Milan Lucic’s Best Fights

He’s big, he’s mean, he scores goals, and he’s ALL OURS! Oiler fans and managers alike have been coveting Milan Lucic for years, and this fall we’ll finally get to see him hit a fresh sheet of ice at Rogers Place donning the blue and orange!

Looch is a man of many talents, not the least of which are his pugilism skills. To get you pumped up for next season here are Milan Lucic’s top five fights!* Check out Lucic’s complete fight card at

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BOTH of these monsters are going to be patrolling the ice wearing the same jersey? Roman Polak might not make it out of this season fully intact. 


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With all due respect to two time Stanley Cup Champion Jordan Nolan, what we have here is a classic case of “first line star squares off with fourth line bruiser”. Unfortunately for Jordan Nolan that first line star just happens to be 6’3″, 230lbs of angry Serbian. A lot of Oiler fans will surely love the fact that Lucic is standing up for a downed teammate in Torey Krug. Gord willing he never has to stand up for Connor (because WHO CAN EVEN CATCH HIM) but it’s nice to know he can and will if the occasion arises. 


A throwback fight featuring both guys exchanging some heavy bombs, topped off perfectly by Jack Edwards over the top Bruins homerism. What a fight!


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One of the few highlights in an otherwise cringeworthy 13-14 Edmonton Oilers season, Lucic squared off against Oiler newcomer and NHL rookie Luke Gazdic. Much respect to Luke Gazdic, but aside from the sharp right hand he lands near the end of the fight, I think the judges have to give this one to Lucic! 

To put these two players in perspective, Lucic had 27 points in 77 games during his rookie season with the Bruins; Gazdic has 8 points total in his 136 game NHL career. (Remember Gaz’ first goal on his first shot on his first shift though???


According to the tale of the tape, Komisarek has close to 25lbs on Lucic, but this one is a straight mugging! Note to self: if the linesmen ever step in between you and Milan Lucic, DO NOT PUSH PAST THEM! What a beat down. 

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Chris Neil is probably the closest thing in the modern era to throwback guys like Probert, Semenko and Domi. And Lucic absolutely DEMOLISHES him here! Chris Neil is closing in on 2500 career PIMs and Lucic worked him over like a rookie. I will say it’s not super cool that Looch sticked him in the giblets off the faceoff, but, I mean, I’d MUCH rather have a guy that does that playing FOR the Oilers rather than against them. 

*These fights are in no particular order, and picked fairly arbitrarily. Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments! 

  • Jehu23

    all 5 Oilers shown in the Gazdic fight (Luke included) no longer with the team… maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. #Jultz #Fernknuckle #BelovToRussia #TheFlow #HallsRoomie

  • Hockey Buddha

    I’m glad Lucic is signed. Fighting is less and less relevant in today’s NHL, and Lucic should not be out there to fight. Team toughness is important for competing in the playoffs and for protecting skilled players like McDavid, particularly in the West.

    Besides being tough, Lucic brings a unique skill set; he is a robust player, who works the boards well; he’s effective on the cycle, and he establishes a net front presence; he also has good hockey skills, and he will help Edmonton to get to and compete in the playoffs, when other teams ramp up the intimidation and physical play.

    For years, Edmonton has been a periphery team, with few players who go to the net. Lucic and Maroon and Kassian can all provide a net front presence and can dominate in the corners. It favorably changes the team dynamic.

  • who

    I love all the posters on here crowing about how our goon is tougher than your goon. Lucic is a big, physical, quality hockey player who just happens to be a very good fighter. I really don’t expect him to fight at all unless someone is dumb enough to challenge him. At least that is my hope.
    On a side note, I think some of the posters who are bragging about how Lucic is going to pummel every player on the opposing team would probably crap their pants if they actually had to drop the gloves themselves.