Milan Lucic’s Best Fights

He’s big, he’s mean, he scores goals, and he’s ALL OURS! Oiler fans and managers alike have been coveting Milan Lucic for years, and this fall we’ll finally get to see him hit a fresh sheet of ice at Rogers Place donning the blue and orange!

Looch is a man of many talents, not the least of which are his pugilism skills. To get you pumped up for next season here are Milan Lucic’s top five fights!* Check out Lucic’s complete fight card at

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BOTH of these monsters are going to be patrolling the ice wearing the same jersey? Roman Polak might not make it out of this season fully intact. 


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With all due respect to two time Stanley Cup Champion Jordan Nolan, what we have here is a classic case of “first line star squares off with fourth line bruiser”. Unfortunately for Jordan Nolan that first line star just happens to be 6’3″, 230lbs of angry Serbian. A lot of Oiler fans will surely love the fact that Lucic is standing up for a downed teammate in Torey Krug. Gord willing he never has to stand up for Connor (because WHO CAN EVEN CATCH HIM) but it’s nice to know he can and will if the occasion arises. 


A throwback fight featuring both guys exchanging some heavy bombs, topped off perfectly by Jack Edwards over the top Bruins homerism. What a fight!


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One of the few highlights in an otherwise cringeworthy 13-14 Edmonton Oilers season, Lucic squared off against Oiler newcomer and NHL rookie Luke Gazdic. Much respect to Luke Gazdic, but aside from the sharp right hand he lands near the end of the fight, I think the judges have to give this one to Lucic! 

To put these two players in perspective, Lucic had 27 points in 77 games during his rookie season with the Bruins; Gazdic has 8 points total in his 136 game NHL career. (Remember Gaz’ first goal on his first shot on his first shift though???


According to the tale of the tape, Komisarek has close to 25lbs on Lucic, but this one is a straight mugging! Note to self: if the linesmen ever step in between you and Milan Lucic, DO NOT PUSH PAST THEM! What a beat down. 

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Chris Neil is probably the closest thing in the modern era to throwback guys like Probert, Semenko and Domi. And Lucic absolutely DEMOLISHES him here! Chris Neil is closing in on 2500 career PIMs and Lucic worked him over like a rookie. I will say it’s not super cool that Looch sticked him in the giblets off the faceoff, but, I mean, I’d MUCH rather have a guy that does that playing FOR the Oilers rather than against them. 

*These fights are in no particular order, and picked fairly arbitrarily. Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments! 

  • Oiler Al

    Jeanshorts, if this is what excites you for a
    $42 million contract, then you could have got your thrills with $1 million Gadzik signing.

    Fighting in hockey is so passe. Did you see any fights in this years Cup final?

      • Oiler Al

        I stop by here many times during the coarse of the day.
        How is it that this is the first time you took time to “thank” me?

        The point I was trying to make was that Lucic did not sign for $42 mil. to be a face puncher, yet this is your feature on the player.

        Anyway, Thank You, for thanking me.

    • MacT'scurlyhair

      ^^ this guy lol. Go watch tennis or something. There will always be fighting. Take it out of the game and I will quit watching. Certain plays need to be enforced by the player.

    • Bringer_Of_Snow

      haha difference between Gazdic and Lucic is that Lucic can actually play hockey. HE can skate at an NHL speed and is good for at least 50 points. Gazdic is not an NHL player, don’t kid yourself.
      Gazdic hardly even dropped the mitts last year because he was always the worst player on the ice. He couldn’t even lay a check on anyone, he was too slow

      • bazmagoo

        You are totally right, yet somehow he got a contract in New Jersey. I guess Hallsy whined to Ray Shero to bring his personal chef onboard for the season. Good thing for Luke, I bet he makes a great lasagna.

      • Oliveoiler

        Ya Lucic can fight, and play, and score, but the biggest question is ‘can he cook for Connor?’ I’m glad we got him for sure, but Connor needs real food, not Chef Boyardee…………………..

    • hags437

      You are a twit. When a first line player is an angry mangler, can score 20+ AND can beat the piss out of anyone in his way..then you have something special. Players like Gadzic are completely different. Gadzic can’t intimidate or fight a Corey Perry, David Backes, Alex Burrows because they don’t hit the ice at the same time..ever. Gadzic is slower than I am and only slightly better with the puck. Fighting is only part of it..intimidation IN THE MOMENT is key. If you don’t like it, I suggest you watch the Euro or tennis

    • Except for one major difference. Lucic will be on the ice with and against the best players in the game. If someone goes after Mcdavid, Lucic will be on the ice and be able to deal with it as it happens. Having our enforcer go after their enforcer really does not have the same effect as an intimidating, skilled player who will hit, stick, or fight whoever actually carries out the offence.

      The reason for the change is most enforcers cannot keep up with the game and not be a liability when on the ice.

    • wiseguy

      The best part is that in most of the fights, someone initiates with Lucic because they’re “standing up” for the teammate that Lucic crushes with a check. Nurse was reacting to Korpi being pasted. When Lucic then beats up your goon,he’s then free to continue hammering your players as there is no “message” sent by the enforcer. This leaves the opposing team demoralized and intimidated.

      • Derzie

        None of these words made it to the article title and don’t really back up the theme of ‘me Lucic. me Man. me kill other man.’. Having soft players has really created man-crushes in Oiler-ville for anyone who can grow a decent beard and punch other bearded guys. Count the trashes = man-crushes. The Pens, Hawks & Kings are well known for their bearded scrappers, right?

  • madjam

    Next season 2016-17 the AHL is putting in a new rule to prevent some fighting next year . If successful I fully expect NHL to follow suit the year after , or perhaps even sooner .

    The rule is : anyone taking part in a fight before or at puck drop will receive a one game suspension on top of any other penalties incurred for each offense . After 10 offences it goes up more . This has the appearance at least of trying to cut down on fighting and concussions . It will effect the goons far more than someone like Lucic I suspect . Not sure the new rule might lead to more stick offences if implemented seeing as they try to limit fighting as much as possible .

    The POLL : is would you like the new rule in NHL vote Cheers , if you would oppose that new rule vote Trash .

    Side note : Nashville just signed M.Liambas , who had over 20 fights, most in league , last season in AHL .

    • Seanaconda

      Not really a fan of fights at the puck drop much prefer them in the heat of the moment. Puck drop fights tend to be just the team 4th line fighters anyways

    • Hockey Buddha

      I don’t have a problem with this rule being adopted at the NHL level. The Oilers have tough players, but they do not have strictly an enforcer anymore. This proposed rule gets rid of staged fighting and diminishes the role of the enforcer greatly. This rule would actually serve the Oilers better, given the current make up of the team, because they have some of the toughest players in the league but no players who are strictly one-dimensional enforcers.

  • Hockeyfan

    The suns shining, girls wearing short everything, birds singing, oil fans hopes for glory rising to the ceiling on the back of an overrated gorilla. This is cute, but i feel sorry for you guys being the new penalty minute leaders and all with lousy pp/pk units. Ready to keep picking in the top 5 again with that sub-par d corps. Being the new bully on the block feel good? That’s nice but what about those 2 6 mil. muffins? I digress, you might be playoff hopefuls until mid January next year at least.

    • OilBlood

      Ahaaaaa love it!

      Some Lamer or Knucklehead who is gonna be squeeling about our overrated gorilla destroying peewees like that pre-adolescent Johnny hockey and the sedin sisters.

      Ahaaaa this is the year it turns around for us at least with those 2 teams. No more Regher no more Bieksa just a whole lot of LOOOOOOOOOOOCH laying out punishment on your prized possessions.

      Are you scared?

      Yeah bud you should be. Been there done that. Thankfully those days are over.

      But fortunately looks like those days are just starting for you. Get used to it and get used to watching the greatest player in the world humiliating your team while skating alongside the greatest enforcer in the NHL. Try and touch em or even look at McD I dare you 😉

      My my how the tables have turned.

    • Valar Morghulis

      Suns shining, girls are wearing short shorts, and you’re on the internet trolling because you’ve never seen a vagina and wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway.

  • KevCantDance

    Does anyone think the 2 flyer players who rammed Connor’s clavicle into the boards would walk out of Rex without a scratch like they did if Looch was on the ice? Eeny Meeny who he destroys at first, 5 minutes later, the other one gets to pound his knuckles. But, more likely, Connor doesn’t get put into the boards, because they know who else is on the ice. Not stuck on the fourth line, glaring.

  • madjam

    Gazdik was the only one to beat Lucic sorry to say – just look at aftermath on Lucic after the fight . Lucic did well , but he did not win that fight , and I am not a fan of Luke to begin with . Lucic got rocked a couple of times and thought how was he able to stand up with shots like that . He won the other ones pretty handily , however .

    • @Hallsy4

      I think I agree with Madjam on this actually. Very even, and Gaz starts with a visor (The rules I know). Pretty impressive by Gazdic actually, if he didn’t win it’s the best I’ve seen anyone do against Lucic. Hopefully they fight again this year as Gazdic tries to defend Hallsys honor haha. I will bet anything on the Serbian in Round 2 though. So happy to have a nice thing.