chiarelli has lost the plot. Even so, Adam Larsson isn’t a top 20 defenseman in the league and Chiarelli felt the need to move one of the best left wingers in the league for him. The pressure on Larsson coming in to this season will be astronomical, and I find it hard to believe that he will be able to live up to the billing of being the guy they traded Taylor Hall to get.



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Upon first glance at his numbers, one might not be overly impressed. But there is much more to Larsson’s game than numbers. He is a workhorse, capable of logging major minutes in all situations. He has played with uncommon poise for a player of his age in a league against men in the Swedish Elite League the past two years. Simply put, there aren’t very many holes in Larsson’s game. He is the complete package, capable of taking over a game with his size, skating and elite two-way skills. He’s likely not going to ever contribute elite offensive numbers from the backend, but he is more than capable of rushing the puck end-to-end, making great stretch passes with his superb vision and unleashing a hard and accurate point shot.

From Last Word on Sports

Adam Larsson’s situation is very much a lesson on how to develop players. The young gun stepped into the NHL at the age of 18 after two solid seasons playing in Sweden’s top league. Confidence is always crucial, but to a youthful player, it’s everything.  Newcomers to the NHL are going to make mistakes, and they are especially glaring if they are playing defense or goaltending. Punishing players for every single error is counterproductive, especially in the modern NHL where teaching and communication are key.

For New Jersey, their defensive core is shaping up nicely thanks to Larsson, Merrill, Gelinas and Severson. If all goes well in their development, the Devils have the makings of a very good blueline. Adam Larsson may not be the flashiest guy, or put up the numbers that some expected him to, but his game has become so much more than that. Being trusted to play big minutes every night against the top players in the game is no small feat, and teams crave individuals like that. The 22-year old defenseman has the tools, and now the confidence, to be a top defender — now it’s time for him to prove it.


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2011-12 New Jersey Devils NHL 65 2 16 18 20 -7 5 1 1 4
2012-13 Albany Devils AHL 33 4 15 19 24 -1
2012-13 New Jersey Devils NHL 37 6 6 12 4
2013-14 New Jersey Devils NHL 26 1 2 3 12 -1
2013-14 Albany Devils AHL 33 3 16 19 16 2 4 2
2014-15 New Jersey Devils NHL 64 3 21 24 34 2
2014-15 Albany Devils AHL 1 2 2 1
2015-16 New Jersey Devils NHL 82 3 15 18 77 15
NHL Totals 274 9 60 69 155 5 1 1 4
The AHL cancels remainder of 2019-20 season

  • Yakubag10

    Solid trade! Some people are saying we got some magic beans in this deal, but I know Chia’s got the foresight to plant those beans, and get us that golden goose!!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    ON needs a serious glass of chill-juice. Larson is twenty three. 23!!!!! You’re letting your emotions get the best of you, Nancys! 😉

    He plays 23 minutes a night against the toughest competition in the Metropolitan division.

    Why is everyone simply looking at this as a black and white trade.

    Hall $6mil cap hit through 2020
    Larsson $4.16mil cap hit through 2021

    Larsson will likely turn into a Marc-Edouard Vlasic calibre shut-down Dman. Remember, that’s Olympic calibre.

    Hall is in his prime, right now, and he still doesn’t know how to win unless he’s at the WHC.

    Dmen and Centres are much more valuable than LWs. Hall was never going to go for a #1Dman.

    This is a trade that’ll need to be evaluated in 5 years, no now.

  • Oiler Al

    Not so much that Hall got traded, like many many fans on here, question is who they got in return.

    Hall was worth more than Larsson, who the Oilers could have picked up for free in 2011, instead of the Nuge, who supposedly was a shinier marble at the time.

    Bit of a fleece job here. There were many comments prior to today that Chia was desperate and was not going to win any trade here .

    I think Hall was a chip in a Suban and Peitroagelo trade, but Larrson?

    Now we know why Katz is keep the three stooges on the payroll. Couple more of these and Pete is a goner. You loose and draft for 7 years for this?

    My dog could have pulled off this deal.

    • oilerjed

      Im on the fence about the trade as we got a very good defencemen that is locked up for another 5 years. I would rather have shipped out Ebs but what are ya gonna do?
      Your comment(ok not just yours but the most prevalent on ON) about Hall’s worth is funny though. How do any of us have any clue as to Hall’s worth on the market?? WHat have we seen year over year in the NHL, a player is worth what someone else is willing to pay for them. Chia shopped Hall very hard so has the best idea as to value. I would thin that we would give Chia the benefit of the doubt on this one as he filled a giant need for the Oil and seems poised to fill the hole that he created on Friday.

  • huskamania

    Peter your an idiot, you f’in idiot hate this move if somthing else isn’t done you become the begets donkey in the NHL and if we get that pig Lucic who you think can replace hall in any way ,I will need to think of a bigger word for you then just idiot.

  • I am Batman

    I was irritated by the trade and still am, even though I did not mind trading Hall if we were to get a real NUMBER ONE D….

    ….Now, after hearing Hall’s interview in TSN, it kind of confirms that he is a pouty prima donna, he sounds entitled (as I feared), and he says he is “a proud person”… well, I wish he had shown that pride when he was an Oiler and we were losing all those games, no pride there cause he was getting paid I guess…. He came across entitled, the interview confirms it.

    we will never know, but maybe Chia did it to change the character in the room and address a need… yes player to player, not even close, but, this is a team sport… proof? How many stars do we have and we still finish in the bottom of the league?




    Ebs, pack your bags, I bet you end up in Colorado for a pick and an AHL player.

    • I am Batman

      I agree, there HAS to be a spin, something else has to be coming our way… OMG… Ilya Kovalchuk?????

      Sorry, this is not even funny. In what world do we keep Eberle and trade Hall??? For Larsson??? WHO IS LARSSON? EXACTLY!

      Oh yeah, we were going to hold until we know the details.

      We wait.

  • @Hallsy4

    Hall was a problem in the Room. Playoffs next year. Nurse, Larsson, Klef, Davidson for the future and with Sekera, Demers, Gryba? this year. Our D isn’t bad anymore. We have a starting goalie, and our top 4 will be unbelievable in 1 or 2 years. Playoffs this year. I would have Traded Hall for Lucic and Larsson and this is basically what happened. Bold indeed, I think we are no a decent team 🙂

  • Oil City Roller

    I have been saying it for years and I will say it again. The Oilers will suck for as long as Lowe and MacT are involved. Call it Karma, call it comeuppance for years of narcissistic arrogance, call it idiots meddling in the decisions of this club. I have been berated and banned for my opinions but the facts remain. Lowe and MacT are constants in this bizarre spectacle of a hockey team. People can flap their gums all they want about Chia being in charge but today shows that the clowns are still running the circus.

  • bazmagoo

    Hall’s a great player but if we are landing Lucic then he’s expendable. It’s the McDavid effect, better take advantage while it’s here. If Connor didn’t show up, we’d be hooped. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed Milan signs and Larsson turns into a stud dman.

  • herb

    So enjoyable to listen to Gregor’s rant. What’s wrong Jason, you think you know better than every hockey mind in the NHL?

    Jason you’ve been more wrong on so many players it’s laughable.

    You get almost everything completely backwards about “Halls a driver” that’s exactly what’s wrong with his game but I doubt you’ll get that!

  • paul wodehouse

    …at least Shea Weber’s gone from the Western Conference…Stamkos stays put and hey it’s only a matter of time til Katz sells McDavid…

    here we go oilers here we go!

    • RJ

      For the last ten years the Oilers have needed an elite puck-mover.

      After trading the team’s top asset (McDavid is untouchable), the Oilers end up needing an elite puck-moving defenceman.

      But they now have a surplus of defence-first dmen that figured so prominently in the Cup finals….wait a minute…

    • Seanaconda

      If the oilers are anywhere close to the playoffs people will be happy. Unless hall has a Hart year or a conn Smythe next year. but the Devils aren’t that good of a team so chances are that won’t happen.

  • Old Timer

    Looking forward to Jan.12, 2017
    A standing O for the return of #4. Let’s show him how much we appreciated his effort game in and game out. Good luck Taylor. Wishing you nothing but the best.

    • bazmagoo

      Spectacular player. I think KLowe and MacT should be ashamed they let him down so badly. Taylor was a loyal player, soldier during some pretty dark years. Best Oiler player for 5 years, until McDavid.

  • Am I right?

    If Hall has to be traded, I’d rather he go to Philly for Wayne Simmonds and Radko Gudas.

    Simmonds had 65 points, the same as Hall, but will fight all comers, makes 3.95. Gudas hits like crazy, is a RHD, think they had him in top pair at times, good for 20 points and is an RFA that made under 1 million last year. Philly needs someone on LW to play with Giroux, I think they would jump at this, even though both of those players are fan favorites in Philly.

    This one trade would help change the Oilers into one of the tougher teams in the league, while not losing any point production.

    I would much rather have this, than Larsson.

  • JuicyKillerWhale

    Im going to go on a little rant here. Lets start off with some basics, hall is one of the best players in his position, adam larsson is not even close to a top nhl defense man, while in my opinion he is a top 4, not a top 2. The oilers and the fans knew we would have to over pay to get a decent defenceman (as we likely will with Demers via free agency). But my word this fan base is so bipolar, turn it back 3 weeks and everyone was calling to trade everyone, and now that chia actually has the balls to do it, we all attack him. let it go, he did the best he could, its not like he had a better offer, this is the best we are going to get right now, and isn’t a defense man “right now” what we all called for? other teams knew are weak spots (defense) and they all were going to make us over pay, i dont see any situation here where we would have gotten a good deal. So quit whining, would you rather go into next season with THE EXACT SAME DEFENSE as last year?

  • drebstoc

    Honestly, I am not surprised that Chiarelli did something so horrendously moronic. I am surprised at the specific act of stupidity, but his track record of ineptitude is glaring. We as fans have looked the other way, tried to convince ourselves that we had landed a competent manager. This is the wakeup call. A very painful one at that.