The Oilers Sign Milan Lucic


After years of hoping and wishing, the Edmonton Oilers have finally acquired Milan Lucic! It wasn’t cheap, though, as they signed the big left winger to a 7-year $42 million contract.

Anybody that has been reading this website for a while knows how often we’ve written about trying to find a “Lucic type” player. As far as power forwards go, Lucic is the alpha. He’s a big, strong, mean forward that can put the puck in the net, work the boards down, and pummel your face if necessary. For a lot of Oilers fans, this acquisition has been a long time coming especially when you consider the Bruins drafted Lucic with the 2nd round pick that the Oilers sent them for Sergei Samsonov, back in 06. It also goes without saying that Milan Lucic is a necessary add considering Peter Chiarelli traded his best left winger a few days ago.

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From where I blog, this is an exciting signing for the Oilers, but it comes with a heaping portion of risk. I love Milan Lucic, and I always have, but the problem I have with his signing is the length of the contract combined with a no-move clause throughout — he got a massive deal. That said, worrying about what happens with Lucic years from now seems like a waste of energy today. For now, let’s take a minute to celebrate the signing of an absolute monster. This is a player we’ve coveted for years, and he’s finally ours. 




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From Jewels from the Crown

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It’s not necessarily bad news for LA. If Lucic’s asking price was $6 million plus, re-signing him would have hamstrung the Kings’ salary cap freedom even more than it had been previously. It gives LA room to pursue a free agent and allows them to hold on to their young forwards, including Tyler Toffoli, who will command a major raise after next year. Having said that, Lucic’s departure leaves a major hole next to Anze Kopitar, and there are plenty of questions about where the scoring will come from next season beyond Kopitar, Toffoli, and Jeff Carter.


He compares favorably with some of the players in the 6-7 (million) range, and I’d take him over guys like Vanek, Marleau, and Seabrook based on age, fit, and ability. Only eight wingers make more than $7 million, though. You can nitpick about whether Lucic is a better value than Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash right now, but it’s hard to argue that Lucic belongs in that group with career highs of 30 goals and 62 points.




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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2007-08 Boston Bruins NHL 77 8 19 27 89 -2 7 2 0 2 4
2008-09 Boston Bruins NHL 72 17 25 42 136 17 10 3 6 9 43
2009-10 Boston Bruins NHL 50 9 11 20 44 -7 13 5 4 9 19
2010-11 Boston Bruins NHL 79 30 32 62 121 28 25 5 7 12 63
2011-12 Boston Bruins NHL 81 26 35 61 135 7 7 0 3 3 8
2012-13 Boston Bruins NHL 46 7 20 27 75 8 22 7 12 19 14
2013-14 Boston Bruins NHL 80 24 35 59 91 30 12 4 3 7 4
2014-15 Boston Bruins NHL 81 18 26 44 81 13
2015-16 Los Angeles Kings NHL 81 20 35 55 79 26 5 0 3 3 4
NHL Totals 647 159 238 397 851 101 26 38 64 159



What do you think, Nation? Was acquiring Lucic worth the money and contract that the Oilers gave him? Time will tell, as it looks like ol’ Milan is going to be around for a long time. 

  • TurkeyLips

    Lucic in the handshake line against Montreal was a disgrace. I remember being ashamed Iginla was on the same team as him.

    Makes the Oilers even more hateable with that oaf on their team.

  • BlazingSaitls


    Talk about murderers row.

    Even though fighting is on the decline the old school hockey fan in me is doing backflips about the Oilers team toughness going into next year.

    No one better F with any Oilers player. Even if you mess with Hendricks Nurse will throw down!

  • The Line up sure does look much more balanced and with Larsson pushing everyone down a notch the Defence could hold it’s own, depending who get’s injured next year.

    Sekera Larsson
    Kelfbom Davidson
    Nurse Fayne

    I really like a quote Dreger had

    “Maybe everyone is undervaluing Larsson and overvaluing Hall”

        • Explicit

          You seem really hung up on the length. Every team in hockey has a bad contract on the books. Flames just signed a 31 year old Brouwer to 4 years. It’s the cost of doing business. If we have less nikitins and ferences and more Lucic’s I’m fine with it. Plus you have absolutely no idea how Lucic will preform in the last few years of this contract so your worried about hypotheticals. I can’t remember you complaining about Sekera’s signing last year that pays him half a mil less until he’s 35

          Bottom line for me, the oilers just got more balanced, tougher to play against and the odds of me watching a basement dweller all season has been reduced. I’m excited

          • Zarny

            Umm yes, it’s called asset management. “Everyone” having bad contracts on their books doesn’t make it smart lol.

            You never know what a player will be like in 5 years. But the primary role of history is to learn from it. Tulsky shows that offense peaks ~ 25 and drops ~ 20% at 30+. 1st & 2nd line players fair better but 6’4″ beasts do not. By year 5 Lucic could very well look like Nikitin, Ference, Brown, Heatley, Lecavalier etc when they were washed up. Could Lucic buck the trend? Sure, but it’s not likely.

            And then you have him chewing up $6M a year when Draisaitl, Nurse, Puljuvari etc need to be (re)signed.

            Chi ditched Saad and Shaw because they had too much dead money invested in Bickell. So if Lucic craters who will you want the Oilers to ditch? Draisaitl, Nurse, or Puljuljarvi? Or would you prefer throwing away a 1st or 2nd pick?

            Not worrying about what happens at the end of a contract never ends well.

            And no, I didn’t like Sekera @ 5 years either.

          • Randaman

            So let’s live in fear only bringing in second tier free agents and go with the status quo of being a lottery team. Step outside of the bubble Zarny.

            Risk is part of success in every walk of life.

          • OILFANMEXICO

            Never knew you liked analytics so much. Ever watch the movie Moneyball? How’d that work out for them?

            Lucic is the best thing for this team and you know it in all your veins. Your just pissed we overpaid on term.

            You can’t tell me we would have been a better team without Lucic.

            If your a true Oiler fan you will suck it up and hope for the best.

            Or constantly complain about why Chiarelli is doing everything wrong, your choice.

            Here’s an after thought, what if the cap goes up in 4 years, hmmm what’s the stats on that happening.

          • wiseguy

            I look at it this way. If Lucic was signed to $6mill x 5 years by LA and they offered to trade him to us for a 1st round draft pick in 2021, would we take it? I’m thinking we would in a heartbeat! If we have to trade his front loaded contract with a 1st round pick on 2021 to a team like Arizona (see Datsyuk contract), they’d take it. The result would be the same, so the long term really isn’t much of a concern.

          • Zarny

            1. No, I doubt the Oilers or any team will part with a 1st for Lucic in 2021 when he’s 32 lol.

            2. His contract isn’t front loaded.

            3. Sure Arz might take it; along with two 2nd round picks or perhaps a young talent similar to Teravainen. That was the price for Chi to unload Bickell’s toxic contract.

            Many may be perfectly fine with having to throw away assets in 5 or 6 years to unload Lucic. But don’t pretend like there isn’t significant risk of having to do that.

            If the Oilers win a Cup in the next few years I suspect not many will care. But if they don’t win a Cup and have to offload a very good player similar to Saad or Shaw to keep a broken down Lucic who puts up less than 40 pts, which further reduces their chances of winning a Cup, don’t b*tch because it’s what you wanted.

          • jonnyquixote

            1. You didn’t understand what he’s saying.

            He’s asking if you (anyone) would trade a 1st in 2021 for Lucic right now on a 5 year contract.

            If so, how would that be different than signing him to this deal and then using that 2021 1st in 5 years time to dump the remainder of the contract.

            It’s an interesting way of looking at things. We added Lucic for nothing but cap space. If we have to unload an asset to get rid of him later, it’s not the end of the world.

            One just hopes that the “in the meantime” makes it worthwhile.

        • Randaman

          Sounds like same old was just fine with you Zarny.

          The term is a little long but that is what it takes. Everybody would match the term. He actually took less money and is four years younger than Backes.

          Not so bad if it helps get us a cup! That is the goal, right?

        • herb

          You know, I’ve called you out before and you choose not to respond so let me try and explain something to you because I’ve had a couple pops and I’ll take the bait.

          Peter Chiarelli and Todd Mclellan when hired announced that they would take last year to evaluate what they had and what they needed.

          So after identify / assessing they moved the one player that you believed was the corner-stone (your hero) of this franchise.

          That kinda messed with everything you thought you knew about the game. So either you’re not too bright or Peter Chiarelli and Todd Mclellan are village idiots.

          I’m guessing Peter Chiarelli and Todd Mclellan are village idiots cause I think you’re so smart ~ sarcasm.

          ps – I’ve posted for moving Hall for a d-man for more than two years but what do I know? I posted similar about the Oilers having the weakest veteran core to lead the kids 6 yrs ago. Or bringing back Symth at 5.5M or signing Gagner for more than 2M and MacT signing him at 4.85M.

          So I’ll take my chances and go with that LOL

          • Zarny

            I don’t have “heroes” because I’m not 12 lol.

            I don’t have a problem with trading Hall. I have a problem pissing that kind of talent away and still not having a top pair D.

            Getting taken out behind the woodshed is simply never good for a franchise and that’s what happened to Chiarelli.

          • herb

            You and I aren’t going to agree about Hall’s “value” which is different than “talent”.

            But here’s my take without getting long-winded – no team in the NHL can win or compete for a the Cup if Taylor is considered the most talented player on the team, that’s my belief.

            I’m probably one of the few guys in Edmonton who actually knew of Larsson before the Hall trade and I stated soon afterwards that Edmonton won this trade. Lets agree to talk in two years time.

            Hall isn’t who you think he is!

          • Zarny

            You’re free to believe what you want. One of the many great things about living in Canada.

            And no we’re not going to agree. You can certainly win with Hall being your best player. It has never and will never be simply about your best player.

            Why wait 2 years? McDavid’s ELC will be up by then. The Oilers don’t have 2 years to wait.

            Let’s chat at Christmas because if Larsson isn’t dominating games as a bona fide 1D putting up 50+ pts like Doughty or Hedman the Oilers lost the trade.

          • Ed in Edmonton 1

            “if Larsson isn’t dominating games as a bona fide 1D putting up 50+ pts like Doughty or Hedman the Oilers lost the trade.”

            If that’s your yardstick for evaluating Larsen, then I suggest you are not being anything more than a Hall fanboy. 50 point season for a Dman? He would need to outscore the likes of Peiterangelo, Vlasic, Keith amongst others This for a guy who no one claims will ever be a great scorer. This might be equivalent to a Devil’s fan claiming if Hall isn’t killing penalties (cause this is something Larssen does well) then the trade is lost.

            The only question an Oiler fan should ask themselves is are the Oilers a better team with Larsen vs Hall.. A Hall fan look at it the way you suggest.

          • Zarny

            Sorry but I disagree. Hall is by no means perfect, but go check out any article on the trade by any source you want. The comparables for what Hall brings are players like Seguin, Crosby, Benn, Perry etc. Literally players Chiarelli and every GM in the league would crash through doors to acquire. That’s the type of player he is regardless of what some fans want to tell themselves. He is elite. Go check any number

            Adam Larsson is not. Full stop. He is very good but he isn’t an elite defender and he is certainly isn’t on the same planet as an elite scorer even for defensemen. Compared to Hall, Larsson is pedestrian and replaceable.

            Chiarelli obviously feels grossly overpaying for a D he likes is worth it. I do not. I would never trade an elite player for sub-par return. Not a single analyst has called the trade good or fair for Edm. The best they do is saying “welp, in order to get a D you have to grossly overpay and getting taken out behind the woodshed”. I simply don’t agree and never will.

            Chiarelli got hosed trading Seguin. He got hosed trading for Reinhart. And now he’s been hosed trading Hall. Chiarelli and apparently some fans got tunnel vision focusing only on what a player like Hall is missing instead of everything he provides. And the Oilers are poorer for it.

            So no, I don’t judge whether the trade was good by whether the Oilers simply move up the standings a bit. They would have done that simply by McDavid and Klefbom not being injured. I judge this trade by what Larsson does on the ice. And for the trade to be fair he has to bring the same elite level game for his position as the player dished out. Otherwise the analysts are correct and the Oilers got hosed.

          • herb

            Whatever “fanboy”

            And if Hall is back-checking and playing a 200 foot game, wearing the “C” and providing Messier-like leadership, sticking up for himself and teammates, making those around him better and killing penalties, I’ll retract every word.

          • Zarny

            Sure, and if Larsson is dominating defensively and crushing 50+ pts a year like a Norris candidate while providing leadership like Niklas Lidstrom and making everyone around him better by Christmas then I’ll retract every word.

            Because if you’re going to hold Hall up to being perfect then the guy he was traded for better be as well.

            It is funny watching the mental gymnastics many go through to convince themselves the Oilers didn’t taken out behind the woodshed lol.

          • herb

            So let me get this right, the metric to measure this trade is – if Larsson isn’t Niklas Lidstrom by Christmas then Chiarelli was taken out behind the woodshed on the trade.

            In what universe are Hall and Lidstrom consider equal talents?

            In post #315 if you didn’t notice I mention nada about point production, slamming his stick against the boards, dropping F-bombs all over the ice. Screaming at teammates, told to go sit at the end of the bench, crying to the ref etc

          • '68 Fire Chicken

            Bahahaa. Hall killing penalties…. sticking up for team mates !?!?! Guy admitted he avoid scrums. Throws him off his game….. you wont be retracting anything you said.

            Hall scored points. Hall held on to the puck to long. Hall left team mates out to dry in scrums. Hall likes to pout amd throw fits when play doesnt go his way. Hall has never scored 30 goals. Hall is not a PPG Nhler.

            Hall is gone. Get over it. He wasnt perfect. He wasnt carrying this team. And he really didnt bring enough to the table. 20 some goals a year…. people act like we traded Crosby.


    Just watched Lucic presser, what a stand-up guy he is. So glad he’s wearing our jersey now. Sounds like he will make our team more accountable in the locker-room

    As well as bringing back the Original Oilers style of hockey(Hard hitting, play for 60 min). Haven’t been this happy since McDavid lottery.

  • hags437

    Love the signing of Looch even more so after listening to the presser. He talked about a swagger and attitude and I loved the honesty about not being intimidated when he came into Edm to play the Oilers. Awesome stuff. That’s all changed and I love it. When all of you watched the playoffs in the last few years, honestly, can you envision Nuge, Ebs and Hall carrying the team to a Cup. Not a chance in hell. 1 or 2 of those guys with guys like Lucic, Maroon etc. That’s how you win a Cup

  • Oiler101

    Remember that time Big Mac KO’d that flame( sorry forgotten his name he was so relevant)… And Dave Brown and the dim sleeper?…. The south won’t rise again my friends:)

  • Oscar Goldman

    Like everyone I am not thrilled with the term. Maybe by the time his productivity drops he will have taught this team enough about attitude and swagger that those changes will outlast the term of this deal.

  • Mooseroni

    I brought this up a few times in the past…annoying oilers have so many retired numbers. If oilers create another dynasty here there will not be enough numbers to ice a team, may have to break into the 100s.

    Gretzky should be the only jersey number off the books, everything else, IMO is fair game.

    • Spydyr

      It appears as you have no sense of history and you never saw the retired players play in their primes and win the Cup.

      I hope with all my heart the Oilers have another dynasty and retire another half a dozen numbers.

      97 would look pretty good in the rafters.

    • Seanaconda

      I’ll personally be so happy if we run out of numbers we have what 6 retired? And a hall of fame rule plus Hamilton from the wha. Sooo yes if 94 other players from the oilers make the hall of fame while I’m alive somehow we will probably have 50 cups by the time I’m dead edit you said enough to ice a team so 71 players. But still

  • camdog

    Tough what to think of the contract. On one hand it’s too long on another hand it beats paying Ference, Nikitin even more money not to even play…Cap should go up in 4 years so it won’t have as bad an impact on the team as Mact’s bad signings, theoretically…

  • Suzycue123

    Milan lucic…

    “No one was ever scared of playing the oilers…”

    One man does change that significantly. The attitude and swagger will run off.

    I mean him and kassian are the new bash brothers.!!!

    • Cheap Shot Charlie

      Agreed. When you have at least one guy on the ice at all times who will punch your face in if you cross the line, you start to mind your manners a bit more. We just need to bulk RNH up by about 150lbs.

  • bored

    This may turn out to be the best free agent signing in Edmonton…ever.

    This is a guy that makes everyone on his team a bit more confident and a bit more relaxed. Don’t underestimate how much his sheer presence will benefit the team…

      • bored

        Sure, but that’s what makes it bold. At this point, given the current culture around the team – a bold move is required. I think the roster today is leaps and bounds better than the roster a week ago…still more to do, but I’m finally seeing an actual team be created rather than a bunch of guys good at hockey!

          • bored

            I think that is all we’ve seen in the last decade.

            Connor McDavid
            Taylor Hall
            Even Shultz to some degree

            A bunch of guys good at playing hockey. However, not a team capable of playing good hockey. The chemistry was all wrong, the type of players added in the last couple days will change that for the better…IMHO.

            Looch is everything the Oil have lacked the past decade. I’m all for paying for it now…

            Nor can We just look at it as Hall for Larrsen, but rather rearranging the composition of the team…and from my end it looks better already.

  • madjam

    Doubt we are finished yet adding another significant piece before season starts with over 7.M in cap space .

    Inclined to think it will be a defenseman seeing as R defenseman Gryba and Clendening are now unlikely . Will it be Demers or someone else ?

  • #1 overall waivers pick

    Who is Adam Larsson? Oilers counting on Swede to fill big defensive need

    Like Edmonton, New Jersey was desperately searching for a “cornerstone” defenceman when they picked Larsson with the No. 4 pick at the 2011 draft in Minnesota. They had him ranked in their top three.

    “Going into the year he was projected maybe to be the top guy,” recalled David Conte, the Devils head of amateur scouting at the time. “I envisioned him being a guy you’d have out there 20-23 minutes a game and being pretty much a complete, all-around player.”

    Though general reaction has mostly condemned the move for Edmonton, Conte thinks the Oilers did well to solve a need. He believes Larsson is already reaching the potential New Jersey believed he had, that of a top-pairing defenceman capable of moving the puck effectively while soaking up big minutes.

    Conte, who was relieved of his duties with the Devils last summer, still rhymes statistics of the club and its players off the top of his head. He notes Larsson led the defence with 17 even-strength points, a glowing positive given the responsibilities he was tasked with in New Jersey.

    The Devils used Larsson on their top pair, matching him against top lines with a heavy number of starts in the defensive zone. He saw next to no time on the power play and absorbed the third-most penalty killing minutes of any defenceman in the league for the Devils eighth-ranked penalty kill.

    The minutes weren’t easy, yet Conte said Larsson managed to more than hold his own.

    Conte, who still watches the Devils and NHL closely, believes Larsson made “big strides” in a shutdown role “on a team that didn’t score in front of him. And his offence should greatly improve because he’ll do a little better moving the puck up to Connor McDavid than he would Tyler Kennedy.”

    Larsson’s 17 even-strength points would have actually led the Oilers defence last season.

    His development followed a sometimes rocky path. Entering the league as a raw teenager, Larsson bounced in and out of the Devils lineup and was briefly sent to the AHL.

    Chiarelli is gambling on Larsson’s upside, a bet that may be worth taking given the sometimes lengthy curve of development for defencemen. Just a few years ago, Victor Hedman, another big, easy-moving Swede picked in the top-five, was deemed to be a draft misfire for Tampa. He broke out with 13 goals and 55 points in his fifth NHL season and is now a Norris Trophy contender.

    Conte acknowledges that Larsson is a different player than Hedman, but may just boast the same upside.

    “I guess the question you would ask and a better way to put it is if Tampa had been able to trade Hedman for Hall three years ago what would anybody have said? Probably the same thing they’re saying now,” Conte said.

    “And if they did it today they’d be saying ‘What’s Tampa thinking?'”

    Conte said Larsson is the sort of person dedicated to improvement, someone who thinks team first. He believes Larsson is already a defenceman of top-pairing quality and will feed that need immediately for the Oilers.

    “It’s not like he’s taking Kevin Lowe’s place,” Conte said. “They’ve got great forwards, (but) they’ve got to get the puck before they can do anything. Whether the fans want the glitz and glamour and (a) spectacular player, the guys on the team that are getting the puck and getting that first pass they’re going to like him.”

  • bazmagoo

    Pretty stoked to have Milan on the team, changes our dynamic on the ice and in the locker room. Personally I’d trade Hall for Lucic straight up, so the fact that we got Larsson out of New Jersey is a bonus.

  • fisherprice

    I still think it was a mistake to trade Hall and that Lucic is signed for too long.

    But whatever, I still feel confident this will be a pretty decent team next season and am ready get on board. I’ll worry about the $$ on Lucic’s contract when he stops producing at a commiserate rate. For now, I’m eager to watch him crunch our opponents bones to dust and eat their brains. Plus, listening to him gush like a little schoolgirl about McDavid like all the rest of us made me like the guy a whole lot more.

  • hagar

    One thing that stood out to me when watching Kassian come in was how much he played the ice like he came from a team that taught him how to do it properly.

    The way his head is always on a swivel, the way he directs traffic.. it’s going to stand out pretty strongly when Lucic is on the ice, just wait and see.

    Players that know how to win, and have been on a winning team, are very aware of their positioning, and it’s something we lack massively.

    Random flashes of brilliance from Hall and Eberle don’t make a solid team. We spend endless games watching our guys pick and choose when to play well, then look like busts the very next day.

    Lots of value in a consistent strong player. He may not put up as many points as Hall, but I bet he will create more wins via consistent play, and knocking players off the puck like strong power forwards do to create and save chances.

  • jbogus

    things I am grateful for. About to watch a cycle again, a simple dump and chase leading to a body check then getting the puck back. genuine excitement from me.