Goodbye Taylor Hall

Well my worst nightmares are coming true; the Golden Boys of the Rebuild 2.0 era are slowly being traded away, and my hopes of watching an Oilers playoff run in the near future are once again being dashed. Hopefully I’m proven VERY wrong, and Adam Larsson will be exactly what the doctor ordered, but for now I will mourn the loss of Edmonton’s best player over the last 6 years. So long Taylor. Sorry things had to end this way. I will always be grateful for what you did during your time in Edmonton, and I’ll miss you dearly. Good luck in New Jersey!  

See you on the other side, 


  • Jay (not J)

    This is starting to get a bit maudlin. The team is going to be better off with Larsson than it was with Hall. Yes it was sad to see Hall go, but there aren’t going to be jokes next year about visually improved, there aren’t going to be embarrassing nights where the whole team craps out because it’s January and the pressure of stil being in it is too much. There’s going to be a significant chance that we see important hockey played in this city after the snow melts for the first time in 11 years. Best of luck to Taylor Hall, but I won’t miss worrying about the draft lottery one bit.

  • madjam

    Welcome Oilers to your new/next installment of a neutral zone trap team being devised/spirited by Chia . First Reinhart , now Larsson . Just got to get rid of Eberle and Hopkins for more defence to fit the new Oiler system of play . Whoppee we are becoming the new Jersey Devils .

  • L

    Man what an awful 2 days. Go online and look at hall holding that memorial cup twice. That’s a happy man. He wants championships. Can’t be that stupid to not realize that

  • L

    What’s with the “fans”. Implying we don’t bleed oiler colours? We don’t just ignore the crap management does as long as there’s a silver lining with your fans.

  • CLubhouse

    Chia is not done changing team count on that for good or bad.

    My bet is Eberle plus for shattenkirk happens people go bananas. He signs extension 6.5 for 6 before season starts.

    Lucic signs with us tomorrow overpay in term and $.

    All our deals for legit NHL players will be overpays this summer.

    Chia fiddles with AHL and 3rd line players and gets okay backup.

    Nuge and Nail stay at least until next offseason.

    Team is better for both deals and ufa signing even though all are overlpays. Starts to bring oil back to respectability.

  • BubbaZanetti

    I’m gonna wager that Edmonton is about to experience a Kleenex shortage ?

    With all the sobbing and crying and sniffles that has gone on the last 24 hours.

    Mind you, it kind of makes sense….whiny, pouty fans of a whiny, pouty player.

    Any chance that you all heading to Jersey with him?

  • L

    Serious question. If hall was an oiler and larsson was a devil. And the 2 teams played a full 82 games against eachother. Who would win? Now if hall was a devil. And larsson was an oiler. Played 82 games. Who would win?

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    For all you Hall and country music fans like myself, put on some Luke Bryan “Drink a Beer” and crack a cold one. Savor it.

    Then get excited about a much improved right side D. Go Oilers!

  • Oil City Roller

    Hey Jeanfarts, you always said anyone who wanted to trade Hall was an idiot but you also said Chia was way smarter than the fans and you were glad the average rube wasn’t running the team. Now that Chia traded Hall I’m curious on your whole Chia stance. Is he an idiot or are the people who wanted to trade Hall visionaries?

  • ifiwasgm

    So what worries me, is now our only on ice driver/leader is 19yrs old.

    Those who couldn’t see the on ice driver Hall was are blinded by years of disappointment.

    I hope the team is better but I remember when Smyth and his measly 20goals left the team and we totally sucked ever since. Smyth wasn’t about the 20goals, he dragged this team along, just as Hall has done.

    Without Hall this team was 15pts less overall last year (but we woulda had Matthews). Draisaitl would have had 20pts without Hall.

  • slats-west

    The trade was not full value for Hall – period.


    Somethings about Hall have always disturbed me

    1.Taylor Hall at WC “In truth, though, Hall had a miserable time of it when he was out there, making soft plays on the puck that by my count resulted in four turnovers, an embarrassing fail on a toe drag, and zero shots on goal.” Edmonton Journal

    2. A Gamer? He has 9 GW in the last 3 years.

    3. Teammates got your back Over the past 5 years I think there had to be about 5-6 times per season where Hall gets run into the glass and no one . . I mean No One comes to his defence.

    4. Captain? Nope

    Hall is a great left winger. I think if he wants he could be more but his body of work of being the Ultimate Team mate and Leader has a lot of question marks.

    Time for a change. Good Luck Taylor.

    • Are we at the point now where we’re rationalizing the loss of one of the best scoring wingers in the game for a decent-ish D man? Really?

      You do realize we basically have ONE scoring line now, right?

    • slats-west

      I realize something much worse …..that this team has not been to the playoffs in the last 10 years.

      This is about “building the best team” ….it’s not about having ” skilled forwards” who can’t play as a team or who can’t win. We need change. Chia is “building a team”.