Goodbye Taylor Hall

Well my worst nightmares are coming true; the Golden Boys of the Rebuild 2.0 era are slowly being traded away, and my hopes of watching an Oilers playoff run in the near future are once again being dashed. Hopefully I’m proven VERY wrong, and Adam Larsson will be exactly what the doctor ordered, but for now I will mourn the loss of Edmonton’s best player over the last 6 years. So long Taylor. Sorry things had to end this way. I will always be grateful for what you did during your time in Edmonton, and I’ll miss you dearly. Good luck in New Jersey!  

See you on the other side, 


  • Gravis82

    I hope the oil fall flat on their face for this next year and it all unravels. Which it will. I am a die hard fan for 20 years, but I literally don’t care anymore.

    I am so done with this team.

    Then they bring in Shero on the radio this afternoon to butter us up and tell us everything is going to be ok. Ridiculous.

  • OilBlood

    Hall was not good in the locker room and that’s why this trade was done. Sorry call it hearsay or whatever you want. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. I felt like the turning point where Tmac realized this was when he kicked hall to the end of the bench. Realized he is uncoachable and plays more for the name on the back than the crest on the front.

    The Edmonton Oilers TEAM is better today than it was yesterday.

    Good luck Taylor hopefully this trade is a serious attitude adjustment.

    Welcome Adam Larsson!

    • There’s no way you can prove any of this. I could cite as many direct observations that Hall was loved by the guys and it wouldn’t mean Jack.

      Unless you are personally in the room and involved with the team it’s all fan boy talk. If you were any of those things you wouldn’t be posting here.

      • OilBlood

        My eyes, ears and common sense are proof enough. Watch him on the ice, listen to him off of it, listen to his conference call after the trade and your deaf if you don’t hear the egomaniac he is. He can’t believe how he wasn’t seen as the main fix. He sounded like a spoiled brat not a 24 year old professional.

        From Darren Dreger a season and a half ago since he’s more qualified than I am:

        “It’s not one player; it’s the collection of players that make up a sagging work ethic and a lack of culture,” he said. “But if you wanted to put a face on it or a name to it, that would be Taylor Hall. Taylor Hall, at least again from a culture standpoint, more in the room not necessarily on the ice, hasn’t been what they’d hoped he would be.”

        Low return, can never make a team canada unless it’s the watered down world championship.

        The only place he is viewed as being worth a pieterangelo or Subban is in Edmonton. Wake up.

      • L

        This hall cancer in the dressing room is just people looking at him emotionally destroyed on the bench. He might not have the greatest skill but I’ve never seen a player risk his health as much as hall has just to get a fricking goal. Goals mean wins. That’s all taylor wanted. And he proved his leadership by not wanting to leave. And connor will second that to whoever asks him. Almost need to ignore these people that have NO idea what it’s like in that dressing room

    • Moneyball1976

      Funny, thats the same kind of unsubstantiated nonsense I have heard about Larsson. Maybe Larsson is a cancer in the dressing room and thats why he NJ traded him?

      • BubbaZanetti

        Nice try, unfortunately for you, all the talk coming out of Jersey, not only from mgmt, and team mates but also former players is positive.
        Good team-mate, hard worker, a leader in the dressing room.
        How many guys have come forward to speak on behalf of Hall….. ( cue the crickets )

        Get over it, he’s gone.

    • Bubba Train

      That must be why Oilers chose Hall as a roommate and Mentor for Connor. He was poison, right?

      Unless you have proof, character assassination is in poor taste.

  • Heschultzhescores

    I get we dumped Taylor Hall’s salary, but we could have dumped softer guys like Eberle and Yak, and got a similar D-man. Taylor Hall was a “ME” man and I think that’s why he’s gone…but you put him on a team with a real leader and he won’t be able to carry that attitude with him. It’s understandable what they did, but they got too little.

    • MrBung

      The Oilers can’t get anything for Yak. Maybe a 4th round pick. Ray Ferraro on Yakupov: “I had someone describe his style to me as a guy who looks like he’s being chased by bees.”

  • okchattrick

    To me, Hall was not a great player, he was just a good player and IMHO he was a puck hog. People are mourning over this trade lie it was the Gretzky trade (it wasn’t even close). Just maybe, Hall was the “cancer” in the locker room.

  • MrBung

    Peter Chiarelli was fired from Boston for a reason. A GM is cleaning up his mess in Boston and now he is “cleaning” up a mess left by MacT and Howson…which for some reason are still part of the management team. Strange.

    I can’t wait to see the bloated, long term deal they give Lucic.

  • DrillForOil

    I’m in the minority that is happy with this deal for the most part – a 2nd rd pick would have been nice.

    Hall was good but not great – overrated because of this dumpster fire of a team. They didn’t trade away one of the best wingers in the game people. Hall is a first line winger but nowhere close to elite. If he was close to being part of that upper crust we’d see him on Olympic or WC rosters.

    Hall’s replacement was just drafted last week.

  • madjam

    Welcome Oilers to your new/next installment of a neutral zone trap team being devised/spirited by Chia . First Reinhart , now Larsson . Just got to get rid of Eberle and Hopkins for more defence to fit the new Oiler system of play . Whoppee we are becoming the new Jersey Devils .

  • Man, to be a fly on the wall during TMac and Chia’s discussions throughout the season when things went off the rails…
    I cannot imagine Hall being part of the problem for the team, but I could easily see a situation where TMac said look Pete, this team is not moving forward with Hall on it, so if you can get a player we need…
    At the very least, I don’t think TMac was starkly defending Hall from the rumours circulating that he was not a team-player in the dressing room. I bet they had some very frank discussions on how well he fits and what kind of leadership he brings (or lack thereof). Sadly, we’ll never really know the full story, just shameless speculation.

  • Jay (not J)

    This is starting to get a bit maudlin. The team is going to be better off with Larsson than it was with Hall. Yes it was sad to see Hall go, but there aren’t going to be jokes next year about visually improved, there aren’t going to be embarrassing nights where the whole team craps out because it’s January and the pressure of stil being in it is too much. There’s going to be a significant chance that we see important hockey played in this city after the snow melts for the first time in 11 years. Best of luck to Taylor Hall, but I won’t miss worrying about the draft lottery one bit.

  • Renegade

    I don’t really like the trade at face value, but maybe Chia sees something in Larsson. This is a bold move. Tambellini was accused of doing nothing and MacTavish over-promised and under delivered. We finally have a GM that is willing to try something and people still aren’t happy. I’m pretty sure there is a plan, maybe we do sign Lucic and Demers tomorrow, then you could think of the trade as Hall for Lucic, Demers, and Larsson, which I probably would do this trade. It’s all in your perspective. Plus Lucic is a veteran, whom also won a cup, we could use a little leadership like that on the team.

  • bcoil

    Denise Potvin this AM on the NHL channel said that in his opinion NJ wins the trade for the next two years but after that and over the length of their careers Oilers wins with Larsson easily Not even close in his opinion he is very high on Larsson. That opinion from a very good defence man.

    • @Hallsy4

      That’s what Daddy likes to hear. Also, we should score enough with McD and his merry band of brothers from Rebuild 3.0 and the straglers from 2.0. A minute munching Shut down D man who was good last year, plus 15 with all D zone Starts on not a great team. He is also young and signed to a good contract. It is tough to lose Hallsy, but I think next year we have a shot at playoffs barring a huge suprise tomorrow and for the rest of the summer. The team already feels way different now that he’s gone. Mixed feelings for sure as we lost a good player, but it for sure feels different, which we needed. Playoffs 🙂 Do you guys think Nuge or Ebs will be gone by the end of summer as well? TOmmorow will be interesting, maybe Chia has got a bug in Okposos ear too

  • ifiwasgm

    So what worries me, is now our only on ice driver/leader is 19yrs old.

    Those who couldn’t see the on ice driver Hall was are blinded by years of disappointment.

    I hope the team is better but I remember when Smyth and his measly 20goals left the team and we totally sucked ever since. Smyth wasn’t about the 20goals, he dragged this team along, just as Hall has done.

    Without Hall this team was 15pts less overall last year (but we woulda had Matthews). Draisaitl would have had 20pts without Hall.

  • Lamar's Javelin

    uh playoffs are far closer than they were with Taylor. The TEAM that laces up for the home opener is simply going to be several dynamic steps ahead of what we finished with last year. I didn’t want #4 to leave either but in the end… so what? It wasn’t working and you have to cut off a few roses to get the whole plant to blossom sometimes.

  • BubbaZanetti

    I’m gonna wager that Edmonton is about to experience a Kleenex shortage ?

    With all the sobbing and crying and sniffles that has gone on the last 24 hours.

    Mind you, it kind of makes sense….whiny, pouty fans of a whiny, pouty player.

    Any chance that you all heading to Jersey with him?