The Second Defence Pairing

The Edmonton Oilers entered the summer of 2016 with several issues on the defensive side of the depth chart. Adam Larsson was deemed to be the solution to the right side of the team’s top pairing, but there are still questions regarding how the Oilers plan to approach some of the secondary issues with the…


The NHL Isn’t Fun

Don’t get me wrong, the NHL is the best pro-sports league in the world for the best game in the world. Nothing compares to the speed, intensity, and action that hockey provides to its fans. However, with that said I do think that we can all agree on one thing, the NHL isn’t any fun when you compare it to…



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Diamonds in the Rough: Finding Elite Talent Late

Embed from Getty Images The later round picks (round three on) in the NHL draft have provided very few true NHLers. From 1980 to 2015, 6,127 selections were taken after the second round. Of those, 815 of the 6,127 have gone on to play in the NHL in a meaningful way (150 games or more) thus far. That’s a success…