The Oilers Sign Milan Lucic


After years of hoping and wishing, the Edmonton Oilers have finally acquired Milan Lucic! It wasn’t cheap, though, as they signed the big left winger to a 7-year $42 million contract.

Anybody that has been reading this website for a while knows how often we’ve written about trying to find a “Lucic type” player. As far as power forwards go, Lucic is the alpha. He’s a big, strong, mean forward that can put the puck in the net, work the boards down, and pummel your face if necessary. For a lot of Oilers fans, this acquisition has been a long time coming especially when you consider the Bruins drafted Lucic with the 2nd round pick that the Oilers sent them for Sergei Samsonov, back in 06. It also goes without saying that Milan Lucic is a necessary add considering Peter Chiarelli traded his best left winger a few days ago.

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From where I blog, this is an exciting signing for the Oilers, but it comes with a heaping portion of risk. I love Milan Lucic, and I always have, but the problem I have with his signing is the length of the contract combined with a no-move clause throughout — he got a massive deal. That said, worrying about what happens with Lucic years from now seems like a waste of energy today. For now, let’s take a minute to celebrate the signing of an absolute monster. This is a player we’ve coveted for years, and he’s finally ours. 




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From Jewels from the Crown

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It’s not necessarily bad news for LA. If Lucic’s asking price was $6 million plus, re-signing him would have hamstrung the Kings’ salary cap freedom even more than it had been previously. It gives LA room to pursue a free agent and allows them to hold on to their young forwards, including Tyler Toffoli, who will command a major raise after next year. Having said that, Lucic’s departure leaves a major hole next to Anze Kopitar, and there are plenty of questions about where the scoring will come from next season beyond Kopitar, Toffoli, and Jeff Carter.


He compares favorably with some of the players in the 6-7 (million) range, and I’d take him over guys like Vanek, Marleau, and Seabrook based on age, fit, and ability. Only eight wingers make more than $7 million, though. You can nitpick about whether Lucic is a better value than Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash right now, but it’s hard to argue that Lucic belongs in that group with career highs of 30 goals and 62 points.




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Oilersnation Radio Episode 72 – Beer, BoA and Best Friends
Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2007-08 Boston Bruins NHL 77 8 19 27 89 -2 7 2 2 4
2008-09 Boston Bruins NHL 72 17 25 42 136 17 10 3 6 9 43
2009-10 Boston Bruins NHL 50 9 11 20 44 -7 13 5 4 9 19
2010-11 Boston Bruins NHL 79 30 32 62 121 28 25 5 7 12 63
2011-12 Boston Bruins NHL 81 26 35 61 135 7 7 3 3 8
2012-13 Boston Bruins NHL 46 7 20 27 75 8 22 7 12 19 14
2013-14 Boston Bruins NHL 80 24 35 59 91 30 12 4 3 7 4
2014-15 Boston Bruins NHL 81 18 26 44 81 13
2015-16 Los Angeles Kings NHL 81 20 35 55 79 26 5 3 3 4
NHL Totals 647 159 238 397 851 101 26 38 64 159



What do you think, Nation? Was acquiring Lucic worth the money and contract that the Oilers gave him? Time will tell, as it looks like ol’ Milan is going to be around for a long time. 

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    This makes the Hall trade bearable. The return wasn’t as good as I had hoped but it freed up cap space for Lucic and gave us a right d-man who can play a lot of minutes.

    Lucic was 11th in hits last year with 244. This changes the team so much. We are becoming a big team with Lucic, Poolparty(Puljujärvi), Maroon and Kassian.

    I think Chia’s doing a good job as much as the hall trade still stings. It’s definitely not the worst signing either. Lucic probably won’t be as good in the final couple years of the deal but we can always trade him with retained salary or something.

  • not so daily doug

    Lucic has missed 10 games in the last 6 years, 2 of those to suspension. He says he keeps in great shape. He just turned 28. If we get the first 5 years of this deal from him, then the limited trade clause kicks in. I don’t think there will be any severe drop off till maybe year 5. This man is a beast. Heck, Jaager is still playing at 40.

  • hagar

    I can see it now.. An oilers dump into the Lucic corner, he goes in with all defenders around him second guessing if they want to take that extra stride to beat him to the puck.. Mcdavid following him in to take the quick puck kick back after Lucic either takes the puck clean, or makes the dman wish he would have.

    Hall won’t compliment Mcdavid like Lucic will.. Lucic will grind for the puck like he is famous for, then dish it to Mcdavid for a scoring chance. A grinder that can get Mcdavid the puck so he can scrore, but also has more than enough talent to receive the puck back and score off a magic Mcdavid pass.

    • hagar

      I see Leon taking the number two spot if not off the bat, pretty soon after. It’s why there is still merit to moving Nuge for another Dman.

      It won’t make sense to have Nuge at 6 million as a third line center, but if Leon forces the issue like almost for sure will happen, then a move makes sense.

      There is a monster in that Leon Jersey, he showed it earlier this year, he just didn’t have the experience and conditioning to make it last. Much like Nurse, the young guy just couldn’t keep up to the Nhl game pace for a full season. He will be back this year better than he was last early season, and most likely will be able to keep it together for the season.

        • hagar

          Of course!! It’s all dollars and cents though. Nuge would be killer to have on the third line at 6 if he gets beat out by Leon, but next year will require some money management for the future.

          If Leon proves to be the better center, he will take 6 mill. You can’t take money back from Nuge if they sign a better number two at the same rate.

          If I don’t see anything on the table for a slam dunk trade for Nuge getting a Barrie or similar, then I would see where the dust settles during the season on the idea.

          Maybe Leon craps the bed, who knows. I don’t think so, but the Nuge trade idea can certainly afford to wait things out. No rush.

          • Reinman

            I agree, but I think the Pittsburgh model is sound. If we spread top 6 money over 3 lines, and then work in pairs, it is manageable. WHat the oilers need to avoid are bad contracts. Stuff like Purcellat 4 million, Nikitin in the same ballpark are what kill a team. If you look at Lucic-McDavid, Draiaitl-Eberle, RNH-Poo. As our top two lines and then fill it out with guys on entry level deals, or guys that would normally be a thrid pairing guy (like Maroon). It is quite possible.

            No need to put #’s on the lines. Pittsburgh team in the playoffs, with Rust and Sheary playing with some excellent centers were able to get the job done.

            I think it is an excellent model, and I think it is the way we will see most teams building there teams more and more. 3 Good centers + 3 good wingers, and then fill in with lower cost players. It allows you to throw wave after wave of dangerous groups on the ice. And it only takes one of you mediocre players to catch fire (Like Bonino did in the playoffs).

            Keep the 3 centers, I would rather see Drai on the wing then trade RNH.

      • bazmagoo

        The only trade I’d make for Nuge at this stage would be for Tyson Barrie. I am looking forward to seeing how RNH and Eberle perform now that Hall is off the team.


          Thinking back, when Hall was injured Nuge and Ebs stepped it up and produced nicely. Almost like they felt some weight off their shoulders or something.

          • bazmagoo

            Poo-Nuge-Ebs was a very effective first line for us during the last half of the 2014-15 season. Hopefully they can re-kindle that chemistry if they are called upon to do so.

        • hagar

          The right hand number one challenging dman replaces him. A four million dollar replacement veteran center takes his position. A 30 plus year old half has been, that still puts up 50 points a year, but is the only center over 21 on the team.

    • bazmagoo

      Personally I think Lucic-McDavid- Yakupov Pouliot-Nuge-Eberle and Maroon-Draisaitl-Poolparty gives us a very balanced 3 scoring lines. Hendriks-Letestu-Kassian is a great 4th line. Lander and Pakarinen as your 13/14 forward, both know this is a make it or break it year. That’s a solid forward group.

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    The complainers who are mad that Hall got traded probably have his jersey hanging in the closet. Current market value, about $20 bucks.

    Chiarelli is making this team bigger & meaner. McDavid is going to play more with Hall gone. And I would’t be surprised if one more trade is made that doesn’t involve Yak. Finally, a team is being built.

    • Reinman

      How can you Trash this? With the expansion draft coming, we cannot continue with Sekera, Klefbom, Nurse, Davidson and Reinhart on the left side.

      I think I would pick Reinhart to go. Make that trade look even worse now, then it did then. He is a spare part, and I bet we lose him in the expansion draft. Better to trade him now for 16 + 33 overall next year. I am not sure what CHia was thinking with that trade.

  • OilCan2

    Lucic will change the vibe for sure. Semenko had a career year high in points by Dec 10th when he played wing with Gretz. Man all we need is a big skilled Finnish right wrister and we could have something happening.

    • bazmagoo

      I’d love to see Luke Schenn. I have a funny feeling we end up signing another right shot dman, but not for more than 2 seasons. My guess is it ends up being Eric Gryba. Klefbom, Larsson, Sekera, Fayne, Davidson, Nurse, Gryba doesn’t inspire overwhelming confidence but it’s a step in the right direction.

      Basically I think Chiarelli is betting on an injury free Oscar Klefbom, I’m not sure I’d make that bet myself.

  • RJ

    You know what’s annoying? Add some new toys and people start talking Cups, etc.

    Looch and Puljujarvi aren’t going to be managing break-outs. They have no elite defender in that regard. Maybe you’re bullish on Klefbom or Larsson, but they are not in that elite defender category though.

    The PP was brutal even with adding TM and the wunderkind Woodcroft. The supposed savants had them in 25-29th all season until one lucky game boosted their average to mediocre levels. There is no PP QB on the blueline, even with the moves.

    The Oilers last season were brutal on FO%. They haven’t made any moves that change that.

    Some positives, some holes, and they lost their second-best forward for a hope and a prayer.


      @RJ I think we can all agree last year was one of the WORST and flukiest injury prone season to date. No team has enough depth to lose 95% of their top two lines and top line on defence NOBODY!

      So god willing, if we have less injuries that in itself will bump our standings.

  • OilersGM

    I’m a dieheart Oilers fan and just joined the nation
    And the reason for me joining the site is because of Hall, I love Hall and sad to see him go like 70% of the fans…. And the whole hockey world knows Chiarelli got fleeced on the deal just like the Seguin deal….
    It’s trades like this that will keep this organization from being a joke of the league say what you like but I look at the big picture this team might make the playoffs next year and I believe we will and we might win the cup in the next couple of years because of McDavid yes he is that good but having Hall here would’ve kept this team competitive for years and be like the penguins win one and win another a decade later but more like Chicago…, I truly believe that and no one can convince me other wise…. And for those who blamed Hall for not turning this team around simply doesn’t have the hockey knowledge, the management team never surrounded him with veteran leadership from the get go, never had a decent goalie nor a decent defence… He played his heart out for the team so that was so evident….Hall, I wish you all the best in your career…
    Just had to clear my mind and get this off my chest…

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Did you notice the genuine enthusiasm that Lucic had about playing in Edmonton. That was absolutely refreshing to see. He is excited and he is chomping at the bit to get going.
    Can’t wait to see him patrolling the left side of Rogers place next season. What a boost for the team and city! McDavid Factor!

    He looked totally proud to be up there on the mic wearing Semenko and Laraque’s #27.


    Anyone watch the Chiarelli/Lucic presser yesterday live? The Oilers T.V. cameraman accidently turned the microphone on 10 min. early!(He even did a sound check and didn’t realize it was transmitting live)

    So we got to hear Rashaug, Greger and others conversations off camera. I was just waiting to hear some “F” bombs(thought I did a few times) or throwing guys under the bus.

    Gregor was talking about someone still in Oilers management(before Chiarelli) who bad mouthed Hall and can’t believe he’s still employed.

    Anyways, it was cool being a fly on the wall.

    • camdog

      There’s a little tunnel vision on both sides in respect to the Taylor Hall trade, both by Oiler management and by the Hall is an elite hockey crowd. Hall is a great hockey player, but he’s not elite. Oilers still lost the trade, but their were issues with his game and leadership, things that a lot of people like to pretend didn’t exist.

      • Cheap Shot Charlie

        I think the part you miss in this post is that Hall is 24. His game is developing every year. He’ll peak in 2-3 years. It’s not like Chiarelli traded him when we was trending down. Hall has gaps in his game because he’s a high scoring forward. I’m not a Hall lover but I see his value.

        As for his leadership having issues, what foundation do you have for that? It’s certainly not his on-ice play or his answers in front of the camera. I’ve heard rumors about him I didn’t like but anything I saw on TV was good and got better year to year.

        This trade will only be less lopsided if Larsson turns into everything we hope and Hall plateaus. We may be better today, but I’m not sold we are.

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    In years 6 & 7 of this contract I don’t think Lucic will be useless. Just over paid. He’s going to play on the 3rd line. They will have to find the $3.5M saving in other places. That might also just be the cap going up by $5M in the next 5 years. If Lucic is our last huge overpayment for a while we might be ok. However, I say that in the same way I say the Larsson-Hall trade might not be as much of a landslide as we all think.

    Just jumping back on the hope train that runs through Edmonton every year around this time.

  • iamSean

    Man.. Watching Lucic highlights and the Boston Bruins in general has made me realize just how lacking in physicality, pushback and grit the oilers have been over the last 6-10 years. In the smyth/Laraque days we were good at that, then they left and we started restructuring/rebuilding and we completely lost that. With Lucic and his influence on maroon and all…I’m excited about the oilers moving forward. And maybe we can keep a few pucks out of our net too with the defense under development.

  • bazmagoo

    So the contract details are now fully disclosed. Milan earns $9 million over his last two seasons, so he’s cheaper to buy out at that time. Plus he has a modified no trade clause where he has to list 8 teams during the 2nd last season, and 10 teams during the last season that he’s willing to be traded to. Nice to have a real GM running the show for once! I believe in Pete!


      The Hall “Groupies”, will still complain as they think he could have taken us all the way. Even though if you sneezed to hard he coughed up the puck over and over.

      If Lucic gives us 5 good years I will be ecstatic. I can even see him getting record high points with us, especially if he’s on McDavid’s line.

      Montreal offered him more than we did for god sakes, doesn’t that show how much Lucic is valued? Didn’t see rival G.M.’s going hard after Hall, wonder why?

      Wonder how many years the Hall fan club will complain? Maybe they should go follow him to NJ, instead of wasting our time complaining he’s gone. Your with us or your against us…

      • bazmagoo

        Hall’s a great player, but I don’t think we are ever going to win unless we fix our defence. With Milan playing left wing, I think the Larsson deal was the best deal available for Chiarelli. I’m a big fan of positive body language, and Hall’s was pretty negative a lot of the time. I’d much rather have Lucic and Larsson over Hall any day. Gives us a much better team. Still hoping we end up with Tyson Barrie, offer sheet anyone?

  • Andresito

    I dont understand why people complain about the Lucic signing. Its a great deal. Look at Backes, Eriksson, Ladd, etc . Theyre deals compared to Lucic are worse. He is a perfect fit. We can worry about the last year of his contract at a later date but we just got the creme de la creme of power forwards. EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for Edm. Welcome east van milan!!!

  • not so daily doug

    Does anyone really believe that there was a better D-man on the table that Chiarelli passed over? He has been talking to GM’s since the season ended. He, as well as everyone in Oiler Nation, and every GM in the league knows we needed a left shot defender. He had no postion of strength to deal from. Larsson is NOT Doughty, he is not Subban, but can he be a very good shut down guy who can help keep the puck out of the net? Everyone says yes. Can he make the first pass quickly and accurately to help spring our forwards, everyone says he can. So he does fill the needs we had, and it cost us the elite forward. This is not a great deal, but it was the best one to be made with the available options. We got one box of many checked off. The signing of Lucic makes the Oilers tougher to play against, and his style will rub off on others. Again, a box checked off. There are others to be checked but looking at the way Chia is doing his due diligence I think we are headed in the right direction.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    I love the fact that the attitude of Lucic is in, and Hall is out.

    Culture change is here. Today. The Oilers will be better for it. And I guarantee Cow town and Vancity are going to have a rough time coming into Rogers Place with a new #27 gunning for them.

    Now for that 2nd pair PP specialist Dman….